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Old-Testament Survey: Books of Leviticus and ... means pertaining to the Levites. Records the work of the Levites appointed to serve in the tabernacle. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Old-Testament%20Survey:%20Books%20of%20Leviticus%20and%20Numbers%20(22)

Old-Testament SurveyBooks of Leviticus and
Numbers (22)
  • Laws Governing the Priesthood and Census

  • Third book written by Moses means pertaining to
    the Levites.
  • Records the work of the Levites appointed to
    serve in the tabernacle.
  • Events and laws contained in the book transpired
    during Israels encampment at Mount Sinai.

  • Contains laws regulating
  • Several different types of offerings (burnt,
    meal, peace, sin, and trespass)
  • Priests functions during each offering
  • Priests portion of the offerings
  • Clean and unclean animals
  • Purification of women
  • Handling leprosy cases
  • Observing the Day of Atonement
  • Other annual festivals

Leviticus Historical Events
  • There are few important historical events
  • Moses consecrated Aaron and his sons for the
  • Aaron offered sacrifices for the people.
  • Nadab and Abihu offered strange fire. (101-3)
  • God intended for Israel to closely follow His
  • Day of Atonement (16)
  • Sin of Eleazar and Ithamar (1112-20)
  • Laws concerning uses of blood (10)
  • Penalty for worshipping false gods (20)

  • Fourth book of the Bible. In the Hebrew Bible,
    in the wilderness.
  • History of the Israelites wandering in the
    wilderness. The people were numbered at both the
    beginning and the end.
  • As the book opens, Israel is still encamped
    around Mount Sinai, where theyve been for nearly
    two years.

  • They numbered the men who could fight. In just a
    few months, they would begin to take the Promised
  • There were 603,550. (Numbers 1)
  • The Levites were not included because they
    ministered in the tabernacle.
  • Established procedures for organized camping (2)
  • The book also contains a number of Gods laws.

  • Numbers contains laws regulating
  • Redemption of the firstborn
  • The Levites duties during the moving of the
  • Uncleanness
  • Trespasses and restitution
  • Suspicion of adultery
  • The Nazarite vow
  • Purification of the Levites
  • Keeping the Passover

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Sin in the Wilderness
  • At Taberah, some of the Israelites murmured
    against Moses. (11)
  • At Kibroth-hattaavah, they complained about not
    having meat to eat Moses became discouraged at
    their complaining.
  • 70 elders were appointed to help Moses.
  • God sent them quailso many that it became
    loathsome to them!
  • God also sent a plague against them.

Sin in the Wilderness
  • At Hazeroth, Moses brother and sister (Aaron
    and Miriam) spoke against him because he had
    married a Cushite woman (12)
  • They wanted to play a greater role in Israels
  • God struck Miriam with leprosy for 7 days!
  • God chose Moses, and that should have been clear
    to Aaron and Miriam.

Sin at Kadesh
  • While they are at Kadesh, in the wilderness of
    Paran, Moses sends out 12 spies to survey the
    land. (13)
  • They are gone for forty days.
  • They bring back two reports.
  • The men in the land are too mighty for us.
  • The land is meat for us lets take it!
  • Only Caleb and Joshua trusted in and believed
    God. (14)

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Sin at Kadesh
  • The people cry all night they want to choose new
    leaders. (14)
  • Refuse to march against the Canaanites.
  • God sent a swift replyHe decreed a 40-year
    period of wilderness wandering, one year for
    every day the spies were gone.
  • All who were 20 and older when they left Egypt,
    except Joshua and Caleb, would die!
  • Numbers 1428-32

Sin at Kadesh
  • People see their mistake and try to organize a
    group to invade Canaan others seek to return to
    Egypt. Both attempts fail! (15)
  • 250 priests, under Korahs direction, rebel and
    seek more authority. (16)
  • The earth swallows them up, and a plague kills an
    additional 14,700.
  • Budding of Aaron rod confirms Gods choice. (17)

Wilderness Wanderings
  • Miriam dies and is buried in Kadesh. (20)
  • Later, moving to Meribah, the people again murmur
    about drinking water. (20)
  • God instructs Moses and Aaron to speak to a rock
    to bring forth water they smite the rock and
    take credit away from God.
  • Because of their disobedience, God denies Moses
    and Aaron entrance into the Promised Land. (20)

Wilderness Wanderings
  • Moses requests passage through Edom it is
    denied, so Israel marches around Edom.
  • Aaron dies on Mount Hor his son Eleazar is
    appointed High Priest. (2022-29) Canaanites
    takes some Israelites captive, but Israel defeats
  • The people again murmur against God and Moses!

The Bronze Serpent
  • God sends fiery serpents. Many people are bitten
    and die. (21)
  • The people confess their sins and ask that the
    serpents be removed.
  • God tells Moses to place a bronze serpent on a
    pole those who look on it will live!
  • Foreshadows Jesus death on the cross.

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Victories in the Wilderness
  • Israel seeks permission to march through the
    territory belonging to Sihon, king of the
    Amorites. (21)
  • When Sihon rejects their request, Israel fights
    with him and is victorious.
  • They march to Bashan where Og, the king, attacks
  • Israel defeats Og and encamps on the plains of
    Moab ready to enter into Canaan. (2133-35)
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