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Title: Welcome%20to%20Kindergarten!

Welcome to Kindergarten!
  • Mrs. Rozells
  • Class

KISD Website
  • Go to www.kleinisd.net
  • Scroll down to blue parent box
  • You will find lots of helpful information
  • Parent Online Pay (will be available to
    elementary schools in January 2013)
  • Parent Connection
  • Student Handbooks
  • School Menus
  • Calendar
  • And much more

Frank Elementary Website
  • Go to www.kleinisd.net
  • Click on campuses at top of page
  • Under Elementary Schools, click on Frank
  • You will find lots of information regarding what
    is going on throughout the school year here at
    Frank Elementary.

Our Websites
  • Go to www.kleinisd.net
  • Click on campuses at top of page
  • Under Elementary Schools, click on Frank
  • Click on teachers at top of page
  • In the Step 1 box, click on Kindergarten
  • Then, in the Step 2 box, click on my name
  • For Step 3, click search

How to Contact Me
  • Feel free to contact me any time!
  • Best way is via email
  • srozell1_at_kleinisd.net

Helpful Hints
  • Please label your child's belongings such as
    backpacks, lunch boxes, and jackets.
  • Please refrain from letting your child bring any
    toys or stuffed animals into the classroom unless
    otherwise requested.
  • Pack an extra set of clothes in your child's
    backpack for unexpected accidents.

Our Schedule
  • Lunch 1039 1114
  • PE Monday 1145 1230
  • Tuesday 105 150
  • Thursday 150 300
  • Music Wednesday Friday
  • 105 150
  • Library every Monday
  • 110 130

Lunch Accounts
  • If your child is buying lunch, please send a
    check or cash to pay for your childs lunch.
    They will deposit it into their personal lunch
  • You may also pay online
  • Go to www.kleinisd.net
  • Click on Departments at the top
  • Click on Nutrition and Food Services
  • Scroll down and to the right click on
  • Online Payments PAYPAMS
  • Follow directions on page to setup an account

School Menu/Birthday Snacks
  • Go to www.kleinisd.net
  • Scroll down to blue parent box
  • Click on School Menu
  • To the right, click on Elementary to see the
    menu for each day
  • Our Frank Cafeteria is 832-375-7026
  • You can order birthday snacks for your childs
    class must give 1 week notice.

Classroom Management
  • Follow Directions
  • Listen to the teacher
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself
  • Use walking feet
  • Raise your hand and wait to be called on
  • Self-control

Consequences and Rewards
  • All students begin their day on blue.
  • Move your color down for negative behaviors
  • Treasure Box reward on Fridays if students earn
    blue all week.
  • Earn owl stickers for outstanding behavior.
  • Every 5th sticker received your child will get
    candy or prize from treasure box

Daily Behavior Folder
  • Light blue folder that will go home every day
    with your childs color for the day
  • Please initial in the square for that days
  • Return next day

Wednesday Folder
  • Sign, review, and remove all papers
  • Return on Thursday

  • Children need to be children homework is very
    minimal but is a participation grade.
  • For the first 9 weeks your child can choose from
    a list of activities to do for their homework
    each night. There will be no homework folder for
    the first 9 weeks.
  • Second, third fourth 9 weeks, homework folder
    will go home every Monday and is to be returned
    on Friday.
  • Parent signatures are required in the
    appropriate square each week.

Star of the Week
  • Each child will be Star of the Week on the
    assigned week (A schedule will be sent home in
    their Wednesday folder)
  • Will begin in October.
  • Make a poster with pictures and information about
    your child.
  • Posters will be displayed in the classroom for
    the entire week and returned the following week.

Letter Expert
  • Letter of the week Starting the 4th week
  • of school, we will be focusing on 2 letters
    per week.
  • Letter Expert Bag - When your child receives
    this bag, the directions will be inside.
    Practice reading the book and sentence strip with
    your child, they will be reading it to the class
    when they return the bag.

Our Day
  • Reading/Writing all day! Reading is integrated
    throughout the curriculum
  • Math - mornings and throughout the day
  • Science/Social Studies afternoons rotate
  • Kindergarten curriculum integrated throughout the

  • Sight words have been reduced from 86 to 44
  • Will begin the second 9 weeks
  • Please read with your child every night for 20

  • Manuscript handwriting
  • Phonetic writing
  • For example A ball is big and red.
  • Phonetically written
  • A bl is bg ad red.
  • If the word is on the word wall the student
    should write the word correctly.

  • New Curriculum Investigations
  • More hands-on which means less consumables
  • Positional Words
  • Patterns
  • Basic geometric shapes
  • Basic measuring skills
  • Numbers
  • Sorting
  • Graphing
  • Adding and Subtracting

  • Explore basic science concepts
  • Senses
  • Magnets/Tools
  • Animals habitats
  • Plants
  • Water

Social Studies
  • Holidays
  • Community
  • Sequencing events

  • Learning.com
  • A website that teaches basic computer skills
    (mouse, keyboard, internet, etc.)
  • Used as a Technology grade every 9 weeks.
  • Will be completed in class

Grading Scale/Checklist
  • Grading Guidelines
  • E 96-100 Advanced E 90-95 Exceeds
    Expectations S 85-89 Meets Expectations S
    80-84 Approaching Expectations N 70-79
    Below Expectations (experiencing some
    difficulties) U 69 and below Experiencing
  • Checklist
  • Will go home each 9 weeks with report card
  • Outlines in more detail what your child has
    mastered for that 9 weeks

Grade Speed (Parent Connect)
  • This allows you to view your childs grades and
    set triggers to notify you of a grade that has
  • Go to www.kleinisd.net
  • Scroll down to blue parent box
  • Click on Parent Connection
  • Follow directions on the page
  • Your childs student ID will be sent home in the
    Wednesday folder

  • Afternoon Centers assorted activities
  • Art, Blocks, Math Manipulatives, Toy Tubs,
    Homeliving, Computers, etc.
  • Centers are fun activities that teach, while
    having fun.
  • Rules for centers
  • 1. Stay in your assigned center
  • 2. Play nicely with each other
  • 3. Have Fun!!!!!

How can I help my child?
  • Encourage your child to always try his/her best
  • Instill in your child the I can do it attitude
  • Encourage good listening skills, self-control
  • Sleep every child needs a good nights rest
  • Eat a good breakfast, healthy foods for lunch
  • Talk about school and review your childs papers
    and behavior with your child each day.

How can I be a part of mychilds class?
  • Be a parent reader
  • Help with class parties (Christmas and
  • Join your child for lunch occasionally

Last but not least
  • Your child is a special gift that we have a
    privilege to teach.
  • My goal To instill a love of learning through
    fun, developmentally appropriate activities, and

Thank you for coming!
  • Mrs. Rozell
  • Kindergarten Class

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