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Welcome to Our First Grade Parent Night!


Welcome to Our First Grade Parent Night! Moseley Elementary – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Welcome to Our First Grade Parent Night!

Welcome to Our First Grade Parent Night!
  • Moseley Elementary

Welcome to First Grade!
  • Arrival Instruction begins at 810 a.m. The
    first bell rings at 800 a.m. Students should be
    dropped off in the cafeteria. Parents wishing to
    walk their child to class must enter through the
    front office and sign-in.
  • Tardies Each child is counted tardy after the
    810 bell rings. Excessive tardies can interfere
    with your childs daily academic start. Multiple
    tardies can keep a child from being awarded a
    Perfect Attendance or Excellent Attendance award
    at the end of the school year.
  • Absences (Excused/Unexcused) Parents must call
    in before 1000 a.m. on the day of the absence
    AND provide a note within four days of the

  • Dismissal Time First grade dismissal is 320PM
    outside, under the awning. Each class has a
    designated window to sit under. Children must go
    to the window and then say goodbye to their
    teacher to ensure safety. If students are not
    picked up by 330, you will need to sign them out
    from the office.
  • Doctors Appointments Please try to schedule in
    the afternoon, if possible.
  • Special Needs Please inform us of any health
    concerns, changes at home, etc.
  • Changes in Work or Home Phone Numbers Please
    keep us up to date on any changes in numbers for
    emergency reasons.

  • Lunch Money You can put money in your childs
    account any morning. Parents may specify how
    money is to be spent (breakfast, lunch, and/or
    snacks). Please put your drivers license number
    on all checks. Also, consider putting a little
    money in the lunch account even if you always
    send a lunch (in case he/she forgets the lunch).
    There is no borrowing of lunch money from the
    office or staff. If your child does not have
    money in the account, a sandwich and milk will be
  • Birthdays Due to district policy, birthday
    treats are no allowed at lunch. You may send
    cupcakes or cookies which will be passed out by
    the teacher later in the day. Please do not send
    items that need to be cut or plated.

  • Background Check A background check is required
    to be on file for any adult who volunteers in
    Grand Prairie schools. It must be filled out
    yearly. Please feel free to fill it out online
    here at school if you do not have a computer at
  • The background check is located at
  • You may not attend field trips or volunteer at
    the school without a completed and current
    background check. Because the background checks
    take time to process, please do not wait until
    right before a field trip to complete.

Class Subjects
  • The subjects we cover during first grade are
  • Reading and Writing (English Language
    Arts/Spanish Language Arts)
  • Math
  • Science/Health
  • Social Studies
  • Music, Physical Education, and Art

  • Balanced literacy program based on the ELA/SLA
  • Phonemic Awareness-sounds of the language
  • Phonics-sounds letters
  • Reading Comprehension-understanding what one
  • Word Work-vocabulary development word wall
  • Fluency-read like you talk with accuracy

  • How can you help with reading at home?
  • Be sure your child reads every night. We will
    send home leveled books on most homework nights,
    but any additional reading time will pay off in a
    big way.
  • Take your child to the local libraries. Your
    interest in books will help your child see the
    importance of reading.
  • Work on the word wall words with your child to
    help him/her learn to read them automatically.
  • Encourage your child to try different reading
    strategies when he/she gets stuck. Some great
    strategies that we will be working on in class
    are listed on the following handout.

(No Transcript)
  • Writing Instruction mechanics of writing, the
    writing process (pre-writing, rough draft,
    revising, editing, published draft), and proper
    penmanship based on the ELA TEKS
  • We will also be implementing the Write from the
    Beginning writing program this year. The program
    will be used in all grades at Moseley.

  • TEKS to be covered
  • Number Concepts-comparing, ordering, place value
    to 99, coins
  • Fractional Parts-whole objects, sets
  • Addition and Subtraction-up to 9 9 18 and 18
    9 9
  • Patterns-repeating additive patterns
  • Number Patterns-skip counting by twos, fives,
    tens odd and even numbers order numbers by
    place value addition subtraction
  • Geometry Spatial Reasoning-two- and
    three-dimensional figures
  • Measuring Using Nonstandard Units-length, area,
    capacity, weight/mass temperature
  • Time-on the hour and half-hour ordering events
    by duration
  • Probability Statistics-graphing, identifying
    events as certain or impossible
  • Problem Solving

  • TEKS to be covered
  • Scientific Processes
  • investigations following safety procedures
  • developing scientific inquiry
  • developing critical thinking
  • using scientific tools in observations
  • Science Concepts
  • properties and patterns of organisms, objects,
  • systems have parts and are composed of organisms
    and objects
  • changes that occur
  • living organisms and nonliving objects
  • the needs of living organisms
  • natural world of water sources rocks and soil

Social Studies
  • TEKS to be covered
  • History-origins of customs, holidays, and
    celebrations concepts of time and chronology
  • Geography-relative location of places purpose of
    maps and globes human and physical
    characteristics of the environment
  • Economics-goods and services not being able to
    have all the goods and services one wants value
    of work
  • Government-rules and laws role of authority
    figures and public officials
  • Citizenship-good citizenship as exemplified by
    historical figures and ordinary people customs,
    symbols, and celebrations
  • Culture-how families meet basic needs importance
    of family beliefts, customs, language, and
  • Science, Technology, and Society-how technology
    has affected daily life in the past and present
  • Social Studies Skills-critical thinking skills
    communicating in written, oral, and visual forms
    using problem solving and decision-making skills

Dual Language
  • Purpose
  • The purpose of the dual language program is to
    create bi-literate students who will be able to
    work successfully in cooperative settings as well
    as independently.
  • First graders that participate in the Dual
    Language Program receive Spanish Science and
    Social Studies instruction from Mrs. Nester and
    English Mathematics instruction from Mrs. Timms.
    Students will receive Reading and Language Arts
    Instruction in their native language.

  • Our first graders alternate between Music, P.E.,
    and Art classes each day.
  • Our music teacher is Iris Bich.
  • Our P.E. teacher is Jason Bentley.
  • Our art teacher is Jessica Ivory.

  • Report Cards
  • Numerical grades are given in first grade.
  • Grades will be reported online. Parents may visit
    Skyward online from www.gpisd.org to view their
    childs grades.
  • It is the parent and/or guardians responsibility
    to check their childs progress online through
    Skyward in addition to checking the grades sent
    home on work in the Homework Folder.
  • Printed report cards are only sent home if a
    student has an average below a 73 in any subject.
  • Progress Reports
  • A printed progress report will be sent home for
    students who have an average below 73 in any
  • If the student begins to show failing grades
    after the initial progress report, another
    progress report will be sent home.

  • Character Counts
  • We encourage the pillars of Character Counts!
    which are Respect, Responsibility,
    Trustworthiness, Fairness, Citizenship, and
  • One student exhibiting the Character Counts!
    pillar of the week will be selected from each
    class to be honored during announcement time on
    Fridays. Students may also be honored during our
    quarterly Pride Rally.
  • Your childs behavior will be reported every day
    in the homework folder. Please sign the behavior
    sheet each night.
  • The behavior expectations are based on the class
    specific Social Contract of rules they agreed to
    follow. The Social Contract is a part of
    Capturing Kids Hearts.

Behavior Sheet Example
  • Homework Folder
  • Homework is an important way for first graders to
    practice the skills learned at school. We will
    send various assignments home for you to do on
    Monday through Thursday nights.
  • Homework typically consists of reading the weekly
    poem and leveled reader, a short word
    wall/phonics activity, and a short math practice.
  • Nightly homework also helps to teach the children
    responsibility. The homework should not take more
    than 30 minutes.
  • Please have your child read every night even if
    it is not listed on the homework assignment sheet.

Homework Sheet Example
Lets Keep in Touch!
  • Parent Conferences Conferences can be scheduled
    in advance with your childs teacher from
    145-235PM or after school on Mondays or
    Thursdays from 330-410PM. Tuesdays are set
    aside for tutoring (more info coming soon) and
    Wednesdays are set aside for staff meetings.
  • E-mail
  • Hayley Bishop- hayley.bishop_at_gpisd.org
  • Lisa Francis lisa.francis_at_gpisd.org
  • Rachel Guzman rachel.guzman_at_gpisd.org
  • Edna Nuno-Nester edna.nuno-nester_at_gpisd.org
  • Leeann Timms leeann.timms_at_gpisd.org
  • Moseley Office- 972-522-2800

Lets Keep in Touch!
  • For more information during the year
  • GPISD Website www.gpisd.org
  • Moseley Website http//moseley.gpisd.org/

Lets Have a Great Year!
Moseley Elementary 1851 Camp Wisdom Rd. Grand
Prairie, TX 75052 972-522-2800
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