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Welcome to Open House!


Welcome to Open House! Driftwood Middle School Mrs. Brooks 8th Grade Advanced Reading Welcome to Your Child s Reading Class I m delighted YOU joined us this evening. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Welcome to Open House!

Welcome to Open House!
  • Driftwood Middle School
  • Mrs. Brooks
  • 8th Grade Advanced Reading

Welcome to Your Childs Reading Class
Im delighted YOU joined us this evening. YOU
are the most influential factor in your childs
success in school. I am here to help ensure YOUR
childs success this year.
Whats in The Course This Year?
  • Development and refinement reading, writing and
    oral skills
  • Comprehension and evaluation of Informational
  • Vocabulary enrichment
  • Development of critical reading skills such as
    critiquing arguments and evaluating sources
  • Substantiating their opinion via discussions and
  • Providing text-based evidence while avoiding

Available Student Resources
  • Textbook Collections
  • further explore the collection topics
    compare and contrast traditional texts with
    contemporaries delve into more complex
    texts expand students' reading of poetry
    expose students to established traditional
    authors such as Shakespeare, Dante, Dickens,
    Eliot, Austen, Dickenson, Wells, Wadsworth,
  • Supplemental materials publishers online
    activities, various websites
  • Additional reading materials fiction and
    non-fiction texts
  • Students MUST read independently because they
    need more information than they can possibly gain
    in class!
  • Required Supplies
  • 1 3-prong folder (plastic is more durable) to be
    brought to class every day
  • 1 green ink pen
  • Paper and pencils

My Teaching Style
  • Teacher and student-led discussions prompted by
    questioning (Collaborative Discussions)
  • Students learn to write by both group activities
    and individual work I provide ongoing feedback
    on progress
  • Vocabulary activities, enrichment through writing
    and oral activities, individual and group
    projects and presentations
  • Student focused activities

Expectations for Homework
  • Read and prepare at least 30 minutes each night
    whether there is homework or not!
  • Planning of long-term assignments is critical
  • Work to be completed on time for full credit. 25
    will be taken off for each day homework is late
    down to 25. (Exceptions students absent when
    assignment was given have 2 days for each day out
    to turn in assignment. Students present when the
    assignment was given, but absent when assignment
    is due must turn in the assignment the day they
    return to school.)
  • All homework is evaluated and recorded.
  • Homework is directly related to topics covered in

Absence Policy for Homework
What To Do After An Absence?
  • Access the online textbook to catch up on reading
  • beep.browardschools.com
  • Check the Missing Work Binder and Tray for
    distributed worksheets and missed assignments.
  • Check my wikispaces for weekly activities
  • sbrooksdriftwood.wikispaces.com
  • There is also an extra credit assignment here
    each week!
  • Copy notes from a classmate. (I have a copier, I
    will immediately copy the notes for students when
  • Arrange make up for missed assessments.
  • Ask questions for clarification.

Official Reporting Dates
  • Report Cards 11/13,1/21,4/15 and 6/24
  • Interims 9/18,11/20, 2/10 and 4/30
  • Conferences Call the Eighth Grade Center to make
  • Phone (754)323-3108

Ongoing Home-School Communication
  • Reach me
  • By phone754-323-3100 and leave a message. I will
    return calls within 48 hours or earlier if
  • By email sherwood.brooks_at_browardschools.com
  • To reach you, I will use
  • Emails
  • Phone calls
  • Note sent home

How to help me communicate
  • Share your home and work email
  • Identify the best phone contact number and send
    in a new number when applicable.
  • Monitor your childs grades regularly in
  • gradebook.browardschools.com/piv
  • Set up conferences with me, guidance counselors,
    or other teachers whenever you feel its
    necessary. We are here for YOU.

Be Involved
  • Help your child learn at home (designate a quiet
    study area and set time restrictions)
  • Be a team player and offer to help with review.
  • Encourage your child to use the online review
    activities as an extension of the classroom
  • Seek assistance from me or the guidance counselor
    when your child is having difficulty
  • Show interest in your childs successes and offer
    encouragement in times of failure

Thanks and Keep Involved
  • Research shows that when all 3 partners
    (teachers, students, and parents) make a
    commitment to teaching and learning, student
    success is sure to follow.
  • As one-third of the partnership, I will do my
    part to make this a successful year for your
  • Stay involved and committed to your childs
  • Thank you for coming this evening.
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