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Welcome to our Open House


Welcome to our Open House Please find your child s seat and sit down You can sign up for a conference on the back table Please complete a information form for the ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Welcome to our Open House

Welcome to our Open House
  • Please find your childs seat and sit down ?
  • You can sign up for a conference on the back
  • Please complete a information form for the Room
  • There are cookies on the back table
  • On your desk is a folder. The folder and papers
    are yours to keep.
  • Please take the short Parent night kid quiz. You
    can then check your answers by turning over the
  • We will get started momentarily.

  • Welcome toMrs. Inces 4th Grade Gifted
    ClassOpen House (2015-2016)

Contact Information
  • Mrs. Lorna Ince
  • Telephone (954) 659-3600
  • Email lorna.ince_at_imagineschools.org
  • Class Website www.teachersites.schoolworld.co
  • Imagine Weston Website www.ImagineWeston.org

  • Mrs. Ince
  • Mother of a 10th Grader and a 8th Grader
  • BA Hons Graduate from Leicester University
  • 15 years as a Trainer/Project Manager for an
    International Retailer
  • 3 Years teaching in a Christian School in
    Sewickley, PA
  • Family transferred to Fort Lauderdale in August
  • 4 years in Broward County teaching 3rd Grade
    1st Grade (Hawkes Bluff Elementary Sunset
  • 4th Year Teaching 4th Grade at Imagine Weston
  • Reading Endorsement
  • Gifted and ESOL Endorsement

Open House Agenda
  • School Procedures
  • School Initiatives
  • Discipline Plan
  • Homework Policy
  • Academic Curriculum
  • Character Education
  • Class Activities

Absence and Tardy Policy
  • If your child is absent, please send an email or
    note regarding why they were absent to the front
    office OR you can call the office. Without this
    information the absence is considered unexcused.
  • Long term absences need to be approved by Ms.
    Laham. Without prior authorization the absence is
    considered unexcused.
  • Grading Policy for absences 2days per day off
  • Tardiness will be monitored closely. Please
    arrive on time daily. Your child is considered
    tardy at 801 AM. (Buses late - not tardy)

Attendance Policy
If your child is absent three or more days or
1080 minutes (excused or unexcused) in one
marking period a letter will be sent home. If
your child is absent five or more days or 1800
minutes (excused or unexcused) in one marking
period, you will receive a phone call from an
administrator. If your child is absent ten or
more days or 5400 minutes (excused or unexcused)
in one marking period a meeting with parents and
administrators will be held.
Tardy Policy
If your child is tardy five times in a marking
period a letter will be sent home. If your
child is tardy ten times in a marking period a
conference will be held with parents and
administration. If your child is tardy fifteen
times in a marking period a referral to a social
worker for a conference with the parents will be
sent home.
Gifted and High-Achievers Class
  • High-Achievers Placement in the Gifted Program is
    subject to the availability of places
  • Criteria for selection includes but is not
    limited to
  • Ability to be successful in a higher paced
  • Scores on State tests
  • Absence and tardy record

Other Items
  • School communication will be handled via e-mail
    Weekly Newsletter - 48hours, school website,
    class website
  • Students are required to wear their school
    uniforms. Plain blue Sweatshirts.
  • No rolling backpacks tag/ Drs note/Luci
  • Friday Shirt
  • Water bottle for class

Initiatives to talk about
  • PTP Room Moms
  • Score
  • All In For Excellence
  • Volunteer hours

Please join the PTP
The PTP provides our school with technology,
supplies, Meet the Masters program, Fall Fun Day,
Winterfest and much more! Your support
is appreciated. Application forms on the back
table Volunteers must register with PTO
Manager. This program tracks your volunteer
  • S.C.O.R.E - School and Community Organizing
    Resources for Education    Help us to create the
    best educational experience for Imagine students
    by becoming a sponsor today!  The S.C.O.R.E
    campaign requests an annual donation that
    supplements the zero tuition costs at Imagine 
    Weston.  By donating just 100 per student, you
    would assist us in raising more than
    100,000.  These funds assist us in providing
    many important educational needs for the school
    that directly impacts your children daily.    

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Important Dates
  • STAR Reading Math Assessments
  • 4 times a year
  • FSA Writing Feb. 29 - March 11th
  • FSA Math Mar 28 Apr 8th
  • FSA Reading Apr 11 May 6th
  • 4th Grade Field Trips
  • Everglades November 19/20/23
  • St. Augustine May 25/26th

Our Class Schedule
  • 800 Morning Work Vocabulary WW
  • 830 Reading
  • 1000 Writing/ Language Arts
  • 1050 Lunch
  • 1120 Recess
  • 1150 Math
  • 100 Specials
  • 130 Social Studies / Science
  • 227 Dismissal

Classroom Behavior
  • Rules
  • High Five....1. Be respectful2. Be
    responsible3. Follow directions4. Hands and
    Feet to yourself5. Be there, be ready!

Behavior Plan
  • Rewards
  • Clip jewels
  • Good Note/Phone Call!
  • Popcorn party
  • Consequences
  • Warning
  • Laps during recess
  • Student writes reflection note home/sign return
  • Phone Call/Note home
  • Office Referral
  • 3 Strikes Policy

Weekly Homework

Monday Math Practice/ Enrichment Pages Reading Log Vocabulary Choice Board LC Read Job Tuesday Reading Log Math Practice /Enrichment Pages Spelling Choice Board LC Read Job Wednesday Math Practice /Enrichment Pages Get Ready for Literature Circles Vocabulary Choice Board Reading Log
 Thursday Get Ready for Literature Circles Spelling Choice Board Math Practice/ Enrichment Pages Reading Log  Friday No Homework Weekly --------------------------------- Monthly Book Report
Homework is checked daily.
Routine Homework
  • Most weeks there will be the following
  • Reading Log
  • Spelling (Words Their Way)
  • 2 nights (Choice Board)
  • 15 Vocabulary Words (Worldly Wise)
  • 2 nights (Choice Board/flash cards/Worldly Wise)
  • Plus
  • Literature Circle Read assigned Chapters and
    complete job sheet

Example Choice Board
Links available on my websitehttp//teachersites.
Spelling Sort Lists
  • Each weeks list is consecutive
  • On web site and spellingcity.com
  • 3 Groups - Green/Yellow/Blue

Worldly Wise Vocabulary
Literature Circle Packet
  • 1 Packet for 6 weeks
  • Each member of the LC gets to do each of the 6
    jobs (1 per week)
  • Job is completed at home and presented each
    Friday in class
  • Packet returned at the end of the 6 weeks
  • MUST have book and packet each Friday
  • Packet and PowerPoint on my website

Additional Homework
  • Book Reports
  • Genres will change
  • 1 per month
  • Graded to a rubric
  • Short enrichment projects - periodically
  • Florida Scavenger Hunt

Book Reports
Book Report Schedule
  • Newbery Medal Winner Sandwich Report
  • Due 9/30
  • Mystery Novel - Newspaper Report
  • Due 11/16
  • Fantasy Novel - Cube Report Due 12/17
  • Fractured Fairy Tale Report Due 2/2
  • Black History Month Biography Due 3/20

Florida Scavenger HuntWorth 200 points- Due 5/20
L.A. CurriculumFlorida Standards
These standards define the knowledge and skills
students should have within their K-12 education
careers so that they will graduate high school
able to succeed in entry-level, credit-bearing
academic college courses and in workforce
training programs. College and Career Readiness
Anchor Standards for Reading(RL RI) College and
Career Readiness Anchor Standards for
Writing College and Career Readiness Anchor
Standards for Speaking and Listening College and
Career Readiness Anchor Standards for Language
Writing Curriculum
Opinion Pieces, supporting a point of view with reasons -OREO format Informative/Explanatory text, to examine a topic and convey ideas clearly supported with text evidence Writing FSA is response to a text set (2-3 pieces) Either Opinion or Informative 90 minutes Typed Part of the ELA FSA score (writing reading FSA) What makes a great essay Focus, conventions, organization, support, spelling, grammar
Common Core Math Changes CCSS Compute answers
prove your understanding explain how
How Learning Builds Each Grade
Common CoreMath Curriculum

Number Operations in Base 10 Number Operations -Fractions Measurement Data Geometry Operations Algebraic Thinking
-Place value understanding -Use Place value understanding to perform multi digit arithmetic -Understand fraction equivalence ordering -Addition subtraction -equivalent decimals -Solve measurement conversion problems -Understand measure angles - Area and Perimeter -Draw and identify lines and angles -Classify shapes by their properties Use 4 operations with whole numbers to solve problems
Multiple Choice Format Extended
Science Curriculum Physical Sciences Sound
Light Properties of Matter Forms of
Energy Simple Machines Life
Science Plants and the Environment Classifying
Plants Animals Systems of the Human Body Water
Cycle and Weather Natural Resources Space
Technology Earths Cycles Inner and Outer
Planets Earth Science Minerals Rocks Natural

Imagine Schools Science Fair
  • Time Table of Events
  • Information coming
  • Competitive Entry vs. Non-Competitive Entry
  • Competitive Data Notebook/Oral
  • Non Competitive - Data Notebook/Oral
  • Completed Projects due ?

Social Studies Florida History
Geography Everglades Experience St. Augustine
Trip Scholastic News Non-Fiction Novels
Imagine Schools Shared Values
  • Justice
  • Each of us is special and unique
  • Justice is when each of us receives what
  • Integrity
  • Doing the right thing when nobody is watching
  • patience,  honesty, responsibility,
    dependability, accountability, and caring
  • Fun
  • Each person was born to use his mind, heart, and
    skills to take actions, make decisions, and be
    held responsible for the results.

TeRRiFiCC Character Education
  • T rustworthiness
  • R espect
  • R esponsibility
  • F airness
  • C aring
  • C itizenship

Pillars make a building stronger. Likewise we
are stronger when we consistently practice the
six pillars of character
Advanced Reading Challenge
  • Open to students in grades 3-5
  • Book list is comprised of high quality "classic"
  • Can choose 2-3 books of own must be approved
  • Students pledge to read each book and complete a
    portfolio with book projects
  • Imagine Schools will give a 50 Gift Card to each
    student who reads and reports on the 25 required
    number of books. Each student will also be
    recognized nationally by Imagine Schools.
  • October May 1st

Wish List
  • Class Needs
  • Colored highlighters
  • White Boards
  • White paper
  • File Folders
  • Student needs
  • Individual staplers
  • Individual sharpeners
  • Plastic envelope for LCs

Thanks for joining us
I look forward to a fantastic year!
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