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Digital 101:


Digital 101: Social/Digital Media Beginner s Tutorial Workshop #502* – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Digital 101:

Digital 101 Social/Digital Media Beginners
Tutorial Workshop 502
Workshop Objectives
  • Understand how your online presence is your
    Regions public face to your community
  • Learn basics of how customer-friendly websites
    social media can help you engage families in
    meaningful ways
  • Boost your Regions searchability to help
    parents discover your Region online
  • Learn what Facebook Twitter can do for your
    Region and how to set them up

Your Digital Presence
  • Your Regions Website
  • Shutterfly Team Sites
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Other Social Sites

  • If your Region website still has links to, its time to fix them! no
    longer redirects to the national AYSO website.
  • Correct URL

Are You Happy with Your Regions Website?
  • If you arent why?

Like or Dislike?
  • Uses 6 different font colors
  • Hard to navigate
  • Where is the About or Contact Us?
  • No focal point
  • Too much clutter!

Like or Dislike?
Your Region Website Create a Friendly Homepage
  • Make city and Region prominent
  • Use AYSO branding and logos
  • Make the homepage easy-to-navigate.
  • Emphasize dates and calendars
  • Incorporate social media and National Office
  • Have a focal point
  • Cut down on clutter (varying font sizes, too many
    photos, etc.)

Region Website Must-HavesMake Your Region Look
  • Info on registration events
  • Your refund policy
  • Call-by date for coaches and parents
  • FAQs
  • Contact information
  • AYSO Official News Feed
  • News that makes it obvious that your website is
    up to date/being attended to

If You Arent Happy With Your WebsiteYou can
fix it!
  • Make a plan to address its shortcomings
  • Start Fresh or Overhaul what you have?
  • Content Old, New, Timeliness?
  • Resources (Region Volunteers) to help you

Be Searchable
Be Searchable
  • Parents are searching for youth sports
    organizations, but NOT for your Region number and
    maybe even not for AYSO!

What are Parents Looking For?
  • YES
  • Youth soccer in Los Angeles
  • Soccer Sign-ups LA
  • Fall soccer California
  • AYSO Los Angeles
  • AYSO Fall soccer
  • Soccer for kids
  • Soccer summer camp
  • NO
  • AYSO Region 22
  • U-6 girls soccer
  • UK International Soccer Camps
  • Jamboree Soccer

Be Searchable
  • Important to include the city name(s) in the
  • Include AYSO in website headers/titles
  • Powerful keywords to emphasize youth soccer,
    soccer registration, youth soccer sign-up, youth
    soccer in (city name here)
  • Straightforward navigation no rabbit holes
  • Get linked to Links to your site from sponsors,
    press, social media all help you be searchable
  • Update regularly

Photo Fun
  • Pick great action and posed shots
  • Create slideshow or photo gallery
  • Dont post full names of minors
  • Use photo captions! U-8 player scores at AYSO
    Spring Tournament
  • Professional quality photos available at

Keep Em Coming Back
  • Your Region website should be the go-to
    destination for all parent and volunteer needs
    during the season.
  • Keep it up to date and you will be very
  • Other things to consider
  • Game/volunteer schedules
  • Field status Open or Closed
  • Directions to the fields

Remember, stay safe! Dont do (or encourage)
private transactions (registration, banking,
etc.) on unsecured wireless networks.
Good Website Good Customer Service
  • Parents with answers are happy parents
  • Think of your own web experience
  • The easier the better
  • Less work for you
  • Theres not always an easy answer

AYSO Website Providers
  • Providers who have templates specifically for
    youth sports teams/leagues
  • Blue Sombrero
  • Active Youth Network
  • Platforms that feature no or low cost,
    easy-to-build, easy-to update features
  • Google Sites
  • Wordpress
  • Other Blogging Platforms
  • Wix
  • Choose one that you or other volunteers find easy
    to use the rest will follow.

Need help? Email
  • Shutterfly-AYSO Team Sites are free for your
    entire Region - and easy to use!
  • Automatic for Regions that build their rosters in
  • Allow coaches to spend less time on
    administrative work they can contact all of
    their teams parents with the click of a button.
  • Easy communication and memory-sharing for all of
    your Regions teams helps with parent and coach
  • Team Sites are Safe Haven approved and secure.
  • Questions contact

  • Coach updates posted and sent via email with one
  • Auto-populates parent contact information.
  • Parents can upload photos, questions, etc.

Shutterfly questions? Contact
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Facebook is Your Friend
  • Is your Region on Facebook?

Facebook is Your Friend
  • Facebook is the most visited site in the world
    even over Google and Yahoo
  • 1 BILLION users worldwide sharing 2.5 BILLION
    pieces of content per day
  • A Facebook Page is a public profile created by
    businesses, organizations, celebrities and anyone
    seeking to promote themselves publicly through
    social media.
  • Facebook pages have "fans" instead of "friends."
  • These pages are publicly visible online and often
    post status updates, links, events, photos and
    videos to their fans' news feeds and walls.
  • Facebook pages provide a way for businesses and
    other organizations to interact with customers
    and potential customers.
  • Mini-website a hub for information

Facebook is Your Friend
  • Women outnumber men on Facebook, the greatest
    disparity coming in ages 26 44, AYSOs sweet
    spot for the age of mothers who sign their kids
    up for soccer.
  • Its an easy (and free!) way to publicize your
    Region, become more searchable and connect with
    your community.
  • Mobile penetration is always increasing
    notification preferences means this can be an
    instant way to share new content with your
  • Easy for you to post news, answer questions
    interact with families
  • They have to be looking for your Region website
    not the case with Facebook another way new
    families can find out about you.

Facebook is Your Friend
  • Set up your account as a Business Page, not a
    personal profile, community page or group page
  • Be responsive
  • Post consistently
  • Make your settings work for you
  • Pick a simple, clean URL
  • Set the ground rules
  • hashtagit
  • Use AYSO Facebook tools (Visit
    oolkit -gt Social Media Tools click on Facebook
  • http//

How To Set Up Your Regions Facebook Page
Step 1 Choose a Classification Name
  • Navigate to
  • Choose a classification
  • Local Business or Place
  • Company, Organization, or Institution
  • Brand or Product
  • Artist, Band, or Public Figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community
  • Youll be asked to Name Your Page
  • Location, AYSO, Region are all good to include

Step 2 Fill In Your Basic Information
  • Facebook will automatically walk you through four
    basic sections to complete the fundamental
    aspects of your Page.
  • "About" Section
  • The main 2-3 sentence description for your Region
  • Will appear on your main page, so make it
    descriptive but succinct.
  • Be sure to include a link to your website
  • This is also where you can select your unique
    domain URL, for example
  • Upload Profile Picture
  • The main visual icon of your page, appearing in
    search results and alongside any comments you
    publish. Any perfectly square image will work -
    recommended size is 180 x 180 pixels.
  • Add to Favorites
  • Every individual Facebook user has a vertical
    navigation bar to the left of their News Feed.
    You can add your Business Page as a "Favorite"
    item here -- similar to bookmarking a web page
  • Reach More People
  • Facebook will prompt you to create an
    advertisement to draw attention to your Page. NOT
    recommended until you build a stream of content
    and gain some organic followers/fans

Step 3 Understand the Admin Panel
  • The shell of your Business Page is now live.
    Facebook will ask if you'd like to "Like" your
    Page. You may want to save this for later when
    there is content on the Page.
  • In the top navigation go to "Settings to set up
    four core settings to start
  • Page Info This is where you can add
    additional details about your Region. This
    section will also unveil different fields based
    on the classification from Step 1.
  • Notifications This section allows you to
    customize when and how you'd like to receive
    Page alerts. Set a frequency that fits your
    social media marketing schedule.
  • Page Roles Whether or not you'll be the main
    manager of the Page, and granting others at your
    Region access to your Facebook Page. Here, you
    can invite other colleagues to make changes to
    your Pages
  • Posting content for coaches, parents, referees,
  • Photo editor/master
  • Publicity PR
  • Registrar
  • your discretion!
  • User interactions/Page filters

Facebook is Your Friend
Step 4Publish Content!
  • Basic content needed to get your Page going
  • Posts Your page will populate as you publish
    more updates. Posting options
  • Plain text status
  • Photo with caption
  • Link with caption
  • Video with caption
  • Event page
  • Location check-in
  • When posting on your page, be sure to use a
    variety of content.
  • Pictures help every post
  • What images would your audience like to see?
  • Pin to Top You can also click the little grey
    arrow in the top-right corner of each post to
    move one of your posts to the top of your Page's
    Timeline for 7 days.  Good for major events,
  • Cover Photo
  • This is the large, horizontal image that spans
    the top of your Facebook Page. Typically, this is
    a branded image to help attract people to your
    Page. The official photo dimensions are 851 x 315
  • Inviting users to Like your page
  • Invite fellow volunteers, colleagues to Like your
    page and its content to build some initial
  • Second, invite parents and other community
    supporters in your network. Encourage them to
  • Third, promote your Page everywhere you promote
    AYSO email signatures, posters, flyers,
    mailings, signs, etc.
  • See how youre doing

Facebook is Your Friend
Facebook is Your Friend
Twitter is Handy, too
  • Is your Region on Twitter?

What is Twitter
  • 560 million users and over 49 billion tweets
    every day
  • Twitter is a free social networking
    microblogging service that allows registered
    members to broadcast short posts called tweets.
    Twitter members can broadcast tweets and follow
    other users' tweets by using multiple platforms
    and devices.
  • A quick (140 characters or less!) way to connect
    with families, volunteers and the community
  • Perfect for sharing links, sponsor promos,
  • Rain outs, schedule changes, approaching
    deadlines, etc.
  • Less maintenance only what you post will show
    up on your feed

Twitter is Handy for Regions too
  • Hashtag it - AYSO
  • Pick an appropriate Twitter handle (name)
  • Make tweets timely rain outs, game schedules,
    registration announcements
  • Send them to your homepage, or Facebook Page, or
    eayso registration page, etc for more info
  • Connect with local business and/or sponsors
  • (pizza parlor, sports store, etc.)

How To Set Up A Twitter Page
Step 1Set up A Twitter Account
  • Go to and sign up. Full name (Yours
    not the Region yet), email address
  • You can set up access for others later
  • Youll then be taken to a screen to fill out the
    rest of your Region Page account details. This
    includes choosing your username, or Twitter
  • Generally, the best practice is to use the
    shortest form of the name of your business or
  • Your entire username goes in when someone tweets
    to or references you, so you dont want the
    handle to take up too much space.
  • Simple enough that people will remember it, so
    avoid extra strings of numbers or letters.
  • Twitter will send you an email to the address you
    provided, and that email will include a link that
    verifies your account.

Step 2Set up a Twitter Account
  • From the screen where you created your
    accountTwitter will walk you through your
  • Pick 5 relevant people to follow
  • Follow AYSO National Twitter!
  • Twitter will make recommendations
  • Consider Team USA, MLS or star soccer player

Step 3. Create Your Profile
  • Click the Edit profile button on the right side
    of your screen, just below the header section.
  • The profile photo should be something thats
    clear and distinguishable even as a tiny icon.
  • It doesnt hurt to upload a larger image,
    though Twitter will shrink it down as needed.
    The header photo has more room for expression, so
    pick something visually striking.
  • Update/provide the basic information that appears
    in your bio, which appears on the left side of
    the screen below your profile photo. You can
    update the full name that you initially provided
    when creating the account, plus your location,
    website, and 140-character bio.
  • Make it clean and accessible. If you want to
    update the color scheme of your entire profile,
    theres also a button for Theme color that you
    can use to give more visual continuity to your
    account, tie in to your Region colors etc.

Step 4 Make Your First Tweet!
  • Remember, each tweet can only be 140 characters
    long tops, so youll have to be smart with your
  • Read other tweets for lingo/style
  • Gets easier with practice
  • Aim to be concise without getting too casual -
    try to avoid texting shorthand
  • Twitter will offer sample first posts that you
    can start with, complete with a myfirstTweet
  • Visit AYSO to see if there are in-the-moment or
    Regionally-relevant hashtags you can leverage.
  • Youre probably better off composing your own
    first tweet in the text field below the samples.
  • Hit the Tweet button and youre off and running
    with Twitter!

Stay Social
  • Once your Region is active on social media
  • Create a posting schedule and post consistently
  • Respond to posted questions/concerns within 24-48
  • Tailor FB settings to ensure curse words, spam,
    or other unwanted posts dont appear
  • Refer to Safe Havens social media policy
  • Sync your Twitter, Facebook and Website for quick
    easy posting
  • Email for help or

Dont Keep it a Secret! Keep Building Your
  • Dont keep it a secret! Promote your New Digital
    Outposts - You can use
  • Registration events
  • Region business cards
  • Region website
  • Region newsletter
  • Email blast to parents/families
  • Share Your Page function on Facebook
  • QR codes on posters, flyers and more
  • AYSO email signatures
  • And more!

Password/Admin Etiquette
  • Dont let one person hold your password hostage.
  • On Facebook, always keep at least three admins,
    and a couple others with different access rights.
  • Give your Board Members guidelines for social
    media usage.
  • After turnover all passwords should be changed.
  • Think of eAYSO Access Rights. Off the Board? No
    more access!

What is a Hashtag?
  • Social medias way of cataloguing everything its
    users are talking about
  • Makes users a part of the larger conversation
  • Helps businesses monitor what customers are
    saying about them
  • Helps business connect with users in fun, new

What is a Hashtag?
Stay Social
  • Remember, your social media efforts will
  • Make your life easier (info taken rather than
    asked for)
  • help your Regions searchability efforts
    which will improve your registration numbers!

For more social media/website infoContact
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