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The 8th grade Regents Earth Science Program


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Title: The 8th grade Regents Earth Science Program

The 8th gradeRegents Earth Science Program
  • St. Martin de Porres School

Course Description
  • The Regents Earth Science course is designed to
    meet the science. requirements of the NYS
    Intermediate Level Science Curriculum.
  • The course is also a Regents level course
    enabling qualified students to take the Regents
    test for Regents credit.

Intermediate level science requirements
  • 6th, 7th and 8th Grade students must complete a
    program of study that includes both physical and
    life sciences.
  • The life sciences were taught in 7th grade.
  • The physical sciences were taught in 5th and 6th
    grade and are further developed in Earth Science.
  • Because our students take the Regents, they do
    NOT need the Intermediate level science test.

NYS High School Science Requirements
  • Your child will be required to earn credit in
    three Regents Laboratory Science Courses.
    (Requirement began with the 2005-2006 school
  • Each of these courses will involve a minimum of
    20 hours 1200 minutes of acceptable lab time.
  • Each of these courses requires a Regents exam.

The Regents Earth Science Exam
  • This Exam consists of a laboratory test and a
    written test.
  • Both parts of the test are taken in June
  • The written portion of the test will be taken
    after graduation. (June 17)
  • The date for the test is determined by the NYS
    board of Education later in the year and cannot
    be changed by the school.

Regents Test Requirements
  • Students must complete a minimum of 20 hours
    (1200 minutes) of lab time in order to qualify
    for the test.
  • Lab time must be documented with passing quality,
    paper lab reports, kept in a lab folder at the
  • The student must also be passing Earth Science in
    order to qualify for the test.

Test RequirementsContinued
  • The written portion of the test is a
    comprehensive exam, covering course curriculum
    from the entire year.
  • The lab portion of the test is also a
    comprehensive exam, involving 3 hands-on
    stations, and written analysis of each station.
    This analysis includes mathematical calculation
    and graph construction.
  • The test is difficult for the average 8th grade

Your child must study for this test!
  • Because this test is comprehensive, your child
    will need to review extensively for this test!
  • This test is NOT an ITBS type test which assesses
    the general skills and abilities of the student.

We will help your child prepare for the test
  • Your child will be asked to buy the Barrons
    Review Book set to help them study for the test.
    (4th edition)
  • Course exams will be composed largely of
    questions from previous Regents exams so that
    your child will have experience with Regents
    style questions.
  • Lab curriculum is designed with the lab test in

St. Martins Course Expectations
  • Your child is expected to do their lab work and
    to turn it in on time.
  • Your child is expected to behave appropriately in
    lab and in lecture classes.
  • Your child is expected to turn in all homework,
    classwork assignments and lab work on time.
  • Your child is expected to do quality lab write

As a parent, you may expect the following
  • I will keep a website which will list major
    assignments and labs. Parents are advised to
    monitor this website for course information. The
    website can be accessed through the school
  • Your child will have a mid-term exam which is
    based on the State tests.
  • Your child will not be allowed to participate in
    lab if behavior is inappropriate (safety is the
    prime concern).

Your child may expect the following
  • Tests will consist largely of questions from past
    Regents exams.
  • Homework, assignments and lab work will balance
    out test requirements.
  • Your child will pass 8th grade science if they do
    their work and turn it in on time!
  • Our course curriculum will meet the requirements
    of the Regents test.

Lab Requirements
  • Your child can expect to do a Regents level lab
    weekly (or more).
  • Your child will have been given the opportunity
    to do 20 hours of lab work by the end of 3rd
    quarter (approximately).
  • Your child will not be qualified to take the
    Regents test if they have not completed 20 hours
    of lab time by the end of 3rd quarter.

Lab Requirements--Continued
  • Your childs lab work is the property of the
    State of New YorkIt will not be returned to you
    or your child. All labs must be typed and turned
    in on time. Labs may be audited by the State at
    any time.
  • Students are advised to keep a duplicate lab
    folder at home so that they can use it for study

Lab RequirementsContinued
  • Your child will not be granted Regents Credit for
    a lab if he or she is asked to leave the lab for
    disciplinary reasons. Your child will not be
    allowed to make up that lab in any way.
  • Your child will not receive Regents Credit for a
    lab that is copied from another student or
    outside source.

Regents success correlates with lab performance!
  • St. Martins students with the highest Regents
    scores also had the highest Earth Science lab
  • Students will not receive Regents lab credit for
    simply turning in labs. The labs must reflect
    care and effort and receive a passing grade.
  • Lab is intended to teach many course skills which
    are tested on both the lab and written Regents

Your child should expect to pass 8th grade
  • This is a high school level course.
  • We consider this in grading the work of the
  • If your child is willing to turn in all lab work
    and assignments, they will pass each quarter of
    the class.

Your child should NOT expect to pass the Regents
requirements without extra effort!
  • Study for the Regents test should be an on-going
    process that begins early in the year.
  • The Regents test requires students to master the
    Earth science curriculum in its entirety.
  • Intermediate level students will need to make an
    extra effort in science to pass the Regents test.

No student will be forced to take the Regents
  • It is our hope that all students will qualify
    for, take and pass the Regents exam.
  • Students who are unsure of their ability to pass
    the test will not be forced to take the test.
  • Students will not receive Regents credit without
    taking the test.

No student will be forced to take the Regents
  • All Regents scores must be recorded on the report
    card and reported to the high schools.
  • A parent should speak to Mrs. Canfield if you are
    concerned about whether your child should take
    the test

In the event that your child does not pass the
Regents test
  • Your child will not be behind! This is an
    advanced level course!
  • Your child may re-take the test in August.
    Re-takes may be arranged through Our Lady of
    Lourdes High School or the Public districts.
  • Re-takes require permission from St. Martins.
    It is unlikely that students with poor initial
    scores will pass without additional coursework.
  • 65 is considered a passing Regents score

  • The St. Martin de Porres School pass rate on the
    Regents test is excellent

Other Important resources
  • Other links will be posted to the 8th grade
    homework page.
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