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Title: Surviving

  • Surviving
  • Thriving
  • First Aid
  • Home remedies

Asthma attacks
  • Severe attack Cant speak --Get to EMS
  • Mild to moderate attacks
  • Tight chest, coughing, labored breathing
  • Get fresh air ( contaminants, allergies, etc)
  • Drink room temperature Water as much as you can
    immediately before medications
  • Reflexology points on the sole of foot should not
    be tender
  • Contact healing cupped hands light touch on chest
    and back

Before Chronic lung problems After No Problem
No Drugs
Nose Bleeds
  • Do NOT tilt Head Back
  • Sit straight or lean forward
  • Put hard pressure on the side of the nose for a
    few min till the bleeding stops

Right Way
Wrong Way
Nail fungus athletes foot
  • Clean the blood ( vegan, lots of water, colonic)
  • Eliminate processed foods, sugars and breads
  • Cut the nails close
  • Aloe soak
  • 1 part Vinegar to 2 parts water soak
  • Soaks 45 min for 2 weeks change aloe/ vinegar
    4-5 days
  • Tea tree oil 2 times a day
  • Oregano oil
  • Vicks vapor rub
  • Use baking soda has foot powder for dryness

Tooth ach and care
  • Plaque
  • Brush with aluminum free baking soda
  • Rinse with apple cider vinegar
  • Rinse with water
  • Brush with essential oil peppermint
  • Tooth ach
  • Heat
  • Oil of clove
  • Clean the blood

  • Poison ivy /oak
  • Dish washing detergent
  • Full strength leave on 25 second
  • Wash off
  • Heat
  • Veggie juice, chlorella, spirulina
  • Motion sickness
  • Ginger Tea 1 pc (size of a pad of butter) steep
    in water 10 min and drink
  • Acupressure wrist bands
  • Chiropractic adjustments

Wound Cuts / burns
  • Cuts 3Cs Compression, Clean, Close
  • Compression unless arteries cut then tourniquet
  • If Artery is cut GET HELP ASAP
  • Tourniquet tighten proximal to wound release
  • Clean water/disinfectants/maggot debridement
  • Close Tape, glue, fishing line, band aid

  • Clean /cool / cover / heal
  • Kidneys will be taxed so give lots of
    water/soluable fiber
  • Clean with colloidal silver, aloe, coconut
  • Cover aloe, aloe mixed with ozone or colloidal
    silver, coconut water/oil, ozonized olive oil

Maggot Therapy
In the UK it would make sense for maggot therapy
to be available to patients in the community --
especially since both hospital-based and district
nurses find the technique easy to learn.
Department of Health "The use of maggots can
dramatically reduce treatment times compared with
conventional therapies, and it is very likely
that their use at an early stage would reduce
hospital admissions or the need for surgical
intervention in the treatment of certain types of
necrotic wounds. Lancet September 30, 2000
356 1174 - 1178
Good and Bad Disinfectants/antimicrobials
  • Bad
  • Neosporin / polysporin The active antibiotic
    ingredients are neomycin, polysporin, and
  • Neomycin is the one of these ingredients that
    causes an allergic reaction.
  • Brand Names Medi-Quik, Neosporin, Triple
  • Generic Names bacitracin, neomycin, and
    polymyxin B (topical).
  • Alcohol or astringents
  • If it burns dont use it

Good Colloidal silver Aloe Hydrogen
Peroxide Heat Sunlight
BAD DisinfectantAntibiotic Warning For Kids!
  • There is a direct link between heavy antibiotic
    use and non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.
  • If a child has more than 10 rounds in childhood,
    there is an 80 greater risk of developing the

American Journal of Epidemiology November 15,
2005 162(10) 965-974
NIH national center for complimentary and
alternative medicine (NCCAM)
  • The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does
    not consider colloidal silver to be safe or
    effective for treating any disease or condition.
  • The FDA and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
    have taken action against a number of colloidal
    silver companies (including some companies that
    sell products over the Internet) for making
    drug-like claims about their products.
  • Scientific Evidence
  • Silver has no known function in the body
  • Silver is not an essential mineral supplement
  • Claims that there can be a "deficiency" of silver
    in the body and that such a deficiency can lead
    to disease are unfounded
  • Claims made about the effectiveness of colloidal
    silver products for numerous diseases are
    unsupported scientifically
  • Colloidal silver products can have serious side
  • Laboratory analysis has shown that the amounts of
    silver in supplements vary greatly, which can
    pose risks to the consumer.

Colloidal Silver
  • Colloidal Silver particles
  • unique electrical and chemical signature,
  • kill the viral material within the cellular
    structure itself
  • silver ion works via the mechanism of attempting
    to re-balance itself by sourcing electrons from
    electron donors
  • pathogenic stressors (virus/fungus/bacteria) have
    one thing in common - they tend to be electron
  • upon contact with a pathogen, their thin cellular
    wall explodes as a rapid exchange of electrons
    takes place
  • bacteria, virus or mold in question can no longer
    function, and degrades quickly and is thus
    rendered harmless.
  • Healthy tissue within the body has cells composed
    of thicker cell walls, also having a balanced
  • spares the beneficial bacteria within the gut.
  • silver vibrates between 890 - 910 terahertz. This
    just happens to be identical to the frequency at
    which the germicidal ultraviolet light resonates

Colloidal Silver uses
  • Disinfectant
  • dissolved silver has been used as a water
    disinfecting agent for , the drinking water
    supplies of the Russian Mir orbital station and
    the International Space Station
  • World Health Organization recommends colloidal
    silver in water filters provide safe drinking
    water in developing countries
  • US Food and Drug Administration has approved the
    use of a range of different silver-impregnated
    wound dressings.
  • silver-containing fibers provide a sustained
    release of silver ions when in contact with wound
    exudates, and are highly effective against
    bacteria have shown silver-containing alginate
    fibres provide a sustained release of silver ions
    when in contact with wound exudates, and are
    highly effective against bacteria Biochemical
    Materials Research and Development Center of
    Jiaxing College, China,
  • MRSA an antimicrobial barrier dressing containing
    silver provided a highly effective and reliable
    barrier to the spread of MRSA into the wider
    Hull York Medical School

Colloidal Silver in medical appliances
  • The disinfectant properties of silver are used in
    some other medical applications, such as
  • catheters
  • endotracheal breathing tubes
  • A study on the use of silver-alloy catheters by
    the concluded
  • more effective than standard catheters for
    reducing bacteriuria in adults in hospital having
    short-term catheterization, and, although they
    cost about 6 more than standard urinary
    catheters, they may be worth the extra cost,
    since catheter-related infection is a common
    cause of nosocomial infection and bacteremia.
  • studies by the
  • University Hospitals Leuven,
  • Belgium and the University Hospital for
    Anesthesiology and Surgical Intensive Care,
  • Halle, Germany
  • University of Michigan School of Medicine
  • Hull York Medical School found an antimicrobial
    barrier dressing containing silver provided a
    highly effective and reliable barrier to the
    spread of MRSA into the wider hospital

How to Make Colloidal silver
  • Distilled Water (dangerous if salt Silver
  • 36 volts
  • 99.9 pure silver
  • Laser or TDS meter 8-10ppm
  • Amber bottle for storing
  • Let sit for 1-2 hours
  • Look for the fur/smoke
  • Filter with coffee filter with plastic
  • Plastic funnel (No Metal)
  • Let sit for 24 hours check for particles

Hydrogen peroxide
  • The 3 hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) available in
    grocery stores and drug stores contains
    stabilizers (such as phenol, acetanilide, sodium
    stanate and Tetrasodium phosphate). This hydrogen
    peroxide is for external use only, not for
    internal consumption. It is OK for brushing the
    teeth, gargling and as a mouth wash, providing
    you rinse your mouth after
  • The 35 food grade hydrogen peroxide is for
    internal consumption and can be diluted for
    intravenous application. Must Be Diluted
  • Caution Keep out of the eyes! It can cause
  • Contact of 35 hydrogen peroxide with the skin
    can cause the skin to whiten and sting.
  • Flush immediately with water to dilute and remove
    the hydrogen peroxide.
  • Neutrophils produce Hydrogen Peroxide as the
    first line of defense against toxins, parasites,
    bacteria, viruses and yeast.

Hydrogen peroxide
  • Hydrogen peroxide was first described in 1818 by
    Louis Jacques Thénard
  • The use of H2O2 sterilization in biological
    safety cabinets and barrier isolators
  • aerospace research, H2O2 is used to sterilize
    artificial satellites, space probes
  • Hydrogen peroxide is an antimicrobial agent
    approved by the U.S. FDA
  • 35 hydrogen peroxide is used to prevent
    infection transmission in the hospital
    environment, hydrogen peroxide vapor is
    registered with the US EPA as a sporicidal
  • the pharmaceuticals are threatened by hydrogen
    peroxide cures! Last time, about 120 years ago,
    people in India (a British colony then) found
    that Hydrogen peroxide added in small amounts to
    drinking water cured a variety of sickness
    especially colds, flu, cholera, malaria, etc. It
    threatened the British monopoly drug sales, so
    they issued a fake information to the effect that
    taking hydrogen peroxide causes viral brain damage

Wikipedia BSIt is a common misconception that
hydrogen peroxide is a disinfectant or antiseptic
for treating wounds. While it is an effective
cleaning agent, hydrogen peroxide is not an
effective agent for reducing bacterial infection
of wounds. Further, hydrogen peroxide applied to
wounds can impede healing and lead to scarring
because it destroys newly formed skin cells
  • Kills viruses that cause influenza, herpes,
    measles, hepatitis C, SARS, AIDS, and other
  • Kills bacteria that cause ulcers, throat
    infections, urinary tract infections, gum disease
    and cavities, pneumonia, and gonorrhea, and other
  • Kills fungi and yeasts that cause candidiasis,
    ringworm, athlete's foot, thrush, diaper rash,
    and other infections.
  • Expels or kills tapeworms, lice, giardia, and
    other parasites.
  • Provides a nutritional source of quick energy.
  • Boosts energy and endurance, enhancing physical
    and athletic performance.
  • Improves digestion and absorption of other
    nutrients including vitamins, minerals, and amino
  • Improves insulin secretion and utilization of
    blood glucose.

  • plant of immortality, by the Egyptians 6,000
    years ago.
  • Native Americans the Wand of the Heaven.
  • aloe vera produces at least six natural
    antiseptics, which kill mold, bacteria, funguses,
    and viruses.
  • Anti-ulcer, laxatives, anti-inflammatory,
    bactericidal effect, analgesic, sedative effect
    enhanced visceral functions, stability and
    function of the endocrine system strong heart,
    promote blood circulation, detoxification,
    anti-allergic effect, has anti-cancer properties
    and destroy abnormal cells.
  • Uses
  • Internal indigestion, blood sugar control,
  • External Insect bites, minor burns, scrapes,
    skin viruses, cuts, rashes, athletes foot

Poultice 2 prts psyllium powder
1 prt Activated charcoal
Water to paste Roll out between 2 layers of
plastic wrap to ¼ thick and freeze till use
  • Find out the agent !!! May want to induce
    vomiting or not
  • Charcoal
  • Detoxification Organs (i.e. - liver, kidneys,
    intestines, lungs, skin, ...)!!
  • Activated Charcoal Powder acts like a POWERFUL
    Electrical Sponge, attracting Toxins
  • allowing your Body to RID itself of TOXINS
  • Bentonite clay Binds detoxes and laxative
  • absorb toxins, impurities, heavy metals and other
    internal contaminants.
  • attracting and soaking up poisons
  • poultice can be prepared to treat eruptions such
    as acne, skin rashes

Aspirin and Tylenol
  • People who take aspirin and Tylenol
    (acetaminophen) suppress their body's ability to
    produce antibodies to destroy the cold virus.
  • Journal of Infectious Disease Dec 1990

Nsaids cause arthritis
  • Decrease Cartilage Production
  • Inhibits Proteoglycan production (the building
    blocks of Cartilage)
  • Causes accelerated bone destruction
  • American Journal of Medicine , 1999 , Dec.

Natural pain relievers
  • Water 50 of your body wt. in oz.
  • Breathing DEEP Changes PH stimulates endorphins
  • Wait!!! Allow your body to heal
  • Fish Oils The omega-3 fats EPA and DHA found in
    fish oil have been found, by many animal and
    clinical studies, to have anti-inflammatory
    properties that reduce joint inflammation and
    promote joint lubrication.
  • Animal based omega-3 fats are absolutely
    essential for any comprehensive anti-inflammatory
    program. They form the precursors to the
    molecules that actually produce or inhibit
    inflammation in your body (prostaglandins).

Cayenne Cream Also called capsaicin cream, this
spice comes from dried hot peppers. It alleviates
pain by depleting the body's supply of substance
P, a chemical component of nerve cells that
transmits pain signals to the brain. Ginger
This herb is anti-inflammatory and offers pain
relief and stomach-settling properties. Fresh
ginger works well steeped in boiling water as a
tea or grated into vegetable juice Bromelain
This enzyme, found in pineapples, is a natural
anti-inflammatory. It can be taken in supplement
form, but eating fresh pineapple may also be
The Innate
  • When Innate Intelligence enters a newborn baby,
    where does it come from?
  • When Innate Intelligence leaves the mortal body,
    where does it go?
  • That depends, in part, on ones religious
    concepts and beliefs.

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8yo asthma /ear infect
10 yo asthma/ ear infect
6yo asthma /ear infect
12 yo asthma/ ear infect
No Chiropractic Care Multiple vaccinations Multipl
e courses antibiotics Synthetic foods No
Enzymes Tylenol Advil
American Children 1 38 autistic 14 special
needs 10 min.Brain injury 74 doses of 16
vac. (1/2 of 1 moms have Hep B)
Be part of the Health Renaissance johnbchiro____________ Reverse
Arthritis Eliminate High Blood Pressure Diabetes R
everse Cancer Correct Fibromyalgia Headaches
solution Sciatica Low back pain Irritable Bowel
Syndrome Infertility and dysfunction RLS Restless
leg Syndrome Neuropathy
  • 275.00 value
  • Get Checked
  • Summer special 20
  • Private Consultation
  • Drug search
  • Exam
  • X-rays (digital)
  • Report
  • Adjustment

Keys to Optimal Health . . .
  • Proper nerve supply -
  • FREE of subluxation
  • Regular Exercise
  • Proper Nutrition
  • Sufficient Rest
  • Daily Prayer and Meditation


The Chiropractic Adjustment
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