Lazio Region: Smart specialisation and food: food, gastronomy and bio-economy as elements of regional innovation strategies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lazio Region: Smart specialisation and food: food, gastronomy and bio-economy as elements of regional innovation strategies


... 7 AREAS OF SPECIALISATION Aerospace Life Sciences Cultural activities and technologies for cultural heritage ... preservation Certification ... Enhancement of R&D ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Lazio Region: Smart specialisation and food: food, gastronomy and bio-economy as elements of regional innovation strategies

Lazio RegionSmart specialisation and food
food, gastronomy and bio-economy as elements of
regional innovation strategies
Internationalization policies and EXPO 2015 A
first test-bed for the RIS3 of Lazio
EXPO 2015 in Milan (Italy) 22 September
2015Luigi CAMPITELLI Lazio Innova
What issues would we like to discuss and why
  • 2 field experiences of successful integration
    between internationalization and innovation
    policy in a food-related domain in the Lazio RIS3
  • Lazio Deli A project aims to qualify and
    categorize the range of products of regional
  • The Call 4 Innovators_at_EXPO 2015 a pilot action
    aiming at involving the different local actors in
    the designing/development/promotion of
    projects-product-ideas of business-research
  • 3 main questions for the discussion
  • how to combine product qualification local
    branding strategies
  • how reduce risk of economic marginalization of
    the products
  • how to strengthen and stabilize the process
    from pilot applications to services and products
    to the market.

The RIS3 Of Lazio VISION
  • Three-component model in which technological
    excellence, both in research and industrial are
    at the heart of the process of transformation.
  • Contribution of ICT and creative industries, for
    their adoption in innovative solutions
    (processes, goods and services)
  • Aerospace
  • Life Sciences
  • Cultural activities and technologies for cultural
  • Digital Creative Industries
  • Agrifood
  • Green Economy
  • Security

The Regional Agrifood Ecosystem some evidence
  • The Agrifood Sector in Lazio Region
  • 3400 enterprises
  • 16.626 workers
  • 580 Million of euro for Food-industry Exports
    (3.3 of total manufacturing export )
  • 5 of the national turnover per year
  • 3 of the total wealth of the entire regional
  • Rome is the largest agricultural municipality in
    Europe in Rome there are 2.656 agricultural
    companies (329 with direct sales)
  • Major logistics platforms as the
  • Agribusiness Centre of Rome (CAR),
  • The Fruit and Vegetable Market in Fondi (MOF)
  • The Fruit and Vegetable Market of Latina (MOL)
    which make the Lazio region of first importance
    for the commercialization products of the
    agrifood sector
  • Important research facilities as the
  • CRA (Council for Research and Experimentation in
    Agricultural), AINRAN (National Research
    Institute for Food and Nutrition) now CRA-NUT,
    INEA (National Institute of Agricultural
    Economics), ARSIAL (Regional Agency for
    Development and Innovation of 'Agriculture of
    Lazio), ENEA (Italian National Agency for New
    Technologies, Energy and Development sustainable
    economic), CNR (National Research Council), IZSLT
    (Istituto Sperimentale Zooprofilattico Lazio and
    Tuscany), IAgri BIC Lazio (Incubator of food and

Entrepreneurial discovery process
  • Three steps
  • Thematic focus groups, involving representative
    of the business community, business
    associations, research institutions and local
  • Questionnaires, submitted to all participating
    stakeholders. They covered the KETs (Key Enabling
    Technologies) and the Societal Challenges as
    defined in Horizon 2020. to each participant has
    been asked to express opinions about the
    positioning and the current and future
    technological priority of the Agrifood
    specialisation area.
  • Results, an extensive picture of the
    specialisation area and of its main trends.
  • Identified main strengths in terms of production
    and key competencies for innovation and
    technology transfer, as well as potential for
    cross-fertilisation major benefits from the
    application of many Enabling Technologies (ICT,
    nanotech, new materials, biotechnology, etc.) and
    new opportunities to health, bio-economy,
    environment, tourism, life science.
  • Furthermore
  • The Call 4 Innovators_at_EXPO 2015 is itself part of
    the Entrepreneurial discovery process.
  • The new supporting schemes are taking profit from
    stakeholders consultation process.

Lazio Agrifood Key elements for the innovation

Strengths Quality products Priority areas for improvement Cross Fertilisation
Wide range of quality products PDO-PGI-TSG products highly recognised on international markets Close links with the local identity and the cultural heritage High safety standards Matching of Tradition with Innovation Thanks to the main regional key specialisations, the agrifood sector can take benefit of a wide range of competences and solutions Precision farming Plant production in challenging environments Packaging and preservation Certification Inspection Cold chain

Lazio Agrifood priority and objectives for
internationalization policies
Priority Objectives
Better positioning on international markets for quality products deeply-rooted on the local culture and linked to the local gastronomy avoid risks of economic marginalization for niche products connect products with the local identity and its lifestyle. Exchange of know-how and technology transfer in the fields related to food processing and to the new challenges (precision farming, plant production in challenging environments, etc.)
  • EXPO 2015, a great promotional engine,
  • an opportunity to mobilize all the different
    actors and stakeholders

Field experiencesCall 4 Innovators_at_EXPO 2015
  • The project involved the most prestigious
    Universities and Research Center of Lazio,
    together with the regional "Innovators, to
    represent the excellence of our territory.
  • All projects have been grouped for thematic areas
    with a scientific coordination (from universities
    and/or leading research centers specialized on
    the issues), with the aim of organizing a
    workshop to be held between June and October
    2015, at the Museum of Pacis in Rome.
  • 18 Thematic whorkshops combining the scientific
    community and the business experience 11
    scientific coordinators over 270 companies and
    projects candidates, including 70 startup.

Field experiencesCall 4 Innovators_at_EXPO 2015
  • Main achievements
  • Enhancement of RD projects in the local context,
    but also promoting international networking
  • Matching between business projects and potential
  • Each thematic area is now a new RD and Business
    support Lab
  • Thematic whorkshops regarding Agrifood (9 of 18)
  • Food and Health
  • Food safety. The citizen protagonist of food
    security prevention, training and control for
    consumer protection
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Agrispazio - Colonize the Moon and Mars to feed
    the Earth
  • Waste Management
  • Edutainment the science of nutrition for
    everyone - big and small questions of nutrition
  • Nutritionally balanced menu with products of the
    Basket Lazio
  • Color and smell of food
  • International cooperation on food security and
    rural development promoting innovative actions
    from below and partnership

Field experiences Lazio DELI
  • The new Regional Internationalization Strategy
  • Started in 2014, a new strategy has been designed
    to support internationalization.
  • Lazio Deli is the first pilot project improved in
    this framework to promote local food products
  • Thanks to EXPO 2015 the basket has enlarged to
    125 Lazio Map of Excellences.
  • Lazio DELI is a project aimed to the promotion of
    fine foods beverage from Lazio.
  • The action, part of the Regional Guidelines for
    Internationalization, aims to qualify and
    classify some of the most important niche food
    products, providing also technical support and
    counselling to the participating companies.
  • A two years project involving 108 companies in
    the regional food-industry, selected to offer to
    the Canadian market more than 200 quality
    products - such as wines, olive oils, preserves,
    cheeses, baked goods and spices for seasoning.
    Each product has been firstly submitted to a
    panel of North American consumers to understand
    how it meets the target market.

Field experiences Lazio DELI
  • Stages of the project
  • Enlargement of Export Basket Lazio,
    identification and estimation of other companies
    and products
  • Support to obtain certifications required by the
    Canadian market
  • Incoming trade mission (October 2014) Canadian
    importers and distributors, business to business
    meetings, tasting of 140 products, company visits
  • Show-window and starting of sales in the Toronto
    area (from April 2015)

Field experiences From Lazio DELI to Lazio Map
of Excellence
  • EXPO 2015 provides the opportunity to list the
    food and gastronomy products more closely linked
    to the territory, its identity and its culture.
  • 125 products, whose production meets the
    standards defined by tradition and by the EU
  • 125 products, of which the production can be
    increased, but especially improved visibility and
    positioning on the market, firstly linking
    promotional strategies to those of the territory.
  • 125 products on which focus the promotional
  • 125 products messengers in the world of our food
    and gastronomy, but also a leverage to - both -
    cultural heritage promotion and territorial mktg

Lazio DELI Map of ExcellenceFirst results
  • Sales in the East-Canada
  • Business meetings with a large number of
    delegations visiting Lazio during Expo
  • A promotional program at Expo
  • Starting of a new promotional strategy
  • A change in the entrepreneurs mind-set
  • not only local products, but messengers of our
    lifestyle in the world

Next Steps
  • Support to innovation and internationalization
    are the two sides of the same strategy, focused
    on the selected 45 "key actions" for a smart,
    sustainable and inclusive development of the
    Region, This strategy has to be consistently
    pursued and monitored.
  • Supporting networking at both levels of niche
    products and of exchange of know-how, enhancing
    the entrepreneurial discovery process (Peer to
    peer and Co-operation along the value chain).
  • Monitoring the strategy and the main actions in
    order to re-schedule activities on the basis of
    feedback received.

Thanks for your
attentionLuigi CampitelliInternationalization
, Networks Studies Head of UnitLazio Innova
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