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Welcome to the RMS Open House Meet


WELCOME TO THE RMS OPEN HOUSE MEET & GREET 2015 Mrs. Nicole Snipes Life Science 7th Grade BACKGROUND INFORMATION Kennesaw State University: B.S. Elementary ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Welcome to the RMS Open House Meet

Welcome to the RMS Open HouseMeet Greet 2015
  • Mrs. Nicole Snipes
  • Life Science 7th Grade

Background Information
  • Kennesaw State University B.S. Elementary
    Early Childhood Education
  • State of Georgia Certified in Middle School
    Science Math
  • 10 years of management and leadership experience
    prior to teaching
  • Fifth year teaching middle school in Paulding

What To Expect At School?
  • Opening (10 15 minutes) - warm up,
    mini-review, clarify lesson, clarify questions,
    state standards and/or elements of the work, lead
    small group, set the stage for learning,
    communicate expectations for learning, provide
  • Work Period (25 30 minutes) - Activity period,
    conference question, provide feedback, lead
    small group guidance, connect standard and/or
    elements to work, prepares for sharing, provide
    feedback (oral and/or written)
  • Closing (10 15 minutes) Summary, Share work
    and strategies, connect work to standards and/or
    elements, identify misconceptions, clarify
    learning goals assess students understanding,
    provide feedback (oral and/or written)

What To Expect At Home?
  • Homework Monday Thursday
  • Remind Text Messages
  • Completion work
  • 10 15 minutes of independent reviewing/studying
    of notes
  • Student Agenda to be signed by parent nightly
    as you talk with the student about his/her day at

What Materials Are Needed In Class?
  • Interactive Science Notebook (composition book)
    should be kept in class daily but can be taken
    home to review or study.
  • Agenda signed nightly
  • Binder with a section for Science
  • Loose leaf paper
  • Pencil and hand held pencil sharpener or Pen
  • Glue Sticks
  • Colored Pencils

What To Expect This Year?
  • Unit One Biomes
  • Characteristics of Science
  • Six Land Biomes Desert, Tundra, Savannah,
    Mountain, Taiga, Temperate Tropical Rain Forest
  • Aquatic communities freshwater, marine,

What To Expect This Year?
  • Unit Two Ecology
  • Interdependence of organisms
  • producers, consumers, decomposers
  • Food Web Food Chains

What To Expect This Year?
  • Unit Three Cells (Structure Function)
  • Cell structure cell membrane, cell wall,
    mitochondria, chloroplasts, nucleus, cytoplasm
  • Cell Functions diffusion, osmosis,
    photosynthesis, respiration
  • Levels of cellular organization cells for
    tissues, tissues form organs, organs form organ
    systems, organ systems form organisms.

What To Expect This Year?
  • Unit Four Organization of Life
  • Classification of living things into six kingdoms
    based on common characteristics Eubacteria,
    Archabacteria Fungi, Protista, Animal, Plant
  • Dichotomous keys for classification

What To Expect This Year?
  • Unit Five Body Systems
  • Digestive, respiratory, circulatory, excretory,
    muscular, skeletal, nervous, immune, and
    reproductive systems
  • Each organ system has a specific function and
    interact with other organ systems.

What To Expect This Year?
  • Unit Six Biological Traits Heredity
  • Roles of genes chromosomes
  • Inheritance of specific traits
  • Abnormalities can be inherited
  • Dominant and Recessive traits

What To Expect This Year?
  • Unit Seven Evidence of Evolution
  • Physical characteristics of organisms have
    changed over successive generations
  • Species on Earth have evolved due to natural
  • Survival of the Fittest

What To Expect This Year?
  • Unit Eight Health/LifeSkills Training
  • Health promotion and disease prevention
  • Influence of outside factors on health behaviors
  • Refraining from drug use
  • Decision making skills Goal setting skills to
    enhance health

  • Paulding County Website
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