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Occupation and lifestyle


Occupation and lifestyle Chapter 8 Culture Unit A.H. Maslow s Pyramid of Human Needs We Have To Work Gives us a sense of who we are Provides income for the ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Occupation and lifestyle

Occupation and lifestyle
  • Chapter 8
  • Culture Unit

A.H. Maslows Pyramid of Human Needs
We Have To Work
  • Gives us a sense of who we are
  • Provides income for the necessities of life
  • Part of our lifestyle, the way we live within our
  • Resource based jobs.fishing, farming, forestry
    and mining.
  • Other elements of lifestyle include school,
    housing, entertainment, leisure activities,
    clothing, transportation.
  • Occupations change as a result of changes in the
    natural environment, historical events and
    changes in technology.

Chapter 9 Culture and Politics
  • We live in a democracy! This means government by
    the people!
  • Federal government is based in Ottawa and deals
    with concerns that affect the whole country.
  • Provincial and territorial governments deal with
    concerns on a provincial and regional level.
  • Municipal governments deal with local matters of
    a town or city. They get their authority from the
    provincial government.

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Representative Democracy
  • We elect representatives to make political
    decisions for us.
  • Canada is divided into 308 ridings or
    constituencies, 1 MP or Member of Parliament for
    each riding. The conservatives have 165 seats,
    the NDP 99 and the Liberals 35. The Bloc
    Quebecois has 4, the Green Party 1, with 3
    sitting as independents and 5 seats vacant.
  • People who live in a riding are called
  • Nova Scotia has 51 ridings, with Liberal 33 PC
    11 NDP 7 Stephen McNeil Premier

  • You must be a Canadian citizen, 18 years of age
    and reside in your area for 1 year to vote.
  • In each riding you have a slate of candidates to
    choose from, usually one from each party. The
    Liberals, Conservatives and New Democrats are the
    three main partys in Canada.
  • A political party is a group formed by
    individuals who have similar views on public
    issues. Its purpose is to get elected and form
    the government.
  • The party with the most seats usually forms the
    government, second most the official opposition.
  • All elected members of a party are referred to as
    the party caucus.

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The PM and Cabinet
  • The Prime Minister leads the government with his
    Cabinet, elected members of government appointed
    to positions of responsibility such as finance or
    foreign affairs.
  • Provincial governments also have Cabinets, led by
    the Premier.

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Democracy in Action
  • Political Activists
  • Media
  • Lobbying Trying to persuade politicians to
    support their cause. Lobby Group people who
    support the same cause, such as MADD.
  • Unions
  • Court System
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