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INTD 51 human environments


INTD 51 human environments assessments sustainability recap time frame fashions come and go designers must be careful to weigh fashion and longevity be careful in ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: INTD 51 human environments

INTD 51 human environments
sustainability recaptime frame fashions come
and godesigners must be careful to weigh fashion
and longevity be careful in choosing so they do
not become tiresome and outdated before the
materials, finishes, and furnishings themselves
wear out
sustainability recapuniversal design the
practice of making products and environments to
be usable by all peopleto the greatest extent
possiblewithout the need for adaptation or
specialized design transgenerational design the
practice of making products and environments
compatible with those physical and sensory
impairments associated with human aging
transgenerational design and sustainability
principles of transgenerational design require
designers to think not only about their clients
present needs but also about what their needs
will be throughout life does not focus on the
occupants age, rather it centers on an
environments usefulness to users of any age
universal design and sustainability
transgenerational design universal design are
both about designing environments and household
products that accommodate the widest market
segments if applied, the life of an environment
will be vastly extended because potential changes
in need and ability will have been addressed at
the start of the project
  • things to consider
  • reduce, reuse, recycle, and repair possessions
    and furnishings
  • learn to distinguish between wants and needs
  • build or buy only what you need
  • leave a lighter footprint on the earth
  • encourage community governments to establish
    design-review commissions to monitor design
    quality and establish criteria for building and

  • things to consider
  • encourage local governments to establish
    greenbelts and preserve green spaces as well as
    engage in city forestation or tree planting
  • encourage preservation and
  • adaptive reuse of existing
  • buildings
  • select well-designed and
  • durable materials, finishes, and
  • furnishings for longevity
  • plan for the long haul,
  • anticipating changing abilities
  • and needs

client binder Section 3Sustainability Options
Solutions 3-5 methods of making your design
sustainable1 page per method, written
description of method how it can be applied to
your clients need include images
assessments offer a way for designers to
formalize a sustainable approach to
designcalculation measurement to give
objective evaluation of likely environmental
impact achieving certification can be an
excellent marketing tool many of the
certification systems websites offer excellent
guidance and informal assessment tools
  • assessmentsLEED
  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
  • led by U.S. Green Building Council
  • especially prevalent in North America
  • commercial interiors, schools, retail,
    healthcare, homes
  • covers all stagesdesign, construction, operation
  • assessment categories sustainable sites, water
    efficiency, indoor environmental quality,
    innovation and design process, regional priority

  • assessmentsLEED India
  • Indias version
  • new buildings, major renovations in office,
    retail, education, and hotel sectors
  • assessment is made during design construction

  • assessmentsBREEAM
  • Building Research Establishments Environmental
    Assessment Method
  • UK based used particularly in UK, Europe Gulf
  • assesses both new and existing offices, retail,
    education, industrial, residential, justice,
    healthcare, and international
  • domestic renovation option will soon be available
  • assesses energy, transport, pollution, materials,
    wellbeing, and management
  • pass, good, very good, excellent, outstanding

  • assessmentsSka Rating
  • developed for interior projects only
  • UK based, run by Institute of Chartered
    Surveyorsfor offices
  • relatively new retail next on agenda
  • assessments occur at design stage, handover
    (initial occupancy), 1 year after occupation
  • post-occupancy assessment does not influence
    scoreprovides useful feedback

  • assessmentsNABERS
  • National Australian Building Environmental Rating
  • primarily for existing buildingsoffices, homes,
    hotels, shopping malls
  • rates energy, water waste and indoor environment
  • assessed during occupationbefore and after
  • highly relevant assessment for interior designers
    working on renovations

  • assessmentsGreen Star Australia
  • Green Star New Zealand
  • Green Building Council Australia/NZ
  • new build renovation
  • residential, healthcare, retail, industrial,
    education office
  • offices, office interiors, industrial education
  • rated on management, indoor environment quality,
    energy, transport, water, materials, land use and
    ecology, emissions and innovation

  • assessmentsGreen Globes
  • Green Building Initiatives assessment system for
    North America
  • new existing commercial
  • energy, indoor environment, site, water,
    resources, emissions, project/environmental

  • assessmentsBEAM
  • Building Environmental Assessment Method
  • used in Hong Kong China
  • all building types, both new and used
  • site aspects, materials aspects, energy use,
    water use, indoor environmental quality,
    innovation and additions
  • conducted following completion

  • assessmentsCASBEE
  • Japan GreenBuild Councils Comprehensive
    Assessment Systems for Building Environmental
  • energy efficiency, resource efficiency, local
    environment, indoor environment
  • carried out during design occupation
  • suits homes and renovation projects

  • assessmentsDGNB
  • German Sustainable Building Council
  • ecological quality, economical quality, social
    quality, technical quality, quality of the
    process, quality of the location
  • weighted differently depending upon type of
  • during design and construction phases
  • focuses on new buildingsoffice, retail,
    industrial, education residential sectors
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