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Welcome to Mrs. Crocker


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Title: Welcome to Mrs. Crocker

Welcome to Mrs. Crocker Mrs. Shannons
Kindergarten Class
Daily Schedule
  • Schedule
  • 815-845 Arrival-Focus Stations
  • 845- 1000 Math
  • 1000 1030 Social Studies/Science
  • 1030 1115 Enhancements
  • Monday - Art Tuesday - Music
  • Wednesday - PE (wear sneakers)
    Thursday - Media
  • Friday Tech
  • 1125 1155 Lunch
  • 1200 145 Language
  • 145- -215 Continue Social Studies Science
  • 215- 245 Recess
  • 230 - 245 Snack
  • 300 330 Rest/ Remediation/ Acceleration
  • There could be a few changes but lunchtime and
  • will never change

Morning After Care
  • Early Morning and After School Child Care is
    provided at school
  • Before School 635 - 830 am
  • After School 340 600 pm
  • Monthly Cost
  • Before School 91.00
  • After School 117.00
  • Both 188
  • (10 Registration Fee)
  • Drop in Service 10.00 a session
  • Example car riders left pass 400

Arrival 815- 845
  • If your child arrives after 845 he/she must go
    to the office to get a tardy note before entering
    class and YOU MUST go into the office to sign
    your child in. After September 18, all students
    are expected to walk into the building
    independently without parents.
  • NEW POLICY If your child is Tardy or checked
    out early more than 4 times with out a doctors
    note, they will not be recognized for perfect
    attendance at the end of the year!

  • All students have an opportunity to eat
    breakfast. If they choose to do this, there is a
    cost and they need to go directly from the bus or
    car rider drop-off line. Once they come into the
    room they can not get breakfast.

  • Lunch will be at 1125
  • Feel free to join us for lunch anytime.
  • Student lunch is 2.20 a day (11.00 weekly)
  • You may apply for free or reduced lunch
  • Low balance note- if they have no
    money on their
  • account vegetable tray will be
  • If you send money to school place it in pouch at
    the front of the notebook or pay on line at
  • Students will swipe their lunch cards when
    getting a lunch- Balances less than 6.00 will get
    a connect Ed call at home
  • Wednesday Thursday

Breakfast Grits w/ Sausage Lunch Spaghetti
Meat Sauce or Fish Sticks Baby Carrots w/ Dip
Tossed Garden Salad Fresh Grapes WG Roll
Breakfast Egg Cheese Biscuit Lunch Beef
Dippers or Chicken Pastry Sweet Potato Souffle
Green Beans Strawberry Cup WG Roll
Breakfast Chicken Biscuit Lunch Brightleaf
Hotdog w/ Chili or Chili Cheeseburger Baked
Seasoned Fries Homemade Baked Beans Fresh Fruit
Fast food from outside vendors is NOT permitted.
Children should bring prepared lunch boxes from
home to eat at lunch. Parents who visit their
children for lunch should not bring lunch in a
fast food bag. According to federal guidelines,
students CANNOT be offered fast food lunch in the
cafeteria. GKE can be charged a fine of 5,000 if
an inspector sees a student with a fast food bag
for lunch.
Pull-Out Schedule
Monday Art
1030 1115 Tuesday
Music 1030 1115
Wednesday PE (wear sneakers) 1030
1115 Thursday Media
1030 1115 Friday
Technology 1030 1115
Rest Time
  • Please send two towels for your child to use for
    rest time.
  • We will stop rest time after the first semester.
    (late Jan.)

SnackTime 245
  • You will need to provide a nutritious snack for
    your child. Please limited their snack to one
    item with juice or water. Make sure to place it
    into a bag and label it snack. They get really
    confused and take snack to lunch. I will have a
    special place for Snacks in the room. This will
    help also!
  • No candy, Dole fruit cups, soft drinks please!

Money Pouch
  • The money pouch will stay in their notebook.
    Please use this pouch to send money to school.
  • Please use the slip inside to record what the
    money is for.

  • Important papers
  • Parent Correspondence
  • Monkey Sheet
  • Must be signed daily
  • Discipline Note
  • Homework- check Friday
  • Reading book and log
  • 100 books by April 30th gets an award during
    classroom awards day
  • Quarterly Assessments

Notebooks Continued
  • Pull out schedule
  • ABC Explanation
  • Breakfast Lunch Menu
  • Sight Words
  • Color Number Words
  • Number Poems
  • Class Birthdays
  • Homework Folder
  • Reading Folder

Tuesday Folders
  • Every Tuesday students work will be sent home
    in a 2 pocket folder along with any other
    information that needs to go home from the
    classroom and the office.
  • Please remove and keep their work.
  • Sign the folder on the correct date and return
    it to school on Wednesday.

Unsigned folders will cause a student to loose
morning stations.
Classroom Playground Hallways
Cafeteria Assemblies
Restroom Buses
Class Room Rules
  • At the end of the day if students are on a green
    or better, they will color their monkey their
    corresponding color.
  • If however they are below green you will get a
    note explaining their behavior that caused the
  • After receiving 25 green monkeys they will take
    home a monkey plate to eat on! Please return
    plate to be used again.

A Rainbow of Great Behavior
Each day, students will start in the middle
section of our behavior clip chart on green.
Good choices will allow students to move up the
chart. Poor choices will result in students
moving down on the clip chart. Moving into the
orange zone means the teacher will decide on the
appropriate consequence based on the action and
the individual student need. After this
consequence, we believe that students will be
ready to learn again. A note will be sent home
or a phone call will be made directly to the
parent if the student moves down into the red
Once the sticker chart has been filled, the
student will be able to choose a reward from the
individual teachers choices.
Students will color their agenda daily so that
parents can track their childs behavior each
day. Please be sure to initial/sign your childs
agenda daily!
Protocol for misbehaving
  • Three warnings before moving their pin( notebook
    not being signed looses morning stations-will we
    forgive 3 times)
  • Note is sent home to parents with details of the
    childs behavior and must be signed.
  • If a student gets 3 lower colors than green, the
    student will call their parent in the presence of
    the teacher to report his/her inappropriate
  • If behavior problems continue a conference is set
    up with parent and child to work on correcting
    the behavior.
  • If the behavior continues, the student will be
    taken to the Office and they receive a discipline
    note. (last resort)

  • When your child is absent you must send a note
    explaining the absence on the day they return to
  • Any student absent 4 or more days within a 9
    week attendance period or 16 days per year could
    result in
  • automatic retention.
  • If you are going on a trip you can get
    preapproval for absences but this will still be
    counted as an absence.

Break Time!!!!!!! Tooty Ta
  • Any student not in compliance with state physical
    and immunization laws within 30 calendar days of
    enrolling will result in suspension until the
    student is in compliance.

Extra Clothing
  • Please bring your child a set of clothing in a
    zip-lock bag for emergencies. When the season
    changes or your child grows we will need to
    change this clothing.
  • Items under clothing, shirt, socks, pants, shoes

Book Orders
  • Pass out forms
  • Sent home about 1 time a month
  • Please complete your order and return it to
    school along with payment. When we order books we
    get books for our classroom and you build a
    library at home for reading.
  • If you show your child reading is important and
    you have materials for them to practice at
    anytime, they too will develop a reading habit.
  • If you wish to make if a gift I can send it home

Box Tops
  • We collect Box Tops for Education in our
  • For each box top we receive, our classroom gets
  • cents. It really adds up, so please send them
  • When you child has sent 50 in they will get a
    trip to
  • the treasure box!

Volunteer Spot
  • http//www.volunteerspot.com/
  • We will learn together
  • Teacher schedules activities and invites
  • They Signup Online or On the Go
  • Volunteers / Parents choose a spotand sign up
    with a click of a mouse
  • Volunteer Spot sends emailconfirmations
  • Please list the best email address to use- It is
    difficult to go on an add additional emails
  • I'm using Remind to send text messages
    about important class information. To sign up
    for Crocker's Monkeys notifications, please
    visit  https//www.remind.com/join/crockersm 
  • You can text  (980) 208-1342 and type
    _at_crockersm in the comment box

Gold Medal Award
  • Write 1st last name Know Birthday
  • Know Phone Know Address
  • Write numbers to 100 Count to
  • Read number words to 20 Read color words
  • Recite days of the week Read days of the
  • Recite months of the year Read months of
    the year
  • Recite Seasons Read Seasons
  • Complete simple graph Tie shoes
  • Write all upper lower case letters Sight
    Word list A-F
  • Write 3 sentences Reading
    on a level 12
  • 100 on Math Assessment 100
    on Mclass

  • We will celebrate Halloween , Thanksgiving,
    Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter, and the
    End of the Year, with a party.
  • In addition, if you would like to send a snack
    for your childs birthday, please feel free to
  • do so. Please let me know a couple of days in
  • If for some reason you dont want your
  • to participate in celebrations speak with
    me individually.

  • I would love to invite you into our room
    anytime to volunteer. All parents that wish to do
    so will need to complete a volunteer 2
    application that must be approved by the office.
    Please let me know if you plan to come so I can
    have some things planned for you.
  • To attend a field trip, you must be a level 2
    volunteer! APPLY NOW

Report Cards
  • Students will get Report Cards 4 times and a
    Progress Report 3 times this school year.
  • There will be mandatory Parent Conference
    scheduled by the end of October and if needed in
    March. You may also call anytime for a conference.

Report Card
Wish Tree
  • Dry Erase Markers- pencil size
  • Gifts for the Treasure Box
  • Card Stock Paper white and colored
  • Bright Colored paper
  • Individually wrapped candy
  • plastic cups, forks and spoons
  • paper plates and napkins
  • Cannon Printer Ink 240 and 241
  • Index Cards
  • Coloring books
  • Baby Wipes
  • Zip Freezer bags-All sizes
  • Broom

Departure Time
  • Car riders 340
  • Your child will be called by name. Display in
    your card stock sign showing their name in the
  • School personal will bring your child to the
    front and supervise them until all have been
    picked up.
  • Bus and Day Care riders 350

Please make all transportation/attendance
arrangements with your child prior to leaving
Carpool ends at 400 each day. Students who are
not picked up on time will be sent to GKE After
School Program at 410. Parents will be expected
pay a 10 drop in fee for the child care
VII. Bus Rules   Riding the school bus is a
privilege. Students must follow the directives of
the school bus driver and the rules and
regulations of school bus safety, as well as the
rules of the Johnston County Code of Conduct
while at the school bus stop, in the school bus
parking lot, or while riding on a bus. Violation
of these rules may result in temporary or
permanent suspension from the privilege of school
transportation services, and may also result in
suspension from school.   After a student
receives a warning from the driver and parent
notification by an administrator, the
consequences are as follows   WarningCounsel
with student parent notification 1st
Offense Counsel with student parent
notification and maximum 3 days off the bus. 2nd
Offense Maximum of 5 days off the bus 3rd
Offense Maximum of 10 days off the bus. 4th
Offense Minimum of 10 days off the bus and
student may be suspended from the bus for the
remainder of the school year.
  • No medication will be given without authorization
    from a physician and it will be administered in
    the office.

PTA Unit Meetings for 2015-16 (START at 630
pm)   September 17 December 10
March 10 May 5
  • Please join our PTA. The PTA does a lot for our
    students and staff. Each membership costs 5.00.
  • Ask other family members grandparents, uncles,
    aunts, etc.
  • We are hold a competition in our classroom. The
    students that gets the most people to join will
    have dinner with Ms. Shannon and myself!
  • Dead line is September 26th.
  • I need a volunteer to be our Class Parent

Important Dates
Report Card Progress Report Dates
Progress Reports
Report Cards First Quarter
September 23( not K) November
2 Second Quarter December 2
January 28 Third Quarter
February 22
April 11 Fourth Quarter May 5 Last
Day of School
School Picture Dates Fall Individual Pictures
September 23 ( Nov. 4 make-day) Glass/Group
Picture April 7th Spring Pictures
April 7th Fifth Grade Group Photo
January 12
Students Job   My Job (Teacher) Parents Job      
Go to bed on time Get ready for school Help other children Play fair Think first Be respectful in class Read every day Try your best Help at school and at home Wash their hands Respect others Follow rules and directions Ask questions Listen Learn Do their homework Read to us Take care of us Keep us safe Give us homework Make learning fun Encourage the children to learn Help us do work Have patience Be prepared Listen to students Respect students Communicate to parents Help us to learn   Provide food and shelter Teach rules and good behavior Prepare children for the school and the bus Help with homework Read books to children Earn money at work Provide a loving home Encourage children Show interest in the school day Give children hugs and kisses Listen to children Help and volunteer  
  • Teacher Evaluation Process
  • Standard 6
  • We are a team- You/Me/Your Child
  • We work together and ALL do our part
  • If it appears to me that your child is not
    getting support at home, me and the social worker
    will make a visit to your home to determine what
    we can do to fix this.
  • I know I do my part and as the contract states
    everyone else will need to also!
  • Other responsibilities National Board Mentor,
    First Year Teacher Mentor, Committee Member

  • Now I am going to see how well you remember.
  • Are you ready?
  • Questions?????
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