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The Prophet Muhammad


(Peace Be Upon Him) Arabia before Muhammad Mecca important trade stop and religious center of Arabia people settle there because of the fresh water well location of ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Prophet Muhammad

The Prophet Muhammad
  • (Peace Be Upon Him)

Arabia before Muhammad
  • Arabs
  • majority of Arabias first inhabitants were
  • Biblical tradition Arabs are Semites
    (descendants of Noahs son
  • Koran tradition Arabs are descendants of
    Abrahams son Ishmael
  • Valued camels above all else
  • no strong central government
  • Mecca
  • important trade stop and religious center of
  • people settle there because of the fresh water
  • location of Kabba (shrine with 300 religious
  • Quraysh
  • powerful local tribe of Arabs
  • Encouraged Tribes to deposit idols in the Kabba
    and protect them for a fee

Muhammads call to Prophethood
  • Muhammeds Early Life
  • born into Hashim family of the powerful Quraysh
    tribe sometime between AD 570 and 580
  • angels told mother, Amina, to name child Muhammad
    (highly praised)
  • father died before birth, mother _at_ 4
  • raised by Uncle, Abu Talib
  • as a young man, he worked for a wealthy widow
  • married Khadija and had 7 children only one
    daughter Fatima survived
  • had reputation as a seeker of solitude

Spreading the word of Allah
  • Muhammads Teachings
  • Major points of Muhammads public teachings
  • There was only one God (Allah)
  • and all should submit to him
  • 2. all believers in God were equal
  • 3. the rich should share with the poor
  • 4. people should live righteously
  • 5. all people would be subjected to a Judgement
  • Miracles
  • passed through the seven levels of heaven in the
    Night Journey
  • brought forth a spring in Mecca
  • Disagreements
  • wanted to abolish idolatry yet most people of
    Mecca did not
  • critical of wealthy merchants who controlled most
    of the money and power in Mecca
  • Protection for Prophet
  • he was able to remain in Mecca because of his
    powerful and respected family

Emigration to Madinah
  • The Hijrah
  • Muhammed left after death of wife and Abu Talib
  • Traveled to oasis city of Yathrib
  • this journey marks the the beginning of Islam and
    the Muslim calendar
  • Muhammads Welcome
  • Prophet was welcomed by Jews and Arabs of Yathrib
  • both groups hoped Muhammad could prevent a civil
    was from breaking out
  • renamed Yathrib - Medina
  • believers in Islam began to call themselves
    Muslims (those who submit to the will of God)

Conflict in Medina
  • Muhammad hoped Islam could win new converts
  • some Jewish leaders did not accept Muhammad as
    Gods latest prophet
  • Jews, who opposed Muhammad were expelled from
  • at first Muhammad told Muslims to pray in the
    direction of Jerusalem but later changed it to
    the Kabba in Mecca

Return to Mecca
Muhammeds army though tremedsously outnumbered,
won the Battle of Badr
As more people accepted Islam, the Quraysh became
hostile toward Muslims
Battle of Badr
  • Outcomes of the Battle of Badr
  • more battles were fought in the years that
    followed the Battle of Badr
  • Medina taken over by angry Meccans
  • AD 630 Muhammad and supporters capture Mecca
  • idols and other pagan relics are destroyed and
    the Kabba rededicated to Allah
  • 632 Muhammad makes his last journey to Mecca -
    called the hajj
  • every detail of his actions on the event were
    noted and imitated by his disciples
  • the rites and ceremonies of the hajj became
    standard practice for all Muslims

Islam as a Way of LIfe
The Five Pillars of Faith
Shahada Salat Zakat Sawm
Almsgiving 2 1/2 of a Muslims income or
1/40 of all they possess annually
Pilgrimage to Mecca undertaken once in a
lifetime reminder of equality between all
Daily Worship Five times a day guided by a
precise set of rituals
Profession of faith There is only one God
(Allah) and Muhammad is his prophet
Fast From sunrise to sunset during the holy
time of Ramadan
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