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Title: Furniture%20Restoration%20in%20Day%20Services

Furniture Restoration in Day Services
  • Presented by Craig Meyers and Sean Mullen

The Vision
  • Provide a safe and enjoyable environment for
    individuals to explore a unique opportunity to
    learn a skillset both beneficial in life and
    potential employment through the restoration of

Getting Started
  • Form a team
  • Find a location
  • Research restoration processes
  • Research products
  • Create a budget
  • Find resources for furniture donations and/or

Forming a Team
  • Having a small group of employees to work on the
    initial implementation is important. The right
    people will be enthusiastic and will have a
    genuine interest in following through with the
    goals of the project.

Finding a Location
  • A well ventilated spacious location will be
    needed due to the various elements of the
    project. Working outdoors is ideal but weather
    will be a factor so an indoor option is also
    valuable to the projects success.

Research Restoration Process
  • Learn the process of what will be taught to the
    people we serve. Researching and comprehending
    the steps of the restoration process will be
    beneficial to understanding the obstacles that
    may arise.

Research Products
  • Proper research into environmentally friendly
    products that are safe for the work environment
    will be important. Be sure to obey OSHA
    regulations. Chemical free products are

Materials Needed to Get Started
  • Furniture
  • Sanding Block
  • Sandpaper
  • Safety Glasses
  • Protective Masks
  • Paint
  • Chemical Free Paint or Stain Remover
  • Other materials may be needed based on project

Prepare a Budget
  • Starting small is best. This does not have to be
    an expensive venture. With only a few hundred
    dollars the initial expense can be handled.
    Gauge future spending on the response from staff
    and individuals after the first trial run.

Find Resources for Furniture Donations and
  • Furniture cannot be restored if no furniture is
    available. Flyers, ads in agency newsletters,
    and word of mouth are the best ways for finding
    people who will volunteer their furniture that is
    collecting dust in their attic or garage. If a
    specific piece is desired, find a thrift store,
    garage sale, or second hand shop that may have
    pieces for prices within proposed budget.

Opportunities for Individuals
  • Community Inclusion
  • Relationship Building
  • Self-Confidence Building
  • Professional Skills
  • Time Management
  • Goal Setting and Accomplishment
  • Work Ethic

Community Inclusion
  • The community can successfully be included in
    multiple ways including, but not limited to,
    furniture donations, hiring agencys program to
    refinish pieces of furniture for them, and
    purchasing refinished pieces.

Furniture Donations
  • A piece donated from a community member explores
    a bond being built between our individuals and
    the community. This type of relationship should
    be followed up with thank you cards that can be
    created by the individuals we serve and also
    pictures of the finished product.

Hiring the Agency
  • In this scenario your program must establish a
    fair pricing guide considering the cost of needed
    materials to finish the work. The Agency is not
    a licensed furniture restoration company and the
    customer should know that their business is
    helping the Agency continue to fund the program.
    They will strictly be paying for supplies as
    there is no profit being made. This is a unique
    way to show individuals a business transaction.

Purchasing Finished Pieces
  • Ideas for selling the finished pieces are a
    fundraising auction, Craigslist ads, inner office
    promotion, and an agency yard sale. Again,
    when money is exchanged, a firm understanding
    must made to the customer that their money is
    being used to help fund further opportunities in
    furniture restoration and not for agency profit.
    This is another example of how the individuals we
    serve can be exposed to money management and gain
    a positive identity within the community.

Relationship Building
  • One of the most important elements of this type
    of venture is the relationships that will form
    due to the need for team work. Individuals will
    have a great opportunity to work along side one
    another to accomplish common goals.

Self-Confidence Building
  • Self-Confidence is defined as confidence in
    oneself or ones own abilities. This is an
    important attribute for all people to have to be
    able to reach their full potential in life.
    Helping our individuals set realistic goals they
    can achieve and be praised for will help develop
    this trait within them. This is the stepping
    stone to further professional skills.

Professional Skills
  • Time Management
  • Goal Setting and Accomplishment
  • Work Ethic

Time Management
  • By setting realistic timeframes for completing
    specific tasks the individuals will start to gain
    an understanding of time management and its
    importance. Writing out daily goals and using
    calendars will work to the advantage of staff and
    individuals to review what is to be accomplished
    and by when.
  • Remember to eat that frog

Goal Setting and Accomplishment
  • Time management and goal setting and
    accomplishment go hand in hand but each element
    is an equally important aspect to the personal
    growth we hope to see in our individuals due to
    this project. Setting goals and having success
    will help produce self confidence and running
    into hurdles when trying to reach these goals
    will allow us to teach problem solving skills
    that are both necessary traits for anyone in a
    work environment.

Work Ethic
  • The individuals we serve should all have an
    opportunity to learn to work. Just like
    unemployment can have a defeating effect on the
    human psyche , a stagnant atmosphere in day
    services can give our individuals a poor
    perspective of themselves. Introducing them to a
    need for a work ethic and a work like setting
    will have a positive impact on their feeling of

Building Interest Among Individuals
  • All individuals will not have an interest in a
    program like this. Find the ones that do and let
    them dive in to the initial projects. The energy
    and excitement that these individuals will put
    out will draw others to the opportunities being

  • More important than anything else this effort
    should be enjoyable! Staff and individuals must
    be approaching the projects with a positive
    energy and a sincere excitement. With this
    attitude success is inevitable!

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