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Title: INTD 59

INTD 59 mechanical applications
  • ventilation
  • the effort to decrease energy consumption
    correlates with the need to manage indoor air
    quality (IAQ)
  • careful selection of finish materials
  • proper use of mechanical ventilation
  • during a bath/shower humidity level in bathroom
    can be as high as a rain forest
  • uncomfortable, hot, damaging
  • breeding ground for mold, mildew microorganisms

  • ventilation
  • the correct air movement capacity is an important
    consideration in any bath
  • typically measured in cubic feet per minute (cfm)
  • ventilation rates based upon eight air changes
    per hour are generally suggested
  • rule of thumb 1 cfm per sf of bathroom area
  • bathrooms
  • 50 cfm (intermittent use)
  • 20 cfm (continuous use)
  • CODE minimum ventilation for the bathroom is to
    be a window of at least 3 sf of which 50 is
    operable, or a mechanical ventilation system of
    at least 50 cubic feet per minute ducted to the

  • ventilation
  • other considerations for ventilation
  • an enclosed toilet should have own exhaust fan
  • fans approved for installation in wet areas
    should be located over (near) the shower or tub
    whenever possible
  • bathroom doors should have at least ¾-inch
    clearance to the floor to allow for proper entry
    of makeup air
  • bathrooms with ceilings higher than 8 feet may
    require additional ventilation

heating location of heat/AC registers, as well
as air returns, in a kitchen or bath design
plan radiant heated floorsfinish floor
material? transition of heated floor to adjacent
floor? radiant heat lampsprovides warmth to body
while drying off convection ceiling heatersair
is moving so it can cause slight cooling effect
on wet body radiant wall heatersnot best
solution to heating space baseboard
heatersprovide general heating of space toe-kick
heatersoften used when heat/AC register is in
ceiling CODE all bathrooms should have an
appropriate heat source to maintain a minimum
room temp of 68 F
  • water heating
  • accounts for approximately 15 of homes energy
  • high efficiency use 10-15 less than
    standardactual savings depend on family size,
    heater location, size location of water pipes
  • storage (tank)20-80 gallons, standby losses
  • demand (tankless)circulates water through large
    coil/limited amount of fixtures that can run
  • heat-pump transfer energy from surrounding air
    to water in storage tank/more efficient most
    effective in warm climates with long cooling
  • solar high initial cost/reduces operating costs
    up to 90/requires conventional water heater as

  • sound
  • noise level is a consideration when selecting
    bathroom ventilation and fixtures
  • sound emissions are measured in sones decibels
  • sone a unit of loudness perceived sound
  • decibel (dB)measurement of the power or
    intensity of sound
  • sounds move within the home either directly or
  • shiny, smooth, hard surfaces reflect sound waves
  • matte, uneven, porous, softer surfaces absorb them

  • sound
  • fan sound levels measured in sones1.0 sones or
  • (4.0 tv 3.0 office noise 1.0 fridge 0.5
    rustling leaves)
  • since bathrooms typically have majority of hard
    surfaces, minimizing transmission of sound must
    always be planned
  • wall, ceiling floor insulation
  • noise stops or sound boards on common walls
  • sound-absorbing underlayment in floors
  • insulate water drain pipes
  • enclose toilet in separate room
  • plan ventilation system to operate at 1.0 sones
    or less
  • insulate ducts with wrap

  • sound
  • properly sized ducts
  • properly sized valves ducts
  • a variety of finish materials, with a balance of
    soft hard
  • ample space for towels
  • radiant heated floor
  • foaming or sound wrap around outlets switch
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