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Post-Secondary Planning for Seniors


Post-Secondary Planning for Seniors Joyce Ellis: A-Gn/AVID Susan Daveiro: Go-O (scholarships/SATS) Kelsey Seibert: P-Z (AP Testing & NCAA Eligibility) ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Post-Secondary Planning for Seniors

Post-Secondary Planning for Seniors
  • Joyce Ellis A-Gn/AVID
  • Susan Daveiro Go-O (scholarships/SATS)
  • Kelsey Seibert P-Z
  • (AP Testing NCAA Eligibility)

2011 Graduates Post-Secondary Plans Total of 250
Students Self-Reporting as of 9.22.11
Individual Counselor Meeting
  • Starting in October, school counselors will be
    making appointments to meet with seniors on an
    individual basis to
  • Review transcript/graduation requirements,
  • Collect information on post-secondary plans,
  • Confirm spelling of name that will appear on your
    high school diploma,
  • Answer any questions you may have
  • Provide an unofficial transcript
  • Counselors will be sending hall passes to invite
    students to this individual meeting.

Demographics for School and Student. Make sure
you address and name are correct.
Course Title and Grades. Review for accuracy.
Report any concerns to your school counselor.
GPA and Class Rank

Immunizations College Requirement
Attendance Grades 9-12 Review for accuracy.
Report any concerns to your school counselor.
Information for College Bound Students
  • 2 4-year schools

North Carolina Colleges and Universities
  • 16 Public Universities
  • 58 Public Community Colleges
  • 36 Private/Independent Colleges
  • 05 Bible Colleges
  • 01 Private Junior College

College Campus Visits
  • Seniors are allowed 2 excused absences to visit
    a college campus.
  • These 2 absences are indicated on the transcript
    as part of the total number of excused absences.
  • They do NOT count against exam exemption.
  • Bring back proof of the campus visit (i.e.
    college brochure, tour guide information) and a
    note from a parent stating the days to be
  • Give documentation to Mrs. Porr

Early Action vs. Early Decision
  • Early Action -- an emerging trend in admissions
    that allows students to apply for admission to
    the college of their choice early and
  • receive a decision within a few months, well in
    advance of the normal response dates in the
    spring. Unlike Early Decision, you are
  • not committed to enroll at that particular
    institution, and you can compare offers from
    other schools before making a final decision on
    what college to attend. Note Applications are
    due much earlier for early decision requests and
    require more planning.
  • Early Decision -- a binding agreement between the
    applicant and the college that basically states
    that, if accepted, the student
  • agrees to attend the college. While you are still
    permitted to submit applications to other
    colleges before the decision, once you've
  • been accepted through early decision, you are
    asked to withdraw all your other college
    applications. Early decision is a great idea for
    students certain of their college choice.
  • Note Applications are due much earlier for early
    decision requests and require more planning.

Typical Deadlines
  • Early applications are typically in November. You
    will often hear a response by December.
  • Regular deadlines are typically in January, you
    will often hear a response by April.
  • Always double check deadlines with the college!

How to Apply?
  • Apply through CFNC to NC colleges
  • https//
  • Apply using the Common Application
  • https//
  • -Individual colleges may require supplemental
  • Apply on the the colleges website
  • Apply using a paper application (not available
    for all colleges)

College Foundation of North
UNC School
SAT 2011-2012 Test Dates Test
Registration Deadline October 1, 2011 SAT
Subject Tests September 9, 2011 November 5,
2011 SAT Subject Tests October 7,
2011 December 3, 2011 SAT Subject
Tests November 8, 2011 January 28, 2012 SAT
Subject Tests December 30, 2011 March 10,
2012 SAT only February 10, 2012 May 5,
2012 SAT Subject Tests April 6, 2012 June 2,
2012 SAT Subject Tests May 8, 2012 Register
at 49 each time you take
the test. The December SAT is the latest
reasonable date a Senior should consider. The
SAT should be completed before January for
college admission decisions. See the counselor
for help in signing up for the SAT
ACT 2010-2011
Test Dates Registration Deadline
September 10, 2011 August 12,
2011 October 22, 2011 September 16,
2011 December 10, 2011 November 4,
2011 February 11, 2012 January 13,
2012 April 14, 2012 March 9,
2012 June 9, 2012 May 4, 2012 Register at
www.actstudent.org34 (No Writing) 49.50 (Plus
Writing) each time you take the test. The
December ACT is the latest reasonable date a
Senior should consider. The ACT should be
completed before January for college admission
decisions. See the counselor if help is
needed in signing up for the ACT
New UNC Minimum Admission Requirements
Entering Term Minimum Weighted GPA Minimum SATCR and M Minimum ACT Exceptions Per Campus
Fall 2009 2.0 700 15 1
Fall 2010 2.0 700 15 1
Fall 2011 2.3 750 16 1
Fall 2012 2.3 750 16 1
Fall 2013 (and beyond) 2.5 800 17 1
  • Apply for Scholarships
  • State, Local, Institutional
  • FAFSA Government Financial Aid
  • File after January 1st
  • Local Scholarships
  • Listen for announcements, check our guidance web
    page, and see Mrs. Daveiro

CCHS Scholarship Board
  • - Visit the Student Services webpage to view
    the Scholarship Board
  • - Also located outside the guidance office
  • Updated by Mrs. Daveiro every Friday
  • http//

National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)
  • Students who plan to be a student-athlete at a
    Division I or II school need to register at the
    NCAA Clearinghouse website.
  • See your counselor for more information.

  • September 22 23, 2011 Post-Secondary Planning
    presentation 1ST, 2ND, 4TH, 5TH periods
  • October 1, 2011 SAT at CCHS
  • October 17, 2011 CCHS College Day
  • October 18, 2011 Senior Parent Night
  • November Early Action/Early Decision Deadline
  • November 9th, 2011 ASVAB. Sign up after
    October 1st
  • November 5, 2011 SAT at CCHS
  • November 16, 2011 CFNC College Application Day
    at CCHS
  • December FAFSA Information Available
  • December 3, 2011 SAT not at CCHS
  • January 31, 2012 Financial Aid Presentation
    during 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th period
  • February 2, 2012 CCHS Financial Aid Night
  • February 2012 FAFSA Days at ECSU and Local
    Credit Union.

Information for Military Bound Students
Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, National
  • November 3rd. Sign-ups in Guidance beginning
    early October
  • Recruiters will be on campus beginning in
  • Specific questions or more information, come to
    guidance or talk to Colonel Grimes and Sgt Graham

Work Force Information and Preparation Tips
What Should I Be Doing Now?
  • Decide what trade or career interests you
  • Personality tests
  • Job shadowing
  • Career expolaration sites
  • Informational interviews
  • Thinking about hobbies or pastimes that you enjoy
  • Research trends in this field (salary,
    availability, etc.)
  • Build a Resume
  • Work on a realistic budget and plan for following
    through with these goals

See your counselor for resources on sample
resumes, job searches, and networking tools
Come By Guidance!
  • Joyce Ellis
  • A-Gn, AVID, psats,Governors school, etc
  • Kelsey Seibert
  • P-Z, AP Testing, NCAA Eligibility, etc
  • Susan Daveiro
  • Go-O, scholarships, SATs, NCSSM, etc
  • sdaveiro_at_
  • Angel Partlow
  • Transcripts, records, ETC!!! apartlow
  • A new CDC will be hired
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