AGA Update and Issues and Challenges in Government Accountability John E. Homan AGA National President-Elect AGA Southern Arizona Chapter April 15, 2015 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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AGA Update and Issues and Challenges in Government Accountability John E. Homan AGA National President-Elect AGA Southern Arizona Chapter April 15, 2015


AGA Update and Issues and Challenges in Government Accountability John E. Homan AGA National President-Elect AGA Southern Arizona Chapter April 15, 2015 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: AGA Update and Issues and Challenges in Government Accountability John E. Homan AGA National President-Elect AGA Southern Arizona Chapter April 15, 2015

AGA Update and Issues and Challenges in
Government Accountability John E. HomanAGA
National President-ElectAGA Southern Arizona
ChapterApril 15, 2015
  • AGA Current Activities
  • CFO-CIO Summit May 1 in Washington
  • Government Performance Summit, May 4-5, 2015
  • CEAR Dinner, May 20 in Washington
  • Professional Development Training in Nashville
    July 12-15, 2015
  • Theme for 2015-16 Celebrating the Government
  • Key issues in Government Accountability
  • Need to bring Government and the private sector
  • AGA Corporate Partner Group
  • Need to Address Gaps in Accounting Education
  • Need to Address Human Capital Issues
  • How AGA can help your career

AGA Current Activities
AGA Current Activities
  • Recent Events
  • New Chapters in Mexico City expanding AGAs
    international focus
  • And in South Florida
  • Associations Summit in New York December 2
  • AGA Systems Summit held on January 8
  • 400 live guests 400 virtually
  • AGA National Leadership Conference completed
    February 11-12
  • 685 total guests
  • Michael McConnell former Director of ODNI
  • Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia
  • AGA Journal of Financial Management Latest issue
    on Accountability, Transparency and Citizen
    Engagement sent out March 1

AGA Current Activities-CTD
  • Certificate of Excellence in Accountability
    Reporting (CEAR) program underway
  • 19 submissions, 10 from CFO Act Agencies
  • Annual Awards Dinner is May 20
  • CFO-CIO Summit May 1 at Marriott in DC
  • Mark Reger, Deputy Controller OMB
  • Tony Scott, CIO of OMB
  • Brad Hutcher, CFO HUD
  • Rafael Diaz, CIO HUD

AGA Current Activities-CTD
  • AGA Performance Summit, Washington May 4-5, 2015
  • General (Ret.) Ronald R. Fogleman, 15th Chief of
    Staff, U.S. Air Force
  • Tim Bowling, Chief Quality Officer, U.S.
    Government Accountability Office
  • AGA PDT, Gaylord Opryland, Nashville July 12-15,
  • PDT theme is Innovate, Transform, Achieve
  • Over 75 breakout sessions in all areas-Federal,
    State/Local, Speakers include
  • Gene L Dodaro, Comptroller General of United
  • David Mader, Controller of the Office of Federal
    Financial Management, OMB

Theme for 2015-2016 Celebrating the Government
  • And the dedication, Skill and Integrity at both
    the federal and State/Local Levels

The Current Environment
  • My perspective on Government is a very positive
    one which contrasts with a lot of what we all
    hear about Government and government workers
  • Many in the media malign and denigrate the work
    of those in government
  • Often times we hear of the lack of competence,
    the supposed lack of efficiency and innovation in
    solving problems
  • Often hear the phrase need to make government
    operate more like a business implying that what
    goes on in government is second rate and inferior
    to the private sector
  • This has led to the imposition of austerity
    policies which are often not thought out and
    which adversely impact worker morale and reduce
    the normal optimism of our members
  • Unfair comparisons are often made of the
    compensation of government workers who are among
    the most highly skilled and specialized
    individuals working in the most complex

A Key Focus for the Coming Year
  • Identify ways to change the publics perception
    of the Government worker
  • Seek opportunities to share positive aspects of
    beneficial programs, for example
  • Use of analytics to identify and prevent fraud
    and improper payments
  • Movement to shared services to reduce cost
    through standardization
  • Hear from you, about your stories and successes
    so they can be shared
  • Provide opportunities to highlight positive
    examples, through The Journal, TOPICs, member
    feature stories
  • Support the work of our Corporate Partners Group
    as a bridge between Governments and the AGA and
    the public

Key Issues in Government Accountability
  • Need to Bring government and the Private sector
  • AGA Corporate Partner Advisory Group Surveys and
    Thought Leadership

AGA Corporate Partner Advisory Group Committees
  • CPAG is the corporate arm of AGA and is an
    important bridge between the private sector and
  • 80 firms (large and small) from across the full
    spectrum of companies which serve the government
  • It unites the major private sector companies who
    serve the federal and state/local governments
    with those governments
  • Its membership is a Whos Who of the major
    private sector firms in the Government market-The
    major Accounting firms, Consultancies, IT Firms
    are all members

CPAG Corporate Partners Professional Level
  • Accenture
  • Audimation
  • Bank of America
  • Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Boston Consulting Group
  • CACI
  • CGI Federal
  • Citi
  • CliftonLarsonAllen LLP
  • CohnReznick
  • Deloitte.
  • EY
  • Federal Management Systems Inc
  • FI Consulting
  • Fiserv
  • Graduate School
  • Grant Thornton LLP
  • IBM
  • Infor
  • LMI
  • Management Concepts
  • MasterCard
  • Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C.
  • McGladrey
  • Miracle Systems LLC
  • MorganFranklin Consulting
  • Navigant
  • Oracle
  • PNC Bank N.A.
  • PwC
  • Robbins Gioia
  • SAP
  • Savantage
  • SUSE
  • T. Curtis Company
  • VISA
  • Watkins Government Services
  • Wells Fargo

CPAG Sponsored Annual Surveys
  • Inspector General Community
    Kearney Company, Released September 2014
  • Chief Financial Officer Community
    Sponsor Grant
    Thornton LLP, Released October 2014
  • Chief Information Officer Community

    Sponsor Accenture, Released January 2015

CPAG Thought Leadership
  • Research Projects
  • Internal Controls in Federal Grants and Programs
    Sponsor Crowe Horwath
    December 2014 Release
  • Impact of Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA)
    Service Issues
  • Sponsors Cotton Co and KPMG
  • Federal Financial Reporting Model


Key Issues in Government Accountability
  • Need to Address critical gaps in accounting

Critical Gaps in Accounting Education
  • Form And Content of Uniform CPA Examination
    Recently attended AICPA focus group on form and
    content of CPA examination which alerted me to
    the issues
  • The current form and content of CPA examination
    has very limited requirements related to
    government accounting. There is no requirement
    that Examinees have any knowledge whatsoever of
    the governance structure of federal accounting. A
    prospective CPA does not have to have any
    knowledge of the operation of the Federal
    Accounting Standards Advisory Board and the
    standard set of federal statements are not listed
    as ones that a CPA should be knowledgeable
  • Education Requirements for CPA Candidates Only
    five states require that CPA candidates have
    completed any formal course work in government
    accounting and only seven require a mix of
    courses of which government classes may be a

Critical Gaps in Accounting Education (contd.)
  • Availability of Government Accounting Course is
    Limited The availability of government
    accounting courses at our colleges and
    Universities is very limited. The best
    information on the paucity of the government
    offerings is a survey of the Accounting
    Departments of all the Association of Collegiate
    Schools of Business which found that of 487
    responding schools only 313 or 64 had any
    course in government accounting and of these
    schools, the vast majority only had between one
    and three class offerings in government
  • Faculty is not Being Developed in the Government
    Area The latest data on the number of PhDs in
    Government accounting has shown a precipitous
    decline in the number of new PhDs qualified to
    teach Government accounting. In the period of
    2001 to 2005 there were fewer than 10 government
    accounting dissertation completions each year and
    only 2 in 2005.
  • Discussions I had with current practitioners
    indicate that the decline has likely gotten worse
    since then

Critical Gaps in Accounting Education-Impact
  • CPAs in America are entering the profession with
    little or no knowledge of government accounting
  • In Federal Accounting , CPAs have a knowledge
    level the same as a layman.
  • At a general level - For the larger group of
    students who dont necessarily want to pursue
    public accounting careers, or who only want to
    take a course or two to understand government
    accounting issues, the offerings at our colleges
    are not available or are sparse. It is fair so
    say that government accounting is largely un-
    taught at our higher educational institutions.
  • It is probable that today the average CPA
    practitioner will have never taken a government
    accounting class and will have only a rudimentary
    knowledge of the government and fund accounting
    used by our state and local governments.

Critical gaps in Accounting Education-Impact
  • The Public needs to know and understand
    Government Finances The United States has over
    90,000 state and local governments and over 24
    million individuals are employed in federal,
    state and local governments in the United States
    The United States Department of Education has a
    near trillion dollar balance sheet. Many federal
    agencies are bigger than the largest Fortune 500
  • Government is Important and the problems of
    fiscal sustainability for the key programs the
    entire nation relies upon such as social
    security, and Medicare affect every citizen and
    cannot be addressed properly when there is not an
    educated professional workforce .

Critical Gaps in Accounting Education-What Can be
  • Government accounting education must be augmented
    and improved.
  • The CGFM certification must be expanded and
    actively promoted by our universities and by
    governments themselves to close the gap in our
    accounting professionals education, and to
    address the gaps in the CPA examinations
    content and education requirements.
  • All of us in the profession need to lobby the
    university community to add government accounting
    programs to the accounting curriculum and to
    expand the menu of classes and programs.

Critical Gaps in Accounting Education-What Can be
  • The late British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli
    once said Upon the education of the people of
    this country, the fate of this country depends.
  • I would like to paraphrase him and state my view
    of the Untied States fiscal reality of today
    When the largely unfunded liabilities of the
    federal government exceed over 20 trillion
    dollars and are rising each year, upon the
    education of the accountants of the country, the
    fate of the country depends. We, at AGA need to
    make it our mission to expand government
    accounting education.

Key Issues in Government Accountability
  • NEED to Address Human Capital Issues

Human Capital Issues
  • Attended Association Summit in December (AICPA,
    IIA, AAA, AGA, FEI and IMA) and there are many
    current human capital issues
  • The Public Accounting profession is experiencing
    turnover to other areas outside of
    accounting/financial management particularly at
    the two to five area experience level.
    Competition at entry level has increased
  • Womens participation in accounting majors has
    declined inexplicably the last two years
  • Foreign enrollment in U.S Universities and
    Accounting programs is declining
  • Accounting needs to be classified as a STEM
    (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
    ) discipline to help keep international students
    graduating in the United States when they pursue
    their careers. This is a major AICPA initiative.
  • At federal level less than 7 of workforces is
    under age 30. Government can often recruit
    personnel in other areas more easily than in
    finance. Who will replace the current pool ?

How AGA Can Help Your Career
  • You dont succeed in anything without passion to
    achieve-industriousness and enthusiasm are the
    cornerstones of success.
  • Little things make big things happen so try to
    make each day your masterpiece
  • You dont advance in career without improving
    your knowledge and skills
  • AGA is where you can obtain that knowledge and
    those skills. AGA is where the leaders in
    government accountability go to think, and
    exchange ideas
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