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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Cairo University Center of Excellence for Energy, Environmental Impact

Cairo UniversityCenter of Excellence
forEnergy, Environmental Impact Total Quality
Management July 1-4, 2006Presented by
Prof. Dr. Saied Gouda, P.E.Prof. Dr. Khalil
Taraman, P.E.

Table of Contents
  • Research in Egypt existing Center of Excellence
  • State of Science in the Arab World in Egypt
  • Global COE
  • Traditional Center of Excellence
  • a. Education
  • b. Energy
  • c. Government
  • d. Health
  • e. Industry (Automotive, Food,..)
  • Virtual Center of Excellence
  • List of Links to Energy Environment information
  • Alternative Energy
  • Common Components in a Typical COE
  • COE Cairo University
  • Website COE Contents design
  • Funding Sources, Cost and Financing of the COE

Arab Science Historical Perspective
  • History of Science is found in four Eras
  • Greeks contribution to science 450BC-200BC ..
    250 years
  • Chinese contribution to science AD 600-700 ..
    100 years
  • Arab golden era of science AD 750- 1100 .. 350
  • Europe the West contribution to science AD
    1350 onwards
  • Arab led the way in mathematics, astronomy,
    physics, chemistry and medicine.
  • The foundations of modern science was led by
  • Jaber-bin-Hayan, chemistry
  • Al-Khawarzmi, mathematics
  • Al-Razi, Chemistry and Medicine
  • Ibn-Sina, Medicine
  • Ibn-Alhaisam, Optics
  • Al-Bairuni, physics and Medicine
  • Ibn-Rushd, Musa Bin Memoun, Tusi and Ibn-Nafis,
    scientific literatures
  • Arab scholars introduced the most significant
    single innovation to the world, their system of
    writing numbers

(Unesco Science Report, 2005)
The Research Environment in Egypt
The State of Science in the Arab WorldGross
Domestic Product and Gross Expenditure on RD
ence_report2005.pdf, p4
The State of Science in Egypt
World Share of Scientific Publications
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  • Of the 20,000 research scientists and engineers
    in the Arab region, More than half (56) are
    found in Egypt.
  • Some 66 of Arab researchers work in the public
    sector (government), 31 in the university sector
    and Only 3 in the private sector.
  • Nearly 44 of all Arab researchers work in water
    and agriculture (Unesco, 1998)

Egypt leads the Arab countries within the United
Nations Economic Social Commission for
Western Asia (ESCWA) in terms of the No. of RD
units. Governments fund about 75 of these RD
units. Universities trail behind with only about
19, the Private sector funding the remainder
ence_report2005.pdf, p169
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Existing Center of Excellence in Egypt
1- Center of Excellence for Egyptian Art and
Archaeology Institute of Egyptian Art
Archeology at the University of Memphis. The
center has an Egyptian library with 6,000 rare
out of print volumes about Egypt over 700
Egyptian antiquities. It conducted projects at
the Great Hypostyle Hall Karnak. The center
hosted 1987 Ramses exhibition and was attended by
750,000 visitors bringing revenue of more than
80,000. ( 2-
Center of Excellence in Education Building
understanding between young scholars from the USA
and the Arab Islamic world The research
Science Institute focuses on Decoying scientific
excellence and mutual respect. Student from
Egypt, Lebanon. Morocco, Pakistan, Singapore and
Turkey are among the 79 student (representing 33
states in the USA 13 countries)
3- Arab Center of Excellence in
Communications The center plays a unique role in
the development of attractive telecommunication
markets and rendering telecom services for the
development of society in the Arab region. The
center is an International Telecommunication
Union (ITU) project which is run by a steering
committee representing five countries and hosted
by Syria Telecommunication Administration. They
are Telecom Policies - led by Egypt New
Technologies Services - Egypt Corporate
Management - Bahrain Internet Information
Technology - Tunisia Rural Telecom -
Sudan Telecom Regulation - Jordon (http//ituarab
4- Photoenergy science Technology Center of
Excellence Ain Shams University, Cairo 1999 The
Photoenergy Center serves as a national as well
as international Center of excellence to promote,
develop and stimulate high-level research for the
development of science - based technologies. In
particular, the objective of the PHOTOENERGY
Center is to support training, research and
development programs aimed towards an
understanding of the aspects of the realistic
applied photochemical research activities and
utilization in main areas of importance to
sustainable development that includes
environmental sciences, photo catalysis, photo
degradable polymers and new materials. Funding
of the project of the PHOTOENERGY Center has
received financial support from the Egyptian
Government amounting to LE 2 millions plus one
million donations. Total requirements of the
activities of the Center in its first phase
(estimated at 3 millions US for three years).
The German Government offered technical/financial
assistance to the Center for 1996/1997. Ain
Shams University managed to offer (through the
Ministry of Planning from foreign donations)
about LE 1.5 millions and also offered the land
for the building (about 400 square meter) that
was ready for use. (http//
5- Network of International Science Technology
Centers of Excellence - National Research Center
of Egypt To support the establishment of a
Network of International Science and Technology
Centers for Sustainable Development in the South
is one of the main objectives of COMSATS. So far,
14 Centers of Excellence (highly reputed /
world-renowned centers of science and
technologies in South) have been selected as
nodes and are being used to provide the leading
role in their respective areas of specialization.
The introduction of a system of international
centers in the South would enable the third world
to acquire latest scientific knowledge. These
centers also cooperate with their counterparts in
the North with the major focus on international
cooperation, in the larger interest of
mankind. (http//
October 2005
  • Center of Excellence in Electronic Design
  • The Mobile e-Services Center of Excellence
  • The Wireless Communication Center of Excellence
  • The Center of Excellence for Data Mining
    Computer Modeling

Areas of Research in Four COE Communications
Information Technology
COE DefinitionBy Egypt Ministry of Communication
Information Technology
Center of Excellence is virtual or physical
center of sustained distinction in research in
key areas of national global areas of knowledge
that simultaneously generate highly qualified
human resource capacity. A COE concentrates
builds on existing capacity resources to enable
researchers to collaborate across disciplines on
long-term projects that are locally relevant and
internationally competitive.
Global Center of Excellence
Traditional Center of Excellence a. Education
b. Energy c. Government d. Health e.
Industry (Automotive, Food, IT, ...) Virtual
Center of Excellence
II. Global COEEducation
1- UNCW Center for Teaching Excellence
University of North Carolina teaching
centers, Appalachian state- Faculty academic
development. East Carolina- center faculty
development- UNC-Asheville center for teaching
learning.UNC chapel Hill (
/uncteachingcntrs.htm) 2-The Center for
Excellence in Writing (CEW)
Penn State University. The
mission is to advocate writing as a way of
thinking learning so that faculty use writing
to improve the way they teach student use
writing to improve the way they learn.
Collaborative learning among peers is the
preferred vehicle for achieving this mission. The
understanding writing center/graduate writing
center/writing across the curriculum program
( 3- Center of Excellence
in Polymer Science and Engineering Illinois
institute of Technology. Education center
establish in 1990 through a grant from Amoco
foundation. Education program concentrations for
BS, MS PhD. Devoted to the advancement of
Polman science energy. (
  • 4- The Virginia Center of Excellence in Data
    Mining (VCEDM)
  • To establish a CIT Technology Innovation Center,
    Data exploitation information technology
    structure administration of the center
  • Development of data mining strategies distinguish
    four concepts
  • Campus Unit at the VCEDM Center for
    computational statistics
  • Department of applied engineering statistics
  • Center for distributed parallel computation
  • Center for secure information anathema
  • Department of system Engineering
  • Center for information systems integration
  • Machine intelligence lab
  • Center for earth observing space research
  • Institute for computational science
  • Corporate/ Government Advisory Panel at the
  • Senior management from industry and government at
    the VP level or higher or federal senior
    executive service member. The Panel will be drawn
    from these organizations supporting the proposal
    then will be expanded and restructured as
    appropriate. (

Center of Excellence in Polymer Science and
Engineering Illinois Institute of Technology
(No Transcript)
II. Global COEEnvironmentand Energy
1- Center of Excellence For Sustainable
Development Database Sustainable
development data base that contains info on
local, national and international organizations
government agencies currently active in the
development of sustainable technologies
methods. Green building, green development, land
use planning, measuring progress, disaster
planning, municipal energy, transportation
business, financing, rural issues, resource
efficiency, air-water- materials

2- Energy Environmental Research Center -
Centers of Excellence. University of North
Dakota. Provide expertise in scientifically
advanced energy systems and the prevention and
cleanup of air, water, and soil pollution.
3- AASHTO Center for Environmental Excellence-
councilor environmental Quality The AASHTO
(American Association of State Highway and
Transportation Officials) Center for
Environmental Excellence has been developed in
cooperation with the Federal Highway
Administration to promote environmental
stewardship and to encourage innovative ways to
streamline the transportation delivery process.
The Center is designed to serve as a resource for
transportation professionals seeking technical
assistance, training, information exchange,
partnership-building opportunities, and quick and
easy access to environmental tools.
encies/ceq/ ceq_documents.htm) 4- Fuel Cell,
Hydrogen Hybrid Vehicle Center of Excellence,
University of California, Davis The objectives of
the FCH2V Center of Excellence include the
following 1) To integrate the Fuel Cell and
Hybrid Vehicle GATE Centers into a single
research and education center 2) To develop a
curriculum in Fuel Cell Hydrogen Hybrid vehicles
for GATE Fellows 3) To provide financial support
to graduate students 4) To collaborate with
industry and place students in internships and
careers 5) To communicate research results
through publications and annual
workshops (
Center of Excellence For Sustainable Development
Sustainable Development a new Strategy for
Healthy Communities. Prepared by the National
Center for Appropriate Technology for the US DOE
Environmental recycling
Transit Authority with Electric Shuttles
Air Quality
Energy Office reduce energy by 1M/yr
Center of Excellence For Sustainable Development
Today, in places like Chattanooga, Tennessee
a true example of COE for Sustainable Development
Recovery of recycle waste as a product
Carbon Dioxide from Motor Vehicles in Portland
was 6.8 M metric tons/yr
Waste is considered as a product
5- Syracuse Center of Excellence in Environmental
and Energy Systems The Syracuse CoE was
established by Gov. Pataki in June 2002 to create
jobs and foster investment in the State as part
of the Empire State High-Tech Corridor, and to
spur economic growth in the Central New York
region. The CoE, a federation led by Syracuse
University, includes collaborative research,
development, education and economic development
programs that involve 12 academic and research
institutions and more than 60 corporate firms and
organizations. The State has committed
approximately 44 million to the Syracuse CoE for
investments in facilities and equipment. From
that total, 25.5 million will be spent at the
headquarters campus project. This includes 2.6
million from the New York Office of Science,
Technology and Academic Research (NYSTAR) for the
construction of a Total Indoor Environmental
Quality (TIEQ) laboratory on the site. The
remaining 18.4 million is being spent on campus
for new labs and equipment for academic partners.
The mission of the Syracuse CoE is to create
innovations to improve built and urban
environments. Areas of activity include air
quality, water quality, green buildings,
renewable energy and biofuels. Projects focus on
new technologies that improve health,
performance, security and sustainability.Within
the Syracuse CoE, corporate and commercialization
programs are led by the New York Indoor
Environmental Quality (NYIEQ) Center, an
independent, nonprofit corporation that was
established in 2000 by the Metropolitan
Development Association of Syracuse and Central
New York. Academic research activities are
coordinated primarily through the Environmental
Quality Systems (http//
6-Northeast Sun Grant Center of Excellence
Biofuels and Renewable Energy Systems
Professor Walker is the Director of the Northeast
Sun Grant Center of Excellence. The Sun Grant
Initiative was created from the Sun Grant
Initiative Act of 2003 to address issues of
national energy security and economic growth in
rural areas through diversified,
environmentally-friendly (sustainable)
agricultural production. The Sun Grant Initiative
seeks to enhance the nations bioenergy, biofuels
and bioproducts research competitiveness in the
world market. Cornell University is one of the
five regional Sun Grant Centers of Excellence
located in the Northeast and Cornell University .
The Sun Grant Initiative provides our system of
land grant institutions a unique opportunity to
help the nation move toward the goals of energy
security, sustainable economic development and
growth for rural communities, and sustainable
stewardship of our natural resources. Sun Grant
objectives are to reduce American dependence on
foreign sources of oil by tapping enormous source
of carbon produced on American farms (biomass)
for further use into energy and industrial
chemicals. (http//
7- Hydrogen Storage Centers of Excellence
The "National Hydrogen Storage Project" In July
2003, the DOE issued a Grand Challenge to the
global scientific community for research and
development in hydrogen storage with open
competition to universities, industry and
national laboratories. This "Grand Challenge"
called for the establishment of hydrogen storage
Centers of Excellence on Metal Hydrides, Chemical
Hydrogen Storage, and Carbon-Based Materials,
with multiple university, industry, and federal
laboratory partners. In addition, independent
projects were solicited on new materials and
concepts, off-board hydrogen storage systems, and
analyses of life cycle cost, performance and
environmental impact.
8- Center of Excellence for Photovoltaics
Research and Education
Researchers pose on the roof of the Georgia Tech
Student Athletic Center, which is covered with
photovoltaic cells as part of a long-term
research project.  The cells provide a
significant part of the building's electricity.

Georgia Tech is well positioned to pursue clean
technology and renewable energy.  Among its many
interdisciplinary research centers are the
University Center of Excellence for Photovoltaics
Research and Education, the Center for Innovative
Fuel Cell and Battery Technology, the Strategic
Energy Initiative, the Institute for Sustainable
Technology and Development, and the Center for
Organic Photonics and Electronics.
II. Global COEGovernment
1- National Defense Center of Excellence for
Research in Ocean Science (
2-Center of Excellence in Remote Sensing
Education Research Develop an innovative
relevant research collaboration focused on
coastal ocean marine research. Joint effort
by 1. The office of naval research (ONR) 2.
Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) 3. The
Center of Excellence in Remote Saving Education
Research (CERSER) 4. The MU-SPIN office of
Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) 5. The
National Oceanic atmosphere Administration
(NOAA) 6. Pixoneer Corporation 7. Sea Space,
Inc. 8. NOAAs Wakefield office of the National
Weather Service (NWS)
3-Center for Excellence in Nonprofits
(CEN) founded on the vision of Sobrato Family
Foundation. It is joined by growing community
nonprofits resident organizations Able
ProjectAsian American Recovery Services,
Inc.Boys and Girls Club of Santa Clara
CountyCamp Fire USA - Greater Bay Area
CouncilCenter for Excellence in NonprofitsChild
Advocates of Santa Clara and San Mateo
CountiesEmergency Housing ConsortiumFamily
Giving TreeFirst 5 Santa Clara CountyFresh
Lifelines for YouthHousing for Independent
People, Inc.Insulin PumpersProject MatchPublic
AlliesResources Area for TeachersSanta Clara
County Social Advocates for YouthToday's Youth
MatterVision Literacy (
II. Global COE Health
1- Heart Center of Excellent Quality
patient safety, support groups, classes
education, notice of privacy practice,
architecture in health can facility design.
Health heart center (www.heartcenter.spectrum-hea 2- Center of Excellence in Mens Health
lth/excellnce.htm) 3- National Center of
Excellence in Womans Health Indiana university
school of medicine. Mission statement, partners
in NCOE, objective of COE, resources at IU COE
newsletter, bulletin board, evaluations/outcomes,
durations to NCOE (,hlt) 4-
Native American Center of Excellence
Consortium Established in 1993 at the University
of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center the Native
American Excellence Consortium was created with
funds provided by the US Public Health Service
Components of the National Center of Excellence
in Womans Health
Education Curriculum
Outcomes/ Evaluations
Faculty Development
Heart Center of Excellence Spectrum Health Heart
Colorado State University (CSU)
5- Regional Center of Excellence for Biodefense
Emerging Infections Diseases
Colorado State University is unique in having
federal dollars as well as the facilities and
staff for federal activities on or near
campus. CSU has received more than 1 billion in
federal research money in the past 10 years. Just
recently, CSU was awarded a four-year, 40
million grant to establish a Regional Center of
Excellence, or RCE, for Biodefense and Emerging
Infectious Diseases research and
training. Research done at CSU deals with
problems of local, national, and global
significance attracts biotech companies
initiates startup companies and brings products
to market. http//
II. Global COE Industry (Auto, Food, IT,...)
1- The Open Source Software Center of Excellence
The free/open source software, login, website
for open source implementation in governments,
December 2002
( 2-
Food Safety Center of Excellence The university
of Tennessee Food safety Food processing, food
for different class of patients, for elderly,
food safety games. Food Security production
agriculture, microbial chemical hazards, food
born virus. Retail food services consumer

3- Material Science Research Center of Excellence
(MSRCE) Howard university, collage of
Engineering, Architecture computer sciences a
multi disciplinary program includes faculty from
electrical chemical eng g and the department of
physics and chemistry at Howard. MSRCE along with
Cornell, Penn State, UCSB and Stanford, is a
member of the NSF-sponsored National Nau of
abreaction users network. (
centers.htm) 4- Center of Excellence for Poultry
Science University of Arkansas- agricultural
program Poulty production, health, technology and
information involve academia, allied industry,
farmers, research communities
consumers. (www.uark,edu/depts/intagpro/
ml) 5- National Rotorcraft Life Cycle Center of
Excellence National rotorcraft life cycle
center of excellence includes members from
government, industry and academia teaching.
Anchoring the aviation corridor of excellence.
Center of Excellence for Poultry Science
  • 1260 W. MaplePOSC 0-114University of
    ArkansasFayetteville, AR 72701Phone (479)
    575-4952Fax (479) 575-3026

Virtual Center of Excellence (VCEO)
  • Bookstores that have no shelves and drugstores
    without the storefront
  • and having Centers of Excellence without
    administrators or buildings
  • is a virtual business. The world of the Internet
    allows for users of the VCEO
  • to organize and market in a cyber worldone
    without bricks and
  • mortar. The Internet allows them to have "Virtual
    Centers of Excellence.
  • The "Virtual" Center is similar in that it is an
    assembly of resources that
  • results in a critical mass of information and
    services, but not necessarily
  • bricks and mortar. The Internet and your Web site
  • assemble
  • present (market)
  • coordinate
  • communicate
  • schedule appointments and other services
  • create a Center without the physical trappings of
    a building
  • (www.

III. List of Links to Energy
Renewable Energy Sustainable Energy links -
121 sites Power Exchanges and System Operators
- 9 sites General Electrical Energy
Information Resources - 44 sites Other
Utilities with web sites - 11
sites Companies with services of value to the
alternative energy industry, not listed in
sector categories above- 3 sites Other
interesting links- 13 sites
Energy, Environmental links (contd) Sectorial
Listings 1- Biomass - 38 sites 2-
Co-generation - 21 sites Geo-thermal -
10 sites 3- Small Hydro - 19 sites 4-
Solar - 68 sites 5- Wind - 26 sites 6-
Energy Efficiency Services - 21 sites 7- Fuel
Cells - 3 sites Hot links that involve more
than one of the above seven technologies -
8 sites (
IV. Alternative Energy
A- Alternative Energy Categories Solar
Energy Wind Energy Wave Tidal Energy Fuel
Cells Hydrogen Energy Alternative Energy
Industry jobs Energy from waste -
EFW B- Alternative Energy by Industry Number
of global companies is 694 (list available)
Alternative Energy (contd) C- Alternative
Energy Equipment Number of global companies is
21 D- Alternative Energy Associations Number
of global companies is 12 E- Alternative Energy
Publications Number of global companies is
4 F- Alternative Energy Information Material
Exchange Number of global companies is
V. Common Components in a Typical Center of
Common Components in a Typical Center of
Excellence - Partial
  • Membership
  • Research, Roll of Researchers and Publications
  • E-Library
  • Customers (Agile responsive to customer
  • Collaborated Entities
  • Technology Lab
  • Comprehensive Information Recourses
  • Interdisciplines
  • Board of Director
  • Organization
  • Project Management
  • Funding
  • Supply Chain
  • Incorporation of Academic Resources
  • Continual Improvement Advance Quality
    Management Program including Customer
  • Advisory Board/Think Tank

COE another definition
A network of organizations or teams selected for
specific services based on criteria such as
specialties, experience, outcomes and
efficiency. An organization and/or facility
designated as a best practice provider (a process
or procedure that consistently produces superior
results) of a particular, highly specialized
service or outcome.
Center of Excellencefor Applied Energy,
Environmental Impact Total Quality
Management(COE) Cairo University
Proposed CEO in July 2005Modified July 2006
  • Design and Creation of a Center of Excellence
    (COE) which consists of one or more of the
    following units
  • Innovation
  • Applied Energy
  • Environmental Impact
  • Quality Environment Management Systems
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Applied RD and Projects
  • Applied Training Skill Development
  • Technology and Information Exchange Unit

Components of the COE - Cairo University
Environmental Impact Unit
Applied training and Skill develop Unit
Quality Management Unit
Think Tank
Applied RD Unit
Applied Energy, Unit
Project Unit
Quality Environmental Management
SystemsQuality Roadmap
  • Implementing Planning
  • Employee Awareness
  • Process Mapping Document Development
  • Registrar Planning
  • Implementation Roll Out Internal Auditing
  • Quality Systems Implementation
  • Final Audit Preparation
  • Registration Audit
  • Standards
  • ISO 90012000
  • QS 9000/TS16949
  • Tooling Equipment Supplement
  • ISO 14001
  • AS 9100
  • Lab Accreditation

Projects - Strategic Partnership, Key Features
Functions(Partial List)
  • Continual Improvement
  • Corrective Preventative Action
  • Customer Complain Log, Satisfaction Survey,
    Supplied Products Contact Management
  • Design Engineering Changes
  • Disciplined Problem Solving
  • Gage Calibration Tracking
  • Internal Audit Planning Documentation
  • Maintenance Work Orders
  • Layout Inspection Material Tests
  • Management Reviews
  • Operation Instructions
  • Predictive Preventative Maintenance
  • Problem Root Cause Analysis
  • Process Flow Project Management
  • Training Needs Effectiveness

Applied Training Skill DevelopmentProcess
Improvement Workshops
  • Internal Auditing Workshop
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA)
  • Reliability Maintainability
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) Measurement
    System Analysis (MSA)
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)
  • Business Process Auditing Workshop
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Understanding World Standards (ISO/TS 16949, VDU
    6.1-German, AV IS-Italian, EAQF-French)
  • Lab Accreditation ISO/IEC 17025
  • Tooling Equipment Supplement (TE)
  • Manufacturing Process Optimization
  • Lean Manufacturing

(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
Interaction Relationship of the COE
Ministry of state Of Environment Affairs
Ministry of Information
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Electricity Energy
Ministry of Petroleum
Center of Excellence Cairo University
Ministry of Industry Technology Development
German Institutions, US Institutions,
Ministry of Higher Education
Ministry of Environment
Ministry of state For Scientific Research
Industry/Commerce/ Manufacturing/ Consulting
Engineers/ Retail wholesalers
Links to Green Environment
Competitiveness Profile, WEF Country Information, IMF
Country Profile, CIA World Fact book Country Profile, WTPF
Development Projects, AiDA Energy Analysis Brief, EIA
Energy Efficiency Institutions, WEEA Environmental Affairs Agency
Environmental Institutions Governance, WRI Environmental Profile, UNEP
Industrial Profile, UNIDO International Chamber of Commerce
Legislation, Library of Congress Market Profile, UNCTAD/WTO
Ministry of Water Resources Irrigation Population Statistics, UNICEF
Sustainable Development, UN-ESA Tenders Opportunities, dgMarket
Weather Information Service (WMO)
Contacts in Egypt for green environment
  • A-B Consulting Group (ABCG)   Cairo
  • Arab German Company for Waste and Environmental
    Technology (AGET)   Luxor
  • Arabian Solar Energy Technology Co (ASET)  
  • Association for the Protection of the Environment
    (APE)   Cairo
  • Attar Equipment Enterprise   Cairo
  • Capacity Building International (CBI)   Cairo
  • Center for Environment and Development for the
    Arab Region and Europe (CEDARE)   Cairo
  • Consulting Office for Filters (COFS)   Cairo
  • EcoConServ - Environmental Solutions (ECS)  
  • Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA)  
  • Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC)  
  • Egyptrol   Cairo
  • Filter Melco   Sadat City
  • Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Research
    Institute (GEBRI)   El Sadat
  • Geotec Software   Port Said
  • Global Environment Technology Co Ltd (GETCO)  
  • Green Environment Consultants   Cairo

  • Logic Co   Cairo
  • Middle East Engineering Telecommunications
    (MEET)   Cairo
  • Modern Waterproofing Co (BITUMODE)   Cairo
  • National Institute for Standards (NIS)   Giza
  • New Horizons Egypt   Cairo
  • Omega Engineering Trading   Cairo
  • Orascom Construction Industries (OCI)   Cairo
  • Pacer Consultants   Cairo
  • Parsons Brinckerhoff Sabbour (PBS)   Cairo
  • Petro Environmental Services Company (PESCO)  
  • Ratomag Engineering Works   Cairo
  • Settec   Giza
  • Systems and Technology Co (SAT)   Cairo
  • WorleyParsons Komex   Giza

VII. WebsiteforCOE its Design
Website for COEPH (202) xxx xxxxFax (202) xxx
  • Home/About
  • Directors
  • General Information
  • People Expertise
  • Personal Login
  • Publications
  • News's Events upcoming
  • Current Research
  • Research opportunities
  • Recourses
  • Membership
  • Site Map
  • Contact us
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Programs Services
  • Newsletter
  • Photo Gallery
  • Special offers for members

  • Website for COE - Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the COE for energy, environmental and
  • Why was this name COE chosen?
  • When would it be established?
  • Where located?
  • Why was it established?
  • Who does COE repot to?
  • Is COE operational, that is, does it respond to
    events with personnel and/or material support?
  • Is COE involved in policy- making?
    (indirectly influence policy)
  • Is COE involved in local/domestic response
    issues? (education,
    training, consultation)
  • Where does, COEs funding come from?
  • How much is COE annual budget?

  • Frequently Asked Questions (contd)
  • What does COE do? (educate,
    train, perform operational research, produces
    info tools)
  • How is it organized?
  • How many people staff COE? (30 full time
    staff members plus part time subject-matter
  • What are the backgrounds?
    (Bio for permanent staff)
  • What do they do? (develop
    progress to meet customers needs ...)
  • What products does COE produce how are they
  • Who can obtain these products?
  • Who can attend COE- sponsored education
    training events?
  • How can I get more information?
  • How can I find out more about COEs coming
  • (

VIII. Funding Sources Funding for COE
Funding Sources
  • International Bank for Reconstruction and
    Development (world Bank)
  • Environment Department at the World Bank
  • Global Environment Facility
  • World Bank Group Search
  • Global Search of Document in the public
    Information Center (PIC)
  • PIC- Environment Assessments
  • European Bank for reconstruction and Development
  • United Nations
  • United Nations Development Programme-
    Sustainable Energy and Environment
  • United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
  • UNEP Geneva Executive Center
  • UNEP Collaborating Center on Energy and the
  • UNEP International Environmental Technology
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  • NATO Scientific and Environmental Affairs
  • Other Funding Organizations
  • Organization for economic Co-operation
    Development Environmental Issues

Funding Background
  • Funds available to Egypt to help protect and
    repair the environment include
  • World Bank (IBRD)
  • African Development Bank
  • US Agency for International Development (USAID)

Funds available from the government of Egypt The
Egyptian government anticipates spending 2.6
Billion to implement its environmental plan
through 2007 and drafted an action plan till
2017. Egyptian Ministry of State for
Environmental Affairs is taken steps to stop all
types of pollution from industrial sources into
environment. In addition, 1.3 Billion is spent
by the private sector per year mainly in the
field of water and wastewater, solid waste
management, and air pollution. A 40 growth rate
for environmental solutions is expected in Egypt.
Funding for a COE
  • Our estimate for a typical center will need 30M
    to be funded including
  • Staff and part time experts
  • Building
  • Equipment
  • Communication for distance learning
  • Center of Information
  • Managing projects for air pollution, biological
    diversity, biosafety, biotechnology,
  • energy and quality
  • Incentives to researchers, applicants and
  • Membership from companies and organizations

Cost Financing the COE
  • Typical COE in North America costs 30 Million to
    Build establish
  • About 20 Million to operate per year with 90
  • The above include building Labs and
    infrastructure which are in place here
  • Typically a successful COE will break even in 3
    years and becomes profitable in 4 years
  • Preliminary estimates for COE is 7 Million to
    upgrade present facilities and 3.5 million
    operating costs/year.
  • Seed money requires about 10 Million of which
    7M capital and 1M for three years as operating

Cost Financing the COE (contd)
  • Yearly membership fees will be 0.5M
  • Local shares (those pay dividends) six millions
  • Yearly revenue starting third year will be 3.5M
    and should go to 8M in the fifth year
  • Net profit by Year 5 should come from projects
  • Net profit should be divided into 3 equal parts.
    The first part to pay dividends, the second part
    to pay scholarships grants and the third part
    to improve expand the center.
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