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Welcome to 7th Grade Math!


Welcome to 7th Grade Math! Silver Team Ms. Cogswell Who is Ms. Cogswell? Grew up in Olathe Went to Notre Dame for undergrad and studied MATH and ECONOMICS Moved to ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Welcome to 7th Grade Math!

Welcome to 7th Grade Math!
  • Silver Team
  • Ms. Cogswell

Who is Ms. Cogswell?
  • Grew up in Olathe
  • Went to Notre Dame for undergrad and studied MATH
  • Moved to Washington DC and taught 7th 8th grade
    math while working on getting my Masters of Arts
    in Teaching
  • This is my 3rd year at WMS and my 7th year in

Who is Ms. Cogswell? (Continued)
  • Math nerd.
  • 4-Her and I still go to camp as a counselor
  • Hobbies
  • Cooking
  • Quilting
  • Reading
  • Running

Who is Miss Cogswell?
  • I spent 3 weeks last summer in Africa with my
  • We went on safari in Tanzania and visited Cape
    Town in South Africa.

Math Masters
Work Hard, Get Smart!
Math Masters Work Hard. Get Smart
  • The Theory of Malleable Intelligence
  • Don't Let Anybody Tell You That You Can't

Mistakes Make Learning Matter!
Class Goal
  • Every student will earn either Exceeds
    Standard or Exemplary on the Kansas State Math

Setting Individual Goals
  • Short-term Long-term Goals
  • Career Goal
  • College/Professional Training Goal
  • High School Goal
  • Middle School Goal
  • 7th Grade Math Goal
  • Include a picture of yourself in the middle of
    your star!
  • Due Thursday, August 16th

Ms. Cogswells Example
  • Career Goal
  • To be one of the best math teachers in the
  • College/Professional Training Goal
  • Go back to school to get my PhD in school
  • High School Goal
  • That all my students will take Calculus in high
  • Middle School Goal
  • That all my students participate in at least 1
    after school activity
  • 7th Grade Math Goal
  • All my students master writing equations!

Math MastersWork Hard. Get Smart.
  • Our Classroom Bee Attitudes
  • Bee safe.
  • Physically
  • Emotionally
  • Socially
  • Bee respectful.
  • Of self
  • Of others
  • Of school
  • Bee prepared.
  • Always ready to learn!

Classroom Consequences
  • In those situations where our actions do not meet
    the Bee Attitudes
  • 1st time warning
  • 2nd time safe seat
  • 3rd time blue form/detention
  • 4th time silver form (office referral)

Positive Reinforcement
  • Classroom claps
  • SPURS tickets
  • Free seating
  • Positive parent phone call
  • Additional homework work time

Procedures Expectations
Entering the Classroom
  • Come in and sit in the same seat as you are today
  • Take out homework from the night before and set
    it on your desk
  • Begin working silently on the Bell Work posted
    on the board
  • Ms. Cogswell will come around in the first few
    minutes to take attendance and to check homework
    and Bell Work
  • Sharpen pencils if necessary

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect
Practice 1 Homework
  • Homework is 100 if
  • Completed on time
  • Proper heading is shown
  • All work is shown
  • It is in pencil
  • Ms. Cogswell will check it off during the Bell
    Work and it will be checked as a class
  • Keep all old homework assignments in your math

Assignment Description First Last Name
Hr. ___

Late Homework
  • Per the Wheatridge MS policy
  • 1 day late 80
  • 2 days late 60
  • gt1 week late 0
  • If you were absent, you have 3 days from the date
    of your absence to turn in missing homework
  • Late homework is turned into the late homework
    bin. (Not your hours bin.)

Practice 2 Daily Work
  • Turned in at the end of every block to your
    hours bin.
  • Ms. Cogswell will tell you during closure what
    you are expected to turn in.
  • You will receive 100 on class work if
  • Turn it in before leaving the classroom
  • Proper heading is shown
  • All work is shown
  • You used pencil

Efficient Use of Time--Restrooms
  • Use the restroom during transition.
  • You will not be permitted to leave the room
    during instruction.

Efficient Use of Time -- Water
  • You may bring a water bottle with you to class.
    Please do not bring any beverage other than
  • Passes will not be given for the water fountain.

Efficient Use of Time -- Tardy
  • If you have a pass
  • Quietly hand it to Ms. Cogswell (or show her if
    it is in your agenda) and quickly take your seat
    to see where we are in the lesson.
  • If you do not have a pass
  • You will be marked tardy in the gradebook. Speak
    with Ms. Cogswell before leaving for your next
  • Either way
  • At a good break, ask your group what you missed

Efficient Use of Time -- Absent
  • If you are absent, you are responsible for
    getting whatever you may have missed.
  • Work you missed will be in the folders on the
    What did I miss? board.
  • Come before or after school to ask any questions.

End of Class
  • You are dismissed by Ms. Cogswell. Not the bell.
  • Make sure the area around your desk is clean.
  • Put any paper trash in the recycling.
  • Turn in your class work for the day!
  • DO NOT turn in homework if you finish it early!
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