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Welcome to 2nd Grade!


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Title: Welcome to 2nd Grade!

Welcome to 2nd Grade!
  • Lakeshore Elementary

Teacher Partner Contact Information
  • Reading/Language Arts Teachers
  • Andrea.Barela_at_humble.k12.tx.us
  • (281) 641-3564
  • Elise.Brockett_at_humble.k12.tx.us
  • (281) 641-3542
  • Mariah.Denning_at_humble.k12.tx.us
  • (281) 641-3544
  • Teri.George_at_humble.k12.tx.us
  • (281) 641-3546

Math/Science Teachers Amanda.Vaughan_at_humble.k12.t
x.us (281) 641- 3548   Alyssa.Headlee_at_humble.k12.t
x.us (281) 641-3543   Lisa.Lange_at_humble.k12.tx.us
(281) 641-3545   Janet.Tabor_at_humble.k12.tx.us (281
) 641-3547
  • Go to www.humbleisd.net
  • Select Lakeshore Elementary at the top of the
  • Click Staff Sites
  • Click on your 2nd grade teachers name

Exciting News!
  • 2nd grade classes will be participating in the ½
    day scheduling program at LSE.

The purpose of a ½ day scheduling program is to
increase the level of Rigor in the classrooms.
We will also use our school time more
efficiently. Students will have the opportunity
to participate in learning that is expanded and
taken to a deeper level of instruction.
Your childs regular daily schedule will be
posted on your teachers website by the first day
of school, Monday. Aug. 24th!
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  • Cafeteria sells snacks during lunch. If you do
    not want your child to purchase snacks, you may
    contact the cafeteria at 281-641-3508 and request
    a lock to be placed on your childs account.
  • We will have a healthy snack break each day.
    Suggestions include Fruit, Chex mix, cereal,
    etc. Please do not send any snacks with high
    sugar or frosting.
  • Students may bring a sport top water bottle
    daily. Please do not send any screw top bottles.

Bug Repellant Sunscreen
  • Parent note is required to have at school
  • Rub-on ONLY no sprays
  • No sharing is allowed

Birthday Treats
  • Please notify your childs teacher in advance
  • Store bought individually wrapped snacks,
    cookies, or cupcakes are allowed
  • Must be dropped off at the office
  • Cafeteria treats should be purchased 2 weeks in
  • Birthday invitations are NOT allowed to be
    passed out at school

Daily Folder
  • Please initial the conduct log daily.
  • Please send any correspondence via daily folder,
    we do not check backpacks.
  • A reading log will be included in the daily
  • Your child is expected to read aloud for a
    minimum of 20 minutes per day.
  • Record the title of the book on the reading log

Conduct Log
Leopards Expectations Be Responsible,
Be Respectful, Be Safe, Be a Learner

RULES 1 Did not have all needed
materials 2 Off-task behavior 3 Excessive
talking 4 Not respecting authority 5 Not
respecting peers 6 Not following directions
Grading Procedures
  • Scores - Definition
  • 1- Below Basic- working below grade level
  • 2- Basic- beginning to meet grade level
  • 3- Proficient- regularly meets grade level
  • 4- Advanced- consistently meets and often exceeds
    grade level
  • If your child has a 1 or a 2 on an assignment,
    please review at home.
  • Not all work will be graded

Reading Benchmarks
  • Each child will receive reading instruction daily
    in a small group which is based on their
    individual reading level. This ensures that each
    child is challenged yet not frustrated.
  • Your childs reading level is frequently assessed
    both formally and informally. Reading groups
    change according to your childs needs.

Reading Benchmarks per 9 weeks
  • 1st 9 weeks DRA level 18
  • 2nd 9 weeks DRA level 20
  • 3rd 9 weeks DRA level 24
  • 4th 9 weeks DRA level 28
  • (On-level second grader begins at level 16 and
    progresses to level 28 by the end of the school

Why Cant I Skip My Reading Tonight?
Student A Reads 20 minutes each day, 3600
minutes in a school year!
Student B Reads 5 minutes each day, 900 minutes
in a school year!
Student C Reads 1 minute each day, 180 minutes
in a school year!
By the end of the 6th grade Student A
will have read the equivalent of 60 whole school
days. Student B will have read only 12 school
days. Which student would you expect to have a
better vocabulary? Which student would you
expect to be more successful in schooland in

(Nagy Herman, 1987)
Ways to support reading at home
1. Read together as a family.
2. Listen while your child reads.
3. Read Anything and Everything.
4. Let your child see you reading.
5. Talk with your child about the book
they are reading.
By the end of the year, students will have 2
minutes to complete 30 basic addition math facts
and 3 minutes to complete 30 basic subtraction
math facts with 100 accuracy
Math Benchmarks
  • Your childs math comprehension will be
    frequently assessed both formally and informally
    in other mathematical concepts.

Beginning 2nd Grade Story Problem
  • Jake had 4 green cubes, 7 blue cubes and 5 yellow
    cubes. How many total cubes does Jake have?

Explain Story Problem Routine. Solve single step
and multi-step story problems and solve for
unknown (addition and subtraction).
Ending 2nd Grade Story Problem
Ending 2nd Grade Multi-Step Story Problem
  • Mrs. Coronado had 85 ribbons to hand out at her
    school for perfect attendance. Mrs. Coronado
    handed out 35 ribbons to 1st and 2nd graders.
    She handed out 18 to 3rd and 4th graders. She
    handed out 12 to 5th graders. How many did she
    have left for the Kindergartners?

Ending 2nd Grade SOLVING FOR UNKNOWN Story
Problem(some is unknown, we dont know what
we start with)
  • Karen had some pennies. Her mother gave her 39
    more pennies. Now Karen has 52 pennies. How
    many pennies did Karen have to start with?

By the end of 2nd grade, your child is expected
to compare, order, compose and decompose numbers
up to 1,200.
Number Sense
Graphs and Data Analysis
By the end of 2nd grade, your child is expected
to read, create, and interpret graphs and charts.
Geometry By the end of second grade, your child
is expected to compose and decompose, as well as,
classify attributes of 2-D and 3-D shapes2-D
of sides and vertices3-D of faces, edges and
Telling Time By the end of second grade,
your child is expected to tell time to the minute
on an analog clock, know AM and PM, elapsed time
to the hour and half hour, and identify how long
a second, minute, and hour are.
MoneyBy the end of second grade, your child is
expected to identify and determine the value of
coins up to a dollar. (Must be able to identify
in black white on worksheets)
Additionally Multiplication (adding equal
groups)Division (separating equal
groups)Measuring Length (standard/metric as well
as non-standard)Fractions (as equal parts of a
whole or set)
  • Weekly homework will come home on Mondays. Your
    child will receive homework for Math and
    Reading/Language Arts, as well as spelling words
    that they will be tested over on Fridays.
  • Students are to read 20 minutes nightly
  • Homework will begin the week of Aug. 31st
  • Homework will be checked every Friday

Information Sheets
  • Please fill out BOTH sides of the information
    sheet with legible handwriting and leave it with
    your childs teacher.
  • If you do not receive an email from your childs
    teacher after the second day, please email them
    with your name and email address so that it can
    be added to your teachers email list.
  • Email and phone calls will be our primary form
    of communication in an effort to go green.

Arrival Traffic Flow
Dismissal Traffic Flow
Transportation Change
  • Please notify your childs teacher in writing and
    place it in your childs conduct folder.
  • In order to keep all of our students safe,
    changes must be made before 230pm.
  • If you have an emergency, please notify the front
    office. The front office will notify the teacher
    once the change is approved.

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Join Lakeshore PTO to keep up with all the fun
and exciting events that support LSE! Check out
the PTO website for ways to help volunteer
Lakeshore PTO
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Events/Concessions (Carnival, Outdoor Movie
    Night, Plays, Talent Show)
  • Room Parents
  • Library helpers
  • Copy Room assistants per grade level
  • Classroom help varies per teacher
  • Carnival Auction baskets

Sign Up forms are found on school website under
PTO and can be noted on teacher sign up
form. Email notifications are sent and
opportunities are posted online. Like Us On
Facebook too!
Lakeshore PTO
  • PTO Events
  • Outdoor Family Movie Night Nov. 6th
  • Spring Carnival Auction March 9th
  • Winter and Spring Parties
  • Spirit Nights local restaurants (PTO)
  • Field Days K-4 at LSE and 5th grade off campus

Lakeshore PTO
  • PTO Managed Fundraising
  • Fall Fundraiser
  • Direct Donations
  • Events/Concessions Spring Carnival and Auction
  • Funds directly benefit LSE!
  • Major grounds development plans are ongoing
  • Classroom supplemental programs
  • Additional staff training

Lakeshore PTO
Lakeshore PTO Introduces
  • Junior Achievement 2015
  • http//youtu.be/EWkYXXUCPDA

Junior Achievement empowers young people to own
their economic success, plan for their futures,
and make smart academic and economic
choices. Volunteers teach 5 -30min lessons to
one class Volunteers can be parents,
grandparents, older siblings, or community
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