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Welcome to Back to School Night


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Title: Welcome to Back to School Night

Welcome toBack toSchool Night
  • Second Grade
  • 2015-2016

We BelieveThe function of education is to
teach one to think intensively and to think
critically. Intelligence plus character-that is
the goal of true education.-Martin Luther King,
Daily Schedule
805-810 Homeroom 813-908 Math
911-955 Literacy Block Writing,
Grammar 958-1042 Specials 1045-1129 Recess/Lu
nch 1132-105 Literacy Block Spelling,
Reading 108-153 History/Science 156-224 Rece
ss (snack time) 227-312 History/Science 315-3
35 Homeroom
Behavior Chart
Purple Outstanding! Blue Great Choices!Green
Ready to Learn Orange Warning 5 minutes of
recess Red Consequence may result in loss of
recess, letter home to parents, possible meeting
with Ms. Bostick
  • Will come home every day, please return to school
    every day
  • Check your childs homework
  • Sign in the designated spot to verify you have
    checked your childs assignments
  • Write in the notes section if your child is
    going somewhere different after school!

Homework Folder
  • Red Folder
  • Two Sides to the folder Left at Home, Right Back
    to School
  • Leave the items on the Left side at home
  • This is what used to be Friday Folder
  • Return Right side back to school
  • This is homework and items that need to be
    returned to school
  • Will come home every night with (or without)
    assignments in it
  • Complete work as assigned by teacher (check
  • Return to school every day

  • You are welcome to drop off (at the office) or
    send in treats or goodie bags with your child
  • PTOs Birthday Express is a great option!
  • Store bought treats ONLY!
  • Pencils, stickers, bracelets, etc.
  • Please make sure birthday goodies are at school
    before 1100!
  • We will be celebrating during afternoon recess
    and need time to get them from the office!

AA Manners Core Virtues
  • 10 AA Manners practiced on a daily basis
  • Monthly Core Virtues
  • We will be integrating our instruction of the AA
    Core Virtues into our subjects

Language Arts Block Reading, Spelling,
Writing, Grammar - Core Knowledge Literacy
Use of Open Court (stories) - Shurley English -
Spalding - Step Up to Writing Math Saxon
Math Science Foss Science Social Studies
Core Knowledge
Language Arts Block
Core Knowledge Literacy (Open Court
Stories) Students learn and focus on Fluency,
Vocabulary, and Text Comprehension.
Shurley English Students learn the parts of
speech through repetition and song.
Spalding Students learn about phonics and how
it ties in with spelling, decoding, and reading.
Spelling is focused on through phonogram sounds
and spelling rules.
Step Up to Writing Students learn how to create
a writing plan and turn it into a paragraph or
Social Studies
Core Knowledge Curriculum Geography Map
Skills Ancient India Ancient China Ancient
Greece Japan Today Signs Symbols of the
US Making the Constitution The War of
1812 Americans Move West The Civil
War Immigration and Citizenship Civil Rights
FOSS Science Next Gen Air Weather Balance
Motion Insects States of Matter Earth
Science Science Notebooks- used to keep track of
investigations and vocabulary STEM
Units Atmospheric Science Fall Lego WeDO
Saxon Math 3
Students learn through what is called
Incremental Development. Through this, topics
are introduced in spaced steps allowing for
confidence before learning a new concept. Topics
are never dropped, they are continuously worked
on and the topics may grow in complexity. Content
is divided into five components Meeting,
Lesson, Written Practice, Facts Practice, and
Assessments. Homework Will be easy first few
weeks during review Check and assist with
corrections as needed Initial top of your
childs homework Homework will be due
daily Assessments Every Friday all review
from what has been done Assessments are worth
80 of math grade
Purpose of Homework
Establish a routine which includes studying at
home Set aside the same time every day for
homework Develop good study habits Find a
special, quiet place for your child to work
Involve parents in their childs learning
Check in on your child, but do NOT do their
work Provides practice and reinforcement of
skills learned Want to know what we do in
class?? Look at your childs homework! ? Helps
children to take responsibility for their
work Have THEM put it back in their homework
folder, and pack their folder into their bag
Not everyone will get As Missed school/Missed
Work Students have 2 days for each EXCUSED
absence to make up their work. Ex If they were
absent on Monday, work will be due on Wednesday.
Missing Assignment notification will be sent, it
is not late!
Grading of Homework
Grading Deductions Students are responsible for
their own work, including turning it in on time
as well as making sure their name is on it.
Points will be deducted for late or no name
work. Missing Work 1 day 10 2 days 20 3
days until test day 50 Missing
Assignment Notifications will be sent even if
your child was absent No Name Work
T or Empty Box in Parent Portal means the
assignment has not yet been graded
Grading of Homework
  • Grading doesnt occur instantly
  • Please allow us time to thoroughly grade your
    childs assignments
  • Different assignments will take longer to be
  • Homework and In-Class Work 3 business days
  • Assessments 5 business days
  • Large Projects 10 business days
  • Writing Assignments 10 business days

Parent/Teacher Communication
  • ALWAYS check this power point, weekly
    newsletters, and the website before e-mailing
    your childs teacher with questions.
  • E-mail your childs teacher with questions before
    going to someone else.
  • Please be patient with e-mails. Remember our 1
    job is to teach your child, not respond to
    e-mails. We will try to get back to you by the
    end of the day, but please allow up to 48 hours
    before contacting us again.
  • If you email us over the weekend, we will respond
    beginning Monday morning.

Parent/Teacher Communication
  • PLEASE be respectful in e-mails to your childs
  • We may not respond to all e-mails. Some emails
    from parents are simply informative and do not
    require a response. However, if you feel your
    email required a response and we have not
    responded after the 48 hours, please just
    follow-up with us! ?
  • Where does Kate go after school?? Make sure Kate
    knows! Write it in their planner, make THEM

Parent/Teacher Communication
  • Encourage your child to take responsibility and
    e-mail their teachers!
  • We cant communicate with you, if you dont get
    our e-mails That being said
  • Make sure to add ALL of the 2nd grade
  • Make sure to add the Parent Portal e-mail
    (tends to go to junk folder)
  • Make sure to check your junk folder for
    potential e-mails from AA
  • Make sure your email is correct in IC

Parent/Teacher Conferences
There are 3 scheduled conferences for this school
October 8 9
January 14 15
April 7 8
These are the best times we will meet with you
regarding your childs grades or work they can do
at home to help. Conferences are NOT Mandatory,
but encouraged.
We will contact you if there is a concern on a
childs progress that requires an additional
conference outside of these scheduled times
Parent/Teacher Conferences
October 8 9
January 14 15
April 7 8
We will post a Sign-Up Genius link about two
weeks before each conference. Please READ
carefully, to know which of your childs teachers
to sign up with (reading, math, homeroom, etc.).
  • Please continue to check the teachers webpages
    for volunteer opportunities
  • When volunteering at school, please refrain from
    bringing younger siblings with you. It is a
    district policy and a distraction to the students
    in the class trying to learn.

Student Expectations
Responsibility Children in our class are
responsible for their own actions, attitudes,
behaviors, and work habits. We (parents
teachers) will help the children become more
responsible. However, we will NOT take over
individual responsibilities. The students are
expected to return homework, planners, library
books, etc. ON TIME. They are responsible for
taking care of their learning tools and
supplies. Rules At all times. Be respectful,
responsible, and honest. Our class has spirit!
We work together, support one another, and
appreciate the uniqueness each member of our
class and learning community has to offer.
Second Grade Instruction Assistant
  • Mrs. Schroeder is the IA for 2nd grade
  • We support our IA 100
  • We communicate constantly and are all working
    towards the same goal
  • All students need to have respect for Ms.
    Schroeder and follow her directions, just like
    they would the classroom teacher

Uniform Policy
  • American Academy has a uniform, not a dress code.
    Make sure tops and bottoms are from Dennis.
  • If your child is unable to tie their shoes please
    help them learn how to do this.
  • Sweatshirts send a sweatshirt or sweater
    everyday. Any sweatshirt can be worn outside for
    recess. American Academy sweatshirts only inside
  • LABEL your childs clothing!! It all looks so

Uniform Policy
  • Socks
  • Navy, Red, White, Black ONLY
  • Girls may have the Dennis Plaid Trim
  • Tights Navy, Red, White ONLY
  • Shoes Must be no higher than the ankle
  • Closed Toe Shoes ONLY
  • Casual/Dress SOLID Black, Brown, Navy
  • Athletic No glitter, characters, beads
  • View the School Uniform Policy here
  • http//americanacademyk8.org/aastaffhome/BOD/polic

After School Activities
  • Please remind your child daily where they are to
    go after school.
  • Sometimes we do not get a chance to check our
    email to remind your child where they go at the
    end of the day.
  • Write in your childs planner if they need help
    remembering where to go.

Just a few reminders about Parent Portal Please
make sure your current email, phone, address
are on Parent Portal!! All of the information
parents need to know is available under Resources
Portal Information ( http//www.americanacademyk
8.org/parentportal.aspx ).  If you havent
already, please take a moment to look at this
link as it contains relevant information for both
new and returning families (how to request
password resets, change their e-mail address, set
messenger preferences, etc.). 
Our goal as teachers this year is to have your
child grow in their independence. 2nd grade is
their job, so we want them to be responsible with
their job!
American Academy 2nd Grade Website
  • Lets take a few minutes to look at
    our webpages
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