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SEER MYSTICAL with a A Journey into the world of Yoga, Meditation, Astrology, Mysticism and Spiritualism The word yoga means – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: SEER MYSTICAL with a

  • A Journey into the
  • world of
  • Yoga, Meditation, Astrology, Mysticism and

Spirituality, mystical charms and Yoga have
always drawn people from all over the world to
India. As the world becomes increasingly
capitalistic and materialist, the quest and
urgency for spirituality grows more and more. The
traditional Indian way of life has helped in the
evolution and growth of Spiritualism. Numerous
cultures and religions have thrived and
flourished together for ages and resulted into
the unique way of life. The meaning of
spirituality, according to a research conducted
by Martsolf and Mickley, is related to perceiving
the meaning of life, values that are to be
addressed, appreciating the transcendent nature
of life, connecting the soul with the
Omnipotent/nature and the state of becoming a
better human being. India being a holy land of
saints and hermits has been harboring deep
spiritual philosophies from ancient times.
Spirituality is firmly rooted in Indian culture
and heritage and has significant connotations in
a number of religious practices. Mysticism is
the pursuit of achieving communion, identity
with, or conscious awareness of ultimate realty,
divinity, spiritual truth or God through direct
experience, intuition or insight. A common theme
in mysticism is that the mystic and all of
reality or God are a unity, termed Unio Mystica
mystical union. The purpose of mystical
practices is to achieve that oneness is
experiences, to achieve a larger identity and
re-identity with the all that is.
  • The word yoga means "union" in Sanskrit, the
    language of ancient India where yoga originated.
    We can think of the union occurring between the
    mind, body and spirit.
  • What is commonly referred to as of physical
    postures or poses? Asana is only one of the eight
    "limbs" of yoga, the majority of which are more
    concerned with mental and spiritual well being
    than physical activity. In the West, however, the
    words asana and yoga are often used
    interchangeably.Yoga and spirituality have lots
    of things in common. But unwind the mind and body
    from stresses and depressions.
  • Astrology is the original science or system of
    knowledge devised by human being. Astrology was
    the basis for the first cosmologies through which
    the ancients comprehended the structure and
    movement of the universe. It was the science of
    fate or destiny, used for understanding events on
    earth, which were seen as originating in the
    heavens. Astrology was not only the original and
    foremost of the outer science it was also the
    most important of the inner or spiritual
  • Astrology shows the cosmic source and background
    for the forces working in any field of endeavor.
    In this way an astrological view precedes that of
    the other sciences. As it shows the language of
    cosmic energy, it can help us understand all
    spheres of life. For example, ancient system of
    medicine like Ayurveda in India or classical
    Greek medicine gave close consideration to the
    astrological influences. The practice of yoga is
    based upon balancing the solar and lunar forces
    within the body.

We at Innervoice Tours have tried to design a
outline of your tour, which evoke your thirst to
know the self. Reason of happiness and
suffering, you seek a guide to your past,
practice a yoga to align your physical entity.
You discover your self, past, present and future
with us.

Means we adapt
  • Meeting with people who knows you more then your
  • Consulting with the people to decipher your past,
    present and future from old testaments written
    5000 years ago, Bhargu shastra
  • People who answer your specific questions with
    dice, Ramal Shastra - a ancient art prediction
    with dice.
  • Astrological consultation with the Vedic
  • Nadi Shastra another old testament written on
    Palm Leaves.
  • Yoga and Meditation on bank of Ganges with
    spiritual guide.
  • Daily personal discussion on self or with in

Day 01 Arrival at Delhi
  • Delhi is the second largest metropolis in India,
    with a population of 17 million, Located on the
    banks of the Yamuna River in northern India, it
    is one of the oldest continually inhabited cities
    in the world.
  • Delhi has been the capital of several ancient
    Indian empires and a major city along the old
    trade routes between northwest India and the
    Indo-Gangetic Plains. It is the site of many
    ancient and medieval monuments, archaeological
    sites and remains.
  • Overnight at Delhi. Sight seeing depends on
    Flight arrival timings.

Day 02 Delhi / Bhubaneshwar by Flight
  • Bhubaneshwar is the temple city of India and for
    its architecture and ancient temples, ones had
    7,000 temples.
  • The 10th Century Lingaraja temple, dedicated to
    Shiva, has been described as the fusion of dream
    and reality. The surface of the 55 meter high
    Lingaraja temple is covered with carvings.
    Sculpture and architecture fused elegantly to
    create a perfect harmony.
  • Temples
  • Vaital Deul Temple 8th Century
  • Mukteswara Temple 10th Century
  • The Siddeswara Temple 11th Century
  • Raj Rani Temple 11th Century
  • Brahmeswara Temple built around 1050 and is a
    Siva-linga temple with active worship.
  • Overnight at Bhubaneshwar.

Day 03 Copper Plate Reader
  • A brief definition Tamrapothi / Copper Plate is
    a device
  • which reads your thought-process to get the
    question you
  • want to ask and then providesanswers to your
  • on blank metallicplates. The answers are
    inscribed only
  • temporarily and soon as you close Tamrapothi
  • Plate become blank again. The questions can be
  • in any language existing on this planet, language
    is no
  • barrier.
  • Tamra means Copper and Pothi means an oracle.
  • a simple external and physical point of view, the
  • Tamrapothi / Copper Plate is a small book like
  • consisting of fifty four copper plates ( 3" x
    8" ). When
  • one goes there and think about any question or
    puts the
  • question written on a paper on the Tamrapothi /
  • Plate, the answers to the questions are
  • inscribed on its pages. The thinking process or
  • the paper containing questions is started after a
  • ritual ( by the Brahmin who operates the pothi /
    Copper Plate)

Overnight at Bhubaneshwar.
  • Afternoon visit Puri - The city is famous for its
    Jagannath temple. The temple was built in the
    late eleventh century in state of Orrisa.
  • Puri is one of the oldest cities in the eastern
    part of the country. It is situated on the coast
    of the Bay of Bengal and is a popular beach
    resort, positioned in a unique place so that both
    sunset and sunrise can be viewed from the beach.
    Puri is famous for its annual Ratha Yatra, or
    "Festival of Chariots", when the deities
    Jagannath, Balabhadra, and Subhadra, are brought
    out of the temple, and placed in a chariot
  • Overnight at Bhubaneshwar.

Day 04 Bhubaneshwar / Delhi by Flight Drive
to Jaipur
  • Take Flight for Delhi. Arrival at Delhi and Drive
    to Jaipur.
  • Overnight at Jaipur.

Day 05 Jaipur
  • Jaipur, also popularly known as the Pink City,
    historically sometimes rendered as Jeypore, is
    the capital of Rajasthan state, India.
  • Built of pink stucco in imitation of sandstone,
    the city is remarkable among pre-modern Indian
    cities for the width and regularity of its
    streets which are laid out into six quarters
    separated by broad streets 111 ft (34 m) wide.
    The Palace quarter encloses a sprawling palace
    complex (the Hawa Mahal, or palace of winds),
    formal gardens, and a small lake. Nahargarh Fort
    crowns the hill in the northwest corner of the
    old city. Another noteworthy building is Sawai
    Jai Singh's observatory, Jantar Mantar. With its
    rich and colourful past, resplendent with tales
    of velour and bravery, Jaipur is now one of the
    most important heritage cities in India, and is a
    must-see for tourists coming to India.

  • Meeting with Ramal Shastri-
  • Ramal Shastra is as ancient as Vedic Astrology.
    It was originated by Lord Shiva, on request of
    Goddess Parvati for the benefit of people. In the
    first century B.C. Arabs took this occult science
    with them, studied and practiced it a lot, hence
    this science is called Arabic Astrology.
  • When the conqueror King Alexander invaded India,
    he was accompanied by an astrologer who started
    propagating and practicing Ramal Astrology
  • Ramal is a kind of questioning technique which
    has direct relationship with the feelings of the
    person putting the question. There are dices used
    in the predication which have circles and lines
    on it. The dices used, also kind of represent the
    feeling of the person putting the question. The
    feeling / attitude of the questioning person and
    the possible result of the question are exhibited
    in the dice in the form of lines and points.
    After this the result is calculated / determined
    by means of the Pastor or the chart.
  •  In Ramal (Arabic astrology) Shastra, the
    prediction is made without kundali (horoscope).
    There is no need of any kind of horoscope.
  • Afternoon enjoy Ayurvedic Massage

  • Evening meeting with Astrologer Indian Vedic
  • The Vedic astrology of ancient India comes to us
    originally from the Rig Veda, the oldest of the
    four Vedas. The Vedas were originally an oral
    tradition that was passed down from family to
    family, generation to generation, reputedly over
    thousands of years.
  • Vedic Astrology helps in making the birth chart,
    analyze the strengths and weakness of the planets
    according to their respective houses and
    Nakshatra, After checking the chart one can make
    predictions on main events of life and suggest
    helpful remedies and gemstones to the native
    which help him to achieve success, peace of mind,
    spiritual enlightenment, fame, popularity and all
  • Overnight at Jaipur

Day 06 Jaipur / Bhilwara by Surface
  • Day return trip to meet Bhargu Sanghitha It is
    believe that this old Manu Script is written with
    past, present and future.
  • The Bhrigu Samhita is an astrological (Jyotish)
    classic attributed to Maharishi Bhrigu during the
    Vedic period,
  • Maharishi Bhrigu was the first compiler of
    predictive astrology. He compiled about 500,000
    horoscopes and recorded the life details and
    events of various persons. This formed a database
    for further research and study. This study
    culminated in the birth of the science (shastra)
    of determining the quality of time (Hora) and is
    the Brihat Parasara Hora Shastra. These
    Horoscopes were based upon the planetary
    positions of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars,
    Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu (North Node of the Moon)
    and Ketu (South Node of the Moon). After that,
    Maharishi Bhrigu gave his predictions on
    different types of horoscopes compiled by him
    with the help of Lord Ganesha in a brief and
    concise manner.
  • Overnight at Jaipur.

Day 07 Jaipur
  • Visit Palace of Wind, Amber Fort, Albert Hall
    Museum, Observatory
  • Evening meeting with Nadi ShastriThere are about
    600 crores people in the world. If we divide
    total population of the world in 12 Zodic we
    arrive at figure of 50 crores. Predictions on the
    basis of sun signs means predicting same for 50
    crores people of different age, cast, creed
    religion. Nadi Astrology is believed to be
    practiced by Sage Agastya and Sage Bhrigu in
    ancient times.
  • According to the principles of Nadi Astrology the
    Zodiac is divided into 12 equal sub divisions of
    Signs with equal subdivisions of the 27
    Nakshatra. These Nakshatra are further subdivided
    into unequal "Sub lords". Nadi Astrology lays
    greater emphasis on the sub lord which is
    stronger than the Nakshatra in the same
    sequence the Nakshatra is stronger than the

Day 08 Jaipur / Agra
  • Morning Drive to Agra, on the way visiting
    Mehandipur Balaji a place where thousand seek
    shelter / asylum from super natural power
  • Shri Mehendipur Balaji Temple is Lord Hanuman
    Ji's Temple.Long ago the image of Lord Balaji and
    that of Pret Raja (the King of spirits) appeared
    from the Arawali hills. Now people suffering from
    malignant spirits and black magic or spell get
    their relief when they make an appeal for relief
    to Shri Bhairav ji and Shri Pret Raj Sarkar who
    holds his court and awards punishment to the
    malignant spirits, ghosts, goblins, ghouls, evil
    eyed witches etc.Shrine of Balaji, Court of Pret
    Raja, Pooja griha, Bhairav ji temple and Ram
    Darbar are some of the spots worth seeing here.

  • Agra - the splendour of Agra - the capital of
    India under the mighty Mughals, still remains
    undiministrative after 500 years and even today
    it seems to linger in the past. Not surprising,
    for the Mughal emperors with their passion for
    building, endowed the city with some of the
    finest structures in the world. Taj mahal and
    Agra fort.
  • Visit Taj Mahal Agra Fort.
  • Overnight at Agra.

Day 09 - Agra / Jhansi by train
  • At times, reality could be even more surprising
    than a fiction. Not only it is possible to read
    the human mind, but also it is feasible to know
    events outside our space-and-time horizon. The
    future is not so unforeseeable, as it is widely
    believed to be.
  • Drive to meeting with Pandukhor Sarkar at Jhansi
    or Bhopal who for know every thing before you
    ask and even write on a piece of paper.
  • Overnight at Orchha or Bhopal.

Day 10 Jhansi / Delhi
  • Morning visit Orchha, Located at a distance of
    16 km from Jhansi, formal capital of Bundela
    kings, Orchha rises out of the hills and the
    greens surrounding . The historical monuments of
    Orchha still retain their pristine charm and
    narrate stories of war and peace, of love and
    destruction. It is also a place famous for
    Bundela paintings, of which it was once a centre
    of activity. Nevertheless, Orchha is not all
    about history and legends it is also about the
    natural splendour of a wonderful valley where the
    crystal-clear waters of the Betwa flow quietly
    along the banks for which solitude is a way of
  • Afternoon Take Train for Delhi. Arrival at Delhi
    and Transfer to International Airport for your
    return flight.

Cost of the Tour for 09 Nights / 10 Days
  • USD 1699 per person based on minimum 02 person.

Cost Includes
  • Accommodation on Twin Sharing Basis Including
    Breakfast in Good 4 Hotels.
  • One Dinner at Home with Host Family in Jaipur.
  • Transportation by Air Condition Toyota Innova
    From Day 01 Till 10 Agra / Jhansi / Bhopal
    Train Ac Chair Car Jhansi / Delhi Train Ac Chair
    Car / 2nd AC Sleeper Jaipur / Haridwar Train 2nd
    AC SleeperBottle of Mineral Water per day
  • Full Tour Services of
  • Cost Excludes- Airfares (International
    Domestic), Meals, Entrances all other expenses
    like insurance, laundry, phone calls, tips etc.

Important Information
  • This is not a regular tour, please do not expect
    4 star sroundings. Wait / queues / delays are
    part of the tour.
  • Personal meeting depends upon appointments with
    Spiritual, Astrological, Mystical guides and
  • This tour is outcome of personal deep interest
    and research of more than a decade of Mr. Kuldeep
    K. Sharma
  • who will accompany you whole
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