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Welcome to Ms. Smith


Welcome to Ms. Smith s 6th Grade Class! Classroom Rules Think positively. Work quietly. Do not disturb others. Listen to the teacher and others. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Welcome to Ms. Smith

Welcome to Ms. Smiths 6th Grade Class!

Classroom Rules
  • Think positively.
  • Work quietly. Do not disturb others.
  • Listen to the teacher and others.
  • Follow directions.
  • Show respect to the teacher, classmates, other
    people, and property.

  1. Warning!!
  2. Silent Lunch.
  3. Phone Call/Letter Home
  4. Office Referral

  1. Marbles
  2. Candy Jar
  3. Special Celebrations
  4. The Joy of Learning

Class Expectations
  • What I expect from you
  • To try your best EVERYDAY at EVERYTHING you do in
    this room!!
  • To turn in all assignments.
  • To follow my rules and regulations.
  • To respect everyone in this room.
  • What you can expect from me
  • To be fair.
  • To be consistent
  • To be honest.
  • To work with you to help you .
  • To motivate you.
  • To listen and be there for you.

School Procedures
  • The hallways and restrooms are silent at all
    times to respect other classes. This is a school
    rule. As a class, we will be honoring this rule.

Dress Code Reminders
  • Boys! Shirt tails inPants pulled up with a belt.
  • No skulls on clothing, jewelry, etc.
  • Girls! Skirts/shorts must be finger tip length.
  • Girls! No spaghetti strap tank tops or low cut
  • Flip Flops and sandals with rubber soles only!
  • Small purses are allowed (No Large Tote Bags)
  • Clear or mesh book bags only.
  • Water bottles are allowed but they must be clear,
    not tinted or colored. They can be filled with
    water, nothing may be added.

Class Jobs
  • AR Helper- (1) Weekly updates the AR chart.
  • Teacher Assistant- (2) This student will help the
    teacher at anytime. Their responsibilities may
    include stapling papers, watching the class
    while the teacher is out of the room, and filling
    any for jobs when someone is absent
  • Bathroom Monitors-(2) These students are
    responsible for monitoring behavior in the
    bathroom and reporting any problems to the

Class Jobs Cont.
  • Table Washers- (2) These students are responsible
    for washing the lunchroom tables everyday and the
    classroom tables on Fridays.
  • Homeworkopoly Manager-(1) This student is
    responsible for making sure the HW board is
    correct and to facillate students rolling the
    dice and moving around the board.
  • Paper Drop Manager-(1) This student collects VIP
    papers and makes sure that the list is updated
    and checked off.

Class Jobs Cont.
  • Floor Sweeper- (1) This student is responsible
    for making sure the all trash is off the floor
    before lunch and before dismissal.
  • Hall Monitor- (1) This student monitor student
    behavior in the hall using the Monitor Clipboard.
  • Paper Passers- (2) These students are responsible
    for passing out all papers to students.

Class Procedures
  • Page Setup
  • 1. Full name and classroom number
  • 2. Date
  • 3. Subject/ assignment
  • Papers that are turned in without the correct
    heading will lose points!!

Class Procedures
  • Sharpening Pencils Pencils should be sharpened
    during the beginning of the day or during
    allotted time. They should never be sharpened
    during announcements or lessons while the teacher
    is talking.

Class Procedures
  • Gum and Candy No gum or candy is allowed during
    class unless given to students by the teacher as
    a reward. Gum and candy should be discarded
    before leaving the class.

Class Procedures
  • Library Books Students are expected to have a
    library book in class everyday. When students
    finish their work early they are expected to read
    out of their library book. If you dont have a
    library book, use the class library.

Class Library
  • Please do not abuse my books!! If I find that you
    are abusing books or taking them from this
    classroom without my permission you will lose the
    right to check out books.
  • All persons checking out a book must sign the
    clipboard hanging on the bookcase and get my
  • All persons returning a book must sign the
    clipboard hanging on the bookcase and get my
  • The only time I will initial the clipboard is
    during bell ringer and pack up time.
  • The Library Assistant is responsible for making
    sure all books have been turned in and placed in
    the correct section.
  • Remember, the class library is a privilege not a
    right. Please treat it respectfully.

  • Drop Everything And Read
  • We will be participating in DEAR!!
  • Everyone is to be reading some type of literature
    (books, magazines, reference books)
  • There will be complete silence during DEAR time
    or you will receive a consequence.

Classroom Procedures(Homeroom Only)
  • Coats and Book bags All book bags and outdoor
    (heavy) coats and jackets, are to be left in
    their assigned cabinet.
  • Lightweight jackets or sweaters may be worn if
    the student is cold in the classroom.

Class Procedures
  • Entering the classroom
  • Enter the room quietly.
  • Place all materials needed in the basket under
    your assigned seat.
  • Turn in any assignments in the designated area.
  • Begin Bell Ringer Assignment
  • When finished, sit quietly read library book.

Class Procedures
  • Class Dismissal
  • 1. The teacher dismisses students- not the bell
    or clock.
  • 2. Students are not dismissed until their area is
    organized and quiet.
  • 3. All paper should be cleaned from the desks and
  • 4. Homework must be written in HW planner and
    have MY initials before you leave.

Class Procedures
  • V.I.P- Very Important Papers
  • Friday Folders
  • Absent work
  • Computer Programs
  • Chain of Good Behavior/Marbles
  • Homework

  • You must turn in your reading log on the due
  • Reading log must be filled out correctly with the
    title and author of the book you are reading.
    Along with a summary, parent signature and number
    of pages read.
  • You must have the correct number of reading logs
    assigned. If you are missing even one, you LOSE
    A TURN!
  • Turn in your reading log in the designated area.
  • Roll the dice and move your clothespin around the
  • Good luck!! Be honest!! No CHEATING!!
  • There are four special spaces on our
    Homeworkopoly Board.
  • CHANCE Pull one card from the chance envelope
    and follow the directions listed on the card.
  • COMMUNITY CHEST Pull one card for the C. Chest
    envelope and follow the instructions listed on
    the card.
  • Brain Buster Pull one card from the Brain
    Buster envelope. A correct answer earns you up
    to 5 extra credit points on the quiz of your
  • GO Pass go and earn 1 free HW pass. (Cannot be
    used towards projects or test corrections.)

Class Procedures
  • Keep your desk neat!!- In order to be a
    successful student, you must be organized!
  • Turning in workBins are labeled with your group
    number and the assignment. Place your assignment
    in the correct bin.
  • Tardy- Come into the room quietly, place your
    tardy slip in the pink Notes Bin and ask your
    neighbor what you need to do.

Hand Signals
  • 1 finger- To make a comment.
  • 2 fingersAsk a question
  • 3 fingersBathroom/Water
  • Wait to be recognized before speaking or
    leaving the room.

Give Me FIVE
  • When I call for Give Me Five, you
  • Stop what you are doing
  • Eyes on the Teacher
  • Hands Are Empty
  • Mouths Are Quiet
  • Raise hand in the air.

Our Class
  • Our classroom is like our school family. We will
    treat each other with respect. I want you to
    come to me anytime you have a problem. You are
    each important to me. We will be kind to each
    other and stick up for each other if someone
    bullies us.
  • Our classroom WILL be a fun and exciting place to

This is a
  • Risk Taking
  • Mistake Making.
  • Classroom!!!!!

The End
  • I know this is going to be a great school year!
  • K. Smith
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