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Welcome to a Great Sixth Grade Year!


Welcome to a Great Sixth Grade Year! Starring .you! You are now the stars of the school As sixth graders all of your younger peers will be looking to you as role ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Welcome to a Great Sixth Grade Year!

Welcome to a Great Sixth Grade Year!
  • Starring.you!

You are now the stars of the school
  • As sixth graders all of your younger peers will
    be looking to you as role models. I know this is
    a great responsibility, but as your teacher I
    know you will do a wonderful job!

What do I (You) do in Writing class?
  • .

before Homeroom?
  • Get your backpack etc. when the morning bell
  • Wait for a 6th grade teacher to let you into the
  • Line up QUIETLY, outside the classroom next to
    the bench.
  • Wait for Miss Rauscher
  • Enter the classroom QUIETLY!

during Homeroom?
  • Take your backpack to your seat and unpack any
    needed materials. This includes agenda and
    behavior card everyday.
  • Unpack Writing materials as well if youre coming
    back after specials!
  • Hang your backpack on a hook, NOT on the floor!
  • Make your lunch choice on the side board.
  • Take out any notes, papers, etc. that you may
    need to turn in.
  • Wait quietly for announcements to begin.
  • Remember If you sing and participate, you earn

when entering the classroom?
  • Line up, in 2 lines, outside the classroom
    against the bench.
  • Stand and wait silently!
  • When I say its OK to come in, walk in QUIETLY!
  • Minutes will be subtracted from recess for
    classes who cannot enter quietly ?
  • Paragraphs will be given if needed ?

once in the classroom?
  • Unpack your backpack and get all supplies you
    will need for the class period.
  • You shouldnt need to get into your backpack
    again during class.
  • Hang your backpack on a hook, NOT on the floor!
  • Follow directions on the Smartboard until Miss
    Rauscher is ready to begin.

when I hear the bell ding?
  • Stop all talking and/or working,
  • and look at me.
  • I will give you the next directions when the room
    is quiet!

I need to use the restroom?
  • Raise your hand and show the bathroom signal
  • Wait for Miss Rauscher to acknowledge and answer
  • Fill in the sign out sheet completely
  • Take the pass and go.
  • Remember Sign back in when you return.

when I need to sharpen a pencil?
  • Where is the sharpener anyway? On the ledge by
    the window.
  • You may sharpen your pencil at any time, EXCEPT
    when Miss Rauscher is talking to the class.
  • The best times to sharpen are at the very
    beginning of class or during work time.

when I forgot my ISN?
  • Get a piece of lined, loose leaf paper from the
    paper tray.
  • Where is the paper tray? On the second shelf of
    the bookshelf.
  • Write the following at the top of the paper
  • Name Date
  • Title of Assignment/Activity
  • Staple any handouts to this paper

when I am turning in my work?
  • Make sure your name is on your paper!
  • Locate the appropriate turn in tub and drop your
    papers in.
  • Where are the turn in tubs located? The bottom
    row of the cubbies and they are labeled with your
    class period number.

when I have homework?
  • Copy homework from the homework board into your
    agenda book.
  • If there is no homework, simply write, no

when class is over?
  • Once Miss Rauscher says class is over, pack up
    your materials at your table.
  • Quietly, get your backpack.
  • DO NOT climb over or under tables or chairs to
    get to your backpack.
  • Once packed up, line up quietly at the door.
  • Wait to be dismissed.

when I forget the assignment that is due?
  • Go to the back counter and get a YELLOW form.
  • Fill in the top portion of the form. Fill it out
  • Since you dont have the assignment to turn in,
    you will turn in the YELLOW form in its place.
  • Bring your assignment tomorrow, or I will bother
    you for it! )

when I was absent?
  • Believe it or not, we did learn while you were
    gone! But, we saved your work for you!
  • First Get your agenda and go to the What You
    Missed binder on the back counter. Open to the
    date you were absent.
  • Second Copy the information from the binder into
    your agenda book (on the day you were absent)

when I was absent? (cont)
  • Third Locate the folder in the absence crate,
    for the date you were absent. Take all papers you
    need from the folder.
  • Fourth Ask a neighbor/friend if you dont
    understand something. If you still dont
    understand, ask me!
  • Fifth Make up missing work, including ISN pages.
  • You have 2 extra days for every day you were
    absent. (Absent Tues., work due Friday).

when I need a band-aid?
  • Wait for a break in the lesson, and get a
  • Where are the band-aids? In the top cabinet to
    the left of the sink. Only take what you need!
  • If you are bleeding, let me know and we will take
    care of it immediately.

when I have an issue with someone or something
in class?
  • We have the Issue Bin in the classroom for you to
    let me know of any issues you may be having. I
    will check this everyday. Please help me help
    you. There are almost 160 of you and only 1 of
    me. So, if you have a specific issue I need you
    to write your name on the paper. I cant help you
    if I dont know who you are. Also, if you are not
    comfortable writing your problem down, just write
    I need to talk to you and sign your name. I
    will find a time for us to talk.

Other stuff
  • Unless told its OK, do not use Sharpies for
    assignments! NEVER use them in your ISN!
  • My desk, and the items on it, are OFF LIMITS to
    students. Do not take pens, pencils, etc from my
    desk without permission. I dont go into your
    backpack so dont go into my desk ?
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