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Bill Martin Jr. Picture Book Award established in 1996


Bill Martin Jr. Picture Book Award established in 1996 2012 nominations For distinguished use of language and reading experiences for children. This is the URL for ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Bill Martin Jr. Picture Book Award established in 1996

Bill Martin Jr. Picture Book Awardestablished in
  • 2012 nominations
  • For distinguished use of language and reading
    experiences for children.

Bill Martin Jr.
  • To honor Bill Martin, Jr., internationally
    renowned Kansas author of childrens picture
  • To promote an appreciation for quality literature
    in young children
  • To commend outstanding authors/illustrators of
    childrens picture books
  • To encourage involvement in promoting quality
    picture books.

Nomination Criteria
  • appropriate for K-3
  • published during the 3 years preceding the one in
    which the final selection is made
  • must be in print and available for purchase
  • Books which are not Caldecott winners.
  • Only one title per author/illustrator from the
  • The award is not for didactic intent.

Additional Selection Process (taken from Notable
Books for a Global Society criteria)
  • appealing format
  • quality for the genre
  • represent a variety of genre picturebook,
    poetry, nonfiction, biography, folktale, fairy
  • invite reflection, critical analysis, and
  • be of enduring quality, demonstrate unique
    language or style and celebrate diversity.

More elements to consider
  • Bill Martin celebrated the use of language in so
    many ways. ' image building language, rhyme,
    rhythm, musical language use, characters that
    come alive, strong voice
  • book should be fun and pleasurable both as a read
    aloud and just for enjoying the process of

  • Voting books are chosen and voted on by KRA
  • Committee KRA members, from the six zones of KRA
    of varying educational involvement, and serve
    two-year terms
  • voting process is held in January
  • KRA member may login online to vote during the
    voting period

Repeated Interactive Read-Alouds in Preschool and
  • By Lea M. McGee and Judith Schickedanz
  • Reading Rocket website
  • Research has demonstrated that the most effective
    read-alouds are those where children are actively
    involved asking and answering questions and
    making predictions, rather than passively
    listening. This article describes in detail a
    technique for a three-step interactive read-aloud
    using sophisticated storybooks.
  • http//

  • INFO ON WIKI - http//ksbillmartinaward.wikispaces
  • HOW TO USE IT Just go to the above address and
    view any pages. You can join and become a member
    to add info or details as you would like. You can
    just reap the benefits of having ideas and
    resources at your fingertips.

INFO ON WIKI - http//ksbillmartinaward.wikispaces
Big Chickens Go to Town
  • by Leslie Helakoski
  • Having inadvertently traveled to the big city,
    four chickens are frightened by the strange
    noises, food, and animals they encounter.
  • activities

Big Chickens Go to Townselected activities
  • http//
    directions for card http//
  • CHICKEN DANCE http//whydidthechickencrosstheroa
  • Would you like to be a chicken?Yes, Id like to
    be a chicken.Bawk or Cluck (4) (hands like
    beak)(4 open close beaks, no words)Can you
    wiggle like a chicken?I can wiggle like a
    chicken.(shaking hips) Bawk Can you sound like
    a chicken?I can sound like a chicken. Bawk
    (4)Can you fly like a chicken?I can fly like a
    chicken? Bawk (4)

City Dog, Country Frog
  • By Mo Willems
  • City dog comes to the country and finds a friend
    in frog. They enjoy the seasons.
  • activities

City Dog , Country FrogWords by Mo
Willems,Pictures by John J Muth
  • Extension ideas for the Classroom
  • Make predictions based on illustrations or
    portions of the story. Begin by showing cover
    of book and having students make predictions
    about what the book will be about. As you read,
    be sure to stop in places where the season
    changes and let children tell which season comes
    next. Ask them to predict or draw a picture of
    what they think will happen next. The friends
    play games in each season. Discuss games and
    whether some games are better for which season
    and why. Discuss care and supplies needed for a
    pet dog, a pet frog, other pets. Assign an
    animal to each child to research whether their
    animal would make a good pet. Have them draw a
    picture of the habitat of their assigned pet and
    share pictures. Have each student draw a
    picture of two friends doing something together.
    Have them write a sentence to tell about the
    friends in their picture. Compile the pictures
    into a class book about friendship. Ask
    students how each picture makes them feel and
    what in the picture makes them feel that way.
    Invite students to play leap frog.

Clever Jack Takes the Cake
  • by Candace Fleming
  • A poor boy named Jack struggles to deliver a
    birthday present worthy of the princess.
  • activities

The Cow Loves Cookies
  • by Karma Wilson
  • While all the other animals on the farm enjoy
    eating their regular food, the cow chooses to eat
    the one thing that she loves best.
  • activities

How Rocket Learned to Read
  • by Tad Hills
  • A little yellow bird teaches Rocket the dog how
    to read by first introducing him to the alphabet.
  • activities

  • by Keith Baker
  • Busy little peas introduce their favorite
    occupations, from astronaut to zoologist.
  • activities

Polar Opposites
  • by Erik Brooks
  • Ambrose, a polar bear, and Zina, a penguin, are
    very different but they can still find ways to
    meet in the middle.
  • activities

Princess Pigtoria and the Pea
  • by Pamela D Edwards
  • To make her pigsty of a palace picturesque again,
    penniless Princess Pigtoria tries to get the
    pompous porker Prince Proudfoot to propose
  • activities

Seed, Sun, and Soil
  • by Cris Peterson
  • Follows a corn plant from tiny seed to giant
    plant in an explanation of how air and water
    combine with seed, soil, and sun to grow food.
  • activities

Snow Dogs Journey
  • by Loretta Krupinski
  • Anna builds a dog of snow, which the Frost King
    admires and takes away with him, but when Anna's
    love and faith eventually reunite her with Snow
    Dog, they each get their fondest wish.
  • activities

Sylvia Jean Scout Supreme
  • by Lisa Campbell Ernst
  • Sylvia Jean disguises herself in order to assist
    a neighbor who does not want her enthusiastic
    help, but she still might be the only one in her
    Pig Scout Troop who will not earn a Good Deed
  • activities

Truckery Rhymes
  • by Jon Scieszka
  • Collected, illustrated, rhymes about the trucks
    that reside in Trucktown patterned after Mother
    Goose rhymes.
  • activities

Members of BMJ Committee
  • Zone 1 - Linda Stahlman Hays and area
  • Zone 2 - Melissa Hall Manhattan and area
  • Zone 3 - Judy Debusk Topeka and area
  • Zone 4 - Rita Shogren Satanta and area
  • Zone 5 - Tina Quall Wichita and area
  • Zone 6 - Roger Caswell Ottawa and area
  • Chairman - Judy Desetti
  • Past Chairman - Paula Inman

You Can Help
  • Goal to increase the number of KRA members who
    are voting for the award.
  • Give input on how to increase the number of
    members voting to your zone BMJ member
  • Help to increase the number of students and
    teachers who are aware of this award. TALK ABOUT
    and USE the titles on the list.
  • in January

Winner 2011
  • Lousy rotten stinkin' grapesby Margie Palatini
  • Author website

Winner 2010
  • Another inky evenings herethe air is cool and
    calm and clear.Can it be true? Oh, can it be?
  • Bats Night at the library!
  • By Brian Lies
  • Receiving his honor for BMJ winner
  • _at_todays luncheon
  • Teacher Guides

More Past Winners
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