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The Libraries of Charles University in Prague introduce themselves


The Libraries of Charles University in Prague ... not a public library this constant tug-of-war between the administrators of the ... Physical Education and ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Libraries of Charles University in Prague introduce themselves

The Libraries of Charles University in Prague
introduce themselves
  • Marie Paráková, Jitka Stejskalová
  • Charles University in Prague

Some facts about Charles University
  • Charles University comprises 17 faculties, 3
    university institutes and 6 further facilities
    for educational, scientific, research and further
    innovative activities or else for providing
    information services, in addition to 5
    university-wide purpose-built facilities and a
    vice-chancellors office which is the centre of
    Charles University executive management
  • CHU has more than 7 000 employees, 4 000 of them
    are scientific and academic, more than 49 000
    students (which is almost one fifth of all the
    students in Czech Republic), more than 4 000
    foreign students

Some facts about CHU Libraries 2007
  • Library collections 4 513 231
  • Growth in stock 74 178
  • Number of printed journals 5 257
  • Number of e-journals (approximately) 20 000
  • Maximum opening hours in week 56
  • Number of outside loans 574 798
  • Number of users 98 572
  • Number of seats in studying rooms 2 149
  • Number of librarians 263

History of CHU Libraries
  • Charles University was founded 1348
  • history of Libraries started in the 1460s when
    individual colleges were established, the oldest
    one was the Charles which owned 35 manuscripts
    donated by the King Charles IV
  • until the second half of the 15th century gifts
    and bequests from wealthy merchants were the only
    means of increasing the libraries stock
  • books were loaned not only to academics but
    outside of university too
  • in certain colleges looked after libraries self
    titled bibliothéque-ers

History of CHU Libraries
  • the arrival of Jesuits in Czech Lands in 1556
    gave rise to creation of the Catholic St. Clement
    College which had its own Clementinum Library
  • in the second half of 16th century there were two
    important libraries - Charles Library and
  • in the middle of 17th century was established
    Charles-Ferdinand University from the
    ecclesiastical faculties from Clementinum and
    secular faculties from Carolinum but the both
    libraries functioned separately
  • In 1777 were both libraries joined and was formed
    new public Imperial University Library in
    Clementinum which 11O years later became the
    Imperial Public and University Library

History of CHU Libraries
  • the administration of the library was greatly
    influenced by library committees which were
    elected by academic senates of universities from
    the ranks of professors
  • during the course of years, and even centuries,
    these library committees constantly demonstrated
    that the library should serve the role of
    university library and not a public library
  • this constant tug-of-war between the
    administrators of the library and the University
    about the mission of the library lasted through
    the First World War and then on through the
    creation of an independent Republic and continued
    until the end of Second World War

History of CHU Libraries
  • after the Second World War the University lost
    all control over the running of Clementinum
    Library, further developments mainly concerned
    the meaning behind the direction and functions of
    National Library
  • from 1975 the university library was not even a
    separate sub-division of Clementinum Library and
    after the Velvet Revolution the library was
    renamed the National Library of Czech Republic,
    also the students and teaching staff from the
    University visit this library
  • from the 1950s onwards faculty libraries began to
    be established, as well as small seminary and
    departmental libraries

Today of CHU Libraries
  • there are almost 250 special oriented libraries
    which can be divided into the following types
  • Type A - a central library with all services
    provided from a single location, this model is
    used by the following faculties - Law, Pedagogy,
    Physical Education and Sports, all the
    theological faculties and by two of three
    independent university institutes - the Centre
    for Research and Doctoral Study in Economics, the
    Institute of History and the Charles University

Today of CHU Libraries
  • Type B a central processing location serving
    departmental libraries. While the central
    location conducts co-ordinated acquisitions and
    stock processing, all other activities are
    transferred to departmental libraries, where
    library administration is sometimes not entrusted
    to professional librarians but to other employees
    of the department (teaching staff, secretary,
    etc.). This model is used at the Faculty of Arts
    although currently a transformation of these
    libraries is taking place, moving towards a
    central study location situated in a single
    shared library

Today of CHU Libraries
  • Type C a central library, with connections to
    partial libraries, on behalf of which the central
    library carries out certain activities
    (acquisition, processing, cataloguing). This is
    the model mainly used by the Medical Faculties,
    Pharmaceutical Faculty and Social Sciences
  • Type D subject libraries, between which the
    connecting link is management of activities by a
    head employee. This model is used by the Natural
    Sciences Faculty and by the Mathematics and
    Physics Faculty

Today of CHU Libraries
  • Type E site library, which is located on a site
    where are situated subjects of a similar nature
    from several faculties. This model can be seen in
    the Library of Social Sciences of T. G. Masaryk
    in Jinonice, which is the background for several
    fields of study by the Faculty of Arts, Social
    Science and Faculty of Humanities as well as the
    Charles University Centre for Environmental
  • at Charles University there exists also the
    Central Library which is not traditional
    university library but is entrusted with
    administration of the specialist research
    collection and coordination of the library
    information service and CHU Computer Centre
    which is the administrator of union catalogue

Today of CHU Libraries
  • CHU has many faculties and institutes which are
    not located in Prague but outside of Prague this
    means that CHU can not have one central library
  • in this situation the only possibility is
    cooperation between all the libraries and
    information facilities at the University
  • at the beginning of the 1990s the libraries
    progressively moved to towards automated
    operation, the first step was a selection of
    automated library system, most of them chose the
    system Tinlib

Today of CHU Libraries
  • the CHU Computer Centre worked in 1993 on the
    project to build a central cataloging system
  • the union catalogue was created from new
    acquisition dating from the beginning of 1993 and
    subsequently supplemented by older so-called
    live library collections
  • until 2003 was used batch mode of creation the
    union catalogue which has a number of
    disadvantages - delay in delivery of records,
    great number of duplication, variability of

Today of CHU Libraries
  • until 2004 was implemented a centralized model
    for automated library system under Aleph 500 not
    only for cataloging, for loan system,
    administration of serials etc. too
  • the completion of the project of centralized
    library system is finishing now

Participation of libraries on the union catalogue
in 2007
Number of records in the union catalogue
(in thousands)
Today of CHU Libraries
  • Central Library is responsible for the
    development of further co-operation and a uniform
    approach to library activities in Charles
  • arranges the acquisition of many databases both
    for faculties and for their individual parts, as
    well as taking part in consortia in the Czech
  • the range of e-resources has increased for users
    during the past ten years

Today of CHU Libraries
  • faculty libraries created their own lists of
    electronic resources for their own users
  • resources which are prepaid on a university-wide
    basis have been placed on the Central Library web
  • a colleague from CHU Computer Center has created
    an information gateway
  • the company Albertina Icome Praha a provider of
    e-resources to the Czech Republic offered its
    users product Infosources

Today of CHU Libraries
  • CHU Computer Centre selected and implemented the
    Onelog system for remote access to the e-sources
  • this situation formed the basis of the Portal
    for Charles University electronic resources
  • is designed to offer users a list of all the
    licensed databases accessible on the Charles
    University campus, as well as both summary and
    detailed information about the resources in Czech
    and English and a link for on-site access and
    remote access
  • the introductory screen gives information to
    users about how to work with the resources and
    about the penalties for not adhering to the rules

Today of CHU Libraries
  • individual e-periodicals will be accessible via
    the Portal for electronic periodicals (PEC)
    and individual electronic books will be stored on
    the ALEPH system, links from Portal of e-sources
    will lead to both types of documents
  • Portal of e-sources offers users a list of
    resources in order according to subject, faculty
    or the alphabet

PEZ.CUNI.CZ alphabetical order
PEZ.CUNI.CZ e-resources by faculties
PEZ.CUNI.CZ description of database
Today of CHU Libraries
  • Charles University libraries collect
    bibliographical records about all the
    publications of employees of the University since
  • known as "Records of publications by the internal
    employees of Charles University "
  • each year this database increases by an extra
    10,000 entries, the database now almost has a
    very respectable 120,000 entries

Today of CHU Libraries
  • CHU libraries make the Register of Information
    on the Results of RD
  • a means of evaluating achievements in science and
  • from 2009 the University will be awarded part of
    its financial resources for research based on
    this evaluation
  • from 2011 all its resources for research will be
    granted solely on the results of this evaluation

Today of CHU Libraries
  • only way to ensure a high-quality and effective
    return on the resources expended for a library
    and information service in Charles University is
    to achieve the highest possible level of
    co-ordination in the activities which are common
    to all workplaces

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