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Welcome to Open House


Welcome to Open House Mrs. Vartenisian s and Mrs. Mann s Second Grade August 21, 2014 iRespond Question Master A.) Response A B.) Response B C.) Response C D ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Welcome to Open House

Welcome to Open House
  • Mrs. Vartenisians and Mrs. Manns
  • Second Grade
  • August 21, 2014

The s of Second Grade
Attendance and Absences
  • Please try to have your child arrive at school
    each day before the bell rings at 750 am. If
    you know your child is going to be out, please
    notify us in advance if possible. Otherwise,
    please send a note stating the reason your child
    was out when he/she returns to school. Please
    schedule doctor/dentist appointments after school
  • Excessive absences/tardies
  • 5 absences/tardies A phone call home to parent
  • 10 absences/tardies A letter home from school
  • 15 absences/tardies The school social worker
    is informed and she will contact

ASP and Agendas
  • After School Program (ASP) Your child must be
    registered and pre-paid in order to stay in ASP.
    The price per day is 7.00. There is a 10.00
    registration fee for ASP, making the first day
    17.00. Please register your child if you think
    there may ever be a time your child would stay.
  • Agendas Please review agendas each night. Your
    childs behavior number will be written in the
    agenda daily. We may also communicate other
    important information through the agenda. Please
    initial it nightly so that we know you have seen

Blog and Behavior
  • Behavior Please reinforce good behavior with
    your child at home. Behavior is based on a number
    coded system. Your child will start everyday on
    a 3. Based on their behavior the clips are moved
    for inappropriate behaviors such as when off
    task, talking, or out of their seat. The first
    move is to 2 for a warning and 5 minutes off
    recess. Then 1 for 10 minutes out. Students can
    also move back up for changing their behavior and
    making more positive choices. If a student has
    remained on a 3 all day, and has gone above and
    beyond with behavior choices in some way, they
    may move to a 4.
  • Blog-We have a blog up and running! It will be
    updated weekly. Please check it each week!

Conferences and Checkout
  • Conferences Conferences will take place during
    the week of October 20(Monday - Friday). The
    children will be dismissed two hours early during
    that week.
  • Checkout Your child may only be checked out
    from the main office, not from the
    classroom. Also, no child will be
    dismissed from the classroom after

Daily Reading
  • Read daily with your child for at least 15 to 20
    minutes. Research has proven that reading with
    and to your child daily can and does increase
    their reading abilities! Please write the name of
    the book that you read each night in the agenda.

Encourage and Early Release Days
  • Encourage Encourage your child to read daily
    at home.
  • Early Release Days - Be sure we know how your
    child is getting home on early release days.

  • Folders Communication folders will be sent
  • on Thursday. They contain important papers
    from school, graded work and
    P.T.A. information.
    Communication folders need to be
    checked and cleaned out each
    night and
    returned to
    school everyday.

Guidance and Georgia State Standards
  • Guidance Our guidance counselor is
    Tina Stevens-Carty. She conducts guidance
    lessons every two weeks in our class.
  • Georgia State Standards
  • http//corestandards.org

Help and Homework
  • Help Help your child to become more
    independent. This is a huge part of the
    transition to second grade and assists them in
    the higher grades as well.
  • Homework We have a homework notebook. Each
    month your child will have a new calendar of
    homework assignments in that notebook. Please
    check homework nightly, and go over it with your
    child if there are any mistakes. Initial
    homework each night so that I know you have
    reviewed it together.

  • Please take an interest in what your child does
    in school. Ask them specific questions so they
    can share their day with you.

  • Your child has a homework journal, writing
  • and math journal. They are used daily to
    complete multiple assignments. So do not keep
    these at home.

  • Keep your childs work for remembrance.

Lunch and Library
  • Lunch Our class goes to lunch from 1134
    1204. Please join us any time you can. We
    encourage you to pay for your childs lunches by
    the week or month. The cafeteria will keep a
    record of your childs account. The lunch fee is
    2.15 a day. Unless you have been notified
  • Library - Our class will go to the library as a
    class once a week. Please see that your child
    has read his or her library books, and returns
    them to school on time so
    that they can check out new ones.

Medication and Math
  • Medication If your child needs to take any
    form of medication at school, the school must
    have written permission to dispense. The
    medication must be in the original container. You
    (the parent) must turn in the medicine to the
    office. It will be stored in the clinic and
    dispensed by the school nurse. We are not
    allowed to handle any medication.

  • Please clearly label your childs belongings.
    Please help your child to remember to label all
    work that is turned in! Children should not be
    writing in cursive yet.

Open and Organization
  • Open Please open your childs book bag every
    day! Homework journals are sent home everyday
    along with daily communication folders.
  • Organization This is a skill that many second
    graders will work on during the
    school year. Please encourage
    your child to be organized and
    lend them support
    whenever possible.

Permission Forms, PBIS, P.T.A.,
  • Permission Forms Please sign and return any
    permission forms as soon as you receive them.
  • PBIS- Positive Behavior Intervention Support
  • P.T.A. Please take the time to join our P.T.A.
    It is only 7.00. They are very supportive and
    involved in Acworth Intermediate.

Questions and Quiet
  • Questions If you ever have a question, please
    send in a note in your childs folder or feel
    free to e-mail us anytime with questions or
    concerns (britney.vartenisian_at_cobbk12.org,
    sallie.mann_at_cobbk12.org) Our goal is to contact
    you within 24 hours. Please keep in mind that
    e-mail can only be checked at certain times
    during the day. The quickest and best way to
    contact us is by writing a note and placing it in
    your childs folder.
  • Quiet Please try to set up a quiet
    and well-lit area for your child
    to complete any
    assignments at home.
    This will help them focus and do their

Read and Report Cards
  • Read Read to or with your child daily.
  • Report Cards - Report cards will be sent home
    every nine weeks.

Sign In and Snack
  • Sign in When visiting the school, please
    sign-in at the front office.
  • Snack - We have snack everyday when we at recess
    (1015) Please remember to send in a healthy
    snack each day with your child. Students may not
    share their snack unless there is enough for the
    entire class.

  • Please send a note if your childs
    transportation will be changing at any time.
    Without a note we must send your child home the
    usual way. No changes will be accepted by phone
    or fax after 130 pm.

  • Please understand that second grade is a time of
    change for your child. There is an expectation
    for independence and responsibility that may be
    different from your childs first grade

  • If you are able, please volunteer to help out
    with various activities in the class or within
    the school.

Weapons Policy
  • To be safe, please do not allow your child to
    bring anything to school that is or even looks
    like a weapon (toys included). This is a very
    strict policy within the county.

eXtra Special
  • Each child is extra special in his/her own unique

You, the parent
  • You, the parent, are the most important factor
    in your childs learning process. Please be
    involved as much as possible.

  • A good nights sleep is needed in order for your
    child to learn and feel great each day.

  • I feel privileged to have your child in our
    class this year. We have an awesome class! We
    look forward to a positive year with lots of
    individual growth and success!

Lets Have a Great Year!
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