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INTD 52 controls dimming, switching, timers, photosensors, motion detectors controls every room is capable of being viewed and used in multiple ways options are ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: INTD 52

INTD 52 controlsdimming, switching, timers,
photosensors, motion detectors
controls every room is capable of being viewed
and used in multiple ways options are almost
limitlessneed to be matched to wants
capabilities of client common mistake locating
majority of controls at front doorgive them
options and let them tell you what they want
switch controls momentary contact switches (door
jam switches) devices that turn on the light
when door is openedwhen door is shut, light is
off good only if clients (and their children)
close the door completely after use
switch controls motion sensors turns on light as
someone enters roomkeeps them on as long as
there is movement or for certain length of
time manual override is available
switch controls panic switches normally located
in master bedroom to turn on exterior perimeter
lightsuseful for suspicious noises or if left on
switch controls half-switched receptacles labor-s
aving device in houses that use a lot of portable
luminaires wall switch activates one of the two
outlets and the other outlet is continuously
live should NOT be put on a dimmer
switch controls sound-actuated switches turn on
lights when noise is made may find the lights
turning on and off at inopportune
moments low-end solution to half-switched
switch controls three-way switching confusing ca
n be turned on from two locationsthe actual
luminaire counts as one leg of the switching
switch controls timers another option for
turning lights on and off add a level of
security to a homecome on at set times or
staggered intervals to give the appearance of
someone home plug-in 24-hour programmable
24-hour/7 day programmable
  • switch controls photosensors
  • activated by the absence of lightuseful in
    outdoor lighting
  • must keep sensors clean
  • locate in shade-free spot
  • out of direct path of
  • another light

switch controls dimmers allows variable
adjustment of light levels rotary, toggle,
glider, touch, low voltage line voltage
switch controls dimmers choose a dimmer
specifically made for the luminaire type you are
dimming be aware of the dimmers maximum
wattage (normal 600 watts)mounting two or more
next to one another decreases load
capacities choose well made dimmersdont expect
much from a 4.95 dimmer switch choose dimmer
style to match exisitng switch plates
switch controls pre-set dimming systems allow
for greater variety of predetermined light level
combinations have become more affordable usually
used for entertaining spacesliving rooms,
dining rooms, entries kitchens sometimes
switch controls central home lighting control
systems allow for remote control of entire house
from a few choice locations cost effective only
in new constructionradio controlled components
an option for existing construction
switch controls bottom line DO your
research DO NOT overdesign the controlsmust be
user-friendly for specific client
participation activity reading lighting plans
as a group, answer the questions on the on the
assignment sheet using the lighting plans
provided remember that this is a lesson in
plan navigation as well as a beginning to
learning the lighting language in a more
hands-on approach
INTD 52 special effects
special effects since special lighting effects
can have such a strong presencepicking the right
placement is MAJOR factor should be subtle and
controllable in residential applications for
everyday use
  • special effects framing projectors
  • optical framing projectorsfocus light to match
    the shape of the art/table it illuminates
  • simpler modelsuse a series of shutters
  • sophisticated modelscustom-cut metal template to
    match shape of art

  • special effects framing projectors
  • need regular adjustments if movement in
    buildingkids, traffic nearby, etc
  • housing needs to be accessibleok if attic space
    above but what about bedroom?
  • cost around 1500simpler recessed adjustable
    MR16 around 165

special effects neon hardwired installation not
allowed in residences3000-15,000 volts portable
is legal safe glass vacuum tube filled with
neon gaselectricity causes orange- red glow
special effects neon
special effects neon
special effects neon
special effects cold cathode close relative of
neonused for illumination purposes, not as
signage or art transformers can operate at less
than 1,000 voltsinspectors will look for UL
label small in diameter compared to
fluorescentgreat for cove lighting or behind
crown molding
special effects cold cathode
special effects fiber optics comes in edge-lit
end-lit varieties usually contains two
components the fiber optic material itself
the illuminator
  • special effects fiber optics
  • illuminator box
  • remotely located
  • houses lamp, ballast fan
  • could house optional color wheel or filter
  • pros
  • flexibilitychanges color at will
  • ease of installationcan be used in water
  • low maintenance
  • cons
  • not as much light as neon

special effects fiber optics
  • special effects LEDs (light-emitting diodes)
  • relatively new on the marketavailable in colors
    as well as white
  • 400,000 hours of life
  • used in
  • cove lighting or any indirect, ambient
  • bookcases or cabinets
  • under cabinet lighting

special effects LEDs (light-emitting diodes)
special effects bottom line a little goes a
long way
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