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Mrs. Hiles


Mrs. Hiles Class Teasley Elementary Open House September 9, 2013 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Mrs. Hiles

Mrs. Hiles ClassTeasley ElementaryOpen House
September 9, 2013
Meet the Teacher
  • Education Master of Education
  • Twenty- one years experience in teaching
  • 2 years teaching K-3 reading and math 2 years
    teaching Second Grade 6 years teaching Fourth
    Grade 11 years teaching Fifth Grade
  • Married to best man on Earth! ?
  • 2 children Son in 11th grade at Campbell High,
    Daughter in 7th grade at Eastside Christian

Our Classroom
  • High expectations- every child is a learner
  • Common Core Standards (math and Language Arts)
    writing across the curriculum (You have a handout
    on your desk to take with you.)

Daily Schedule
  • 720-750 Get ready for the day
  • 750-800 Morning Announcements
  • 800-900 Math
  • 900-1130 Reading/Writing/Grammar (1000
  • 11331203 LUNCH
  • 1220110 Specials (Mon. - Art, Wed. - Math,
    Fri. - P.E.)
  • 1220-200 Specials (Thurs. P.E. Music)
  • 110-200 Science Social Studies Rotation
  • 200-215 Record assignments/pack up/dismissal

  • Math
  • Harcourt- Textbook is online
  • Social Studies
  • Maps/Globes, History from Civil War to present
  • Textbook is online
  • Science
  • Constuctive/Destructive Forces Matter
  • Cells/Organism Classification
  • Textbook is online
  • Health
  • Nutrition
  • Medicine/Disease Prevention
  • Growth and development
  • Personal Safety

Curriculum Cont.
  • Reading
  • Guided Reading Groups/Independent Reading
  • Novel studies Reading Logs
  • Good Habits- Great Readers series
  • Writing
  • GA Writing Assessment in March 5th
  • Spelling
  • Words Their Way Test on Fridays
  • Tic Tac Toe activities during the week due

  • Social Studies Science
  • Practice exercises in class
  • Quizzes/Tests/Projects
  • Classwork Assignments
  • Math
  • Concept Quizzes/Checkpoints
  • Problem Solving Quizzes
  • Computation Quizzes
  • Tests
  • Classwork Assignments
  • Spelling Reading
  • Quizzes/Tests/Projects/Activities
  • Classwork Assignments
  • Language Arts
  • Tests and Writing Pieces
  • Grammar Quizzes
  • Classwork Assignments
  • Grading System
  • 90-100 A
  • 80 - 89 B
  • 74 - 79 C
  • 70 - 73 D
  • 69 and below F

Conferences Week of October 21st.
  • Chapter tests and quizzes
  • I will try to notify a few days prior to testing.
  • ITBS September 23rd 30th
  • Writing Assessment Mar. 5th
  • CRCT begins April 23 May 2nd

  • Expect daily math homework (except Fridays).
  • Study spelling daily. Tic Tac Toe due on Thursday
    with test on Friday
  • Daily Reading minimum of 20 minutes per night
  • Students should be filling out Media Center
    reading sheet each nine weeks.
  • Homework in other subjects will be written in
  • Homework is posted daily on class blog.

Behavior Management
  • T2P2 (Teasley Tiger Pride Program)
  • Must have 30 purples in order to receive a Tiger
    pride award at the end of the nine weeks. 2 green
    or yellow no award, red no award
  • If a student pulls a card they will not have
    recess that day.
  • Merits (Positive Reinforcement) 5 stickers
    lunch on Friday in the classroom with a movie

Field Trips
  • Atlanta History Center History Trunks (In
  • December Atlanta Symphony Orchestra _at_ Cobb
    Energy Center
  • Camp Timber Ridge May 3rd
  • Behavior Must follow T2P2 or will not be
    allowed to attend fieldtrips

Nutritious Snack Daily
Only water to drink!
Breakfast is SO IMPORTANT!!!
Most Valuable Player (MVP)
  • While your child is the Most Valuable Player of
    the Week, each day of the week will consist of an
    exciting event or activity to honor him or her.
  • Sharing Sack During the week before a student is
    MVP, a tote bag will be sent home with the child.
    Students have a week to collect 3 special items
    with which to fill the bag at home and bring it
    back to share with classmates on Monday.
    Students should also bring 3 photos of their
    choice to display on the MVP of the Week bulletin
  • Favorite Book The MVP of the Week brings one of
    his or her favorite books to share about to the
    class. Students can read the book aloud to the
    class if it can be read in less than 10 minutes
    long or give a book-talk if the book is longer.
  • Parent Letter Parents will write a letter to the
    class telling us how special your child is to
    you. Send the letter in a sealed envelope to
    school with your child, and I will read the
    letter to the class at class meeting. The
    content of the letter is up to you, but you may
    want to choose from the following ideas Describe
    special or funny stories about your child for the
    class to hear, write a silly or serious poem
    about your child, tell us some neat things we may
    not know about your child, send silly or special
    pictures with a letter describing the pictures,
    or write a short story with your child as the
    main character. You may also send a video for
    the class to watch if you choose.

MVP Cont.
  • Lunch Buddy If possible, join your child in the
    cafeteria for a special lunch on this day. You
    may also choose to invite a sibling or a favorite
    relative to be your childs lunch buddy. You can
    have the buddy be a surprise or let your child
    know ahead of time. If you are unable to make it
    during our lunch period (1133-1203), please let
    me know, and I will plan to eat with your child
    in the classroom with a friend.
  • MVP Recognition The student will be recognized
    by his or her classmates and presented with a
    Most Valuable Player of the Week" certificate.
  • The events planned for Wednesday, Thursday, and
    Friday can be swapped in order to accommodate
    your personal schedules if you are planning to be
    a lunch buddy during the week.

MVP Schedule
  • September
  • 9/9-13 Sage Anoff
  • 9/16-20 Michelle Childs
  • 9/23-27 Vedant Choudhary
  • October
  • 10/14-18 Madison Clark
  • 10/21-25 Makayla Cort
  • 10/28-11/1 Irina Delarosa
  • November
  • 11/4-8 Nolan Ford
  • 11/11-15 Daniel Halliday
  • 11/18-22 Zion Henry
  • December
  • 12/2-6 Jennie Kong
  • 12/9-13 Jasean Martin
  • 12/16-20 Kyle Mwangi
  • January
  • 1/13-17 Leza Ned

  • Parents are required to sign in upon entry and
    wear nametags.
  • Transportation
  • All changes are required to be submitted in
    writing- no emails or calls.
  • You are required to send a note for each day of a
    transportation change.

  • Have you ever walked into a classroom full of
    kids when all the windows are closed? PhWew!!
  • According to the experts young kids may sweat but
    they don't start having body odor (BO) until they
    reach puberty. That's when special sweat glands
    under the arms and around special places roar
    into full production pouring out sweat which
  • So, make sure you have purchased deodorant for
    your child to have in their back pack for when
    they forget to apply in the mornings. PE days
    are the worst days.
  • Storage chest needed for our bathroom to put
    extra deodorant and supplies for our girls.

Stay Connected!
  • Graded papers will be sent home each Thursday.
    You are to sign and return any grade below 80 in
    the envelope.
  • Class blog
  • My Email
  • School Phone (770) 437-5945
  • Best time to call me at school during the day
    1230 100 except on Tuesday.

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