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Hydrotherapy or Water Therapy


Hydrotherapy or Water Therapy Remember=As in the Spiritual...so in the physical If thou knewest the gift of God, and who it is that saith to thee, Give me to drink ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Hydrotherapy or Water Therapy

Hydrotherapy or Water Therapy
RememberAs in the Spiritual...so in the physical
If thou knewest the gift of God, and who it is
that saith to thee, Give me to drink thou
wouldest have asked of him, and he would have
given thee living water.
Water is cleansing, inside and outit Represents
  • But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall
    give him shall never thirst but the water that I
    shall give him shall be in him a well of water
    springing up into everlasting life. John
  • Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean wash
    me, and I shall be whiter than snow. Ps. 517
  • Wash you, make you clean put away the evil of
    your doings from before mine eyes cease to do
    evil. Is. 116
  • And now why tarriest thou? arise, and be
    baptized, and wash away thy sins, calling on the
    name of the Lord. Acts 2216

Understanding Hydrotherapy
  • Physiological responses
  • Hot dilates capillariesskin turns red
  • Cold constricts capillariesskin can become white
  • Underlying organs respond with either relaxation
    or increased activity
  • Body temperature responds accordingly
  • Metabolism, or body chemistry is
    accelerated/digestion improved
  • Blood becomes more alkaline

Benefits of Hydrotherapy
  • The most effective therapy modality known to
    fight disease, ageing, infections, pain
  • Weight Loss!!!
  • Hormones increase in quality and
    effectiveness--balanced in conjunction with herbs
  • Improved digestive tract functions
  • Sets the stage for Detoxification,

  • Cleanses the body of morbid matter from Detox
  • Brain and nervous system toned and calmed
  • Heart rate is increased and strengthened
  • Long term helps prevent heart attack and
    stroke--works in conjunction with all other 8
    laws of health

  • Mental clarity, increased emotional stability
  • Immune system strengthened and enabled
  • Lymph flow increased and activity increase
  • White blood cells increase in numbers and
    chemistry, lymphocytes increase in numbers

  • Increased ability and strength of resistance to
  • Quicker healing from trauma with minimal tissue
  • Less burn scaring, quicker healing due to
    increased circulation in capillaries

Lists of various types of hydrotherapyThere are
two kinds of hydrotherapy
  • Fever Therapies
  • Hot fomentations
  • Hot tub soaks-can be medicated
  • Wet sheet pack
  • Russian steam bath
  • Hot foot bath

  • Contrast Therapies
  • Shower or spray type
  • Plunges or underwater therapy
  • There are several ways to apply contrast
  • Local treatments
  • Hot /or cold to extremities
  • Local thermal applications
  • Paraffin baths
  • Cold mitten friction

Water Temperatures and their effect
  • Painfully hot 110-120F 42.8-46 C
  • Very hot 104-110 40-42.8 extreme
  • Hot 100-104 38-40 dilatation
  • Neutral 94-97 34.4-37 calming, relaxing
  • Warm 92-100 34-38 refreshing
  • Tepid 80-92 27-34 wound cleansing
  • Cool 70-80 21-27 constricting
  • Cold 55-70 13-21 therapeutically
  • Very Cold 32-55 0-13 severe
  • anesthetic

  • The effects of contrast shower plunge
  • Toning to the whole body
  • Increases the mobility of cell membrane gate
    openings and closings and the traffic of
    nutrients/waste in and out
  • Strengthens and mobilizes the immune system cells
    and their chemistry
  • Helps build muscle, including the heart muscle

  • Aides in detoxing and cleansing the body
  • Helps body to shed unnecessary weight
  • Opens and activates the skin pores
  • Increases mental clarity, increases quality of
    brain chemistry
  • Stimulates good hormone production and
    utilization of such

  • Stimulates joints to lubricate and de-mineralize
    crystal buildup, therefore aiding in the
    rebuilding of joint cartilage, reduces pain
  • Increases lymph circulation, increasing the
    ability to fight infections
  • Enables the body to be more oxygenated and
    utilize oxygen more effectively

Hot and cold contrast therapies
  • Shower or spray
  • Skin brushtake at least 7-10 minutes
  • Warm up in the shower then turn the hot water up
    until it is as hot as you can stand without it
    stinging or burning your skintime it for 3
  • Direct the water flow to the back of your head,
    neck, spine, and any affected part of your body

  • After 3 minutes turn the hot way down to cold as
    cold as you can stand it, but not freezing,
    numbing cold, just cold enough to force you to
    breath deep and dance a littletime this for 1
  • If your water is not so cold, you may have to
    stay in the cold longer
  • Return to the hot water for 3 minutes then to the
    cold for 1 or more minutes, this is a round.
  • Do 7 rounds of these daily, or multiple times in
    a day, cannot do too much

  • This treatment is the same as the contrast
    showers, except it is more intense, and is done
    in two tubs of water.
  • One tub is hot 108-110F 38-42C
  • The other tub is cold 55-70F 13-21C
  • Spend 5 minutes in the hot water
  • Spend 1-2 minutes in the cold water-longer if you
    cannot get down to 55 degrees F, or 13 C

  • Immerse your whole body except your nose if
  • Be sure to skin brush first
  • Spend 33-5 min in hot then quickly go to cold and
    spend 1-3 min. repeat this 7 times, finishing
    with cold for 10 seconds
  • When finished dry off very briskly
  • Dress warmly and rest for 30 minutes at something
  • Work into this one with contrast showers first
    for a few days

Fever Therapypossible effects and their solution!
  • Uncontrollable shivering . .
  • Hypotension . . . . . . . . . .
  • Vertigo . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • Palpitations of the heart . .
  • Extreme skin sensitivity . tickling, muscle
    guarding, uncontrolled laughing
  • Hyperventilation . . . . . . .
  • Faintness, muscle twitching or jerking
  • Nausea . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • Water too cold-increase temperature-do hot foot
  • Pt dehydrated-give liquids
  • Too intense-lessen intensity
  • Same-give hawthorn, exercise
  • Needs more skin brushing, Bowel detoxing, ice to
  • Lobelia, coach deep breathing
  • Give cayenne, then lobelia, less intense hydro
    for a few times
  • Dehydrated, cleanse stomach

  • Always use ice pack over heart and or head or
    neck with fever therapies
  • Keep cayenne and lobelia tinctures within reach
    and drop droppers full directly into mouth in
  • Take a measurement of body temperature before the
    treatment then every 10 min. or less
  • Hydrate-drink lots of fluids before during and
    after treatment such as hot lemon aide, yarrow,
    peppermint, or other tea

  • Heart patients, diabetics, stroke, trauma, and
    critically compromised disease patients begin
    easy and work into more intense
  • Be sure to do treatments in warm area-no drafts.
  • Monitor your patient at all times, be prepared to
  • Rule of therapy for after all TX----always rest
    one hour, covered, immediately following

Hot foot bath
  • This is local immersion bath covering the feet,
    ankles, and lower legs at temperatures from
    100-115F or 38-41C
  • Local and reflex pathways increase the blood flow
    through the feet and entire skin surface
    producing decongestion in internal organs and

Benefits of the Hot Foot Bath
  • Relieves congestive headache
  • Relieves chest congestion
  • Relieves pelvic congestion
  • Stops epitasis or nose bleeding
  • Aides in recovery from colds and infections of
    lungs this includes pneumonia all respiratory
  • And many more benefits

  • General Warming purposes
  • This will prepare the patient for massage,
    general application of heat, tonic procedures,
    prevention of colds or to abort one
  • To aid in relaxation and comfort, and to detox
    the body through herbs in the water
  • To produce sweatingTX must be prolonged

Russian Steam Bath
  • Steam applied to skin while sitting in a chair
  • Effects and indications
  • To produce sweating
  • For production of fever therapy-intense, short
  • Increases body temperature-100 humidity-no heat
  • Increases pulse rate, blood pressure, and

  • Marked peripheral vasodilatation
  • Graduated hydrotherapy, for after other therapies
  • Uses
  • Arthritis, gout, obesity, substance abuse
    recovery, detoxification, infections,
    strengthening of immune system, hypothyroid
    disease, and many others
  • Caution with use in
  • Hypertension, diabetes, and cardiac impairment
  • Once a fever therapy has been experienced for 2-3
    times you can graduate up to Russian Steam Chair.
    Or if needed you can do the RSChair, but not as
    hot or as long a time until the person is

Heres how
  • Place patient on a wooden chair or one that will
    not rustplastic is ok
  • Under chair, place a hot plate/burner with a
    kettle of water, heat to boiling, adjust heat
  • Drape patient with plastic, then a sheet, closing
    snugly around neck, and all around
  • Note the time--treatment is for 20-30 minutes or
    as tolerated

  • Be sure to have done the preliminaries
  • Temperature check, hydration, cayenne/ lobelia
    present, Ice bag ready, stay with patient and
    monitor closely, time the treatment.
  • Be sure the steam is directed away from the
    patient burns easily. If necessary drape the
    chair with a towel, so it is hanging down in the
    direct pathway of the steam

Hot Fomentations
  • These are hot towels that are wet and
    heated in a microwave, wool packs steamed etc,
    and applied to the chest and back for fever
    therapy. They can also be applied to other
    parts of the body and alternated with cold packs
    for a contrast local stimulation. But for
    systemic TX here are the
  • Steps to take in this treatment
  • This can follow a contrast shower, or just start
    the treatment, but skin brush first.

  • 2. Be sure to hydrate well before, during and
    after treatment
  • 3. Remove clothing and sit or lye on a prepared
    surface to prepare the surface place 1-2 natural
    fiber blankets, then a plastic sheet, followed
    by a cotton sheet.
  • 4. Place feet in a hot water bath of at least
    110F-42Ccan even put a pinch of cayenne pepper
    powder in the water, note the time...

  • Place a dry towel on the chest because it is
    tender skin, then wrap up in all of the wraps of
    the prepared surface, making it snug at the
    neck-do not allow any air to escape or flow in
  • 6. Place heated towel (should be almost too hot
    to handle) on chest towel and recover
  • 7. Place heated towel to back and re-cover.
    Towels should be folded in half and half again.
    They will cover the spine and most of the back as
    well as down the chest. The towel on the back
    goes directly on the back as the skin is tougher

  • 8. Continue to change the towels as often as the
    microwave heats them, at least every 3-4 minutes.
    This can be done with a kettle of water and
    steaming the towels as well. Keep exchanging the
    towels noting what time the person begins to
    sweat. They will want to sweat for at least 30

  • 9. Monitor the bodys temperature every 7
    minutes or so, keep watch for over heating, using
    cayenne or lobelia if necessary for faintness,
    spasms or twitching. Be sure to use ice pack on
  • 10. Take patient out of pack when 30 minutes of
    sweating has occurred or if not tolerating the
  • 11. Apply cold right away either with cold mitten
    friction rub or shower, or plunge. Plunge is
    just a little more intense than h/c
  • 12. Lastly be sure to lie down/sit covered
    immediately after for 1 hour to allow the body to
    return to normal

Hot and cold to local areas
  • This will help relieve certain selected headaches
    due to the passive congestion of the common cold,
    nervous and muscular tension, and certain
    headaches due to trauma
  • Important considerations
  • --Explain procedure to patient
  • --Have the patient lying down

  • Alternate hot/cold to the head should not be used
    in headache due to hypertension and only in
    carefully selected cases of trauma. It would be
    better to do a Hot Foot Bath
  • Protect the bed with plastic, can use a pillow
  • Have the ice pack long and narrow and not too
    bulky to fit the neck adequately
  • Begin placing the feet in a hot tub of water on
    the bed at 105-115F 40-45C increase as needed to
    keep temperature comfortable but hot.

  • 3. Place a hot towel under the cervical spine
    and to sides of the neck two hot water bags may
    be used, or rice packs heated in the microwave
  • Place a compress wrung from ice water on the
    face, covering the top of the head and ears.
    Press down firmly over the forehead and the
    temporal arteries renew every minute three times
  • Replace the fomentation to the neck with covered
    long, narrow ice bag or two covered ice bags one
    on each side of the neck

  • 6. Replace the cold compress to the face with a
    hot towel cover the ears and forehead but do not
    cover the nose, allowing breathing of cool air.
    Protect the eyes from excessive heat and do not
    press down on this one
  • 7. Continue the alternations for 3 complete
    sets of heat and cold
  • 8. Holding the feet above the foot tub, pour
    cold water over feet and dry thoroughly

  • Cool face by sponging with a cold compress
  • 10. Dry thoroughly, especially the hair
  • 11. Have the patient rest at least 30 minutes
    after treatment, avoid chilling

Hot Tub Soak
  • Use this as often as you need to for soaking away
    aches, pains, tiredness, mental anxiety,
    sluggishness, onset of colds, flu, boosting the
    immune system
  • Begin with hydrationHot lemon aide or favorite
    tea, Echinacea is a good one
  • Gather ice bag, drink and anything else for
  • Run water into tub at 104-106F 40-41C

  • Can add charcoal, Epsom salts, sea salt, herbs
    get creative, lavender oil is nice
  • Soak for as long as you need to for relief-Japan
    does it for 11 hours at a time. Just be sure to
    keep hydrated
  • Finish off with a cold shower and lie down for 1
    hour afterwards, covered, allowing body to
    balance out, if doing this for sleep
  • do not finish with cold
  • Can be done during the night for sleep, just
    before bedtime or any time during the night

Wet Sheet Pack
This is a drawing therapy. It will
draw off extra fluid build up, toxic waste, drugs
poisons, infection throw off, abnormal labs.
  • It is a procedure in which the patient is wrapped
    in a wet sheet, then in enough dry blanket
    coverings to regulate evaporation and to control
    the temperature.
  • The effects of a wet sheet pack depend upon its
    duration and number of blankets applied to
    control evaporation. According to the degree of
    heat generated within the pack, it passes through
    three stages as follows

  • COOLING/EVAPORATION.....Antipyretic in Fevers, so
    if your goal is lowering fever, then you will
    need one hour plus
  • NEUTRAL...Insomnia, mania, delirium, restlessness
  • This will require at least two hours plus
  • HEATING/SWEATING.......Alcoholism, nicotine
    poisoning, chronic nephritis, and gout, may also
    be used for fevers of infants and children,
    bronchitis, colds, flu, cancer, and many others
  • 4. Generally the goal is to be in this for 4
    hours minimum or all night

  • Heat the body with some form of fever therapy
  • Hot tub soak is easiest adding 1/3 cup cayenne
    and ginger powder to a sock and squeezing it in
    the bath water is quite opening to the pores of
    the skin and enhancing to the circulation,
    therefore detoxing to the entire body
  • Be sure to Vaseline all tender areas first.
  • Goal Fever needs to be 102..20 minutes
  • 103..15 minutes
  • 104..10 minutes

  • 30-45 minutes is adequate time for this warming.
    After 45 minutes remove the patient in this
  • Have a large sheet soaking in ice water and
    slightly wring it out when ready to drape
    patient. Have them slowly stand up outside the
    tub, urinate, then wrap the sheet across their
    back and bring it up over their outstretched
    arms, leaving enough to cover the feet well when
    lying down. Bring the arms in to cover the body
  • The key to comfort is to wrap the wet sheet
    loosely around the body so movement of the arms
    and legs is non restricting

  • Walk to the bed prepared with a plastic sheet
    over the mattress and pillow, and one under the
    blankets over the patient.
  • After the blankets are all in place, tuck a
    towel around their neck, under their head between
    them and the plastic. The towel adds insulation
    for the ice pack you must have in place under the
    head while in the pack.

  • Keep the blankets folded in around the neck to
    keep any cold air out, do not leave anything but
    the head out.
  • The wet sheet must come in contact with all of
    the skin at all times and once in the pack it
    must not be broken until ready to come out.

  • If done during the daytime, a good video or some
    form of entertainment is quite helpful
  • Sponging their face of the sweat periodically is
    essential for comfort, they can expect to feel
    their skin hot with the cayenne for about 30
    minutes and it slowly dissipates

  • Keep enough blankets on to keep them sweating
  • Keep a urinal inside the pack for usage during
    the treatment, or at least a folded towel. Keep
    them drinking every 15 minutes while awake
  • For little children the bath need not be so hot
    or so long, but must be in the pack until they
    sweat for at least 30 minutes (at least one full
    hour inside the pack). This will break a fever
    and speed the healing
  • When ready to break the pack, just unwrap, and
    walk directly to the shower and finish with a few
    rounds of hot/cold, dry off briskly, dress with
    warm clothing
  • Lie down for about one hour covered to normalize.
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