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Life Span &Life Expectancy Done: by Deidre Brown Life expectancy Life expectancy is a statistical average of the number of years a human is expected to live. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Life Span

Life Span Life Expectancy
  • Done by Deidre Brown

Life expectancy
  • Life expectancy is a statistical average of the
    number of years a human is expected to live.
  • This is the average amount of years that an
    individual has before he or she dies. Which
    begins from the pre-natal period to the
    senescence period (old age)

Life Span
  • This is the maximum time period of a individual
    that is observed within a group

Factors Influencing life Span life Expectancy
  • Availability and cost of medical care - This
    factor mostly affect persons who are below the
    poverty level. Seeing that health is expensive
    and individuals cant offered health insurance or
    medicine to aid in the treatment of sickness or

  • Health and sanitation levels- if a country has
    high level of improper disposal of solid waste,
    industrial waste and untreated sewage. This will
    result in the country having high levels of air
    borne and water borne diseases. This will affect
    both the elderly and the adolescence.
  • Poverty-Poor people can't afford healthy food,
    clean drinking water, top-notch medical care so
    this will cause persons to commit suicide or be
    involve in theft related crimes. Which leads us
    to our next factor.

  • Violence- this reduces the life span and life
    expectancy by the continuous increase in the
    level of violence in each country
  • Lifestyle- If you are gay, are an IV drug user
    or engage in other types of high risk behavior,
    you reduce your life expectancy substantially

  • Genetic Disease- these are diseases that are
    passed down from one generation to the next.
    Example of these are cancer, diabetes
    hypertension etc

Calculating life expectancy
  • Life expectancy is calculated using a statistical
    tool called a life table. A life table is
    generated from current age- and sex-specific
    death rates in a given population. The resulting
    values are used to estimate the likelihood of
    someone in a hypothetical population dying before
    their next birthday.
  • Calculating a persons life expectancy is based
    on death patterns in the population, and assumes
    that current death rates will persist throughout
    that persons life.

figure 1.Life expectancy (years) at birth by
sex, 19011910 to 20102012
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