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Welcome to High School!


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Title: Welcome to High School!

Welcome to High School!
  • 8th Grade Presentation

Graduation Requirements
  • All students must earn 26 credits to graduate.
  • Classification 0 5 ½ Freshman
  • 6 11 ½
  • 12 18 ½ Junior
  • 19 Senior
  • 9th graders will not have a rank/GPA until their
    9th grade year is complete.

Foundation Plan with an Endorsement
  • English 4.0
  • Mathematics 4.0
  • Science 4.0
  • Social Studies 3.0
  • Health 0.5
  • Professional
  • Communications 0.5
  • Fine Arts 1.0
  • Physical Education 1.0
  • Foreign Language 2.0
  • Endorsement 4.0
  • Electives 2.0
  • Total 26 credits

Distinguished Level of Achievement
  • Students complete the Foundation Plan with an
    Endorsement (26 credits.)
  • Algebra II must be one of the math courses
  • To be eligible for the states Top 10 Automatic
    Admission, students must complete the DLA.

Foundation Graduation Program
  • English 4.0
  • Mathematics 3.0
  • Science 3.0
  • Social Studies 3.0
  • Health 0.5
  • Professional
  • Communications 0.5
  • Fine Arts 1.0
  • Foreign Language 2.0
  • Physical Education 1.0
  • Electives 8.0
  • Total 26 credits

  • Students will have the opportunity to earn 8
    credits per year
  • Students are given the opportunity to earn a
    total of 32 credits.

School Year Structureon Home Campus
  • 18 week classes 1 semester ½ credit
  • Example Health, PE, Keyboarding
  • 36 week classes 2 semesters 1 credit
  • Example English 1, Algebra 1, World Geography,
    Biology, Art 1, Theater Arts 1

Ben Barber/Frontier High
  • Career and Technology courses at Ben Barber may
    be ½ credit-3 credits.
  • ½ credit courses at Ben Barber are 6 weeks long.
  • One credit courses at Ben Barber are 12 weeks
  • Students who wish to take a Career and Technology
    course at Ben Barber will need to take a 1 credit
    Ben Barber course and a ½ credit Ben Barber
    course ( one 12 week course one 6 week course
    18 weeks or one semester for a total of 1 ½

Ben Barber/Frontier High School
  • Students who wish to take Foreign Language at Ben
    Barber will take the language course for 12 weeks
    and a Cultural Linguistics class for 6 weeks (one
    12 week course one 6 week course18 weeks for 1
    ½ credits)
  • Students must sign up for two 18 week course
    combinations at Ben Barber ( this is preferred)
    or one 18 week course combination and 3 home
    campus ½ credit courses (subject to
  • Students who are interested in attending Frontier
    High beginning their junior year need to be
    mindful of prerequisite courses for their

Typical School Day
  • Home Campus
  • Classes start at 725 A.M.
  • Classes end at 255 P.M.
  • Ben Barber CTA
  • Session I begins at 700 A.M.
  • Session II begins at 1125 P.M.

Sample Freshman Schedule
  • 1st period English
  • 2nd period - Algebra 1
  • 3rd period - Biology
  • 4th period - World Geography
  • 5th period Health (fall)/Prof. Comm (spring)
  • 6th period Lunch
  • 7th period Spanish 1
  • 8th period PE (fall)/ PE (spring)
  • 9th period- Theater

required core courses
Sample Freshman Schedule with Ben Barber classes
  • 1st period - English
  • 2nd Period Algebra 1
  • 3rd period Biology
  • 4th period W. Geography
  • 5th period Lunchtravel to BBCTA for Session II
  • 6th-8th period- 1st semester
  • Principles of Architecture Construction (1st 6
    weeks) Construction
    Technology (2nd and 3rd 6 weeks)
  • 2nd semester
  • Latin 1 (includes language course for first
    12 weeks, and Cultural Linguistics course for
    last 6 weeks)
  • 9th period- Theater

required core courses
Choosing Classes
  • Students need to discuss classes with parents and
    current teachers
  • Pick classes fill out Choice Sheet
  • Choose alternates many times, your first choice
    cannot be honored due to scheduling conflicts or
    available space. It is important to choose
    alternate classes so the counselors dont have to
    choose for you.

Sample Choice Sheet
Sample Choice Sheet with BBCTA classes
Course Request Changes
  • You will have the opportunity to make course
    request changes until May 2.
  • A form will be mailed to you the week of April 22
    indicating what you have requested to take. A
    Course Request Change Form will be included in
    that mailing for you to make changes.
  • Changes must be submitted in writing by the May
    2nd deadline
  • We cannot honor requests to change selected
    courses after May 2nd!

Clubs Extra-curricular Activities
  • High School will provide an opportunity for
    involvement in many clubs and organizations.
  • We highly encourage participation in
    extra-curricular activities.
  • Studies show that students who are involved in
    extra-curricular activities make better grades
    and are better prepared for life during and after
    high school.

Extra-curricular Activities
  • Athletics Volleyball, Football Basketball
  • If you are interested in other sports, please
    contact the high school coach of that sport.
  • Cheerleading and Drill Team determined by
    try-outs in the spring.
  • Other activities include class officers, club
    officers, One Act Play, UIL Band and Choir
    contests, Academic UIL, ROTC, Student Council,
    theater production/stage crew, Key Club, NHS,
    FCA, HOSA, etc

Reminders Helpful Hints
  • You will circle 8 credits worth of classes.
    Remember3 credits of those will be your core
  • It is EXTREMELY important that you list at least
    4 alternates on your sheet.
  • Remember to get the appropriate signatures prior
    to the date that you meet with your counselor.
    You will receive a letter in the mail listing the
    courses you requested.
  • No course requests changes after May 2nd.

  • Students are allowed 9 absences per class per
    semester .
  • 10 or more absences in the same class will result
    in an absence failure.
  • Students are responsible for clearing those
    absences with their assistant principal.
  • Students will have to attend evening or Saturday
    School sessions in order to regain credit.

Schedule for Meeting with Students
First Visits April 9th Counselors will meet
with 8th graders as a group to give general
information which will help students select
  • Return Visits
  • April 11th Counselors will go through Science
    classes to meet with each student and collect
    his/her 9th grade choice sheet.

How we Communicate with Parents
  • Report Cards
  • Progress Reports
  • Teacher Conferences by appointment
  • Counselor Conferences by appointment
  • Skyward
  • MISD District Website

Personal Graduation Plan
  • This is a road map for your high school career
  • Each student will create a plan prior to the end
    of their 9th grade year
  • Counselors meet with you yearly to keep you on

Kimberly Goree kimberlygoree_at_misdmail.org Monica
Dabney monicadabney_at_misdmail.org Lynda Petersen
lyndapetersen_at_misdmail.org Jennifer Castrillo
jennifercastrillo_at_misdmail.org Chrystal Barnett
chrystalbarnett_at_misdmail.org Melissa Lange
Siobhan Flowers siobhanflowers_at_misdmail.org Kim
Wilson kimberlywilson_at_misdmail.org Staci Fowler
stacifowler_at_misdmail.org Jennifer Smith
jennifersmith_at_misdmail.org Ikie Holder
Dana Vorsino danavorsino_at_misdmail.org John
Williams johnpwilliams_at_misdmail.org Haley White
haleywhite_at_misdmail.org Lisa Fields
lisafields_at_misdmail.org Tonya Cook
Ben Barber Career and Technology Academy (BBCTA)
Presented By Mendy Gregory Ben Barber Career
and Technology Academy Assistant Principal
Endorsing the Foundation
  • What Ben Barber Career and Technology Academy
    (BBCTA) Has to Offer

Ben Barber Career and Technology Academy (BBCTA)
Ben Barber Career and Technology Academy (BBCTA)
is a state of the art facility that offers hands
on experience in each Program of Study. Courses
at BBCTA provide business partnerships, student
internships, certifications, licensures, college
credit hours, and hands-on educational
experiences. Students from all MISD high
schools have the opportunity to select a coherent
sequence of career and technology courses
within their Program of Study that are taught at
BBCTA to complete an Endorsement.
Ben Barber Career and Technology Academy (BBCTA)
  • Students are bused from all high school campuses
    to take classes at BBCTA.
  • 2 sessions are offered during the day (each
    session is a 2.5 hour block which takes up 3
    periods). Students take classes for the morning
    session or the afternoon session.

The Five Endorsements
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)
    Most at BBCTA
  • Business and Industry Most at BBCTA
  • Public Services Most at BBCTA
  • Arts and Humanities Some at BBCTA
  • Multidisciplinary Catch all

Programs of Study at BBCTA Under Each Endorsement
  • STEM
  • STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology and Math)
  • Science (home campus)
  • Math (home campus)
  • Business and Industry
  • Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
  • Architecture and Construction
  • Arts, Audio/Video Technology
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Business Management, Marketing and Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation, Distribution and Logistics
  • English (home campus)

Programs of Study at BBCTA Under Each Endorsement
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Language Other Than English Offered at BBCTA
  • Spanish, German, Latin, American Sign Language,
    Russian, Chinese, Japanese
  • Theater Arts, Art, Dance, Band, Choir (home
  • Social Studies (home campus)
  • Public Service
  • Education and Training/ Human Services
  • Health Science
  • Law and Public Safety
  • JROTC (home campus)

BBCTA Resources
BBCTA Course Description Guide Course
Description Guide BBCTA Website to Programs of
Study http//bbcta.mansfieldisd.org/page.cfm?p354
0 BBCTA Blog http//bb-fhs.blogspot.com/
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