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PROFESSION in the Secular Franciscan Order


PROFESSION in the Secular Franciscan Order Theological and Liturgical Foundations Fr. Richard Trezza, O.F.M. Pictures courtesy of Bob Stronach, SFO – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: PROFESSION in the Secular Franciscan Order

PROFESSION in the Secular Franciscan Order
  • Theological and Liturgical Foundations
  • Fr. Richard Trezza, O.F.M.
  • Pictures courtesy of Bob Stronach, SFO

Profession A gift of the Spirit
The Spirit is in charge During the rite of
Profession, there is an intense dialogue between
the candidate and God The liturgical moment
gives us a chance to make a response to God The
Profession liturgy is a confession of
faith. Encarnita del Pozo, OFS Minister
General General Chapter Hungary 2008
The Grace of Profession
since the Lord has given me this grace, I renew
my baptismal promises and consecrate myself to
the service of His kingdom. . . . Formula for
profession We need Gods grace to dedicate
ourselves to the service of His Kingdom. One
cannot serve the Kingdom without recognizing the
role of the Spirit in life. Profession is then
1st a unique gift of the Spirit and 2nd
empowers one to live out the gospel life-project
proper to Secular Franciscans.
Benedetto Lino, OFS, General Councillor and
author of the Syllabus for the New Formation
Profession An Action of the Church
Profession comes about through Gods
intervention, who Works through Jesus Christ,
who Works through the Church Profession is
simultaneously the action of Christ and of the
Church Profession is an ecclesial act an event
in Gods eternal time a kairos moment!
Fr. Felice Cangelosi, OFM Cap giving his talk on
Profession at the General Chapter in Hungary,
Profession and Fraternity
The local fraternity makes the action and the
presence of the Church visible. Profession must
be celebrated in the presence of the fraternity
the privileged place. As a result of Profession,
the fraternity receives a gift from God in the
persons of the newly professed. Profession is a
sacred covenant with God and with your fraternal
brothers and sisters
The newly elected General Council CIOFS
General Chapter 2008
Ministries in the Celebration of Profession
The Candidates by their sacraments of Initiation
exercise their priestly role in profession. The
local Minister and the priest witness invoke the
Holy Spirit and receives the Profession The
Fraternity makes the Church visible The priest
witnesses the action of the Church, guarantees
the suitability of the candidates and ratifies
the promises made in the name of the Church
Fr. Felice Cangelosi, OFM Cap.
The Spirit in the Celebration of Profession
The Spirit accomplishes the sanctification of
the candidates During the ceremony, the Minister
invokes the Spirit upon the candidates Profession
is an epiclesis a New Pentecost
Some of the Chapter delegates at the Esztergom
Cathedral Hungary 2008
Profession and the Eucharist
The priest associates the promise of Profession
with the Eucharistic sacrifice The candidates
give themselves as an oblation gift to the
Father The candidates as priests and victims
make themselves completely available to
God Profession like Eucharist is not a one-time
event but a gift of life, for life
International, national and regional Spiritual
Assistants at Mass in Budapest, Hungary 2008
Baptism and Profession
Baptism produces a consecration Baptism
configures a person to the Paschal mystery of
Christ dying and rising Baptism makes one a
living member of the Church Profession gives the
grace to help one live out this promise, to
deepen and intensify.
Fr. Felice making a point in his
To dedicate, to reserve something, to destine a
person for God and His exclusive service In
Profession, a person places him/herself into the
hands of God enabling Him to take hold of
them The person no longer belongs to him or
herself but is at Gods total disposal The
professed becomes Gods property and is therefore
made sacred and by the gift of the Holy Spirit
we are drawn into the life-project (Gospel-life)
as envisioned by Francis.
The retired Franciscan Cardinal of Esztergom
celebrates the Mass closing the year of St.
Elizabeth of Hungary - 2008
The Value of Profession in the OFS
The OFS Profession is a true and proper
profession according to the Churchs
understanding It is not a light Profession
meaning the OFS Profession has the dignity of a
solemn and religious commitment and cannot be
considered inferior to that of religious
although the two are different in content due to
the multiple action of divine grace in a
diversity of charisms.
Encarnita del Pozo, OFS, Minister General,
distributes bread at end of Mass closing out the
celebratory year of St. Elizabeth of Hungary
After the Manner of St. Francis
A Secular Franciscan promises to live out the
Gospel as mediated by St. Francis by his example
and instruction Profession puts before you the
radical, light filled and joyful style in which
Francis listens to the Gospel and commits himself
to it.
Fr. Felices exclamation point!
Following Christ
For Francis, to follow Christ meant following
Christs poverty, humility, His very life, His
precepts, His doctrine, His will, His goodness,
following the spirit of the Scriptures, following
the Good Shepherd and following in the footsteps
of Christ.
Fr. Ivan Matic, OFM, General OFM Spiritual
Assistant Fr. Richard Trezza, OFM, Provincial
Spiritual Assistant, Holy Name Province Fr.
Trujillo Cano, TOR, General TOR Spiritual
Assistant at the Mass in Esztergom, Hungary - 2008
  • When you made your own profession, what did it
    mean for you?
  • How has your consecration effected your approach
    to life?
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