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Mission in the Pentateuch


... blessing the nations The election of Israel for that ... (Old Testament) testify about me (Jesus ... Diachronically dia = across chronos = time God ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Mission in the Pentateuch

Mission in the Pentateuch
  • Missiology (Autumn 07)

Recapping OT themes
  • The uniqueness and universality of God
  • The purpose of God blessing the nations
  • The election of Israel for that purpose
  • The interaction of Israel and the nations
  • The ethical dimensions of Israels visibility
  • The eschatological ingathering of nations

The unique and universal God
  • The God of creation (Genesis 1)
  • The purpose of creation
  • The place of mankind within creation

  • The call and promise to Abram (Gen 12) Missio Dei
    Gods Mission
  • Christians believe that God has revealed Himself
    through His word. 2 Tim. 316 All scripture is
    inspired John 539 these (Old
    Testament)testify about me (Jesus) The
    testimony of Jesus is to go to all the earth (Gn
    1213 Mtt 2414 2818-20) Diachronically dia
    across chronos time

Gods purposeful creation.
  • God is consistently shown to be the rightful King
    over all creation.
  • Those who acknowledge God are part of the kingdom
    of light. (Col. 112)
  • Others are part of the kingdom of darkness. (Col.
    113) Image of God
  • Two great missiological implications.
  • 1. We can have fellowship with God. The Great
    Commission is for everyone. The scope.
  • 2. We can represent God to others. The agency

Three major events
  • 1. The fall followed by the promise Gn. 315
  • 2. The flood followed by Shems blessinga people
    of God
  • 3. Judgement at Babel followed by Abrahams
    blessing Gn 121-3 Nationethne
  • Abrahamic blessingmissio Dei
  • Matthews Gospel is based upon the Abrahamic
    blessing. Mtt 11 2818-20 kingdom authority
    and all nations

The Law and the Spirit
  • One function of the law is the demonstration of
    the Fear of the Lord.
  • A Kingdom of Priests Ex 195-6 Ro 1516 1 Pe
    29 Rev. 16
  • Shema Deut. 64-5 The Lord is one Speaks of unity
    and kingship.
  • Tripartite Formula I will be your God. You will
    be my people. I will dwell in the midst of you.
  • Spirit of Prophecy Numbers 1126-29 I wish all
    the Lords people were prophets and that the Lord
    would put His Spirit on them.

Kingdom promises
  • God promises Abraham royal descendants.
  • Gods blessing comes through a kingdom. Gn
    4910 Scepter will not depart from Judah Judah
    will be a ruling tribe
  • Balaam Nu. 22-24 tried to curse Israel, but Gods
    plan was always to bless Israel so she could
    bless the nations.

Looking ahead Joshua
  • Gods presence accompanies those who advance
    toward His kingdom according to His will. Moses
    The Lord Himself will go with you.
  • All true victories in the kingdom of God are done
    with the blessing of the nations in view.
  • 2X God of all the earth Allocation.
  • Identify the task.
  • Divide the components.
  • Allocate the parts of the work.
  • Plan ahead.

Judges and Ruth
  • Judges The Lord will rule over you 823 Contrast
    between Gods rule and the nations.
  • Strong kingdom consciousness w/o a king.
  • Ruth Israel provides a kinsman-redeemer for a
    gentile who is then an ancestor of David
  • Davidic Kingdom David asks to build a house for
    God, but God promises a house for David. 2 Sa
    716 eternal kingdom.
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