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Influences on your healthy, active lifestyle


Section 1.1.2 Lesson 2: Influences on your healthy, active lifestyle – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Influences on your healthy, active lifestyle

Section 1.1.2
Lesson 2 Influences on your healthy, active
Learning Objectives and Outcomes
  • W.I.L.F
  • All of you will understand what the key
    influences are in being involved in sport
  • Most of you will understand what the key
    influences are in being involved in sport and be
    able to answer exam questions with help from the
  • Some of you will understand what the key
    influences are in being involved in sport and be
    able to answer exam questions independently
  • W.A.L.F
  • Identify key influences on yourself and others in
    achieving sustained involvement in physical

Recap from last lesson
  • What constitutes a healthy, active lifestyle?

A lifestyle that contributes positively to
physical, mental, and social wellbeing, and
includes regular exercise and physical activity
Influences on taking part
  • Watch the sport YOUTUBE CLIP
  • Discuss in pairs the reasons that may prevent
    people from taking part in regular physical

There are six main factors that have an influence
on participation
  • Culture
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Image
  • Resources
  • People
  • Socio - economic

1. Culture
Age Disability Gender Race
Some events may have age restrictions Although resources are available for people with disabilities these may be limited in terms of the activities local facilities offer Where activities are associated with one gender it can be difficult to get involved if you are the opposite sex Ethnic background still influences the activities people are involved in, although there are no physiological reasons for this. This may be a result of the media
Other sports may appeal to different age groups because of the physical demands or age of the other participants Activities predominantly played by one gender, or seen in the media as being played by one gender, may appeal more to that gender group
Cultural Influences
These are usually out of our control Age Age
can put limits on what sport an individual may
take up. Depending on the size of the club they
may have a team at each age group.
Young people have a wide variety of opportunity
to access sports clubs and teams. Schools
encourage mass participation during PE lesson and
extend to after school clubs
Cultural Influences
Disability Sport is encouraged to all
regardless of disability. They often compete
against similar groups or can be mixed with
able-bodied. Most facilities cater for disabled
Oscar Pistorius is a double leg amputee but
competes in able bodied races. Some people have
claimed he has an unfair advantage over others
due to his gastrocnemius not becoming fatigued.
Cultural Influences
Gender Males and females are both encouraged to
take part in sport. Generally both sexes compete
against the same gender to ensure fairness.
Mixed doubles tennis/badminton and show jumping
are the only exceptions.
Men and sport This is usually an outlet for
aggression. Physical activity provides a
competitive environment for which men seek. Many
men join clubs to improve physical shape and to
enjoy the social side of sport.
Cultural Influences
Women and sport Women also enjoy the competitive
side of sport and increasing numbers join a gym
due to social reasons (i.e. to go with a
friend) Sports such as netball, tennis and dance
clubs tend to be more popular with women due to
there non-contact nature.
Women in sport
Women tend to participate in activities
associated with more non contact sports and those
that would improve appearance. i.e. Toning
muscles (aerobics)
This table shows the changing pattern of women in
Women and elite level sport
Women s opportunities at elite level are growing
all the time. With an increase in the womens
sport profile, sponsorship and financial gain is
becoming more readily available.
Which womens sports have seen an increase in
Women and elite level sport
Womens football association Arsenal LADIES
Womens athletics
Womens Rugby
Womens tennis
Female sport coverage
Do they have any/good media coverage? Role
models? Strong grass roots?
Female athletes and top-level sport
  • Task
  • Using Rebecca Adlington as an example, say why
    she has a commercial impact on companies she may
    be sponsored by.
  • The following ideas to help you
  • What has she achieved?
  • What does her success mean to the country?
  • What are her personal qualities like?

  • Females have more opportunities in terms of
  • More females participate in sport
  • Greater variety of sports available and
  • More clubs, competitions and organisations
  • Better media coverage and therefore emerging role
  • More womens success has lead to
    commercialisation deals.

Cultural Influences
Race Many ethnic groups participate in sport
but have other factors that can effect their
opportunities. DISCUSS
  • Very few facilities
  • Financial issues
  • Disposable income

What could clubs and groups do to increase
Promote and show images of people from different
race taking part. ROLE MODELS
What could clubs and groups do to increase
Make all feel welcome.
Encourage and motivate
2. Health and Wellbeing
Illness Health Problems
People who are ill cannot take part Some activities may not be suitable for people with certain health problems, so they have to choose different one
It is possible to be fit but not healthy e.g. athlete with a cold
3. Image
Fashion Media Coverage
Different activities require different clothing and equipment, and this can sometimes influence what you want to take part in A lot of media coverage can make a sport more popular and encourage people to take part
Image Influences
Fashion Sports clothing is worn by all
individuals irrespective of participation. Role
models and teams have a huge influence on what we
buy. i.e. Football shirts, NIKE
trainers Popularity of an activity can be
influenced by seasonal tournaments. i.e. During
Wimbledon lots of people play tennis in local
Image Influences
Media Coverage Sport using a variety of media
outlets to promote and report to a wide audience.
Types of television broadcast
Terrestrial T.V. This includes all free to air
channels (BBC1, 2, ITV, C4, CH5) The battle
between terrestrial TV and Satellite for big
sporting event is huge. The television committee
has made sure that some sporting events are
always available on free to air channels. (See

Free to air events Event that can be bought
Olympic games Premier league football
World Cup Ryder cup
FA Cup final Cricket test matches
Wimbledon IAAF World athletics
Rugby World Cup
Positive negative effects of sports coverage on
terrestrial TV
Positive effects Negative effects
Popular sports gain exposure Encourages participation Money gained goes in grass roots sport Generates role models Pundits increase public knowledge of elements of the game Major sport have majority of coverage (in the place of minority sports) Discourages participation as people sit at home at watch T.V. Views are at the directors discretion Replays and opinions can undermine referees and umpires
Types of television broadcast
Satellite T.V. This is subscription TV and
includes SKY and Virgin Media These big
companies bid for sporting events and cover a
wide variety of activities. They also offer
interactive services to enhance viewing. This
also includes pay-per-view T.V.
Types of T.V. Broadcast
Informative Programmes i.e. News bulletins.
These programmes are based on facts and are
designed to keep us updated on information.
Educational Programmes These programmes deal
with coaching and helping people. They can be
documentary based. i.e. Football coaching ideas
Instructive Programmes This coverage is aimed
teaching the viewer something new. Many
programmes include elements of instruction. i.e.
A cricket master class during a break in play.
Entertaining Programmes These are designed for
entertainment. Sometimes the drama of sport can
be entertaining i.e. Quiz shows, reality t.v.
Radio broadcasters like the BBC will regularly
report on sporting events and will provide live
commentary. Five Live Talk Sport Radio 4 and
cricket coverage
The back pages of the newspaper always report on
sporting news. Journalists and photographers are
employed to solely work on sport news stories.
Sports magazines are specific to a particular
activity i.e. Golfers monthly Match,
This is the newest form of media. The internet
provide up to date coverage of sport from around
the world. Sports good are also bought and sold
over the internet.
Influential People
Many different people can influence us greatly on
the participation of a physical activity. Here
are some groups
Family Parents and other family members have a
big influence on a child participation of sport.
Think, is this true with you and your sporting
choice? A child can be introduce to an activity
at an early age by their family and will usually
receive financial support to continue it. (costs
many include kit, subscription and travel costs).

Influential People
Peers peers are individuals of the same age.
(your friends) These people can influence what
sport you take up. Peer pressure can lead you
to an activity and is easier than going alone to
a club. Think, is this true with you?
Influential People
Role models There are many role models in sport
and these can be a strong deciding factor in what
sport we choose. The greater the media coverage
of these performers the more we aspire to be like
them. i.e. Cristiano Ronaldo Think, is
this true with you?
4. Resources
Access Availability Location Time
You must be able to reach a facility if you are to use it Facilities should be readily available if people are to use them It is difficult to reach facilities that are too far away Facilities need to be open at right time
Good location, public transport, ramps, lifts and car parking make a facility more accessible For people at work they need to go at night/weekends/school holidays
Resource Influence
Resources Available The provision of outdoor
and indoor facilities depends on many factors.
Some facilities for sport are not financially or
practically possible to have. The government
allocate money to local authorities and lottery
money provides additional income to spend on
sporting facilities.
Access Where the facilities for an activity are
good there is generally more participants. Good
transport links mean people can access the club
Resource Influence
Location Naturally the location of activities
are important. Outdoor pursuits centres are
common in Wales where there is a big outdoor
space. i.e. National park. Indoor climbing
centre are popular in cities as it is inexpensive
compared to a real climbing trip.
Time The amount of free time will determine how
much involvement an individual can devote to a
5. People
Family Peers Role Models
A member of the family might introduce you to a sport If your friends play a sport, you may get involved too Role models can be anybody whose actions you might copy
Parents who play sport often encourage their children to take part by coming along to their club They tend to be people you respect, such as your favourite footballer
Having a role model in a particular sport will often mean you want to take part in that activity
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6. Socio - economic
Cost Status
Activities have associated costs such as equipment, hire, lessons e.g. riding lessons cost more than playing football This is a persons situation or position in society e.g. employed, looking for work, in education.
Being able to afford to take part in an activity is essential Some sports attract people of a particular status
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Socio-economic influences
Socio-economic status The amount of money
people earn and there occupation will influence
what sport they choose to participate in. Some
sports are seen as higher class sports CAN YOU
NAME ANY? Rugby, Rowing, Shooting..... Lower
paid people tend to not be able to afford sports
that require expensive equipment. i.e. Cricket,
Golf and Tennis
Can you list activities that cost Less than 50
to take part in Between 50- 150 to
do Over 300 to participate in

6 Mark Question
  • Chloe is a good all-round sports performer and
    could represent her school in many different
    sports. Evaluate the potential influence of
    different factors on Chloes choice of physical

Success Criteria
  • 1- 2 marks answers are brief, making a few
    simple statements with limited understanding of
    potential influences on Chloes choice. The
    answer might talk about the role model but forget
    about the influence of peers and family
  • 3 4 marks answers show some understanding of
    the influences on Chloes choice. The answer
    might talk about specific examples without
    discussing the category as a whole
  • 5 6 marks answers offer a factually accurate
    response that shows sound understanding of the
    influences. Reflects a range of examples,
    explaining the chosen categories, includes at
    least 6 separate points across a range of
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