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GCU 672 Physical Geography for Teachers


GCU 672 Physical Geography for Teachers Review of the Syllabus and Assignments – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: GCU 672 Physical Geography for Teachers

GCU 672Physical Geography for Teachers
  • Review of the Syllabus and Assignments

Outline for this Review
  1. Instructor information
  2. Contact information
  3. Introduction to class
  4. Organization of topics
  5. How to approach each topic
  6. Assignments
  7. Student A Example Assignments

1. Instructor Information
Ron Dorn, Professor School of Geographical
Sciences PO Box 870104 Arizona State University,
Tempe AZ 85287 FAX 480-965-8313 Phone
480-965-7533 E-mail (most reliable contact)
ronald.dorn_at_asu.edu My role is to organize and
present the content, score assignments, help
students develop ideas, and help connect class to
broader MAS-GE program
  • http//alliance.la.asu.edu/dorn/dorn.html
  • Rons homepage

2. Contact Information
  • How to Contact start by e-mailing
    (ronald.dorn_at_asu.edu). Let me know if you want me
    to phone you back. Never hesitate to ask
    questions, schedule a phone contact, or a visit
    in person. I am dedicated to trying to provide
    you with the best possible online educational
  • Associate Director Denise Dorn will visit you at
    your site if you are having trouble with this
    class. E-mail her to schedule a phone or
    in-person visit(denise.dorn_at_asu.edu)

3. Introduction to the Class
Physical geography is the first holistic natural
science, asking how Earths surface came into
being. The complexity is traditionally divided
into six parts shown in this diagram.
  • Note the 2nd presentation explains in detail the
    reasons for a physical geography class in this
    masters program.

4. Organization of topics
5. How to approach each topic
  • http//www.asu.edu/courses/gcu600/gcu672a/672Calen

Watch presentation first
How to listen to the breeze presentations
  • You can listen straight through
  • You can pause at any time
  • You can repeat a slide at any time
  • You can interrupt the presentation and open up
    one of the classroom resource movies to watch the
    indicated animation

Animations Discussed in Presentation
Watch Animations
  • Click on the animation
  • .mov .mpg .avi .wmv .swf

Online Text to Assist
Extra Readings Teacher Suggestions
Online Resources Discussed in the Presentation
6. Assignments
  • 90 of Grade Integrating GCU672 with your
  • Option 1 take 3 tests. Test 1 would cover units
    12. Test 2 would cover units 34. Test 3 would
    cover units56.
  • Option 2 Complete 1 assessment for each of the 6
    class units. You can mix different types of
    assessments to fit your instructional setting

Test 1 would be 2 units
Unit Assessments
  • One assessment for each unit with options to
    allow you to best integrate material into your
    educational context

Unit Assessments - Options
  • Bulletin board for your classroom or hallway
    display (can be done twice). Send digital photo
    of your display.
  • Design your own assessment (can be done once),
    linking to standards that you teach and involve
    an outcome that would improve your teaching.
  • Discussion thread leader. Blackboard has an
    interface that allows students to discuss
    material on a topic that greatly interests you
    (can be done twice). Work with instructor on how
    best to design discussion thread to integrate
    class material and active learning (discuss later
    idea in the context of beaches).

Unit Assessments Options (continued)
  • Journal Article Analysis (can be done twice).
    Find journal article in ASUs library on topic
    related to unit. Present summary of journal
    article (1/2 page), summary of the material
    covered in class (1/2 page), and compare the
    differences similarities.
  • Write a Binko style lesson. style of lesson
    plan used in GCU 671. However, add a new section
    on Background Information that provides your
    research and sources. (can be done for all units)
  • Online lesson adaptation (can be done twice).
    Take an internet lesson. Evaluate the validity of
    the content, and then modify the lesson to
    improve content and student activity.

Unit Assessments Options (continued)
  • Powerpoint Presentation (can be done for all
    units). Make powerpoint presentation (can modify
    the powerpoint available for this class). Submit
    your performance objectives, student assessment
    for the powerpoint (e.g. quiz, notetaking sheet,
    worksheet, other activity) along with the answer
  • Student Readings. (can be done twice). Find
    grade appropriate readings/literature on the
    subject matter. Then, develop the complete
    assignment that you would give your own students
    including handouts, instructions, worksheets,
    keys and other items that would make this ready
    to use tomorrow.
  • Study Guide and Test (can be done twice).
    Develop a test guide for your own classroom for
    when you would teach the material in this module.

7. Student A Example Assignments
  • Profile of Teacher Middle School Social Studies,
    mostly history

Choice of Assignment Binko Lesson on
Earthquakes and Chinese Emperors reviews the
tectonic setting of China, before examining how
prior earthquake disasters has influenced Chinese
Choice of Assignment Binko Lesson on Nikita
Khrushchev and the Aral Sea reviews the
hydrology (drainage basin) of the Aral Sea, why
and how it was altered by the Soviets in the
1950s, and the current environmental crisis.
Choice of Assignment Start and Lead a Discussion
Thread on re-interpretation of my favorite
  • Baymouth bar carried by littoral drift?
  • Changing river supply of beach sediment?
  • Summertime beach (supplied by offshore bars)?

  • Find student reading about global warming on side
    of skeptics and side of those believing that
    humans are altering climate.
  • Develop assignment such as a classroom debate,
    how individuals can make a difference, or other
    standard-based activity.

  • Develop powerpoint presentation student
    activities about the role of storms on major
    events in history, based on book by Randy
    Cervenys Freaks of the Storm

  • For the ½ semester course on world geography,
    develop a study guide and test for teaching
    deserts of the world based on unit 23,

Integrative Assignments
  • 10 of the Grade Integrating GCU 672 in your
    Classroom and School Setting . (Same assignment
    will be for GCU 673, 675, and 676 to be compiled
    in GCU 677)
  • Final Exam. (5) Compile your thoughts in less
    than 500 words on how the subject matter has
    changed your perspective on geography, and how
    pieces of the material might be incorporated into
    what you teach
  • AYP Strategic thinking (5). Analyze how the
    content of this class might be used to improve
    your schools AYP. First, overview the situation
    of your school, providing a brief history of the
    past. Second, provide a brief summary of your
    schools current strategy at improving AYP.
    These first two paragraphs will be repeated for
    GCU 673, 675 and 676. Third, specify steps that
    you think should be taken to integrate geography
    content and skills into your schools AYP
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