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The Book of Genesis: Perspectives


The Book of Genesis: Perspectives Chapters 42-50 Life of Joseph Salvation * Reading: 14 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Book of Genesis: Perspectives

The Book of GenesisPerspectives
  • Chapters 42-50
  • Life of Joseph Salvation

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Week Date Topic
1 09 Dec 09 Introduction and the Creation 11-225 (Ben)
2 16 Dec 09 The Fall 31-532
3 23 Dec 09 Elder Selection Discussion (Herb)
4 30 Dec 09 The Flood 61-929
5 06 Jan 10 Table of Nations/Tower of Babel 101-119
6 13 Jan 10 Life of Abraham Part 1 1110-1616
7 20 Jan 10 Life of Abraham Part 2 17-23 251-10
8 27 Jan 10 Life of Isaac 24 2511-2635
9 03 Feb 10 Life of Jacob 271-3155
10 10 Feb 10 Jacob and Esau 321-3643
11 17 Feb 10 Life of Joseph Corruption 371-3830
12 24 Feb 10 Life of Joseph Exaltation 391-4157
13 03 Mar 10 Life of Joseph Salvation 421-5025
Week Date Topic
1 10 Mar 10 Exodus Transitions An Introduction
2 17 Mar 10 Gods Preparation of Israel Exodus 1-4 (Alternate)
3 24 Mar 10 Gods Sovereignty Exodus 5-11
4 31 Mar 10 Gods Redemption Exodus 121-1316
5 07 Apr10 Gods Completion Exodus 1317-1521
6 14 Apr 10 Gods Instructions to Israel Exodus 1522-1827
7 21 Apr 10 Mosaic Covenant Exodus 191-2411
8 28 Apr 10 Dwelling Among His People Exodus 2412-3118
9 05 May 10 Breaking/Renewing the Covenant Exodus 32-34
10 12 May 10 Senior Blessing Night No classes
11 19 May 10 Israels Worship Exodus 35-40 (Alternate)
12 26 May 10 New Testament Implications (Alternate)
13 02 Jun 10 Exodus Transitions A Summary
Todays Objectives
  • Provide a review of last weeks lesson
  • Review historical maps
  • Provide a summary of Genesis 42-50
  • Learn about the severity of the famine and how it
    impacts Canaan
  • Learn why Jacob sends his sons to Egypt for grain
    and unknowingly meet Joseph
  • See how Joseph reveals himself to his brothers
  • Learn about Jacob and Josephs death
  • Transition into Exodus

Last week
  • Provided a summary of Genesis 39-41
  • Learned how Potiphars wife seduces Joseph and
    Joseph ended up in prison after her false
  • Learned about Josephs ability to interpret
    dreams, including the Pharaohs dreams
  • Learned about the famine and how Joseph led the
    Pharaohs efforts to avert the crisis
  • Learned about Josephs wife and two sons

  • Bible scholars attribute Genesis to Moses
  • Inspired by God, Moses was the human instrument
    through which God spoke
  • Also attributed to writing the first five books
    of the bible
  • Date of writing
  • Uncertain
  • Probably between 1500-1400 BC
  • Spans more time than any other book of the Bible
  • Approximately 2370 years, more time than the
    other 65 books combined
  • Oldest and most detailed record of ancient
    history in existence

  • Bereshith
  • Hebrew name for the book meaning in the
  • Septuagint
  • Oldest Greek translation of the OT, around 270 BC
  • Torah
  • Hebrew word for the law, refers to the first
    five books
  • Pentateuch
  • Greek name for the first five books of the OT
  • Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Ancient manuscripts found in 1947 contain parts
    of all books of the OT except Esther, confirming

Children of Jacob (301-24)
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(No Transcript)
Genesis 42 Summary
  • Story of Joseph and his brothers
  • Joseph has become one of the most powerful men in
    Egypt through Gods work
  • Control the entire food reserves of Egypt as well
    as the entire region
  • Famine is ongoing and has affected Canaan
  • Josephs brothers travel to Egypt to obtain food
    however, unknowingly meet Joseph who teaches them
    a lesson

Famine in Canaan (421-17)
  • Jacob (Israel) and his family are significantly
    impacted by the famine (v. 1-6)
  • Even though they are in Canaan
  • Jacob hears about grain available in Egypt
  • Jacobs ten sons depart for Egypt to buy grain,
    but Benjamin stays back
  • Jacobs sons arrive in Egypt (v. 7-18)
  • Joseph sees his brothers, but they do not
    recognize him
  • Joseph questions his brothers motives
  • They related the truth to Joseph, save one minor
    detail, that of Josephs demise
  • Joseph puts them in jail as spies for three days

Travel Back to Canaan (4218-38)
  • Josephs charge to his brothers (v. 18-24)
  • Joseph voices his commitment to God (eloheem)
  • Sends all but one back to Canaan, ordered to
    return with Benjamin (younger of Rachels two
  • Brothers begin bickering in Hebrew, but Joseph
    could understand them
  • Keeps Simeon
  • They depart for Canaan (v. 24-38)
  • Joseph has their bags filled with grain, but puts
    their silver back in the bag, unknown to them
  • They relate the story to Jacob, and discover the
  • Jacob does not want send Benjamin back with them

Genesis 43 Summary
  • Famine continues in Canaan
  • Grain supplies continue to be reduced
  • Jacob wants to send his sons back to Egypt to
    obtain more grain
  • His sons travel to Egypt
  • Jacob agrees to send Benjamin
  • They dine with Joseph in his house

Return to Egypt (431-16)
  • Jacob decides the brothers need to travel back to
    Egypt (v. 1-5)
  • Judah warns him of the consequences if Benjamin
    does not return with them
  • Jacob agrees to send Benjamin with them (v. 6-14)
  • Judah guarantees Benjamins safe return
  • Judah has them take the choicest of gifts along
    with the silver originally put in the bags
  • Brothers depart (v. 15-16)
  • Arrive in Egypt and present themselves to Joseph
  • Joseph orders up a feast for his brothers

At Josephs House (4317-34)
  • Brothers arrive at Josephs house (v. 17-23)
  • They are frightened, thought they would be
  • Met by a servant, calms their fears
  • Dinner with Joseph (v. 24-34)
  • Joseph asks about Jacob, learns he is still alive
  • Joseph is deeply touched by Benjamins presence
  • He weeps, but composes himself
  • Food is served
  • Hebrews and Egyptians eat separately
  • Benjamins portion was five times that of the

Genesis 44 Summary
  • Dinner at Josephs house concludes
  • Joseph sends them off with food and grain
  • Also orders that one of his silver cups be placed
    in Benjamins sack as a trick
  • Joseph sends a search party after them
  • Finds the cup in Benjamins sack
  • Decides to keep Benjamin as a prisoner
  • Brothers become distraught

Josephs Trick (441-33)
  • Joseph instructs his servants to put a silver cup
    in Benjamins sack (v. 1-3)
  • Part of his plan to keep Benjamin with him
  • The brothers, with Benjamin, depart
  • Joseph servants catch up with them and search for
    the silver cup (v. 4-11)
  • If anyone is caught with it, they agree to become
    his slave
  • Of course, they find it in Benjamins bag
  • Judah, whose neck is on the line, tries to cut a
    deal with Joseph and remain back in Benjamins
    place (v. 12-33)

Genesis 45 Summary
  • Joseph makes himself know to his brothers
  • Relates the story since he was sold to the
    Ishmaelite traders
  • Brothers travel back to Canaan to notify Jacob

Joseph Reveals Himself (451-15)
  • Joseph reveals his true identity (v. 1-3)
  • Only lets his brothers know
  • However, his loud weeping is overheard by the
    Egyptians, Pharaohs household hears about it
  • Joseph relates Gods plan to his brothers (v.
  • Famine would continue in the land for five more
  • Not his brothers who sent him to Egypt, but God
  • He instructs his brothers to return to their
    father and relate Josephs story (v. 9-15)

Travel Back to Canaan (4516-28)
  • News to Josephs brothers pleases the Pharaoh (v.
  • Josephs brothers would receive the best of the
    land if they return to Egypt
  • Josephs brothers depart (v. 20-25)
  • Told not to quarrel on the way
  • Given clothes, livestock, money
  • Arrive in Canaan (v. 26-28)
  • Relate the story of Joseph to Jacob, who is
  • Jacob wants to see Joseph before he dies

Genesis 46 Summary
  • Jacob travels to Egypt
  • God reconfirms his promise to Jacob
  • Joseph meets his father

Reunited (461-34)
  • God renews his promise with Jacob (v. 1-4)
  • Do not fear traveling to Egypt
  • Will Jacob a great nation there
  • Will be with Jacob in Egypt
  • Jacob travels to Egypt (v. 5-27)
  • 70 members of his family make the journey, not
    counting their wives
  • Jacob and Joseph reunited (v. 28-34)
  • In the land of Goshen
  • Discusses his meeting with the Pharaoh

(No Transcript)
Genesis 47 Summary
  • Joseph presents his family to the Pharaoh
  • Josephs interaction with the Egyptians during
    the famine
  • Jacob asks to be buried in Canaan

Brothers in Egypt (471-31)
  • Joseph and Jacob before Pharaoh (v. 1-10)
  • Relates their story
  • Jacob is 130 years old at the time
  • Jacob blesses the Pharaoh
  • Jacob and his family settle on land provided by
    Pharaoh (v. 11-12)
  • Joseph must deal with the continued famine,
    ultimately causing people to sell themselves into
    slavery (v. 13-26)
  • Jacob lives in Goshen 17 years, being 147 (v.

Genesis 48 Summary
  • Joseph visits Jacob who is about to die
  • Jacob blesses Josephs sons
  • Prophesizes about Josephs two sons
  • Jacob puts Ephraim ahead of Manasseh

Jacobs Blessing (481-22)
  • Jacob becomes sick (v. 1-7)
  • Relates Gods blessing to Joseph
  • Manasseh and Ephraim are there as well
  • 1 Chron 51 relates that the birthright was given
    to Joseph
  • Jacob blesses Manasseh and Ephraim (v. 8-20)
  • Ephraim received the blessing first, much to
    Josephs dismay
  • Jacob reassures Joseph that God will be with him
    (v. 21-22)
  • Joseph would receive twice the blessing of his

Genesis 49 Summary
  • In chapter 48, we saw Jacob bestow blessings and
    prophecies upon Josephs sons
  • In this chapter, we see Jacob prophesy about his
    12 sons
  • Jacob relates each sons past to their future

Jacobs Blessing/Levi (491-4)
  • Jacob gathers all of his sons (v. 1-2)
  • Jacob was close to death
  • Reuben (v. 3-4)
  • He should have received the birthright, double
  • However, he sinned against his father (Gen 3522)
  • Reuben birthright was split between Joseph
    (double inheritance) and Judah (right of
  • His line would not excel no king, judge, prophet
    born of him

Simeon, Levi, and Judah (495-12)
  • Simeon and Levi (v. 5-7)
  • Jacob has nothing good to say about Simeon and
  • Violent and wicked (Gen 3425)
  • Divided and scattered
  • Simeon allotted land within the tribe of Judah
    (Josh 191)
  • Levi not given its own territory (Josh 21)
  • Judah (v. 8-12)
  • Receives the leadership portion of the birthright
  • Would receive praise
  • Indications of Christ
  • Scholar references to Is 631, Rev 1916

Issachar, Dan, and Gad (4914-19)
  • Issachar (v. 14-15)
  • Would receive a pleasant land
  • Become satisfied to the point of being immovable
  • Dan (v. 16-18)
  • Would judge his people as a tribe of Israel
  • Samson was from this tribe (Jud 13)
  • First tribe to bring idolatry to Israel (Jud
  • Not mentioned in Rev 74-8, list of twelve tribes
  • Gad (v. 19)
  • Remained on the east side of the Jordan, was
    often attacked

Asher, Naphtali, Joseph, Benjamin (4920-27)
  • Asher (v. 20)
  • Allotted coastal lands, near Tyre
  • Naphtali (v. 21)
  • A deer let loose, given to good words
  • Deborah was from this tribe (Jud 4-5)
  • Joseph (v. 22-26)
  • Perseveres, upright
  • Blessing of Joseph would exceed that of Abraham
    and Isaac
  • Benjamin (v. 27)
  • Like a wolf with great strength (Jud 514, 1916,

Jacobs Death (4928-33)
  • Jacob nearing death has gathered his sons (v. 28)
  • Issues a charge to them regarding his death (v.
  • To be buried in the cave in the field of Ephron
    the Hittite
  • Which Abraham had purchased
  • Abraham and Sarah were buried there
  • Isaac and Rebekah were buried there
  • Leah was buried there
  • Jacob dies (v. 33)

Genesis 50 Summary
  • Jacobs burial
  • Josephs brother seeks a pardon
  • Josephs death

Josephs Death (501-26)
  • Burial preparations and mourning for Jacob (v.
  • Joseph asks for permission from the Pharaoh to
    bury his father in Canaan (v. 4-6)
  • Joseph goes to Canaan (v. 7-14)
  • Jacobs entire family accompany Joseph to Canaan
  • As well as representatives of the Pharaoh
  • Josephs brothers ask for his forgiveness (v.
  • Joseph forgives his brothers, seeing it as God
  • Romans 828
  • Joseph dies in Egypt (v. 22-26)
  • 110 years, prophecy in v. 24 about the coming

  • Provided a review of last weeks lesson
  • Reviewed historical maps
  • Provided a summary of Genesis 42-50
  • Learned about the severity of the famine and how
    it impacts Canaan
  • Learned why Jacob sends his sons to Egypt for
    grain and unknowingly meet Joseph
  • Saw how Joseph was revealed to his brothers
  • Learned about Jacob and Josephs death
  • Transition into Exodus next week
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