What Your Business Should Know About the 2013 Changing Holiday Season Landscape and 10 Tips for Profiting From Those Changes. Jean L. Serio, CPC Social Media Marketing Growth Strategist www.getyourbuzzon.com - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What Your Business Should Know About the 2013 Changing Holiday Season Landscape and 10 Tips for Profiting From Those Changes. Jean L. Serio, CPC Social Media Marketing Growth Strategist www.getyourbuzzon.com


U.S. Retail Ecommerce Sales To Grow 15%+ During the 2013 Holiday Season. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What Your Business Should Know About the 2013 Changing Holiday Season Landscape and 10 Tips for Profiting From Those Changes. Jean L. Serio, CPC Social Media Marketing Growth Strategist www.getyourbuzzon.com

What Your Business Should Know About the
2013 Changing Holiday Season Landscape and
10 Tips for Profiting From Those Changes. Jean
L. Serio, CPCSocial Media Marketing Growth
U.S. Retail Ecommerce Sales To Grow 15
During the 2013 Holiday Season.
National Retail Federation
Says In-Store Sales Up 3-5.
  • Trend monitoring firm eMarketer revised its
    holiday sales projections upwards. Reporting it
    now expects "2013 U.S. retail ecommerce holiday
    season sales to grow about 15.1 percent to 61.8
    billion, up from 53.7 billion in 2012".
  • Ecommerce platform provider Volusion predicts
    global retail ecommerce sales, for small and
    mid-sized businesses, will grow about 20.
  • Shop.org, National Retail Federations digital
    division, expects online sales to grow between
  • Adobe Digital Index stats show "Thanksgiving is
    the fastest-growing shopping day, and that's the
    biggest news this year.
  • Bad NewsCompanies aren't prepared for the
    new ways in which shoppers will be buying.

5 Changes to Expect This Holiday
  • 1. 16 of U.S. Online Sales Will Come From
    Mobile Devices - Multi (Omni) Channel
    Shopping Mobile sales will reach 9.8 billion
    from Nov to Dec. 2013. A 16 share of the
    ecommerce market, says eMarketer.
    Tablet sales
    totaling 26 billion
    predicted. 62.5 of
    all mobile-based
    ecommerce sales topping 87.
    Google Shopper Marketing Agency Council 4/13
    figures show how consumers are using mobile
    devices to shop Shoppers who use mobile to
    shop buy more. 44 of SmartPhone shoppers use
    their phone to find promos, discounts and
    offers. 84 of SmartPhone shoppers use their
    phone to shop in- store.

2. Don't wait for Black
Friday to market - Consumers
intend to spend less on the BF
and the Cyber Monday
  • Customer Satisfaction group CfI, in a new 2013
    Holiday Retail Spending Report found "fewer than
    25 of consumers plan to spend more than 1/2 of
    their total holiday budgets during the Black
    Friday/Cyber Monday period. 61 saying
    they'll finish shopping by early
    December.Three-quarters of Canadians, recently
    polled by Deloitte Canada Ernst and Young
    Canada, say "they plan to start their holiday
    shopping early this year, and will use the
    internet to check and compare prices before
    buying gifts". Says Sheri Petras, CEO of CFI
    Group, "since behavior is shifting, beyond
    traditional Black Friday spending, those who
    focus solely on BF centric campaigns will miss
    significant sales opportunities". Deloitte and
    Ernst Young Canada, found shoppers expect to
    modestly increase holiday spending 2 to 3.5.

3. Amazon and Walmart started Cyber Deals
  • Deals.com says many large retailers,
    including Target and Toys R Us, intend to go
    along with the Cyber Deals Week also called
    National Deals Week. Adding new deals daily or
    several times a day. While this should be
    good for retailers, unless commerce companies
    plan ahead, sales can be lost. With 6
    less selling days this holiday season,
    marketers are preparing higher impact
    marketing on available days. As of 2010, Cyber
    Monday is celebrated globally with ecommerce
    sites, the world over, offering deals.

4. Price Will Matter
Even More
This Holiday

  • From all reports, the 2013 season will generally
    positive. But
    eMarketer, Deal News and others show

    consumers planning to purchase based upon price.

    A July 2013 Google Consumer Survey found

    consumers aren't loyal to brands when it comes
    shopping for gifts. 40 surveyed said they

    (specifically) looked for the 'best price'.

    Finding the best price is far easier. Making

    competition stiff. Consumers can check price

    comparison sites like Amazon, Google Shopper,

    Newegg and PriceGrabber, for instance.
    Insights says As our data shows, price is
    main reason for shopping somewhere new,
    by better selection.
    Says market researcher,
    Marshal Cohn, "Frugality is
    still a big part of
    the consumer's lifestyle."

5. Consumers Expect
Free Shipping

  • Google Insights Info "The term free shipping
    last year as a search query, peaking on
    Cyber Monday. On
    mobile devices, it peaked on
    Black Friday, as in-store
    customers looked around
    for comparable deals online. One in
    five say free shipping will be the deciding
    factor on purchases this year, so use it to your
    advantage on the big in-store shopping days".
  • Shop.org A recent poll of retailers says
    "35 offer free shipping all year, the majority
    do not. Of retailers not offering free shipping
    year-round, 16.3 said they would begin the last
    week in October".
  • MarketLive.com study found 91 of online
    shoppers said they'd take advantage of free
    shipping offers. "Online shoppers have become
    quite savvy" says Ken Burke chairman of
    MarketLive. "They have come to expect free
    shipping. Importantly, 31 said free shipping
    is an incentive that would prompt paying full
    price for an order. MarketLive discovered 88
    of online shoppers have abandoned a shopping cart
    in 2013, primarily because of shipping costs. 54
    abandoned carts after shipping costs made their
    total order more than anticipated.

Are You Targeting
Different People at Different
Times Loyal, Steady, Flash
  • First - its essential to know your audience.
    When you do, the holiday season becomes
  • one of the best times to develop new, loyal
    customers. That said, according to a recent
  • nanigans.com report
  • "Customers acquired the week before Thanksgiving
    and Christmas consistently yielded
  • high return, both short-term long-term, while
    those who shopped right around the
  • holidays tended to be last-minute rush shoppers
    If you are seeking a bigger fish, set an
  • enticing bait and wait alternatively, if you see
    high volumes of smaller fish as your
  • target, set lots of small bait but be prepared to
    act quickly.
  • Loyal customers These customers performed
    consistently well even after six months and
    responded to ads placed in mid-November.
  • Steady shoppers these customers brought in
    higher revenue after one month of viewing the ad
    and responded to ads placed in late October and
    early November.
  • 3. Flash shoppers these customers reacted
    quickly to an ad and made purchases within one
    month but barely came back again or were easily
    distracted by other campaigns within a half-year
    period. They responded to ads displayed in late
    November and early December.
  • Note Info from 2012 Q4 nanigans.com ecommerce

10 Tips for Profiting
This Holiday Season
  • 1. Add holiday décor to your Website, Blog,
    Facebook and Fan Page. Adding seasonal and
    holiday graphics to your website, blog and social
    sites gives an extra boost in holiday spirit and
    can stimulate sales. Adding holiday themed
    graphics can have multiple benefits
  • Letting fans/followers know your site is active
    and updated regularly
  • Reminding your audience the holiday is near and
    it's time to think about gift giving
  • Making the association your site is the go-to
    place for holiday gifts
  • Gets customers into the holiday spirit

2. Leverage Social Media
3. Organize Emailings
  • Social Sites Cut through the noise by
    regularly engaging on social sites. Post about
    the holidays, respond to fan comments, add
    colorful photos/graphics to your comments. Send
    fans/followers to articles and resources on your
    site and blog. Post infographics. Share on
    Facebook, Twitter, Printerest, etc. Add a
    Facebook Fan page, add holiday graphics and
  • EmailingsRelationships matter even more so
    during the holiday season. Do regular holiday
    email marketing. Make sure your email marketing
    is well synchronized with your social holiday
    marketing. Create headlines which encourage
    email opens Use a holiday header. Have a
    good offering make it clear present
    product/service benefits. Offer discounts, free
    shipping. Use a social media widget (icon) to
    send them to your social networks. Be sure your
    offerings match on your social sites. Have a
    Call-To-Action Order today and Never send
    holiday emails on Friday (unless immediately
    before a holiday or day after Thanksgiving.


4. Offer Free Shipping
5. Allow consumers to make
partial payments
  • Free Shipping Aside from good pricing,
    consumers are looking for Free Shipping. A
    MarketLive.com study found 91 of online shoppers
    said they'd take advantage of free shipping
    offers. "Online shoppers have become quite savvy"
    says Ken Burke chairman of MarketLive. "They have
    come to expect free shipping. Importantly, 31
    percent said free shipping is an incentive that
    would prompt them to pay full price for an order.
  • Partial PaymentsBig Box retailers primarily
    use a lay-away system during the holidays. Its
    one of the top ways they create additional sales.
    However if you are selling products which consist
    of services, ebooks and consulting products,
    consider offering to divide payments into two or
    three smaller amounts. And watch sales rise.

Present UpSells 7.
Offer Bonuses for
Purchase or a Free Gift
  • UpSellsPresenting an additional related
    product, or one which coordinates with the
    original product purchased, can quickly help add
    cash to your till. Statistics show once people
    are in the purchase mode, its much easierto
    upsell them to an additional product while in the
    process of purchasing an original item. Easier
    than at a later date.
  • Bonuses Offering a
    bonuses, or series of bonuses which relate
    to the product or add to
    the value of the product, is
    also a great way to increase sales.
  • Free Gift with Purchase Free Gifts with
    purchase are a great way to stimulate sales.
    Something 90 of consumers will take you up on.


8. Optimize your Website
Holiday Shoppers
Add a Gifts Section
9. Offer a Buy 1 Get 1
  • Consider placing a Gifts sectionTo your
    website and/or blog. This allows shoppers to find
    what they want fast. Add a holiday graphic at the
    top of the list/s to bring attention to the area.
    Place a link on the Home page of your site to
    the page. Or create a small box with holiday
    graphics and a link to the proper page on your
  • Sort products by type, price, offering a
    bestsellers list, be sure to list Bonuses
    included. Dont forget to add a link on your
    Facebook page to the Gifts section.
  • Buy 1 Get 1

    This is a strategy used by a wide
    variety of companies
    from entrepreneurial
    to large. Not only does it

    encourage a
    customer to purchase, stats show they

    will purchase much
    more than first planned.

    And will often purchase products
    they hadnt
    planned to.

10. Encourage Self Gifting
Have a Didnt Get What You
Wanted Promotion After
  • Many are in the market for things they dont
    usually buy. Have a Didnt Get What You Wanted?
    Promotion after Christmas through New Years. Many
    people receive money for Christmas. And usually
    want to spend it quickly. Re-state your earlier
    offer, add a new bonus or freebie.
  • Fifty percent of consumers did at least some
    self-gifting over the 2012 holidays and the
    gifts were good. Self-gifters spent an average of
    139.92 according to ExactTargets Email
    Marketing Holiday Calendar infographic. Create a
    new or modied offer. Add a new resource, bonus or
    free gift. Offer free shipping. And a price

A Few Last Tips.
  • Not to alarm last-minute marketers, but the
    holiday promotions party has already started. The
    National Retail Federation says 40 percent of
    shoppers began picking gifts out before
  • Regarding Email Marketing Listrak's recent
    report shows the average online retailer mailed
    5.3 emails between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday.
    Dont wait a minute more, organize your emails
    now so theyre ready to go out on the
    Thanksgiving weekend.
  • "They're all racing to get an existing piece of
    the pie," says Patricia Norins, an adviser to
    American Express' "Small Business Saturday," a
    holiday shopping event. "There's only so much of
    the pie that is going to be served," so retailers
    want to "get out of the gate as soon as possible
    and get in front of consumers and capture their
    piece of the pie."
  • Remember cross marketing Use mobile and tablet
    marketing along with social media marketing.

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