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The Design Portfolio - of - Justin Ketterer


The Design Portfolio - of - Justin Ketterer He that invents a machine augments the power of a man and the well-being of mankind. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Design Portfolio - of - Justin Ketterer

The Design Portfolio - of -Justin Ketterer
  • He that invents a machine augments the power of
    a man and the well-being of mankind."
  • -
    Henry Ward Beecher, 1887

The Juicenami
  • Assignment design and build a machine which
    accomplishes a task of your choice. It must
    incorporate a four-bar linkage, a gear, and a
  • My design solution The Juicenami
  • I led the design and construction of a device
    which opened a canned beverage, poured it into a
    cup, and deposited a reasonable amount of ice in
    the cup. The device
  • Secured a cup and the canned beverage.
  • Employed two perpendicular shafts.
  • One shaft served as one linkage in an offset
    slider-crank. The slider-crank drove a metal
    punch on rails which punctured the can. The
    opposite end of this shaft also served as the
    hand-crank for actuation of the system.
  • The other shaft, perpendicular to the first and
    driven by a gear, served as a camshaft which
    drove a two-stage door system which measured out
    portions of ice, dropped into the cup through a
    metal chute.

Ice Reservoir
Two-Stage Door System
Canned Beverage
Hand Crank
Metal Punch
The Juicenami, cont.
  • The following projects will show concept sketches
    and iterative development of the device sketches
    for this project were submitted to the Professor
    and could not be retrieved for inclusion here.
  • Results
  • Continuously served beverages with the device for
    several hours at the Design Day competition.
  • First Place for Mechanical Design award.
    Third Place, Kids Choice Award.

Design details permitted rapid adjustment of cam
and gear timing (details marked).
Aluminum Ice Chute gravity drives transfer of
ice from reservoir to cup.
A two-stage cam-driven door measured a reasonable
amount of ice into the cup.
Ice Reservoir
Ice Reservoir
Ice Chute
Door One
Intermediate Ice Chamber
Rubber bands for door retraction
Door Two
Human-Powered Water Purifier
  • Assignment build a human-powered water
    distillation machine which could convert
    polluted (food colored) water to fresh water.
  • My design solution a pedal-powered,
    friction-based device.
  • Major design constraint a human generates a
    surprisingly small amount of energy, relative to
    energy required to boil an appreciable amount of
    water ? The design must minimize energy losses!
  • Electrical generators and heating elements have
    significant energy efficiency issues. Friction
    directly converts mechanical energy to heat
    without intermediate steps and their associated
    inefficiencies Bicycle drive-train can have
    losses of less than 2 of input energy An
    outline for an efficient concept emerges.
  • I developed a concept which used two wooden disks
    spinning against either side of a small aluminum
    drum to heat the water inside. Evaporated water
    exited and condensed outside the drum via copper

Water Purifier Major Systems
Selected Sketches from Water Purifier Project
Heating Device
Heating Device
Intermediate Shaft
Heating Drum
Threaded rod / bolts press friction pads onto
sides of drum.
Intermediate Drive Shaft
Frictional Force Concepts Project Results
Early concepts involved applying force through
the drive shaft or via a conically shaped
rotating element. These were mechanically
infeasible and would have been difficult to
fabricate and adjust.
The frictional force mechanism needed to apply a
variable normal force at the drum, subject a
minimum number of components to stress, and be
easy to fabricate. This concept was the first to
get close to satisfying those requirementsbut
would still have been difficult to fabricate
Iterative revelation C-Clamp Lazy Susan
This is the form which the final frictional
mechanism took Spanning bolts and thrust
bearings give a linear, balanced force system.
This eliminated the problems of bending forces,
which the concept in the image above may have
suffered from.
  • Results
  • Water reached a boil in less than one minute of
  • Design flaw restrictive distillation tubing
    caused polluted water to boil out of the heating
    chamber, polluting the distilled fresh water.
  • Lessons learned uncertainties about design
    features must be counteracted by flexible or
    conservative designs.

M1A3 Sparty Tank
  • Assignment design and build a robot that can
    roll around and interact and talk with Michigan
    State University sports fans during sporting
  • My design solution
  • The initial concept suggestion by the project
    sponsor was infeasible given the four-month
    project window and the technical difficulties
    inherent to creating a humanoid robot. For any
    design scenariobut particularly in a case like
    thisit is important to work with the customer to
    define the fundamental need which he wishes to
    satisfy. I identified that crowd entertainment
    was the crux of this task.
  • Based on this key goal, I proposed a remote
    controlled battle tank which could roll around
    during games and shoot t-shirts to the crowd with
    a pneumatic air gun. The sponsor loved the idea.
  • More than any other design project I have done,
    this required attention to planning, conceptual
    iteration, sourcing of material, and fabrication
    work with machine tools. More than any other
    project I have done, I had fun!
  • Google M1A3 Sparty Tank for more information.

Iterative C.A.D. Development
Final Product!
Initial Concept Sketch
M1A3 Sparty Initial Concept Embodiment
Systems Integration Chassis Design
Barrel Designs
Hub Designs
M1A3 Sparty Tank, cont.
  • In this project, I learned the importance of the
    designer focusing efforts at the level of detail
    which the complexity of the project permits him
    to accomplish
  • For a very complex system, time constraints
    require the design team to shift much of the
    detail design work to suppliers, thus saving time
    for the team to design those components which
    permit the integration of the suppliers
  • This project would not have been finished if I
    had irrationally devoted myself to designing and
    building every single one of its components.
  • Thus, this project demanded that I become more of
    a systems engineerI had to focus more time on
    the integration of components which were sourced
    and purchased by team members.
  • Below, I show several of the purchased components
    from the pneumatic system which I had to reverse
    engineer into hand drawings (calipers were my
    constant companion in this project), and then
    model in our C.A.D. assembly to preempt
    interference issues.

Pneumatic Solenoid Valves
The Paintball Air Tank Reservoir
Hose Fittings
M1A3 Sparty Tank Production Documents
Custom designed parts required dozens of
dimensioned drawings to clearly convey to the
team what had to be made.
C.A.D. Production Documents Tank Project Results
  • When it was easier to do so, production documents
    were produced by printing out C.A.D. images with
    specifications written or printed directly on

Template created from CAD model for motor hole
location and drilling.
Solar Powered Hot Dog Cooker
  • Assignment design a solar-powered hot dog cooker
    for the Heat Transfer Lab competition. Maximize
    hot dog temperature minimize weight of device.
  • Led the design of a large parabolic hot dog
    cooker. A truss frame was fabricated using
    housing insulation foam sheeting Mylar was used
    as the mirror surface. Major features shown
  • A sighting tube to align the cooker with the
  • A Mylar lined cover at the focal point minimized
    convective heat losses and caught errant
    reflected sunrays.
  • A durable pivot point which allowed ease of
    alignment with sun and minimized structural
    flexure from uneven ground.
  • Results placed well in the class, but team
    placement would probably have improved with more
    testing other team members interest in doing
    further testing was lacking.
  • Lesson learned project success directly relates
    to the team members interest in itgood
    leadership entails sparking this interest.

Drawing to Supplement Technical Writing
  • Ive found that the best way to clearly convey
    technical concepts and processes is through
    digital or hand sketches. Here are some images
    from my undergraduate reports, done in MS Paint

A report on how printing presses function the
newspapers path and order of inking.
A camera system to illuminate and photograph a
micro pillar array submerged under water. Glass
mounted obliquely in the tube illuminated the
pillars indirectly.
A rheometer-a spinning conical disk submerged
in fluid which yields a laminar linear velocity
profile, and a uniform shear field. A camera
measured the pillar tip deflection through the
clear plastic of the rheometer.
Force-displacement relationships could then be
Particle image velocimetry was used to monitor
fluid flow in a water channel. The three areas in
which images were taken are emphasized.
Abstract Design Concepts Through Images
  • Below is what I consider the key concretization
    of ideas which I put forth in a paper which I
    wrote for my graduate design class (Human Design
    Context Identity, Values, and Ethics, J.
    Ketterer, 2008). In that paper, I relate mans
    nature to the purpose of design because some
    actions can harm life while other actions promote
    it, the purpose of design must then be creating
    products for customers which improve their
    lives. To do otherwise would risk harming human
    life. Values which objectively promote life
    instead of harming itwhat Ive called Objective
    Valuesexist, and are independent of what the
    customer and designer choose to personally value.
  • These facts set up the three broad domains of
    values illustrated below in the Venn Diagram of
    Values. A Designers Values are his personal
    values as it relates to the design process
    (payment for work done, job satisfaction, etc.)
    and the Customers Values are his or her
    personal values with respect to the product being
    designed (does the customer believe that the
    product provides a useful service, is the service
    worth the cost, etc..). But, independent of
    these two individuals sets of values, are
    Objective Values, the third domain shown below.
  • The key point for a given customer and
    designer, any given product will lie within one
    of these seven domains of values.

Abstractions Images, Cont.
  • This tool acknowledges that customers and
    designers can engage in trade which objectively
    harms life. For example, cigarettes and heavy
    smoking would fall into region six because it
    does not promote life. However, it is obvious
    that the cigarette manufacturer and the
    individual who smokes still consider cigarettes
    to be a value worth trading, or they would not
    choose to trade.
  • This tool also acknowledges that there are
    boundaries of uncertainty over what region a
    certain product belongs in There are debates
    over whether a certain product is really life
    promoting, for example, and this is illustrated
    by the black shaded boundary. The blue and green
    shaded regions illustrate the regions of value
    where a customers or designers personal
    valuesand consequent ideas of opportunity
    costmake it hard for them to decide whether the
    product under consideration is a value to them or
  • The key messages which a designer should take
    away from this tool are the following
  • It is important to identify where a certain
    product or product concept currently would reside
    within these seven domains of value.
  • If currently outside of domain 7, a designer
    should devote his creative skills towards
    identifying and resolving the product issues
    which are preventing it from being a life
    promoting value to both the customer and the
    designer himself.
  • If already in domain 7, creative energies should
    be devoted towards optimizationthinking of ways
    to improve the product by rendering it more
    effective at providing the nine Objective Life
    Promoting Values listed in the table within
    domain 1 titled Values which promote LIFE.

Abstractions Images, Cont.
  • Here is a second visual tool which I created and
    proposed in the Identity, Values, Ethics paper.
  • The Productivity Pyramid illustrates how an
    employees productivity is directly related to
    the stimulation of his personal values.
  • For a given employee, a project will lie
    somewhere within the spectrum of productivity
    represented by this pyramid.
  • The pyramids base rests on the initial
    requirements which must be met by the employee,
    if he is to engage in the job at all the
    Talents / Training required to do the job (or
    the motivation to learn the skills for the job!).
  • Following consideration of Talents / Training,
    the initial point at which a project will then
    compel an employee to participate, through
    stimulation of his personal interests, is then
    represented by the base of the pyramid the
    employee must agree with the Ethicality of the
    project. When a customers demand and an
    employees ethics agree, this serves as the first
    point at which an employee will be motivated to
    do the work. As a contrast, imagine asking
    Gandhi to work on the design of a weapon of mass
    destruction. No matter what payment you offered
    him, he would be recalcitrant in working on the
    weapons design. His attitude in this case is a
    direct result of the fact that he does not
    fundamentally consider that this project is
  • The next level in the pyramid which represents
    another form of motivation which can compel an
    employee to participate in a project is of course
    Salary. As long as ethical agreement is
    achieved, providing payment will only further
    motivate an employee to contribute to the
    project. The Zone of Opportunity Cost also
    shows that, generally, when ethics are sacrificed
    for income, motivation will decrease, and vice

Abstractions Images, Cont.
  • The peak of the pyramid represents the point of
    optimal agreement between an employee and his
    work. This is where an employee will be
    compelled, through the works direct stimulation
    of his own values and interests, to achieve his
    personal peak of productivity. This occurs when
    the employee enjoys the nature of the work
    itself. When an employee finds the work enjoyable
    and gives him a sense of accomplishment, his or
    her productivity will surge.
  • A second Zone of Opportunity Cost between the
    Salary and Values level illustrates that,
    generally, sacrificing job satisfaction for
    income will lead to decreased productivity, and
    vice versa.
  • The key messages which this tool helps to
    emphasize are the following
  • Managers and employees should actively engage in
    introspection and evaluation of what they value
    to determine the work which they fundamentally
    enjoy doing.
  • Companies which actively seek out and hire
    employees who love their work will not only
    maximize the value which the employees contribute
    to the company, but they will also have extremely
    happy employeesa true win-win situation!
  • Especially in the long run, it is best to invest
    in employees who enjoy the work they do. While
    more experienced employees may initially be more
    productive than those with less experience, I
    firmly believe that an employees excitement
    about a project will trump experience in the
    majority of job positions. An excited employee
    will, of his own accord, put in the effort
    required to come up to speed in a job and
    overtake the productivity of an experiencedbut
    less motivatedemployee.

Photography Art
  • Aesthetics may have not been emphasized in my
    formal engineering education, but I feel that I
    have a strong sense of what fits the definition
    ofand the ability to createthe visually
  • The following slides display this through my art,
    photography, interests, and activities. First,
    several projects from high school art and drawing
    classes Attention to detail is not lacking!

Symmetrical Art Assignments with a Pattern of our
Curves, Edges, and Points Oil Paint Art I,
2000 12 x 12
Street Corner Pencil Drawing I, 2001 12 x 12
Photography Art, Cont.
Two More Art Projects
The Ablest Navigator Monochromatic Marker
Assignment Art I, 2000 11.5 x 17.5
Deep Sea Stevenson H.S. Two Point Perspective
Assignment in Pencil Fanciful Rendering of
Hallway Corner in High School Drawing I,
2001 17.5 x 12.0
Photography Artand New Technology!
  • Prior slides which explained my design projects
    displayed my ability to convey ideas through
    images created in MS Painta software which is
    limited by a relatively small toolset. To more
    easily compose digital sketches, I purchased a
    drawing tablet which came with a copy of Adobe
    Photoshop Elements. The increased flexibility
    provided by this new hardware and the powerful
    tools of this software will enable me to
    accomplish quite a bit more in digital rendering.

A typical Facebook profile (my sisters, in
My profile, touched up with the tablet and
Photoshops trimming tools.
Photography Art, Cont.
  • Natural landscapes, industrial architecture, and
    dynamic statuary are fascinating and appealing to
    me. I would classify my aesthetic interests as
    that of Romantic Realist.
  • Industrial Architecture

Völklingen Ironworks, Saarland, Germany
Warehouse canal, Hamburg, Germany
Photography Art, Cont.
Kinetic art art which conveys dynamism
Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II Rome,
A techno themed party which I hostedilluminated
by glow sticks black lights. (Photo credit
Danielle Pisano.)
The sculptures of Jean Tinguely. Basel,
One frame from a time lapse video I made
(youtube /watch?vhz0a29kzLEs)
lighting and lines which do the same.
Photography Art, Cont.
  • Landscapes, vistas, mans position within it

Paros, Greece
Interlaken and Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland
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