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Lesson 1 review part I Divided Kingdom


Lesson 1 review part I Divided Kingdom – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Lesson 1 review part I Divided Kingdom

Lesson 1 review part I Divided Kingdom
Overview of Divided Kingdom I
  • Our studies began in 1 Kings 12 and have taken us
    to 2 Kings 13
  • We have also studied from 2 Chronicles 10 to 24
  • Our study began when the Kingdom divided after
    Solomons reign
  • Israel had gone into idolatry partly because of
    Solomons many wives

Kings we have looked at in our study Judah
  • Rehoboam Jeroboam
  • Abijah or Abijam
  • Asa Nadab
  • Baasha
  • Elah
  • Zimri
  • Omri
  • Jehoshaphat Ahab
  • Ahaziah
  • Jehoram Jehoram

Kings we have studied
  • Judah Israel
  • Ahaziah Jehu
  • Athaliah
  • Joash Jehoahaz
  • Joash
  • Amaziah
  • There are more studies about these last 2 kings

Brief look at each king
  • Kings in Judah
  • Rehoboamled Judah into idolatry and as a result
    Egypt came against Judah and took many fortified
    cities 2 Chr 124
  • Abijah or Abijamfollowed in the ways of his
    father and made war against Jeroboam 2Chr 132
  • Asa was a good king and with Gods help defeated
    the Ethiopians in battle 2Cr1412-14
  • He also took away sodomites 1 K 1512

Brief look at each king
  • Asa also goes to battle against Baasha 1K1516
  • He used Ben-hadad instead of God in war
  • Jehoshaphat Truly a good king and turns the
    people back to God 2 Chr 176-8
  • Became close friend with Ahab and sealed the
    relationship with his sons marriage to Ahabs
  • Fought with Ahab against Ramoth-Gilead 1 K 2229

Kings we have studied
  • Moab, Ammon, men from Mt. Seir come against Judah
    but God destroyed the armies because Judah turned
    back to Him 2 Cr 20 1
  • Jehoshaphat makes alliance with Ahaziah but ships
    destroyed by God 2 Cr 2035-37
  • Jehoshaphat and Jehoram fight Moab and win
    because God helped (only because of Jehoshaphat)
    2 K 314

Kings we have studied
  • JehoramThe king who married Ahabs daughter
    Athaliah 2 Chr 21 5-6
  • Encouraged Judah to worship idols and God sent
    the Philistines and Arabians against Judah and
    took all the wealth in the kings palace, his
    sons, and wives. 2 Cr 2113-17
  • AhaziahWas wicked like his mother and
    grandfather 2 Chr 22 2-3
  • Ahaziah and Jehoram or Joram fought together for
    Ramoth-Gilead 2K 826-28

Kings we have studied
  • Athaliah Took over the kingdom by killing all of
    her grandchildren (she thought) 2K 111
  • Joash or Jehoash The youngest son of Ahaziah was
    missed by Athaliah and he began to reign at age 7
    after being saved by Jehoiada the High Priest 2 K
    112-3 2 Cr 2211-12
  • He was a good king and turned Judah back to God 2
    Chr 2414
  • He has the temple repaired after much destruction
    by Athaliah 2 Chr 2412

Kings of Israel
  • Jeroboam Son of Nebat made 2 golden calves for
    worship 1 K 1228
  • One in Dan and one in Bethel 1 K 1229
  • Young prophet cries against the altar 1K132
  • Prophesied that the bones of prophets would be
    burned on the altar, which prophesied for the
    idols, during Josiahs reign 1 K 13 2 2 K 2316
  • Nadabfollowed in the ways of Jeroboam his father
    1 K 1525-26

Kings we have studied
  • Baasha killed all of Jeroboams family and took
    over being king but not to purge out idolatry 1 K
  • Many faithful return to Judah 2 Cr 159
  • Baasha goes against Judah but had to pull back
    because Ben-hadad came against the northern
    border of Israel 1 K 1519-21
  • Elah Baashas son reigned but was killed by and
    official of his army (Zimri) 1K 166-10

Kings we have studied
  • Zimri only reigned 1 week and killed himself by
    burning down the palace on him 1K 1615-18
  • Omri continued in the ways of Jeroboam 1K
  • Not much said about Omri but secular history
    reveals things about him (Assyrian records refer
    to Israel as the house of Omri)
  • Ahab married one of the worst women in the Bible
    (Jezebel) 1 K 1630-31
  • Baal worship in Israel begins 1 K 16 32

Introduced to Elijah
  • Many stories about Elijah the Tishbite
  • Predicts a drought 1K 171
  • Challenge to Baal worship on Mt. Carmel 1K 18
  • Elijah goes to wilderness thinking he was the
    only one left but was told 7,000 more in Israel
    that had not bowed to Baal 1K 194 18
  • Elisha would succeed Elijah 1K 1919-21

King Ahab continued
  • Samaria attacked by Syria while Ahab reigned 1K
    201 20
  • They come the second time thinking their God was
    the god of the hills not the plains v. 23-25
  • Ahab wants Naboths vineyard and eventually gets
    it 1K21 15
  • Ahab and Jehoshaphat fight against Ramoth-Gilead
    and Ahab disguises himself but killed by his
    chariot driver because of his wounds from an
    arrow shot into the air by enemy soldier 1K222-3

Kings we have studied
  • Ahaziah reigned only a short time after his
    father died but long enough to make agreement
    about shipping with Jehoshaphat 1K2248-49
  • Ships of Tarshish or long distance ships 1 K
  • He fell through an upper window and did not
    recover 2K 12-4

Ships would go to Ophir to buy and sell but God
was not pleased and destroyed the ships at
Long distant ships were larger than regular ships
More stories of Elijah and Elisha
  • Elijah taken up into heaven 2K 211
  • Elisha purifies the water 2K 219-22
  • Young boys cried out againt Elisha 2K 223-25

Kings we have studied
  • Jehoram He and Jehoshaphat and Edom fight Moab
    2K 39
  • Some other prophets enter the picture during the
    reign of some kings and Obadiah was the first
    book of prophets we looked at in our study

  • Cp 1-9 Prophesy that Edom would be destroyed
  • Cp 10-14 Edoms sins exposed
  • Cp 15-21 Judgment against Edom

Stories of Elisha
  • The Shunammite woman 2K 48ff
  • Stew purified 2K 438ff
  • Feeding 100 men 2K 442ff
  • Healing of Naaman 2K 51ff
  • Ax-head floats 2K 65-7
  • Leads blind men to center of Samaria 2K 618-22
  • Land of Shunammite woman restored 2K 81-6

Kings we have studied
  • Jehu anointed and ordered to kills Ahabs family,
    Ahaziah, Jehoram, Jezebel 2K 96-8
  • He destroys Baal worshipers 2K 1018-21
  • God promised his seed would reign for 4
    generations 2K 1030
  • We began to see the rise of the Assyrian empire
  • Jehu bows to Shalmaneser III recorded on the
    Black Obelisk

Black Obelisk with Jehu bowing to Shalmaneser III
Prophet Joel
  • We looked at the prophet Joel
  • Devastation by locust cp 1
  • Call to repentance cp 1
  • Day of judgment coming cp 2
  • Second call to repent cp 2
  • Promise of blessings cp 2
  • Victory for the people of God cp 3

Kings we have studied
  • Jehoahaz left with a small army and smaller land
    area 2K 137
  • Joash 2nd of the 4 generations of Jehu 2K139
  • Hazael of Syria dies and Joash was able to
    recover much land that had been taken 2K 1323-25

Elisha dies
  • Elisha makes a deathbed prophecy 2K1315
  • Arrow shot was arrow of the Lord v.17
  • More are shot in ground but not enough shot to
    completely destroy those who would come against
    Israel (Syrians) v.19

Amaziah avenges his fathers death 2Kings 145-6
  • When his kingdom was secure he executed the
    officials who murdered his father v.5
  • He hires Mercenaries from Israel to fight the
    Edomites 2Cr 256 14
  • Should have relied on the Lord v.9
  • I hope this review helps you understand the
    divided kingdom up to this point.

  • we will begin with Jonah next week
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