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New Employee Assistance Program


New Employee Assistance Program Supervisor Training For: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: New Employee Assistance Program

  • New Employee Assistance Program
  • Supervisor Training For

Supervisory Training Agenda
  • EAP Benefits Overview
  • Goals of Supervisor Training
  • Supervisor/Manager Role
  • Signs and Symptoms of the Troubled Employee
  • Managing the Troubled Employee
  • Confidentiality Reporting
  • Types of Referrals
  • Summary

Manager/Supervisor/HR Virtual Folder
  • HCR ManorCares virtual folder is your managers
    tool box which includes
  • Promotional materials
  • Program training materials
  • Supervisory referral documents

Employee Landing Page
  • HCR ManorCares landing page gives employees a
    brief overview of the EAP benefits and gives them
    access to
  • Benefits summary
  • Links to resource web portals
  • EAP brochure announcement flyer

Why use the EAP?
  • Mental Health
  • Marriage family conflicts
  • Substance abuse
  • Stress management
  • Emotional challenges
  • Health concerns
  • Grief and loss
  • Work/Life
  • Childcare Referrals
  • Eldercare Referrals
  • Legal Consultation
  • Financial Consultation

EAP Sessions
  • Employees and Family members are authorized for
  • Up to 5 face to face sessions per incident
    provided by your employer
  • EAP is a short-term approach for diagnosis,
    referral, and/or short term problem resolution

Tobacco Cessation
  • Tobacco Cessation is available through the
    Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Get assistance from a licensed professional
  • 100 confidential
  • Excellent resources available

24 Hours
  • Medical answering service available for
    after-hours calls.
  • On-call counselors are available.
  • This is not an Emergency Number. Call 911 if
    there is an emergency.
  • Business Hours
  • PST 700 a.m. 530 p.m.
  • CST 900 a.m. 730 p.m.
  • EST 1000 a.m. 830 p.m.

All Family Members
  • We mean all family members. Living with you or
    not. In the same state or not. All are welcome
  • Children
  • Spouses
  • Significant Others
  • Parents
  • Grandparents

Multi-Cultural/ Multi-Lingual
  • All ethnic concerns accommodated
  • All cultural issues addressed
  • All special interests acknowledged
  • Multilingual services available

Many Locations
  • Just tell the intake person where the most
    convenient location is for you to be seen
  • Near Work
  • Near Home
  • Or in between

Comprehensive Work/Life
  • Comprehensive Work/Life Benefits offer an
    innovative blend of referral services and
    information designed to make life easier. These
    services include
  • Childcare Referrals
  • Eldercare Referrals
  • Pet Care Referrals
  • Legal Service
  • Financial Services
  • Identity Theft
  • Educational Assistance Referrals

Childcare Services
  • Referrals for preschool, after school, and day
    care facilities
  • Special Needs
  • Summer Camps
  • Background and Security Check Referrals
  • And much more

Senior Care Services
  • Referral for nursing and home health care
  • Adult day care and support groups
  • Transportation and Meal Sources
  • Emergency and Respite Care
  • Companionship programs

Pet Care Services
  • Referral for boarding and grooming
  • Referrals for Veterinarians
  • Resources for traveling with pets
  • Emergency pet services
  • Finding a family pet

Legal Financial Services
  • Speak directly with an attorney about your legal
  • Speak directly with a Financial Planner
  • 90 of all calls handled over the phone without
    further referral needed

Legal Services
  • Unlimited phone consultation with a licensed
  • Landlord Tenant/Real Estate
  • Custody/Visitation Concerns
  • Wills and Trusts
  • Family Law
  • And much more

Financial Services
  • Unlimited phone consultation with a Financial
  • Credit Card Consolidation
  • Credit Restoration
  • Retirement Planning
  • And much more

Identity Theft
  • Prevention and Security
  • Immediate response suggestions
  • Fraudulent charges and disputes
  • Credit restoration and follow ups
  • And much more

Educational Opportunities
  • College preparation guide
  • Resources for advancing education
  • Financial aid referrals
  • Two-year, Undergraduate, and graduate programs
  • Career counseling
  • GED, Special Degrees, and Vocational program
  • Scholarship information
  • And much more

Affinity Online
  • Personalized self-paced assistance
  • Strategies for better and healthier living
  • FREE services no matter how often accessed
  • Help available 24 hours per day, seven days per

Healthy Literature
  • Information is available to you on any issue of
    concern on a variety of topics
  • HealthYMail Monthly Newsletters
  • Affinity Quarterly Newsletters

Personal Services
  • Information and referrals including, but not
    limited to
  • Car Rentals Repairs
  • Cleaning Service
  • Event Planners
  • Errand Runners
  • Entertainment
  • Personal Safety
  • Reservations Tickets
  • Transportation Travel
  • ACI Personal Services are here to help!

  • All information provided by the employee and
    family member is protected by State and Federal
  • No information gets back to the company that the
    employee accessed the EAP
  • The utilization report has no names on it

  • Topics that Highlight the EAP Services
  • Fun, Entertaining Educational
  • Your choice of how theyre conducted
  • On-site trainer
  • Webinar
  • Do-It-Yourself
  • To arrange a training work through
  • your location HRD and/or
  • contact ACI directly.

Pre-recorded Seminars
  • A DVD with pre-recorded webinars
  • available to HRDs. Topics included on
  • The DVD are
  • EAP orientation
  • Supervisory EAP orientation
  • Road to Managing a Healthier Lifestyle
  • Battling the Tobacco Chewing, Cigarette Smoking
    Monkey On Your Back
  • Stress Management for Caregivers

EAP Help in Critical Times
  • Examples of Critical Incidents Include
  • Death of an Employee
  • Severe Injury
  • Prolonged /severe Illness
  • Workplace violence
  • Any traumatic event that impacts employees

Supervisor/Manager Role
  • To expect good job performance
  • To provide a safe work environment
  • Make sure the job gets done
  • Ensure quality in the product/service

To do this the manager must
  • Know what it takes to get job done
  • Know the employees abilities
  • Know if there is a change in either
  • Communicate job expectations

Managing the Troubled Employee
  • Recognition
  • Documentation/Consult with HR
  • Discussion
  • Job Performance Improves or
  • Job Performance Problems continue
  • EAP Interview
  • Follow-Up

Signs and Symptoms
  • Absenteeism
  • On-the-Job Absenteeism
  • Difficulty in Concentration
  • Appearance
  • Confusion
  • Inconsistent Work Patterns
  • Generally Lowered Job Efficiency
  • Poor Employee Relationships

Workplace Violence
  • Some indications of impending violence
  • Overreaction to changes
  • Threats, even in jest
  • History of antagonistic or violent behavior
  • Blaming of others for serious problems
  • Repeated policy violations
  • Vague references to a plan to get even
  • Mood swings or substance abuse
  • Repeated references to weapons

Stages of Addiction Alcoholism
  • Early Stage
  • Middle Stage
  • Late Stage

Supervisory Referrals
  • EAP is not a part of the disciplinary process
  • 100 confidential unless employee signs a release
    of information
  • Excellent resources to get problems solved
  • How and when to make a referral refer to the
    Virtual Folder Risk Management tab for procedures

Types of Referrals
  • Self-Referrals - An employee or family member
    contacts the EAP directly
  • Supervisory Referrals - You recognize that an
    employees job performance has deteriorated and
    that continuing or emerging patterns of behavior
    are cause for concern

Types of Job Related Supervisory Referrals
  • Positive substance screen result
  • Refusal to submit to substance screen
  • Frequent/unexplained absenteeism/tardiness
  • Absent from the worksite while on the job
  • Difficulty in working with others
  • Inconsistency in quality/quantity of work output
  • Extreme irritability/anger
  • Insubordination/Questioning authority
  • Disregard for the safety of others

The EAP in Summary
  • Benefit paid for by HCR ManorCare for Employees
  • Promotes early intervention for employees
    personal problems
  • Reduces employee absenteeism and low productivity
  • Facilitates good mental health which reduces
    overall health care costs
  • Communicates the companys commitment to their
    employees well being

Do you need someone to talk to? Talk to
us! Multiple resources are available at your
Manager/Supervisor/HR link http//
vlink/vfolder/hcr/ Employee link http//hcrmano Email C
all 800.932.0034
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