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Isaiah Edwards Mentor/Trainer


Isaiah Edwards Mentor/Trainer – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Isaiah Edwards Mentor/Trainer

Isaiah Edwards Mentor/Trainer
Download (To follow along)
  • Download the Jesus and Genius manual at
  • Click on Product to download manual (there is a
    suggested donation of 15)
  • Caution Jesus and Genius is designed to empower
    you and your family by challenging your DMS
    (Discipline, Mental toughness and Self-control),
    your desire to develop, improve and grow (DIG).
    Your ability to persist in the midst of
    frustration until you achieve your goal. If you
    have a passion to perform with greatness and want
    your family members to perform with greatness as
    well, then Jesus and Genius is the learning
    development program for you.

  • Introduces Ultra Learning (Gen 126) that is
    empowered by principles from out of this world.
  • Practice consistently and with perseverance to
    develop tools that will help you with processing,
    recalling and understanding information more
  • Develop a love for learning (pg. 7)
  • Make SENSE of learning (Smooth, effortless,
    natural, swift and easy)
  • Teach others to develop their learning ability.

  • Develop the sharpest mind possible for you. So
    that you will Know what you need to know and be
    able to do what you need to do at the time you
    need to do it. (pg. 9)
  • Make your intelligence an offering of
  • Develop the abilities needed to support and feed
    your family, have enough to help others and have
    enough to give offerings.
  • Develop world class learning abilities (Ps 241)

A prayer and pledge to persist
  • Lord, daily I will work to develop and improve
    my ability to process information and to learn in
    a more effective and efficient manner. I will
    work until I become an expert at learning because
    I do not want to make an offering to you that I
    have gained easily and have cost me nothing. Lord
    let your glory be reflected in my life through
    developed skill sets, wisdom, intelligence,
    mastery, the ability to innovate and create. My
    life reflecting your glory and creative power
    helps me to develop new skill sets and to release
    my God given intellectual power. Lord I will
    continue to work until you bless me. Amen
  • Isaiah Edwards

An offering of Thanksgiving
  • Lord, I offer my intelligence to you as an
    offering of Thanksgiving. Bless me as I work to
    develop, improve, increase, multiple, and learn
    to use my intelligence in a more effective and
    efficient manner. Help me learn to release my God
    given Intellectual Power as I work to develop the
    ability to become an expert at learning. Lord I
    am asking you to bless me so that I will become a
    great steward of the time you have given to me
    because Lord you have allowed me to be a part of
    your wonderful creation. Amen
  • Isaiah Edwards

Why knowledge?pg. 13
  • It has been said that knowledge is Power. I
    would like to take this statement one step
    further by adding Knowing how to intelligently,
    wisely, innovatively, creatively, effectively,
    efficiently and skillfully use knowledge creates
    power. Power creates credibility credibility
    creates the ability to influence. Influence
    creates the ability to have an impact impact
    creates the conditions to bring about change.
  • Isaiah Edwards March 23, 2008

Tools required to succeed
  • Faith God and yourself Gen 126
  • Trust - generates positive energy, eliminates
  • Discipline and mental toughness
  • Self-control, self-motivation and persistence
  • Mantras behavior migrates toward the ideas the
    mind sees or hears consistently. (Mix and combine
    mantras to experience maximum growth and meaning)
  • Mental reps MVP- mentally, visually, and
    physically practice. Consistent healthy
    visualization will lead to growth.

Mantra (Deuteronomy 67)
  • Sacred message or text
  • An instrument of thought (
  • An organized powerful, positive, productive,
    verbal, character, behavior and skill set builder
  • A proactive method to use to help shape and
    develop powerful, positive behavior through
    positive guidance. Our behavior will generally
    follow, transform or migrate toward what we hear
    repeatedly. Deuteronomy 67 and Joshua 18
  • Psalms 1914 and Philippians 48

Mantras or MAC (Learn to use mantras as commands
to develop or change behavior)
  • Provides the mind with a clear destination.
  • When the mind has a clear destination, the mind
    will comprehend, implement, innovate, create and
  • Commands creates an expectation of action or
    follow through.
  • Adopt Jacobs attitude (see Gen 3226b) I
    will not let go unless you bless me.

An universal Mantra(Use to help develop any
desired skill set)
  • ________________ develop into a tool that I can
    use to gain knowledge. Help me to turn that
    knowledge into marketable skill sets.
  • Example Mnemonics develop into a tool that I can
    use to gain knowledge. Help me to turn that
    knowledge into marketable skill sets.
  • Or create your own mantras.

Skill set development requires
  • Desire, love, a vision and passion
  • Exposure (to accurate and current information)
  • Development (practice, practice and rehearse)
  • Mastery (Gen 47d)
  • Expertise
  • Unconscious competence

Experience the power of the unified mind (Gen
  • Discipline
  • Mental toughness
  • Self-control
  • Focused attention
  • Intelligence, Knowledge and wisdom
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Achievement

Jesus and Genius
  • Purpose (pg. 3-4)
  • How-to-spiration
  • Source for meditation (Joshua 18)
  • Empowering (Zachariah 1012)
  • Encourages the development of new skill sets,
    innovation and creativity
  • Uses the power of Love (John 316)

Why Jesus and Genius
  • Provides tools to assist with developing and
    improving the ability to process information more
    quickly, instantly and accurately.
  • It introduces the FLOWS concept.
  • Helps to develop a world class mind set.
  • Empowers and encourages bonding.
  • Daily provides a practical testimony of the power
    of Gods word in your life. See Gen 126

  • Fast
  • Learning
  • Opens opportunities
  • Wows
  • Stimulates innovation and creativity.

  • Fast
  • Learning
  • Open opportunities
  • Achieves by continuously developing new,
    powerful, positive, and world class marketable
    skill sets
  • Transforms lifestyles
  • Stimulates innovation and creativity

  • Christian learners (pg. 10)
  • Christian Winners (pg. 10)
  • Prayer for achievement (pg. 11)
  • Prayer for results (pg. 11)
  • Pray without ceasing (1 Thess. 517)
  • Practice, Practice, Practice (Phil. 49)

Family learning centerpg. 13
  • Designated time where the family come together to
    introduce, practice and master new tools to
    enhance learning
  • Topics - (Family History, traditions, Mnemonics,
    Public speaking, how was your day, etc.)
  • Each family member get to plan and lead sessions.
    (Collaboration is encouraged)
  • Develop an Ignition word or ignition words.
  • Duration (20-30 minutes)

Ignition word
  • An ignition word is any word you choose that
    centers, energizes, readies your mind for action
    to ignite and release your God-given Intellectual
  • Power - the abilities or skill sets you have
    developed and are able to do or perform with
    expertise instinctively or with unconscious
    competence. These abilities are developed
    through consistent training, practicing,
    rehearsing and mastery.
  • Example My ignition word is Power.

Foundation My Strengths are
  • Valor
  • To become the best you must start out among the
    best, therefore continuously TRAIN to develop
    your God given Intellectual Power. Isaiah
    Edwards January 5, 2011

  • Love
  • Information
  • Gathering
  • Happily
  • Take information in
  • I need LIGHT to SEE. (SEE- to become Skilled,
    with Expertise, Effective and efficient.)
  • Let your light shine before men.. Mat 516
  • Develop a love for learning and discover that
    learning is beautiful. Isaiah Edwards

SWIM(Skill sets, wisdom, Intelligence,
mastery)See Exodus 361
  • Teach your family members the value of learning
    to SWIM
  • Skill Sets Those whose Skill sets exceeds the
    skill sets of others, gets paid Isaiah Edwards
  • Wisdom (see proverbs 817-21)
  • Intelligence and information gathering
  • Mastery (Gen 47d, you must master it!)

Make SENSE of learning
  • Smooth
  • Effortless
  • Natural
  • Swift
  • Easy
  • The ability to make SENSE of learning is
    accomplished through continued and consistent

Tools to help make SENSE of learning
  • Practice (MVP)
  • Mentally
  • Visually (Visualize to display, see Joel 228)
  • Physically
  • Mental speed drills (see how fast you are able to
    pick up new information)

Stages of learning pg. 16
  • Learning process (pg. 14)
  • Unconscious incompetence
  • Conscious incompetence
  • Conscious competence
  • Mantra A winners attitude, pg.16

SUPER-CONSCIOUS(pg. 9 56)Mantra
Super-conscious be strong, disciplined,
innovative, creative, powerful and productive.
  • Each person has a Super-conscious (proverbs 205)
  • Sub-conscious (to ponder, stew, simmer, from the
    heart) Luke 219
  • Available to do work 24/7 (when given proper
  • Develop the ability to use your Super-conscious
    as a tool to assist with developing new skill
  • Use mantras as commands to train.
  • Repeat them again and again (Deut 67)

Mantras to help develop your Super-conscious
  • Super-conscious come out of your dormancy, come
    alive and develop into all that Jesus created you
    to be.
  • Super-conscious develop into a tool that I can
    use to gain knowledge and help me to turn that
    knowledge into marketable Skill sets.

  • TRUST - (Totally Rely Upon your Spiritual
    Training, pg. 23) See Mark. 923 What do you
    mean if you can? Jesus said, anything is possible
    if a person believes. I will add here and is
    willing to put in the required work to develop
    and realize your God given intellectual power.
    Isaiah Edwards
  • TRAIN - (Teach information Regularly until the
    information or skill set becomes Automatic,
    Instinctive and Natural, pg. 3) (see Proverbs
  • Master (Gen 47d)
  • Develop expertise (See Luke 252)

Biblical Standard Level (continues)Perform with
  • Skill (Proverbs 2229)
  • Speed (Amos 59)
  • Precision (Job 3929 NLT)
  • Power (Zach 1012)
  • Do not allow someone else to determine what you
    are capable of accomplishing. Your current
    abilities is not indicative of your future
    capabilities. Discover what you are capable of
    accomplishing through the love of learning,
    information gathering and skill set development.
    Inspired by (Psalms 1441, Phil. 413, Mark
  • Isaiah
    Edwards January 5, 2011

Powerful, positive, and productive self-talk (pg.
  • What is it? (Internal self-talk)
  • Leads to action (Powerful, positive and
  • Uses Mantras as commands to bring about
    positive changes in behavior
  • Proverbs 237 (King James) As a man thinks
  • Deuteronomy 64-8 (use day and night)
  • Philippians 48 (Dwell on)

MOE(A Mantra Of Empowerment)
  • MOE - is a mantra to keep you centered, ready to
    engage your mind, while remaining open, alert,
    creative, innovative and aware of your
  • JLP-LMVP-SDSU - (Jesus, Love, Power, Listen,
    Mnemonics, Visual recall, Panoramic
    Super-conscious visual recall, Sense, Discern,
    SCRAP, Unconscious competence)
  • Mantra MOE, FLOWS, FLOATS and performs at the
    Biblical Standard to relax and empower me.

MOE (JLP)Get more
  • JESUS - our source of power, creativity, comfort
    and authority
  • LOVE (God is love) Powerful, positive,
    supportive, encourages and motivates to action
    ( the greatest of these is love, See 1 Cor.
  • POWER - ability to do, act or influence ( you
    will receive power Acts 18b). Also see Judges
    146a, Jeremiah 2911 and Zach 1012

  • LISTEN - requires discipline, mental toughness
    and self-control.
  • MNEMONICS - tools to assist with recalling
    information. (Deuteronomy 68-9)
  • VISUAL RECALL Vivid and accurate visual recall
  • Panoramic super-conscious visual recall (PSVR is
    a gateway skill set, pg. 30 - 31) - The developed
    ability to see both sides of the page at the same
    time. Continuously work to develop this technique
    until its mastered. Once PSVR is developed you
    will truly be able to release your God given
    intellectual power.

  • Sense intuition, body language, sounds,
    environment, etc
  • Discern insight, instinct, looking beyond the
    obvious, accurately discovering a hidden meaning
    or omission.
  • SCRAP life is dynamic, it changes (pg.3) Prov
  • Unconscious competently (pg. 17) learn to
    Perform at the biblical standard level.

Why SCRAP?Pg. 3
  • Sharp lookout
  • Connect information accurately
  • Ready to rapidly recognize information
  • ALERT (Always, Looking, Expecting, Receiving and
    Transacting/process information)
  • Piercing eyes (with precision and accuracy)
  • To see God at work in your life and in the lives
    of others. To recognize when there
    is treasure or opportunity at your feet to
    recognize and take appropriate actions to avoid
    tragedy in your path. (also see Proverbs 2712)
  • Isaiah Edwards

JESUS (Just Enjoy Salvation with Understanding
and Strength)
  • Salvation, forgiveness, grace, mercy, new start
  • Love powerful, positive, supportive, encourages
    and motivating
  • Unlimited creative power new money comes
    through innovation. Gen. 126
  • Wisdom, intelligence and encouraged learning
  • Discerning, sensitive, caring, comforting and
  • Skilled, prepared and assertive when required.

LOVE (See 1 Corinthian 1313b, Proverbs 210)
  • POWERFUL Is the most powerful, positive
    motivating force in our lives. ( the greatest of
    these is love)
  • Motivated God to act (see John 316)
  • Creates a willingness to sacrifice to achieve.
  • Productive a force that fuels performance to
    develop skill sets and expertise.
  • Beautiful when developed and channeled in a
    positive, caring, comforting, powerful and
    productive manner.
  • Develop a love for learning and discover that
    learning is beautiful. Isaiah Edwards

POWER Prayer oneness worship El Shaddi regularly
  • Gods power Genesis 126, Joshua 19
  • The power of Gods word (Heb 412a)
  • Principles from the word of God Gen. 13-4A
  • Biblical standard level of performance
  • Zachariah 1012
  • Proverbs 1815
  • Proverbs 2229

POWER (continue)
  • Quattro Power
  • Penta-Power
  • Septa-Power
  • Deca-Power
  • Mantra Faith go to work for me to help me
    develop the necessary skill sets to learn to
    release my God given Intellectual POWER.

Quattro Power
  • Pray and work to develop the ability to recall
    information quickly, instantly and accurately
  • Mnemonics become an expert at using mnemonics
    to aid with recalling information. (Deuteronomy
  • Super-conscious or sub-conscious mind the
    natural tool that is available 24/7, once
    developed, may be used to assist with learning
    and perfecting information. Works best when
    given clear directions or instructions. (See
    Luke 219 NLT)
  • Panoramic Super-conscious visual recall a
    picture is worth a 1000 words. Work to develop
    and perfect your ability to visually recall
    information vividly and accurately.

  • God given intellectual power to master all of
    life. Ultra learning (Gen 126, Ultra learning)
  • Jesus and Genius course (Download)
  • Panoramic Super-conscious visual recall
    (Developed ability over time to read both sides
    of the page at once.) For the importance of the
    power of seeing, visit Joel 228-29.
  • Deca Power (The powerful 10)
  • Biblical standard level of performance

Septa-Power(Powerful seven, pg. 6)
  • Behavior
  • Listening
  • Linking
  • Visualizing (visualize to display, see Joel
  • Mnemonics (Deuteronomy 68-9)
  • RICCI (Recall, incubate, connect, create and
  • Make PIE (Productive information and successfully

Deca Power(The Powerful 10)
  • Prayer
  • Power
  • Panoramic Super-conscious visual recall
  • SCRAP (pg. 3, also see Proverb 2712, Judges
    72-7 the Lord helping Gideon choose the 300.
    Always be aware that you are in a fight to
    innovate, create, successfully implement, while
    performing with skill, speed, expertise,
    precision and power. Your weapons of choice are
    knowledge, wisdom, mastery, skill sets and
  • MACLLAAVICI (MAC-LAV- Chee) Mnemonics,
    acronym, connect, listen, link, acrostic,
    associate, visualize, incubate, create and

DECA Power (continue)
  • Powerful Seven
  • SPEED - Spiritual power that engages, energizes
    and delivers
  • HOPE - Higher omnipotent power that energizes
  • LOVE - Lock on to victory with energy and
  • Passion- The I got to have it of life,
    See proverbs 1626.

MOP(A mantra of power)
  • Jesus
  • Love
  • Power
  • Sound mind (2 Tim 17)
  • Skill sets
  • Expertise
  • Well-trained
  • Valor (the developed ability to perform with
    skill, speed, expertise, power, boldness and
    determination when facing challenges the ability
    to accomplish great feats, see 2 Samuel 23)

Secrets to releasing your God given Intellectual
Power(work to master LMVP)
  • Listening (James 119a)
  • Mnemonics (Deuteronomy 68-9)
  • Visual recall (vivid and accurate, see Joel
  • Panoramic super-conscious visual recall (PSVR)

Listening Skill developmentpg. 17 My dear
brothers and sisters, be quick to listen and slow
to speak, James 119
  • Developed over time through practice.
  • Requires Practice - most of us are not natural
  • Discipline - give others a chance to express
    their ideas
  • Mental toughness (Proverbs 425-27,pg. 20)
  • Self-control - resist the urge to interrupt or
  • Exercising discipline, mental toughness and
    Self-control (DMS) provides the foundation to
    develop, improve and grow (DIG).
  • Seek dialogue not domination (see Isaiah 118a)

Listening skills (continue)
  • Look body language, look at speaker
  • Intuitively 6th sense, instinct, insight,
  • Sense eyes, ears, sound, movement, discern, etc
  • Take in information mnemonics, visualize, etc
  • Engage mentally focused thoughts
  • Nurture Link, associate, connect information
    accurately, incubate (LACI)

Developing your ability to become a good listener
  • Requires discipline, mental toughness,
  • Registering and retaining information
  • Recall (develop the ability to skillfully use
    mnemonics to assist with recalling info.)
  • Mimic/repeat
  • Comprehend (ask pertinent questions for clarity)
  • Display (performing/ being able to do)
  • Mantra Develop the ability to listen, to

Mnemonics(Deuteronomy 68-9)
  • Anything used to assist with recall
  • Makes recall easier and more interesting
  • Personal (no wrong way to do it)
  • Fun (your imagination is free to roam)
  • Practice using mnemonics in as many situations as
    possible until your ability to use mnemonics to
    assist with learning becomes skilled, automatic,
    instinctive and natural.
  • MVP (Mental, visually and physically practice)

Mnemonics (continue)
  • CA Linking (pg. 18)
  • Acronyms, associating and Acrostics
  • Visualizing (pg. 19, see Joel 228-29)
  • Mnemonic speed games (Amos 59)
  • Stacking, linking and connecting information
  • Rap, jingles, songs, poems, number
  • Alphabet

Innovate and createDesign a system that will
lead to success
  • Creative thinking - making new and useful
    connection. Jeremiah 333a
  • Innovate new uses from old info.
  • Proverbs 1815 The intelligent are open to new
  • ANGELS - (Psalms 9111) Protection
  • Creative Process
  • SIM - make something new, improve a process or
    make something old better

ANGELS(pg. 44)
  • Problem statement - Why or what happens if
  • Add - introduce something new or different
  • Not in order (change the order)
  • Generalize (widen)
  • Eliminate (take something away)
  • Lessen (make smaller)
  • Substitute (replace something and test)
  • A mantra Lord help me learn, develop and master
    the ability to skillfully use the ANGELS so that
    I may SEE greater and greater things.

The Creative Process(pg. 43-44)
  • Preparation Pre-work, knowledge, understanding
    , actively studying related information.
  • Incubation Pondering, stewing over it
  • Divergent thinking Out of the box thinking
  • Insight God given flashes of inspiration,
  • Verification evaluate and experiment to verify

Stimulating creativity and innovation Jeremiah
  • Why? If only there was a way to? Let me find a
    way to?
  • What if I could do.?
  • How might I make it happen?
  • Design a system that will lead to success.
  • Associate and connect information
  • Read, research, and collaborate with others.
  • Think all the time, take in information even at
    rest. Write down or record your ideas.
  • Keep an idea book and/or a portfolio

SWOT Analysis(pg. 29)
  • Strengths whats good about it.
  • Weaknesses whats negative about it and can
    those negatives be overcome?
  • Opportunity What is there to be gained?
  • Threats what might I lose if I act or do not
    act? Is the loss or gain worth it?

Healthy Self-evaluationEFI (pg. 28)
  • Examine - ask pertinent questions, evaluate the
    answers, who, what, why, etc.
  • Filter does it make sense or pass the
    intellectual smell test?
  • Instantly implement If the ideas makes it
    through your examination and filter, become
    courageous enough to wisely, intelligently,
    effectively, efficiently, timely and skillfully
    implement the ideas.
  • Work (SCRAP) to stay spiritually and mentally

GOALS (pg. 26)Grasping opportunities and always
looking forward with strength
  • Main goal - (mixed with short term goals)
  • Written - (are more successful)
  • Realistic and achievable
  • Evaluate and make necessary adjustments
  • Accountable - (with supportive people)
  • Deadline - (with milestones in between)

Ten Commandments for today(pg. 27)
  • Today I will live for Christ
  • I will trust in Christ with all of my heart
  • I will work to strengthen a weakness
  • I will work to increase my knowledge
  • I will work to improve my abilities
  • I will walk in love with wisdom, power,
    discernment and understanding

Ten commandments continue
  • I will listen, discern, and seek to understand
    before I speak.
  • I will do something good for me
  • I will use time as a tool and not as a couch
  • I will pray for others and for me.
  • Or create your own Ten Commandments to get things
    accomplished TODAY

Vocabulary(pg. 32)
  • Daily seek to build a better vocabulary
  • Resources (Online dictionaries)
  • and many others.
  • Home dictionaries,, etc
  • When reading challenging books
  • Listening to others (who uses words correctly)
  • Psalms 119162 I rejoice in your word

Public Speaking(pg. 34)
  • CA Link your presentation
  • Think of your audience, their needs and not how
    you are feeling.
  • Your presentation needs to be clear, coherent,
    interesting and confident.
  • Stand on ball of feet, knees slightly bent.
    (Helps to reduce nervous movement)

Public speaking continue
  • During your presentation, train your eyes to
    sweep the audience (3-5 seconds)
  • Practice breathing from your diaphragm as you are
    speaking. Breathing from your diaphragm helps to
    provide depth to your voice and helps to control
    the speed of your speech.
  • Practice, practice, practice (Phil. 49)

Fuel for the fightAt some point you got to stop
running and start fighting(pg. 20 21)
  • Love (John 316, motivates to action)
  • Strength, to persevere and persist (Judges 612b
  • Courage bold, positive, powerful and wise in
    challenges (Jos. 19)
  • Knowledge, mastery and expertise
  • Intelligence
  • Wisdom, properly applied knowledge. (Proverbs
  • Insight, innovation and creativity
  • Valor (the developed ability to perform with
    skill, speed, expertise, precision, power,
    intelligence, wisdom, boldness and determination
    when facing challenges, the ability to accomplish
    great feats, see 2 Samuel 23)

Physical Fitness(pg. 46)
  • Assist with good health and make friends.
  • Provides energy (a person who is tired may be
    less motivated to learn.)
  • Encourage both family fitness and individual
    fitness. (Working out can be a part of family
  • Encourage family members to collaborate when
    developing a family fitness program.
  • Mentally empowering (Mediate on scriptures and
    powerful quotes while working out.)

ProfessionalismA learners attitude toward
professionalism and skill sets starts at home.
  • Teach your family member/members to view
    themselves as a professional who is developing
    marketable skill sets.
  • As a professional, presentation of product
    (you/learner), marketability and depth of skill
    sets will determine the level of success you will
  • Proverbs 2229 (See a person skilled)

On your journey to Glory, work to develop the
ability to unconscious competently perform
  • Skill
  • Speed
  • Precision
  • Expertise
  • Love
  • Power (innovation and creativity)
  • Sound mind (Displaying insight, instinct,
    intuition, intelligence, comprehension,
    discernment and wisdom)

Mighty Heroes (Help Everyone Realize their
Optimum Ethical, Spiritual and academic Strength)
  • The Lord is with you (Judges 612b)
  • Go in the strength you have, I am sending you
    (Judges 614b)
  • I am what I am willing to work to become,
    therefore start working today to develop your
    HEROES! Isaiah Edwards
  • Gen 126 (access to unlimited power)
  • Prov 1815 (open to new ideas, innovate and
  • Prov 1626 (ride the power of passion to success)

A mantra for behaving like a Professional learner
  • I have access to God given intellectual power, I
    am a Professional and I am a mighty HERO. Whether
    I am in a learning environment or in life I will
    perform with my God given intellectual power,
    Professionalism and as a Mighty Hero.
  • Isaiah Edwards December 18, 2010

A mantra for achievement
  • Mighty Hero
  • Skill Sets
  • Expertise
  • Well trained
  • With a sound mind
  • Panoramic Super-conscious visual recall
  • Super-conscious
  • Unconscious competence
  • Bless you Lord you are my rock, you give me
    strength for war and you give me skills for battle

Jesus and Genius
  • If you will give Jesus and Genius your time,
    Jesus and Genius will provide you with tools that
    will help you develop the ability to learn to
    release your GOD GIVEN
  • Mantra Proverbs 226 Teach your children to
    choose the right path and when they are older,
    they will remain upon it.

Skill set development is aboutUS and ME (mastery
and expertise)
  • Unconscious competence (perform naturally)
  • Super-conscious (learn to use as a natural tool
    to assist with learning)
  • Mastery and expertise (that is) making our God
    given intellectual power automatic, instinctive,
  • Smooth, effortless, natural, swift, easy
  • Fast, effective, efficient
  • Highly skilled, excellent and accurate
  • Its about Proverbs 2229 See a man skilled in
    his labor he shall perform before kings and not
    just ordinary men.

Those in the know, generally rule over those who
do not know. Do you want to rule or do you want
to be ruled? If not, then?
  • Get started today and continue to develop your
    God given Intellectual Powers and abilities
    (teach others to do the same) or run the risk of
    being caught by surprise and/or crushed by lifes
  • (See 2 Samuel 2424b)
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