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Human Resources Advisory Council February 20, 2015


Human Resources Advisory Council February 20, 2015 Facilitated by Melissa Aguero Ramirez HR Director Region One ESC Types of Contracts - continued ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Human Resources Advisory Council February 20, 2015

Human Resources Advisory CouncilFebruary 20,
  • Facilitated by
  • Melissa Aguero Ramirez
  • HR Director
  • Region One ESC

Welcome, Introductions, Announcements
  • New
  • Retirements
  • EPP representatives

EPP Roundtable Discussion
  • New Teacher / Principal Survey
  • EPP changes
  • Fees
  • Complaint process
  • GPA requirements
  • Intern assignments / HQ determinations
  • Issuance of Probationary certificate for
    Bilingual Generalists
  • EPP Questionnaire

Educator Preparation Programs
  • Principal Survey New Teacher Survey (see
  • To be distributed on or about April annually
  • Designed to be completed online in 15 minutes
  • One survey per 1st year teacher
  • Due by June 15th annually
  • Pilot year was (09-10) Survey results did not
    count against EPPS
  • Results will post on Consumer Info website

Loan Forgiveness Programs
  • General information
  • http//
  • Viviana Lopez at
  • 2014 2015 Teacher shortage areas
  • Bilingual/English as a Second Language
  • Career and Technical Education
  • Computer Science
  • English as a Second Language
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Special Education - Elementary and Secondary
  • Federal Teacher Loan Forgiveness  
  • TEACH for Texas Loan Repayment Assistance (outside
  • Federal Perkins Loan Teacher Cancellation  (outsid
    e source)
  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program

Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System
  • Timeline
  • 14-15 piloted by approximately 60 districts in
    the 2014-2015 school year
  • 15-16 will be implemented as a refined system in
    approximately 200 districts
  • 16-17 is scheduled to be rolled out statewide
  • Components (measures of teacher effectiveness)
  • Observation - 70
  • Teacher Self-Assessment - 10
  • Student Growth - 20
  • In the spring of 2015, rules (Texas
    Administrative Code) will define specifics as to
    the process and methodology used for determining
  • http//

Texas Principal Evaluation and Support System
  • Timeline
  • 14-15 piloted by approximately 60 districts in
    the 2014-2015 school year
  • 15-16 will be implemented as a refined system in
    approximately 200 districts
  • 16-17 is scheduled to be rolled out statewide
  • Components (measures of Principal effectiveness)
  • A rubric capturing the effective practices of
    high-performing principals
  • Progress in achieving goals and initiatives
  • Student growth
  • http//

Principal overall rating
  • For the pilot year, student growth will not be
    factored into the overall rating. (See F.1)
  • For statewide implementation, the following
    percentages would be assigned to determining the
    overall rating

SB9 Updates
  • FBI Fingerprinting Fees to Change February 1,
  • Decreased from 39.50 to 37.75. This fee change
    results from a 1.75 decrease in the portion of
    the fee charged by FBI. The fee breakdown per
    agency is as follows
  • 6.00 TEA
  • 15.00 DPS
  • 14.75 FBI (decreased from 16.50 on 2/1/15)
  • 2.00 Texas Online
  • New FACT Clearinghouse

Types of Permits
  • Permit requirements
  • http//
  • Non-Renewable Permit (NRP)
  • Issued to the district for teachers who have
    completed all academic requirements and need only
    the ExCETs or TExES.
  • Valid for one school year
  • Criminal Check conducted by SBEC

Types of Permits continued
  • Emergency Teaching Permit (ETP)
  • Issued by SBEC to districts that are not fully
    certified for the area that they are teaching
  • Non-certified
  • Lacking academic requirements
  • Based on a deficiency plan
  • Some may be renewed by completing a minimum of 6
    hours that year
  • Maximum of three years without a standard
  • Certified
  • For additional areas (i.e. Bilingual, Early
  • Must complete deficiency requirements or test out

Types of Permits continued
  • Temporary Classroom Assignment Permit (TCAP)
  • For secondary use only
  • Teacher must be fully certified
  • For use to allow teacher to teach up to 4
    classes outside of certification area
  • Teacher must have 6 hours in content area to be
  • Valid for one school year only
  • Filed locally only not on SBEC

NEW Core Content EC-6
  • Core Subject Exam EC-6 (291) and 4-8 (211)
  • Start administration January 6, 2015
  • How register?
  • Online at
  • Cost?
  • During data collection period, FREE and 60 per
    retake exam
  • Otherwise 120 then 60 per retake exam
  • 45 day retake waiting period applies
  • No breaks during test
  • Scores available within 7 days from test date

Core Content continued
See Score Report Sample Scenarios
Eliminated exams
  • Last administration 8/31/15
  • Generalist EC-6 (191)
  • Generalist 4-8 (111)
  • Bilingual Generalist EC-6 (192)
  • Bilingual Generalist 4-8 (119)
  • ESL/Generalist EC-6 (193)
  • ESL/Generalist 4-8 (120)
  • All certification must be complete by 8/31/17
  • Must apply by 10/30/17

Educational Aides
  • Each person employed in Texas public schools as
    an educational aide must be certified according
    to requirements established by the State Board
    for Educator Certification. (TAC 230.551)
  • School districts recommend for the appropriate
    level of educational aide certification I, II,
    or III
  • Qualifications
  • High School Diploma or the equivalent such as a
  • Relevant experience and/or skills as determined
    by the local school district

Educational Aide Certification Levels
Subchapter E Educational Aide Certificates
  • 230.53 (c) An applicant for an educational aide
    certificate must be able to communicate, listen,
    read, write and comprehend the English language
    sufficiently to use it easily and readily in
    daily communication.
  • See 230.11(b)(1)-(5) for general requirements and
    options for meeting English proficiency.
  • Different levels of Educational Aide
  • http//

Legislative Updates
  • bills to watch that could impact HR functions
  • https//

Administrator Evaluation
  • Principal
  • Commissioner Recommended Student Performance
    Domain Worksheet
  • Analysis of Indicators for Goal Setting
    Intervention Plan (if required)
  • Superintendent
  • Appraisal Worksheet
  • 2014 Accountability Rating System
  • Online resources
  • http//

Staffing Tools
  • Student Enrollment Trends
  • 5 year enrollment comparison by campus type
  • 5 year enrollment by district
  • Staffing guidelines
  • Student Teacher ratio (courtesy Walsh Anderson)
  • TEC 25.111
  • 1 teacher 20 students in ADA districtwide
  • TEC 25.114
  • 1 teacher 45 students in PE
  • Otherwise identify manner in which student
    safety will be maintained

(No Transcript)
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(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
Special Education Staffing Guidelines
  • Factors for consideration
  • Districts must provide a continuum of services
  • Individual needs are determined by ARD committee
  • Services are to be provided in the least
    restrictive environment
  • Increase services in the general education
    classroom requiring collaboration
  • Students must have access to general curriculum
  • Levels of support vary per individual student
  • Gender may be a factor when students needs
    include behavioral restraint and/or personal care
  • IEP meetings and data management
  • Transition of 3 year olds with disabilities into
    public school as of 3rd birthday
  • Indirect services (medical management, case
    management, parent training, teacher training)

Implications of Staffing Decisions
  • Contracts
  • Letter of reasonable assurance
  • Unemployment Compensation Liability

Getting more bang for your buck
  • Various uses of funds
  • Special Education
  • Bilingual
  • NCLB
  • Reimburse teachers for passing Generalist 4-8
    and/or multiple subject area certificates
  • Stipend for multiple preps
  • Hiring criteria
  • Bilingual
  • Generalists

Types of Contracts
  • Probationary for all teachers new to a district
    or who have been employed less than 2 yrs since
    1967 with some exceptions
  • Can be terminated at end of term without good
    cause, due process hearing or right to appeal
    with 10 day notice
  • Term After probationary can be for up to 5
    years and for 10 to 12 months in a year
  • Can be Non-renewed at end of term for reasons
    defined in policy with 10 day notice

Types of Contracts - continued
  • Continuing similar to tenure not renewed
    because there is not expiration
  • Can only be terminated for good cause with
    specific rights
  • Non Certified Administrator contracts
  • Letter of Reasonable Assurance

Legislative Update SB 8 Courtesy TASB
  • Moved the nonrenewal notice deadline. The law
    extends the deadline for notification of proposed
    term contract nonrenewal from 45 days to 10 days
    before the last day of instruction, effectively
    moving it from April to May. That change
    accomplishes the following
  • Allows additional time for personnel evaluations
  • Provides districts with more time to get a read
    on legislative budget plans and property taxes
    when planning their own budgets
  • Separates the contract nonrenewal notice date
    from the annual state standardized testing
    period, deferring a potential source of stress
    for teachers at a critical time
  • Reduces the chance that districts will put
    employees through a painful firing process to
    comply with notification deadlines, only to
    rehire them at a later date
  • Limits the duration of employment for employees
    following notice of nonrenewal

Legislative Update SB 8 Courtesy TASB
  • Changes the nonrenewal notification requirements.
    S.B. 8 requires that a proposed nonrenewal notice
    or termination of a probationary contract be
    hand-delivered to the employees campus. If the
    employee isnt there, notice must be sent by
    certified mail, return receipt requested, or by
    express delivery service to the employees home

Legislative Update SB 8 Courtesy TASB
  • Lessens the requirements and costs of nonrenewal
    and termination hearings. Another bill (H.B.
    1610) removed the requirement for a hearing when
    an employee is terminated because of a felony
    conviction or deferred adjudication. S.B. 8
  • Removes the right to a hearing by an independent
    hearing examiner when an educator is terminated
    due to financial exigency (applies to all
    contract types)
  • Allows school boards in districts with 5,000 or
    more students to designate an attorney to hold
    nonrenewal hearings on behalf of the board the
    attorney cant be a district employee and cant
    work for a firm with employment relationships
    that might represent a conflict of interest

Legislative Update SB 8 Courtesy TASB
  • Aligns termination of continuing contracts with
    term contracts. School districts that need to
    reduce their workforces due to financial exigency
    will now follow essentially the same set of rules
    for employees on continuing and term contracts.
  • Eliminates the requirement that continuing
    contract employees be terminated in reverse order
    of seniority instead, districts must base such
    decisions on teacher appraisals and other
    criteria determined by their boards
  • Allows districts to suspend continuing contract
    employees without pay pending discharge, as with
    term contracts

Legislative Update SB 8 Courtesy TASB
  • Permits districts to declare an educators
    contract void for lack of certification. If an
    educator fails to renew or extend his or her
    certificate through the State Board for Educator
    Certification (SBEC), the district can
    immediately declare his or her contract void
    without a due-process hearing (but remember that
    H.B. 1334 prevents districts from declaring an
    educators contract void if the certification was
    not renewed or extended simply because SBEC has
    not had a chance to approve the renewal).

Legislative UpdateCourtesy TASB
  • H.B. 2380Probationary contracts for reassigned
    staff  The intent is to allow flexibility so
    that school districts can reassign educators to
    new positions but have the ability to return them
    to their previous position and not run afoul of
    contract laws.
  • An educator who is voluntarily reassigned to a
    position that requires a different class of
    certificate (e.g., classroom teacher to
    principal) may be employed under a probationary
    contract. This gives school administrators the
    opportunity to evaluate the performance of a
    person who is moved to a different job before
    contract renewal rights kick in.
  • Those who are returned to their previous jobs are
    entitled to the same type of contract they had
    prior to the change (term or continuing).
  • The law is in effect.

Addendums Timelines
  • Contract Administration Cycle
  • Certification Addendum
  • Utilized when teacher is not fully certified in a
    certain area (ie., Bilingual will be placed on
    a permit) but certification is required to be
    acquired by set deadline
  • Hiring retirees
  • Contract
  • Retire/Rehire Addendum
  • Salary
  • Surcharge?
  • Exceptions

Employment Contracts / Notifications
  • Contract administration cycle?
  • Reminder Employee Notifications TEC
  • Policy Code Policy Title
  • DA series Equal employment opportunity,
    genetic nondiscrimination,
  • criteria for personnel decision
  • DBAA Criminal history and credit reports
  • DBD Conflict of interest
  • DC Employment practices
  • DCB Term contracts
  • DEA series Salaries and wages incentives and
  • DEC series Leaves and absences
  • DF Termination of employment
  • DFA series Termination of, or return to
    probationary contract

Employee Notifications Continued
  • Policy Code Policy Title
  • DFB series Termination of term contracts
  • DFD Hearings before hearing examiner
  • DFE Resignation
  • DFF Reduction in force
  • DFFA Reduction in force due to financial
  • DFFB Reduction in force due to program change
  • DG Employee rights and privileges
  • DGBA Employee complaints/grievances
  • DH Employee standards of conduct
  • DHE Searches and alcohol/drug testing
  • DI Employee welfare
  • DIA Freedom from discrimination, harassment,
    and retaliation
  • DK Assignment and schedules
  • DN series Performance appraisal

Texas Teacher of the Yearhttp//
  • Due to Region One ESC (HR office)
  • 5 p.m. on Friday, June 12, 2015 (tentative)
  • ENCOURAGE electronic submission
  • Application
  • Picture
  • 2 district representatives (1 Elem / 1 Sec)
  • Clarifications
  • 2 year commitment
  • FT employees can be PT teacher (minimum 4
    hours/day) BUT other duties NOT administrative

Coming Events
  • Substitute Teacher Certification Academy
  • February 25th and 26th - Workshop 45185
  • March 11th and 12th - Workshop 45293
  • Conference for Administrative Professionals
  • April 17, 2015 - workshop42467
  • 99 fee includes lunch
  • Administrative Assistants Day (April 22, 2015)
  • Teacher Appreciation Week (May 4 8, 2015)
  • Nurses Week (May 6 12, 2015)

Job Fairs
  • March 31, 2015 University of Texas - San Antonio
  • April 7, 2015 - Texas AM University
    - Kingsville April 8, 2015 - Texas AM
    University - Corpus Christi Texas
    State University - San Marcos
  • April 9, 2015 - University of Texas
    Brownsville  April 10, 2015 - University of
    Texas Pan American April 13, 2015
    University of Texas at Austin April 23,
    2015 - Texas AM International University
  • June 2, 2015 Region One ESC Educator Fair
  • For RECRUITERS workshop 44374

  • 75 registration fee
  • Register at http//

Comments, Concerns, Solutions
  • HR activities (TASB monthly)
  • Staffing Efficiency Studies
  • SubHub http//
  • Surveys
  • Nurse survey
  • Staffing guidelines
  • Paperless office

Human Resources Advisory Council 14-15 Meeting
  • All will be held in the Starr Room from 9-12
  • April 21 workshop 43631
  • August 28 workshop 43632
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