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Open House


Open House Mrs. Brown s Third Grade Class – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Open House

Open House
  • Mrs. Browns Third Grade Class

Goals for Children
  • Learn to work together cooperatively and help
  • Organize and take responsibility for themselves,
    their work, and their actions.
  • Become problem solvers and critical thinkers.
  • Develop a love for reading and writing.

What to look for each night..
  • BINDERS Check binder pocket for any parent
    information each night. Also, please check the
    agenda each night.
  • TAKE HOME FOLDER I will send home graded work
    and PTA letters in the Take Home folder on
    Friday. You will also receive your childs weekly
    behavior sheet. Please sign and return it in the
    folder on Monday.
  • BLOG The blog is there with games for students
    to practice skills. It also has an updated
    specials calendar.

  • Language Arts homework will be sent home each
    Monday. It will review our pattern words and
    offer grammar or reading practice. ?
  • Weekly Reading Log Nightly reading is
    imperative to build fluency, vocabulary, increase
    comprehension, as well as increase written
  • Math homework is assigned most nights, except for
  • Please look for assignments written down in your
    childs agenda. They will have something written
    down each night!!
  • Homework should take about 30 minutes. If it is
    taking your child an excessive amount of time,
    please let me know.

Classroom Behavior
  • Class Meetings We meet most afternoons for a
    Class Meeting. This is where we talk about class
    events, issues, and even offer strategies to
    solve problems.
  • Bucket Fillers We will encourage one another by
    being Bucket Fillers. Students will practice
    ways of kindness by filling other students
    imaginary buckets. (Idea from How Full Is Your
  • Lunch Bunch Students will work together with
    their table members to earn Positive Points for
    the group. This is to encourage cooperation.
    The group with the most points each week will
    come back to the room to eat during lunch on
  • Weekly Evaluation Sheets Students are able to
    monitor their behavior over a period of time.
    Consequences for not following our classroom
    rules are in their binder.

School Procedures
  • Transportation changes MUST be in writing and to
    the front office by 130. Do not e-mail me or
    leave voice messages concerning transportation
    changes. You may call or fax the office, as well.
  • Please let me know if you are signing your child
    out early (if possible) so that I can have them
  • Please make sure you sign in when you are
    visiting the school to volunteer. ?
  • All students must be signed in and out from the
    office! Even if you are leaving the classroom
    from a field trip or a class activity, you must
    go upstairs and sign them out. At times, we will
    have a sign out sheet in the room.

  • If you know your child will be absent, please
    notify me in advance. I also ask that you send a
    note upon their return. On the fifth absence, you
    will receive a notification of 5 absences. (Not
    from me, from Cobb County)
  • Tardy students must sign in at the office. Our
    instructional day begins at 750. Having your
    child ride the bus in the morning, ensures that
    they will be on time! ?

Snacks and Birthdays
  • On your childs birthday, you may send in a
    special treat (cupcakes, brownies, cookies, etc.)
    if you wish. Please notify me in advance if you
    plan on sending something in. We will be eating
    the special treat during snack time. We will not
    eat/celebrate at lunch. Please make sure treats
    are pre-cut and ready to serve. Many parents just
    send the snack to school in the morning with the
    child. If you choose to bring it, please drop it
    off in the office and your child can walk up and
    get it.
  • Your child should have a healthy snack
    (crackers, fruit, bars, etc.) here at school each
    day. We eat snacks at 900

Communication with me..
  • Best way to contact me is through e-mail. I check
    it throughout the day. Please note that I am
    teaching during the day, so I may not be able to
    get back to you until that afternoon or the next
  • I do check my voicemail, but not daily, so please
    do not leave any time sensitive information as a
    message. ?

Grading Scale
  • 3 Meets Standards
  • 2- Working towards meeting the standards
  • 1- Limited progress.. Does not meet standard

Our Schedule
  • 800-850 Specials
  • 850-1015 Math
  • 1015-1103 Readers Workshop
  • 1103-1133 Lunch
  • 1133-1150 Skills Review/ Word Study
  • 1200-1220 Recess
  • 1220-110 Writers Workshop
  • 110-145 Science/ Social Studies/ Health
  • 145-155 Pack Stack
  • 155-210 Class Meeting/ Read Aloud
  • 210 Dismissal

Reading Workshop
  • Focus Lesson
  • We will begin our reading time with a mini-lesson
    to discuss, model, and share the strategies or
    skills we are working on.
  • Activity Time/Independent Reading
  • Read Independently/Practice skill from
    mini-lesson Students will use sticky notes to
    track their thinking. Many times I tell them
    what thinking I would like them to track/
  • Guided Reading- Small reading groups that are
    differentiated based on readiness and skills.
  • Reading JournalsConsistent dialogue between the
    student and teacher about literacy.
  • Conferring With Students I will meet with
    individuals or small groups to practice a
    particular reading strategy.
  • Students must have their just right book each
    day for Readers Workshop!

Word Study
  • During word study, we study specific spelling
  • Excellent practice can be found at You will find this link as
    well as the directions to access each Word Sort
    on my blog.
  • Students will also have a small Spelling
    Notebook that will be kept in the spelling
    section of their binder. This will have 5
    additional weekly spelling words.

Writing Workshop
  • The Focus Lesson
  • The focus-lesson is where I teach a writing
    skill, model a technique, and reinforce a
    strategy. After the focus lesson, students work
    in their Writer's Folder to practice the skill,
    technique, or strategy. During our writing time,
    students will be engaged in writing through
  • writing
  • peer revision
  • peer editing
  • conferencing
  • publishing pieces, and
  • scoring unknown author pieces. 
  • Genres we will cover in writing this year
  • Narrative Writing
  • Opinion Writing
  • Informational Writing

  • Mini Lessons I introduce new skills or review
    important skills and strategies.
  • Practice Math Rotations (Differentiated to meet
    individual needs) Students spend time applying
    the skills and strategies learned during the
    mini-lesson. Students work with partners, in
    small groups with the teacher, and other times
  • Closing Students will join back together to
    share or have discussions about struggles they
    experienced, successes, new knowledge gained, or
    any a-ha moments.
  • Interactive Math Journals / Problem Solvers
  • Addition and Subtraction Strategies
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Geometry
  • Fractions
  • Measurement
  • Elapsed Time
  • Data Analysis

Science and Social Studies Interactive Journals
  • Rocks and Minerals (Fossils Soil)
  • Heat/Magnets
  • Georgia Habitats
  • Map Skills
  • Greece/Democracy
  • Local, State, and National Government
  • Economics
  • American Heroes
  • Susan B. Anthony, Frederick Douglass, Paul
    Revere, Cesar Chavez, Eleanor Roosevelt, Lyndon
    B. Johnson, Mary McLeod Bethune, Thurgood
    Marshall, Franklin D. Roosevelt,

Upcoming Events!
  • CogAT testing October 7-9
  • ITBS testing October 10-17
  • Conference Week October 20-24
  • Tellus Museum November
  • 3rd Grade Market Day December 12
  • Science Day- February 27
  • 3rd Grade Economics Day April 2
  • End of Grade (EOG) testing April 15-21

Thank you for coming
  • I have truly enjoyed getting to know your
    children and I look forward working with them
    this year!
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