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butterfly group -Eman AL-Ghamdi. -Sal7a AL-Montashri. -Areej Khalaf. -Doa


butterfly group-Eman AL-Ghamdi. -Sal7a AL-Montashri.-Areej Khalaf.-Doa a Nashashki.-Samar AL-Youbi. Death of a Salesman & The Relationships between father and sons ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: butterfly group -Eman AL-Ghamdi. -Sal7a AL-Montashri. -Areej Khalaf. -Doa

butterfly group-Eman AL-Ghamdi. -Sal7a
AL-Montashri.-Areej Khalaf.-Doaa
Nashashki.-Samar AL-Youbi.
Death of a SalesmanThe Relationships between
father and sons
In many literary works, family relationships are
the key to the plot. Through a familys
interaction with one another, the reader is able
decipher the conflicts of the story. Within a
literary family, various characters play
different roles in each others lives.
These are usually people that are emotionally and
physically connected in one way or another. They
can be brother and sister, mother and daughter,
or in this case, father and son.
In the Arthur Millers novel, Death of A
Salesman, the interaction between Willy Loman and
his sons, Happy and Biff, allows Miller to
comment on father-son relationships and the
conflicts that arise from them.
The Relationships between willy and his sons
Willy Loman The Father
Willy Loman is an insecure, self-deluded
traveling salesman. Willy believes
wholeheartedly in the American Dream of easy
success and wealth, but he never achieves it.
Nor do his sons fulfill his hope that they will
succeed where he has failed. When Willys
illusions begin to fail under the pressing
realities of his life, his mental health begins
to unravel.
The overwhelming tensions caused by this
disparity, as well as those caused by the
societal imperatives that drive Willy, form the
essential conflict of Death of a Salesman.
Biff LomanWillys elder Son
Biff Loman Willys thirty-four year-old elder
son. There is friction between Biff and Willy
from the beginning of the play to the
end.Talking with his younger brother Happy,
Biff says, "Why does Dad mock me all the time? .
. . Everything I say there's a twist of mockery
on his face. I can't get near him." Willy both
loves and hates Biff because Biff was Willy's
hope for a vicarious success in life, but Biff
has let him down.
Biff is a traitor to Willy's values because he
does not really believe in them. He is not
dedicated to the American Dream as Willy is. Biff
tries to live up to his father's requirements for
success, but his heart is never really in it.
Biff finally sees that he pities his father,
even hates him in a sense, because Willy's life
is so thoroughly false. in the end, after
repeated failure, Biff sees the truth, too late
to really penetrate his father's mind.
Happy Loman
Willys younger son
Happy Loman Willys thirty-two-year-old younger
son. Happy represents Willys sense of
self-importance, ambition, and blind servitude to
societal expectations. Happy is barely talked to.
This kind of favoritism has a profound effect on
a child.
In order to be acknowledged by his father, Happy
believes that he must become Willys version of a
success by acquiring wealth and being popular.
He convinces himself that this is the only way
hell ever be truly happy.
In the end though, he realizes that he is not
happy." . . . Its what I always wanted. My own
apartment, a car, and plenty of women. And still,
goddammit, Im lonely" (23). Happy has been
living his entire life in a way that he believes
will bring him attention from his father, yet he
becomes more miserable than if he had gone his
own way.
Arthur Millers ability to have characters
interact with one another allows him to comment
on father-son relationships and the conflicts
involved.  A father is the most important thing
a boy can have in his life.
It is important to have communication in the
relationship because talking brings the two
closer.They relate to one another on a level
that cannot be achieved through a mother-son
A father, though, needs to know when to play an
active role in his sons life, and when to be
more of an observer. If he mixes the two up,
serious repercussions may occur. A father can be
the best thing in his sons life, but he needs to
care for right.
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