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Salpointe Catholic High School Community of Concern What s Brain Got To Do With It ? Kevin Leehey M.D. Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psychiatry – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Salpointe Catholic High School Community of Concern

Salpointe Catholic High School Community of
  • Whats Brain Got To Do With It ?
  • Kevin Leehey M.D.Child, Adolescent, and Adult
    PsychiatryBoard Certified
  • 296-4280

2014 Trends
  • Teen birth rate lowest in 70 years
  • HS grad rates are up
  • MVA deaths lowest in 60 years. Teens down 65
    since 1975
  • Teen use of methamphetamine, alcohol, ecstasy,
    cocaine, cigarettes are slightly down
  • Youth suicide rate is down again
  • Rate of violent crime decreased again
  • Prescription medicine abuse and Marijuana abuse
    continue to rise
  • Youth 1 alcohol, 2 marijuana, 3 tobacco, 4
    pills Adderall (stimulants), opiates, benzos,
    Ambien, DXM, Soma
  • Spice, K-2 cannabanoids, bath salts, synthetic
    Research Chemicals (legal) hallucinogens
  • E-cigs, e-hookahs, hookah pens, vape pipes,
  • Drugs kill more than cars do now
  • Legal drugs are as dangerous as illegal drugs
  • Youth drink to get buzzed, drunk binge 5 for
    M, 4 for F in 2 hrs
  • A negative drug screen does not mean theyre not

The left side of the brain is shown.
Source Shaywitz Overcoming Dyslexia
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  • The Teen brain is wired for seeking sensation,
    novelty, new experience, excitement, thrills, and
  • Although this includes impulsivity, sensation and
    thrills are often carefully planned.
  • Teens take more risk not because they dont
    understand the dangers but because they weigh
    risk vs. reward differently if risk can get
    them the reward they want, they value reward more
    heavily than adults do.
  • And especially in the company of peers. (peer
  • They dont think it will happen to them.
  • Overall this has evolutionary advantages for the
    greater population but injury or death for at
    least some individuals.
  • Peak risk taking is 12-18, highest around age 17.
  • Peak substance use is around age 18.
  • The part of the brain that makes teens
    responsible is still under construction.

The teen brain is more vulnerable to the
stimulating, damaging, and addicting effects of
nicotine, alcohol, and other drugs.
  • Tobacco is 1 preventable cause of death in US.
  • One in three teens who start smoking as a teen
    will die of a tobacco related disease.
  • 90 of adult smokers and substance users began
    as teens.
  • Almost half of kids who start drinking alcohol by
    13 will become alcoholic, while only 10 of those
    who wait till 21 will.
  • Substance use in youth thus becomes hard wired in
    as a tendency for life. This is in addition to
    any genetic predisposition.

  • Healthy Subject watching video of using
  • Substance abuser in remission watching video of

Thus you must parent.
  • You are the most powerful and important
    environmental (nurture) force.
  • Remember its the interaction between nature
    (biology) and nurture (environment) that
    determines the outcome.
  • Parenting is hands on thru 11-13, hands
    around thru 17-19, hands under thru 18-25,
    then hands off.
  • Parenting is the building of character,
    instilling values and self discipline, and
    teaching independent living skills. This develops
    and changes the brains structure.
  • Teach self control (stop and think) and
    perseverance (try, try again). These traits best
    predict success and happiness.

Parenting Tips
  • YOU are your childs teens 1 influence !
  • If they see you drunk/impaired/partying they are
    33 more likely to drink or use.
  • If you say, imply, or even think its OK or
    inevitable that theyll drink or use, then they
    are 10X more likely to do so.
  • If you repeatedly (not nag) tell them not to,
    then they are 10X less likely to drink or use.
  • Say No, Dont try to be the Cool parents, and
    dont try to be your kids Best Friends !

Causes of death ages 15-24
  • Accidents -primarily motor vehicle, many are
    substance impaired.
  • Suicide
  • Homicide
  • Unintentional Drug Overdoses
  • These 4 account for 75 of all deaths in our
    kids. Suicide and homicide are mostly by guns and
    many are substance impaired.

Firearm Injuries and Deaths
  • 30,000 deaths per year (2/3 20k of those are
    suicides) tens of thousands more are seriously
    injured annually.
  • Similar number deaths by motor vehicles.
  • The presence of a firearm in the home, rather
    than protective, is associated with a 3 times
    greater risk of homicide and 5X suicide risk.
  • If you keep any firearm at home, Childproof
    locks, gun safes, storing firearms locked
    unloaded and separate from ammo lowers risk.

  • Teen traffic deaths dropped 62 since 1975.
  • AZ- 15 ½, written test for permit gt6 month, 20 hr
    day10 hr night,
  • G Graduated DL- unless guardian in front
    passenger seat cant drive MN to 5 AM for 6
    months or have gt1 passenger except sib till 18
  • Parental involvement. Eg, Fords MyKey limits
    speed, radio volume, no radio till seat belt.
    Supervised practice/teach/coach.
  • Advanced (defensive) driver training courses.
  • Safer Cars.

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The more you use marijuana the more likely you
are to use multiple other drugs. Most substance
abusers use many different drugs, not just one or
Marijuana, pot, grass, weed
  • Perceptual distortions
  • Short term memory and slower processing
  • Apathy, lack of motivation
  • The point of substance use is to alter feelings,
    thoughts, perceptions, reality
  • Out of touch with own feelings, denial of sad,
    mad, down, concerns re social, family, future
    Self medication of MH and life problems. Delays
  • Relationship problems
  • MJ can cause or worsen mental illness
  • MJ use in teens may lower Intelligence
  • 15 MJ users lt 25yo become dependent same as
    alcohol and cocaine, opiates higher, tobacco 1-
  • Yes, there is MJ Withdrawal

Normal Sleep Architecture
REM is most important. Optimal sleep promotes
attention, memory, creativity, decision making,
judgment, impulse control, memory ST and LT,
social skills, and lessens irritability. It
lessens substance use, promotes healthier weight,
overall and heart health and mental health.
  • Youth drink to get drunk - binge on as much as
    possible as fast as possible. Drinking games.
  • gt 60 HS seniors have had intercourse.
  • gt 50 HS seniors drink regularly.
  • 20 HS seniors smoke cigarettes.
  • 25 HS seniors smoke marijauna.
  • 33 HS seniors use other drugs including pills.
  • gt 60 teens will try other drugs by end of HS.

Bad things can happen to Good kids
  • People dont say, I think Ill get a DUI and
    ruin lots of lives today.
  • No one says or thinks, Gee, today Im gonna
    drink, smoke, or use a drug so I can become an
    alcoholic or addict.

More Useful Information
  • Six Componets of Effective
    Parenting and A Parents Guide to the Teen
  • The Whole Brain Child by Daniel Siegel MD and
    Tina Payne Bryson PhD
  • The Social Animal by David Brooks
  • Yes, Your Teen Is Crazy  by Michael Bradley Ed.D.
  • Parenting With Love and Logic  by  Foster Cline
    M.D. and Jim Fay (Get the Teen version)
  • Read the C of C booklet - its very useful !
  • Thank you and Good Luck !
  • Kevin Leehey MD
  • 296-4280

Teen Driving True or False
  • Car crashes kill more teens than, homicide,
    suicide, AIDS, cancer, and all disease together
  • The 1 reason teens get into car crashes is
  • Teens are less likely to crash at night because
    theres less people on the road.
  • Its best for teens to drive the old clunker.
  • A teen who knows better will not get into a car
    with a drunk or drugged driver.
  • Texting while driving is safer than calling.

Parenting Teens 101 True or False ?
  • Asking my teen about suicide will put the idea in
    their head
  • Theres nothing a parent can do about texting and
    calling in school or sleep hours.
  • Adult supervised teen drinking results in less
    teen alcohol use problems.
  • gt 50 teens go thru adolescence with hardly a
  • What I say as a parent matters more than what I
  • Nothing good ever happens after midnight
  • Sleepovers and campouts are fine for teens.
  • Its not worth upsetting my teen or troubling her
    friends parents to ask if _____ is really
    happening and supervised.
  • I can just trust what my teen says about _____ .
  • I only have to worry about illegal drugs.
  • Teens get drugs from dealers.

Parenting Teens 101 True or False ?
  • My kids dont need a computer or Facebook, etc.
    till at least college.
  • Dont be silly, a phone is not a computer.
  • I dont need to know how to supervise or check
    their phone, computer, gaming consoles, or
  • If I had a 24 hour phone, iPod, computer, TV, and
    Xbox in my room as a teen Id never come out
  • My teens responsible. We can leave her home when
    we go away and we can rent him a hotel room after
    formal or prom or whenever they want.
  • Adults should not hold teens accountable because
    their brains are not fully developed.
  • Adults should limit, monitor, and supervise teens
    stepwise as they attain and demonstrate growth in
    their brain and overall developmental abilities.

Parenting Tips
  • Cell phones make flash parties possible.
  • Call other parents.
  • If youre the host check whats up.
  • Have your teen wake you up when they come home.
    Talk to them, get close.
  • 2 of us over age 40 smoke marijuana daily.
  • Teens know homes where parents allow or give
    alcohol, weed, other drugs, or sex to your
  • gt 33 of teens sext

Parenting Tips
  • YOU are your childs teens 1 influence !
  • If they see you drunk/impaired/partying they are
    33 more likely to drink or use.
  • If you say, imply, or even think its OK or
    inevitable that theyll drink or use, then they
    are 10X more likely to do so.
  • If you repeatedly (not nag) tell them not to,
    then they are 10X less likely to drink or use.
  • Say No, Dont try to be the Cool parents, and
    dont try to be your kids Best Friends !

  • Synapses that are used often are kept and
  • Those that are not used are lost.
  • How you spend your time and the experiences you
    have or dont have are critical.

Actual Causes of Preventable Deaths
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  • Most of the increase is due to prescription
    opiate pain meds. This increase parallels
    increased prescriptions. Some is due to cocaine.
    Some is due to heroin.

Studies show not living in an intact 2 bio
parent home increases a childs past, current,
and future risk for trauma exposure and PTSD.
Single parents often do great, its just a lot
harder with more challenges. Social Mobility (the
American Dream) has been declining in the US.
Studies show that countries and the parts of the
US that invest heavily in all their childrens
health care, nutrition, and education end up with
a much stronger ladder of opportunity.
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