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COM Overview, Chart fields and Forms HSC110


COM Overview, Chart fields and Forms HSC110 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: COM Overview, Chart fields and Forms HSC110

COM Overview, Chart fields and FormsHSC110
Primary Data Systems
  • Three primary financial data systems
  • OASIS (for student activity)
  • GEMS (for HR activity)
  • FAST (the true accounting/financial application)

Module Integration
  • Modules are designed to integrate with other
    modules based on business flow
  • Original entries may be created in one module
  • Posted to another module
  • Then posted to General Ledger all financial
    transactions ultimately post to the General

The Data Flow
Leading to Chart Field Structure
  • SET ID

Chart Field Structure
USF Chartfield Structure
  • Seven basic chart field values are combined to
    form a chart field string
  • The GL expense account code,
  • Operating Unit,
  • Fund,
  • Department ID,
  • Product,
  • Initiative,
  • and Project ID

USF Chart Field Structure
  • A chart field value
  • a combination of numbers and/or letters,
  • identifies the characteristics of an accounting
  • identify the source and purpose of a transaction
  • Identifies how and where it is reported.

Chart Field Structure cont.
Operating Unit This is a further breakdown
within one company to show different segments of
the company. At USF, we use the operating unit to
identify campuses and large individual segments
such as USF Health. The operating units are 3
spaces long and currently we only use letters.
(Example HSC) Fund ID This separates funding
sources for reporting purposes. In addition,
specific funds will have specific restrictions on
how they may be used. For instance, the use of
federal research funds (fund ID 20000) must
comply with federal regulations. General revenue
funding from the State of Florida (fund ID 10000)
must be used in compliance with state regulations.
Fund Type cont.
  • Common Fund types
  • 00001-09999 Auxiliary (unrestricted)
    identifying a particular Educational Business
    Activity (EBA)
  • 10000 EG
  • 10009 Carry Forward
  • 14XXX Federal Stimulus
  • 18XXX Research Initiative Account
    (RIA)/Internal Award
  • 2XXXX-22XXX Sponsored Projects (Grants and
  • 28XXX FWSP student worker funds
  • 24XXX Endowment Convenience
  • 940XX 943XX Foundation Convenience AKA Agency
  • 945XX 946XX UMSA Convenience AKA Agency Funds

Chartfield Structure cont.
Department ID This section of a chart field is
used to define a cost center, one with a budget
for its area, such as a college department. There
are 6 characters, all numbers, in the department
ID. (Example 610100) Department XXXXXX Starts
with 6 USF Health Starts with 60 USF Health
Vice President Administration Starts with
61 USF Health College of Medicine Starts with
62 USF Health College of Nursing Starts with
63 USF Health Institutes Starts with 63 USF
Health College of Pharmacy Starts with 64 USF
Health College of Public Health Starts with
65 USF Health Construction Starts with 66 USF
Health Library Starts with 67 USF Health Medical
Clinics Starts with 68 USF Health Central
Services Starts with 69 USF Health Central
Chartfield Structure cont.
Product This is an identifier used to keep
track of the accounting at a certain level in
each department. There are 6 characters in the
product section of a chart field. They may be a
combination of numbers and/or letters. (Example
MEDXXX)   Initiative An initiative is similar
to a product this is a different type of
identifier that allows a department to further
break down funding sources. For example, it is
primarily used for RIA accounts, or to track
internally funded awards. (Example 00XXXXX) last
5 digits of Employee ID.   Projects This is the
only optional section of a chart field. It is
used to track sponsored projects (10 alpha
numeric characters) and construction projects (14
characters). Example 6119112100
Funding Sources
Funding Sources
  • EG (Educational General)
  • These are funds appropriated by the State
  • Example 10000
  • Policies http//
  • CF (Carry Forward)
  • Unspent EG budget that rolls over to the new
    fiscal year when REQUESTED AND APPROVED (7/1 to
  • Example 10009
  • Policies http//
  • Contracts and Grants
  • 20XXX Federal 21XXX State 22XXX
  • Example 21000
  • Policies http//

Funding Sources
  • RIA (Research Initiative Account) Internal
  • RIA Distribution183XX
  • Fixed Price Residuals 18370
  • Policies http//
  • Auxiliary
  • 0XXXX
  • Policies http// ( type in
    Auxiliary in search box)

Funding Sources
  • Convenience
  • Foundation Endowed Chair 24xxx
  • Foundation 940xx 943xx
  • UMSA 945xx 946xxx
  • Policies http// (Search by
    category Foundation)

New Chartfield Setup
  • Request for New Chartfield form Request for
  • GEMS combo codes (payroll)
  • Request to Establish a New GEMS Combination Code
  • Workflow form (used to set up purchasing process)
  • FAST Workflow Request Form

Convenience Account Set up
  • USF salaries cannot be paid directly from
    Foundation or UMSA accounts, therefore, USF
    Foundation/UMSA Convenience accounts are created
    to transfer money from Foundation/UMSA to USF, so
    that salaries can be paid.

  • The following apply to convenience accounts only
  • Memo requesting establishment of chartfield
  • Internal form
  • Foundation(USF) Check/Transfer request or UMSA PO
  • Budget

Convenience Account Set up
  • All forms must be sent to the Division of
    Sponsored Research, 30338 USF Holly Dr..
  • Once you receive a new chart field, you must then
    submit the Foundation Check Request Form or UMSA
    Funding Packets with new chart field information
    so that money can be transferred.

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College of Medicine Commonly Used
Forms University of South Florida Tampa, FL
USF HEALTH Human Resources
  • Human Resource services for all USF Health
    employees and departments are provided by HR
    Service Center D.  The service center model is a
    team approach, providing excellent customer
    service through centralized, dedicated resources
    for HR actions.
  • Service Center D is staffed by the following six
    HR professionals
  • HR Service Consultant
  • Employment Center Representative
  • Employment Specialist
  • Benefits Representative
  • Employee Relations Consultant
  • Learning Development Facilitator

USF HEALTH Human Resources
  • Contact List for Service Center D

Commonly Used HR Forms
  • Appointment Status Form (ASF) (completed on line)
  • GEMS gt USF Menu Itemsgt Inquiregt ASF
  • Have the accountable officer sign the ASF and
    send to our HR Representative, SVC 2172
  • Request to Establish New GEMS Account Codes
  • GEMS Combo Codes can be found in GEMS
  • Path is Gems ? Set Up HRMS ? Product Related ?
    Commitment Accounting ? Budget Information ?
    Chartfield Transaction Table
  • GEMS access Form
  • Payroll Distribution Form
  • Completed form to be sent to paydist_at_health.usf.ed

Commonly Used HR Forms
  • Payroll Distributions must be completed
  • every time you hire a new employee,
  • every time an employee's record changes, and
  • anytime an employees funding source changes
  • If you are changing an employees effort on a
    sponsored award, you must submit a new pay
    distribution AND the PI must approve.
  • Note If the employee is over the NIH salary cap,
    you must submit an NIH Salary Cap Worksheet
  • The pay distribution percentages must equal 100,
    regardless of the employees FTE.
  • Once the form is complete, send to or deliver to the Business
    Office, MDC 66

How to Check Pay Distribution
  • Path is Set up HRMS ? Product Related ?
    Commitment Accounting ? Budget Information ?
    Department Budget Table USA
  • You can look up the pay distribution
  • - for an entire department,
  • - for an individual,
  • - for the current Fiscal Year

Commonly Used HR Forms
  • Hiring and Personnel Action Freeze Exception Form
  • Retroactive Expenditure Transfer (RET)

RET Form
  • RETs are used to transfer salaries between
    funding sources
  • Transfers should be made promptly after the error
    occurs, but no later than 90 days following the
    date of occurrence unless removing salary from a
    sponsored award
  • Queries for pulling the RET information can be
    found in GEMS
  • Do not modify the queries. Only input salaries
    (not fringes) on the MOVE column.
  • The subject line of the RET must include
  • EMPLID, RCD, Last Name, From (project and fund
    code), to (project and fund code), PPE-PPE
  • For RETS including sponsored research, RIA
    accounts or convenience accounts, send the RET to
  • For RETS including non grant related funds, send
    the RET to

RET Form
Purchasing Forms
  • Purchase Order Request
  • Purchase Order Change
  • Payment Request
  • Purchase order Close Form

Purchase Order Request
Purchase Order Request
  • Purchase Order Requests are used to document
    orders that you wish to purchase using state
  • Make sure the information is as detailed as
  • Make sure the necessary quotes are attached or
  • Less than 5000 only need a verbal quote
  • Greater than or equal to 5000 and less than
    25,000 you must have 2 quotes. They can either
    be verbal or written
  • Greater than or equal to 25,000 and less than
    75,000 you must have 3 written quotes
  • Greater than or equal to 75,000 must be sent for
    competitive bids
  • Once an accountable officer signs the PO request
    form, submit to the designated individual who
    enters POs into the FAST system
  • Note This form is internal to the COM and should
    not be sent to Purchasing

Purchase Order Change Form
Purchase Order Change Form
  • PO change forms are used to make changes on POs
    that have already been approved by the Purchasing
  • You can change multiple items on the PO
  • Cancel every line item
  • Close the remainder of the PO
  • Change the chartfield for the entire PO or single
  • Increase or decrease quantity
  • Increase or decrease dollar amount
  • Add items to the Purchase Order form
  • Once the PO change form has been approved, send
    to the COM purchasing agent and they will make
    the changes (email Mark Lillquist or send to

Payment Request Form
Payment Request Form
  • Payment Request forms are used to pay for
    purchase that a department is not able to pay for
    using a P-card or purchase order.
  • For the most part, payment request forms are
    being phased out
  • The most common use of this form is for
    conference registration fees if you dont have a
    P-card or will not pay using personal credit card
  • Also used to pay expenses on grants that have a
    project end date that has already passed.
  • Once the form is signed by an accountable
    officer, send to Purchasing, AOC 100
  • Note Include original receipts/invoices

Purchase Order Close Form
Financial Forms
  • Journal Entry (expenditure transfers, internal
    billing, etc.)
  • Budget Transfer (non research related)

Journal Entry Form
Journal Entry Form
  • The JET form can be used for Expenditure
    transfers and/or interdepartmental charges cash
    transfers for convenience accounts.
  • If the JET is for any interdepartmental charges,
    they must be sent to
  • If the JET is for any expense transfers, they
    must be sent to Must be
    accompanied by the invoice and ledger.
  • The subject line of the email must include
  • ETR from FUND to FUND (project) (explanation of

Journal Entry Transfer Form
  • Expenditure Transfers
  • If completing an expenditure transfer, use the
    account code that the charge was originally
    charged to.
  • Charges to expenses should be entered as positive
  • Credits to revenue should be entered as negative
  • Debits and credits must net to zero.
  • All correcting entries must reference the Journal
    ID being corrected and the posted date of this
  • Interdepartmental Transfers
  • If completing an interdepartmental transfer, use
    the revenue account code that the charge is
    associated with (code should start with a 7XXXX).
  • Be sure to include a brief description of what
    the transfer is for.
  • Journal Entry Transfer

Budget Transfer
Budget Transfer fund 183XX Research
Initiative Account (RIA)
  • List both the chartfield (s) you are transferring
    from and the chartfield(s) you are transferring
  • The budget amounts for these chart fields must
    net zero.
  • Once completed, the form should be sent to Karen
  • Note For sponsored award transfers, you must use
    a Budget Transfer Form found on Sponsored
    Research Website.

Budget Transfer Funds 10000 and 10009
  • If transferring non-salary budget, send an email
    to Tabitha Laidler
  • If transferring salary budget, send an email to
    Andrea Rudon
  • The email must state which budget codes you will
    be transferring between.
  • Be sure to include the amounts you will transfer.
  • If you want to transfer between chartfields, be
    sure to include the account codes for each
    chartfield and the total amount.

Travel Forms
  1. Travel Delegate Form
  2. Non Employee Profile Creation Request
  3. FAST

(No Transcript)
Travel Delegate From
  • This form is used to assign delegates for the
    FAST Travel Module if you already have FAST
    travel Module access
  • A delegate is an employee who is able to create
    and enter TAR and TER submissions
  • An employee is automatically a delegate for
    themselves, so they just need to make sure they
    have FAST access in order to enter travel.
  • If another individual will be entering travel on
    behalf of someone else, you will need to fill out
    the delegate request form.
  • Once completed, send the form to They will send and
    email confirmation once it has been processed.

Non Employee Profile Creation Form
Non Employee Profile Creation Form
  • This form is used to create Employee records for
    people outside of the University who will be
    traveling using State dollars.
  • ex Faculty candidates and consultants
  • Employees must have an active GEMS record in
    order to be reimbursed for travel.
  • This form must be completed and submitted for
    Travel prior to entering a TAR and incurring any
    travel expenses.
  • It generally takes 3-5 Business days for Travel
    to process this, so plan accordingly.
  • Once this form is completed, send to

Travel Access Form
Travel Access Form
  • Use this form to
  • Request delegate access to the travel module
    within FAST
  • Set up budget approvers for travel
  • Set up approval role for supervisors (tied to
  • Set up approval role for Principal Investigators
  • If you are adding a budget approver to another
    chartfield, be sure to include a list of all
    chartfields they approve. Otherwise, the new
    request will override previous approval authority
  • Budget approvers are only tied to the Operating
    Unit and Department
  • All travel on a grant will automatically need to
    be budget approved by the PI

Miscellaneous Forms
  • Billing Contact Form
  • Deposit Data Form
  • FAST
  • Foundation
  • FAST Workflow

Billing Contact Form
Billing Contact Form
  • This form is used to add or remove billing
    contacts for FAST chartfields.
  • Being a billing contact allows you to review the
    Telephone billing transaction details for your
  • The telephone bills can be viewed through the IT
    Communications Mart in the Data Marts section in
    the Admin Portal
  • Once the accountable officer has signed, the form
    should be sent to

Deposit Data Form
Deposit Data Form
  • This form is used to tell the Cashiers Office
    which chartfield a check should be deposited
  • Make sure you provide as much detail as possible
    in regards to the vendor, check number and
  • Include the account code that the money should be
    deposited into
  • Once the form is complete, either send to the
    lock box with the check attached or hand deliver
    to the Cashiers Office.

FAST Access Form
FAST Access Form
  • This form is used to request access to USFs
    Financial System, FAST
  • You can request access to various modules within
  • Requisitions
  • Receiving
  • P-Cards
  • Travel
  • Accountable Officer
  • Inquirer
  • Be sure to completely fill out each section for
    which you need access to.
  • The accountable officer must sign this form. They
    will not accept an accountable officer designee.
  • Once completed, send the form to FAST Security,
    AOC 200

Foundation Access Form
Foundation Code of Ethics Form
Foundation Access Form
  • This form is used to request to your departments
    Foundation accounts.
  • You will only need to check the box for USF
    Foundation Finance Read.
  • Have an accountable officer sign the form.
  • Send via campus mail to at ALC 100.
  • You must also fill out the Code of Ethics form
    and send along with your access form.
  • Once you get an email with your username, you
    must request access to your departments funds.
  • Send Jean Nixon a list of the funds in your
    department and she will approve and forward to

FAST Workflow
FAST Workflow
  • This form is used to setup workflow for your
    departments chartfields.
  • Workflow needs to be set up for the following
  • Requisition Approver
  • Requisition Manager
  • Accountable Officer
  • Accountable Officer Designee
  • It is a good idea to have backup individuals for
    each role.
  • This form must be filled out if your department
    intends on processing Purchase Orders, P-cards,
    Payment Requests, etc.
  • Completed form must be signed by accountable
    office and sent to FAST Security, Nancy
    DellaPorte, AOC 200

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