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Welcome to Tate Woods Elementary School Open House


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Title: Welcome to Tate Woods Elementary School Open House

Welcome to Tate Woods Elementary School Open
Growing Togetherto do GREAT Things
  • Mrs. Wesley Gosselink
  • Principal

Purpose of Open House
  • Introduce ourselves and how Tate Woods fits into
    our district organization
  • Communicate with you about the systems we use to
    educate students attending Tate Woods
  • Focus on Home and School Collaborative Learning

School Improvement Planning (SIP)
  • Initiatives focused on School Improvement Goals
  • Many initiatives without connections

The School Improvement Plan creates a clear focus
of goals that accomplish the primary reason for
schools increased student achievement.
SIP-Process Overview
  • Board of Education has created goals, which
  • the umbrella for our work at the building level
  • School Goals
  • (Tate Woods and Schiesher Collaboration)
  • Grade Level Goals
  • (completed by grade levels with collaboration of
    non-classroom teachers)
  • Accountability Measures
  • (assessments completed that link with goals)
  • (report of progress to Board of Education)

Board of Education District Goals
  • Goal 1
  • Improve academic achievement of all students in
    the District as measured by State and local
  • Goal 2
  • Ensure a healthy, safe, nurturing and empowering
    learning community as measured by climate
  • Goal 3
  • Increase communication regarding District 202
    success stories through various media.
  • Goal 4
  • Continue to achieve financial recognition from
    the Illinois State Board of Education through
    effective management of resources that promotes
    fiscal stability and financial accountability.

Tate Woods and Schiesher Collaboration
  • PreK-5 Collaboration builds continuity in
    instruction and a natural progression for
    students from building to building.

3rd Grade ISAT Scores Impact Tate Woods in
2006 2007 2008 2009
State AYP Target 47.5 55 62.5 70
State Scores 70 73 72 NA
District 82 85 87 90

3 83 84 85 91
3rd Grade ISAT Scores Impact Tate Woods in MATH
2006 2007 2008 2009
State AYP Target 47.5 55 62.5 70
State Scores 85 87 85 NA
District 87 91 90 91

3 87 98 93 96
Growing Together To Do GREAT
ThingsWhat students learn at Tate Woods
READ All About It
  There are 5 Big Ideas in beginning reading Phonemic Awareness The ability to hear and manipulate sounds in words. Alphabetic Principle The ability to associate sounds with letters and use these sounds to form words. Fluency with Text The effortless, automatic ability to read words in connected text. Vocabulary The ability to understand (receptive) and use (expressive) words to acquire and convey meaning. Comprehension The complex cognitive process involving the intentional interaction between reader and text to convey meaning.

Lets Do the MATH
  • Number
  • Measurement
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Geometry
  • Algebra

The WRITE Stuff
  • Beginning Writing Skills
  • Formation of letters
  • Connecting encoding (writing) and decoding
    (sounding out words)
  • Expressing ideas in print

Words Their Way
  • Individualized, hands-on spelling program that is
    utilized for students in grades 1-5
  • Students compare and contrast categories of words
  • The process of sorting requires students to pay
    attention to words and to make logical decisions
    about their sound, pattern, and or meaning as
    they sort each word
  • Word sorts do not rely on rote memorization or
    the recitation of rules
  • Students utilize higher-level critical thinking
    skills to make judgments about which categories
    words belong in
  • The sorting and categorizing helps students learn
    to spell words on a deeper level

The Other Parts that Make the Whole
  • Science (hands on)
  • Social Science (communities and living in our
  • Art
  • Music
  • PE
  • Computers
  • Additional Support where needed

Growing Together To Do GREAT
ThingsHow Tate Woods Teachers Collaborate
Learning through Professional Learning Communities
  • What do students need to know and be able to do?
  • How will we know when theyve learned it?
  • What will we do when they havent learned it?
  • What will we do when they already know it?

Four Questions Lead ALL Professional Discussions
  • Talking about student learning through data
  • Coming up with solutions as a team when we have
    students who need more support
  • Coming up with solutions as a team for students
    who have a grasp of concepts already
  • Making sure that all children are learning and
    reaching their full potential and no one is
    falling through the cracks

RtI (Response to Instruction) What does it look
  • Every child receives the research based, district
    adopted, core curriculum in all subject areas.
  • Assessments are provided to students as needed
  • Data from assessments is reviewed to determine
    students who may need extra instruction/no
    further instruction
  • Extra instruction re-teaching groups,
    additional intervention on top of core
    curriculum, small group instruction, etc
  • No further instruction move on in curriculum

Making progress as professionals
  • Student learning is fluid
  • We are consistently looking at data and
    supporting kids in systematic ways
  • Ongoing professional development for
    professionals working with children
  • Utilization of resources such as Reading Coach,
    Support Facilitator, Literacy Specialists,
    Instructional Assistants, etc

Growing Together To Do GREAT ThingsWe
also must have some rules to work by
  • Introducing our
  • 3 Bs

Our 3 Bs
Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be Ready
Locations for our 3 Bs
Emergencies Calls for Help
Playground, Outside Games, Sporting Events
Classroom, Lunchroom, Cubbies, Asking Questions
in Class
Library, Discussions with Small Groups, Hello in
the Hallway, Talking with One
When Someone Else is Talking, Lining Up, Tests
Walking in Hallway
Teacher Instruction, Working Alone
JBay DBurke/Instructional Support Team/IST
Growing Together To Do GREAT
ThingsParents and Caregivers as Collaborators
what we hear from parents
  • You want your child to go to a high performing
    school and do well.
  • You love your kids and want the best for them.
  • You tell your kids when they do well and when
    they need to do differently.
  • You find enjoyment in activities with your
  • You send us the smartest, most well-behaved kids
    you have.
  • You trust us because you send your child to
    school everyday.

Communication We want to Get to Know You and
Let You Know Us
  • Phone call, note, emailwe are glad to hear from
  • If you see something, hear something, need
    somethingjust let us know.
  • We are professionals who are here to co-educate
    your child. We will do everything to assist you
    and help you. Please make sure you let us know
    your thoughts. Were here to work together to
    have your children do great things.
  • We send home important information in print form.
    Please be sure to check backpacks on a daily
  • Update your information. New number,
    disconnection, new emergency contact? Please
    send a note or call with new information. This
    is important for your childs safety.

Focus on Home and School Collaboration
  • Your kids will have homework. Please help them
    complete this on a nightly basis.
  • Children have things they need to know before
    they arrive at school. Please read with your
    children 10-15 minutes a night. Watching PBS
    Sprout shows are also a great way to combine
    learning with television if you allow television
    in your homes. Examples include Between the
    Lions, Word Girl, Sid the Science Kid, and Word
  • Each grade brings higher expectations. Home
    support combined with school support is necessary
    for children to progress. We thank you for your
    support as, together, we produce learners who are
    doing GREAT things.

Its a Pleasure To Be on the Same Team
  • Visit specials teachers along with your childs
    classroom teacherspecials are an important time
    of their day.

Parting thoughtThe example you set will be
followed by the little ones. Remember, theyre
always watching uslets show them what
matters.Love and Hug One Another!
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