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Title: Welcome to Mrs. Vlacovsky

Welcome to Mrs. Vlacovskys Kindergarten2014-201
  • Dunbar Primary School
  • 731 Dunbar Road
  • Tallmadge, OH 44278
  • 330.633.4515

  • On behalf of Tallmadge City Schools, I would
    like to welcome you and your kindergartner to
    Dunbar Primary School. I look forward to the
    great beginnings from which we are about to
    embark! I believe that a childs first
    experiences with school can influence their
    outlook on learning for life.

Contact Information
  • In the event that your child will be absent,
    please call the school at 330.633.4515 prior to
    the start of school
  • I can be reached at the number above -extension
  • I can also be reached via e-mail

Our Classroom Website
  • Go to www.tallmadgeschools.org
  • Select Dunbar from the list of schools at the top
    of the page.
  • 3. Click on the Teachers tab and select
    Vlacovsky, Erika and youre there! This is where
    you can find important information about what is
    happening in our room, links to educational
    websites and activities that your child can
    engage in to continue his/her learning at home.

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Have You Filled a Bucket Today?
  • The idea behind this is that everyone has an
    invisible bucket that is carried around with them
    each day. When others are kind, the bucket is
    filled. When others are unkind, they have
    dipped into our bucket causing us to feel sad
    or upset. This is a great way to work in our
    Dunbar Primary School expectations be safe, be
    responsible, be respectful. Using the classroom
    meeting platform, we will have valuable,
    meaningful conversations as to what it means to
    be safe, responsible and respectful and how
    conducting ourselves in those manners fills the
    buckets of others.

Home-School Connection Folder
  • The Home-School Connection Folder helps
  • parents/teachers/students communicate with each
  • other. This folder will go back and forth from
  • home to school everyday. The Return to School
  • pocket is to be used for any notes or
  • correspondence from home or for anything that
  • needs to be returned to school (permission slips
  • for example). The Keep at Home pocket is for
  • papers that can be kept at home.
  • Send to school each day

  • I ask that everyone to send in
  • a box of tissues
  • and choose one of
  • the following
  • A box of Ziplock baggies (snack, sandwich, quart
    or gallon)
  • 1 bag of dry beans (for our exploration table in
    the Science Center)
  • Clorox/Lysol wipes
  • The 25.00 one-time supply fee (due by
    September 30, 2014) goes toward materials such
    as crayons, markers, colored pencils, glue,
    pencils, erasers, etc.

Bus Tag
  • Please have your child wear the bus tag at
    least for the first two weeks of school. It is
    important to have this on, as it is our way to
    help ensure that your child gets to the proper
    bus and also to the proper classroom. The tag is
    be worn on the outside of his/her book bag.
    After that time, have it available inside the
    book bag for a while. As soon as your child
    fully understands the individual bus procedure,
    the tag may be discarded.

  • Please realize that when your child comes to
    school, he/she will be involved in a wide variety
    of activities. Be sure that your child is
    dressed so he/she can actively participate. Play
    clothes and comfortable shoes are encouraged as
    proper dress for school. Be sure that the
    clothing your child wears is something that
    he/she can button/unbutton, zip/unzip, tie/untie.
    This is extremely important especially when
    using the restroom to prevent accidents.
    Sneakers and rubber-soled shoes are a MUST for
    P.E. class!

Extra Clothes
  • We work hard and play hard in kindergarten.
    Spills, accidents, and dirt/mud will happen.
  • Sending in extra clothing (labeled with your
    childs name) will allow your child to stay
    comfortable all day every day and prevent you
    from having to miss work in the event of an
    accident (accidents are not limited to the
    bathroom sometimes they happen in the cafeteria
    when trying to open milk or other lunch items).
  • Please replace extra clothes that have been used
    so that we always have a fresh supply. Extra
    clothes will be kept in the top of your childs

  • Students who are eating breakfast at
  • school must stop in the kitchen and grab
  • a brown bag of breakfast on their way
  • to their classrooms. You must
  • communicate with your child on
  • whether they are supposed to get
  • breakfast or not. I cannot monitor this due
  • to the fact that they have to get their food
  • before coming to the classroom in the
  • morning. Breakfast is 1.75.

  • Since we are attending school all day, I
    feel the children will need to have a small snack
    break. Please send a small snack that will be
    easy for your child to handle and finish in 5
    minutes or less. Please avoid any snack that
    creates lots of crumbs or would take a great deal
    of time or effort to finish. Also, drinks are
    not needed as we will be using the restroom and
    getting drinks near our snack time. Let your
    child know in advance what you have packed for
    snack so he/she will know to look for it!
  • Snack Suggestions
  • Small Ziplock bag of pretzels
  • Dry cereal
  • Cheese crackers
  • Fruit snacks
  • Granola bars
  • Banana
  • Tip
  • One parent shared with me that they have
    their child be responsible for choosing five
    snacks, one for each day of the week, and putting
    them in a plastic container to prevent them from
    being mushed. What an excellent way to help a
    child develop a sense of responsibility!

  • Our kitchen serves lunch for those who wish to
  •  Student lunch is 2.50 (milk is included). Use
    EZ Pay to manage your childs account based on
    how many lunches he/she will purchase. For
  • 5 day lunch ticket 12.50
  • 10 day lunch ticket 25.00
  • 15 day lunch ticket 37.50
  • 20 day lunch ticket 50.00
  •  Children who pack their lunch may purchase milk
    for .50 through EZ Pay.

  • I will be sending home your childs
  • Number soon so you can set up an account.  

  • We will be going outside (weather
    permitting) after lunch. Please make sure your
    child is appropriately dressed for the weather
    conditions each day so he/she can enjoy his/her
    time outside.

  • Along with your classroom teacher, your
    child will have the opportunity to work with
    other teachers as part of our program 
  • Monday 200-250 Technology Mrs. Diane Stroud
  • Tuesday 110-200 P.E. Ms. Brooke Gustavel
  • Wednesday 110-200 Art Ms. Krystin Smith
  • Thursday 110-200 Music Mr. Jay Singer
  • Friday 1250-120 Library Mrs. Brenda Hussing

  • I plan to acknowledge each childs birthday.
    If you would like to send in a birthday treat
    (peanut/tree nut free?), please let me know. If
    your childs birthday is in the summer, you can
    choose to celebrate the half-birthday or else we
    will celebrate at the end of the school year with
    an Un-Birthday celebration.
  • Many children will have parties and want to
    invite classroom friends. Because we are
    concerned with the feelings of all the children,
    we do not permit children to distribute party
    invitations at school unless you are inviting the
    entire class. Please see the Dunbar Directory
    for individual student information.

  • This is what DNealian looks like
  • Our class will be using DNealian manuscript
    for writing. It may be a little different from
    the manuscript you are used to, so I have
    included a copy for you. Research has shown that
    this method helps in the transition from
    manuscript to cursive writing.

Writing Journals
  • Your child will have a writing journal in
    which to keep his/her journal writing. The
  • journal will come home at the end of each grading
    period. The contents will be in order by the
  • date they were completed, which will allow you to
    see the growth in your childs writing over
  • time. Please keep all of your childs work in
    this notebook. Do not take any pages out
  • or change the order that they are in! Your child
    will keep adding work to this notebook
  • throughout the school year.
  • At the end of each 9-week grading period, I
    will evaluate your childs writing. I will mark
  • each of the developmental stages I observe in
    your childs writing on a checklist (you will see
  • this when your child brings his/her writing
    journal home). You will notice that your child
  • be working in several different stages at the
    same time and may even move back and forth
  • between stages throughout the year. It is
    important that each child be allowed to explore
  • writing at their own pace.
  • When your childs writing journal comes
    home, please take the time to look through this
  • important writing and have your child share these
    early writing experiences with you. You will
  • be amazed at the growth you will see!
  • Please return your childs notebook during
    the week that it is sent home. It is needed at

Poetry Notebook
  • I would like to develop a Poetry Notebook
    with the children this year. Once a week on
    Fridays, we will add a poem to the binder and the
    children will have many opportunities to read and
    reread their poetry collections. The Poetry
    Notebooks will be stored in the childrens book
    bags- that way it will always be at school when
    we need it. You will have the opportunity to be
    a Lucky Listener when your child brings the
    notebook home nightly. Please sign the Lucky
    Listener paper. This will be one of the best
    ways to help your emerging reader develop reading

Treasure Books
  • Treasure Books are paper copies of books
    that help teach a particular concept, reading
    strategy, or support the curriculum. Treasure
    Books start out as books that we keep in our Book
    Bins at school for independent reading time and
    special days when we get the opportunity to visit
    another classroom and read to our buddies.
    After we have had lots of practice, the books are
    sent home to be placed in your childs Treasure
    Bag (your child will be bringing one of these
    home sometime late September). These are books
    that your child can read to you as a bedtime
    story. At the end of the school year, they will
    have quite a library!

Scholastic Book Clubs
  • In your childs Home-School Connection
    Folder is an order form for a book club geared
    toward children in Kindergarten. The clubs offer
    great deals on excellent literature for our
    emerging readers. The club provides an
    opportunity for our classroom library to grow by
    earning bonus points for each order placed. If
    you wish to place an order, please send it in (or
    order online www.scholastic.com - our class
    activation code is HZ3JQ) by the due date with a
    check made payable to SCHOLASTIC for the total
    amount. The ordered items should arrive
    approximately 2 weeks after the order deadline.
    The first order is due by Tuesday, September 16,
    2014. New order forms will be sent home

  • In your childs Home-School Connection
    Folder, there is a star with a paper book clipped
    to it. Over the weekend, work with your child to
    complete the star activity and the Special Me
    book. We will be sharing our stars to get to
    know one another as we build our classroom
    community. The Special Me book will be our first
    book that we will learn to read during our
    first week of school and will be our first book
    in our book bins.
  • Please turn these items by
  • Monday, August 25, 2014

In Closing
Thank you for coming. See you Monday!
  • I look forward to working with you and your
    kindergartener this school year. If you have any
    questions or concerns, please dont hesitate to
    call, send a note, or send an
  • e-mail Vlacovsky.Erika_at_tallmadgeschools.org.
  • It is important that we keep the lines of
    communication open and I welcome your input.
  • Together we can make this an Outstanding Year!
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